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Hy, everyone. This will be my profile for the moment, so you better like it !

First Name :Bojan

Last Name : Milojkovic

Nick : Lazaruss

Age : 26

Primary E-mail :

Secondary E-mail :

Resident address : Belgrade, Serbia ( just at the border between uncivilized and civilized world... straying towards uncivilized. )

For starters : I KNOW ABOUT MY BLOODY SPELLING ERRORS, DAMN IT ! English is not my native language, for crying out loud ! I'm sorry... I'll have to work on that.

Goals in life : Sex, girls, smart, science, getting out of here, a proper job, normal people around me, conquer rage, master fear, write the book named "Baldur's Gate ; trilogy"( I know it already exists, but I want to write it so it is more than worthy, and everything I do here could be considered as practice for that ! )...

Likes : Girls, vampires, vampire-girls, gliders, Baldur's Gate, coca-cola, pizza, hypnosis ( I'd like to point out that I know how to wield it ), cats, little animals, big ones too, bats, Megas XLR, Batman, Spider-man, Christopher Lambert, Lord of the rings, "Golden Blood"( Luscious Sheppard ), Wheel of time ( Robert Jordan ), Ann Rice and her books, the 80's, the 70's, John Wiliams, Jerry Goldsmit, Danny Elfman ( and similar ), Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy, Britny, Aerosmit, Magic, the sea, the woods, mountain woods, nature, camping trips and of course THE FEAR !

Dislikes : Stupid people, argues, stubborn people, argues, shouting, fighting, Serbian politics, Serbian politicians, Emenem, repers, cars, pollution, heat...

Anyway, I'd just like to say that LoK is not my favorite game series ( my favorite is Baldur's Gate ). The thing is that for a certain number of years I played nothing else but BO2 for the reasons only I can tell ( In other words I have no idea why ), and I got more than well acquainted with the series. I hate the whole "predestined history" thing and the constant traveling trough time there and back again. By my opinion BO1 has the BEST story, SR1 comes second and than Defiance. ( Story and lines they say is what meters to me the most ). Kain is the only thing that drags the series out of dirt. He is a bastard, but he's the meanest bastard there can ever be and he knows it. He's simply put a Badass. That's what I like about the series.

Vampires the way I see them : Vampires are powerful beings that live forever because they steel their years from those whose blood they drink. I think that they do not simply take body fluids to fuel some rejuvenating chemical reaction in their system, but that they also take the life force of the person they feed on. Perhaps its that “Vampire lore“-thing from BO2, but that’s not accurate as well. To do what vampires are doing one must suck a peace of a spirit out, and that’s what all lasting beings have in common ; the older they get, the more souls they harvest for themselves and more stronger, faster and powerful they become. Stolen souls are their power. Stolen lives are their life, and experience in blood is their experience ( like a highlander ).

Vampires are seductive, powerful, cunning and selfish. They don’t give a damn about what’s happening around them as long as it has nothing to do with them personally. Humans can grow up to be very wise in a hundred years and wisdom of a vampire should be exalted, arcane to say the lest. That’s why I depict Kain as an omnipotent vampire overlord. 2000 years is not a small thing.

I think that the best way to depict it is to quote a certain Vampire Patriarch :

” Hell ! Such a lovely word ! That Evil’s capital could have such a simple geography as smoke and flame, populated by red devils with goat’s horns, pitchforks and pointy tails, or while we’re at it, that Evil can have such a clear definition, as if it is a black bottled juice you can buy in a local drugstore. These Christians and their god. (Barks a laugh) I’ve lived in a time when Gods were plentiful. By right, I spoke with some of them, believe me, they are no innocent sunshines. You see us as something wrong, just like the Christians, a violent destructive act against the true order of things. We are that, but you are missing the bigger picture, the true old fashioned common sense for Evil !

(faces him and places his hands behind his back)

Order, my child, is an illusion. Both philosophy of good and philosophy of evil agree in this, though we both strive for accord. At one side it is viewed as a flawless white light, at the other as an endless darkness. Those dedicated to good, view themselves and those like them as basically imperfect. They tend to limit their natural needs in order to achieve a higher state of being. And what is the result of those efforts ? Genocide, war, starvation, enslavement and suffering of millions. And we, disciples of Evil, make no pretense of who and what we are. We give into the widest variety of emotions with no restrictions or hesitation. Occasionally, we exaggerate, but never in such a thunderous measure as the Christians do. And what comes out of that ? Some die by our hand, some are rewarded with immortality, some experience some unpleasant mental or physical states, but are these any worse than those which befall the Christians ? We feed on them, yes, but we do not seek a war with them.

And what is the true good, and true evil ? Selfish, self indulging way of applying allowed amount of cruelty and power on individuals that we follow, or the altruistic righteous fury of the Christians that causes war and famine ? The truth of our virtue is this, my child ; We don’t care. None of us cares in the least, not you, nor me, nor any other member of our family. And that one fact, that complete and utter obsession with ourselves, that is what makes us less dangerous and destructive than our enemies. They are the ones who want a war, mad with altruism and poisoned with their need to hunt those like us, and thus they’ve caused pains more horrible than all of us together ever could. Compared to their tendency towards mass suffering in the name of salvation, our insanity is only a slight inconvenience.

EVIL ! It is not a tattered theatrical play, it does not have the Hellish Metropolis for its capital. Evil is simply what you are, Mishell, the essence of your being. Monotonous black is the color of your soul. It is the color of death in which you were reborn, the color of coffin's interior, and when you gaze up, it is the sight of the faceless moon that glides between the branches of hangman's trees like a sleeping God. You will deny it at first but in the end you’ll be swallowed by your own nature, and if you still resume denying it, you’ll make me most displeased. That, my child, is by far the worse fate you can imagine. It is something I would do well to avoid if I were you.

Now go ! Complete the task i have given you, and than think well on all i have told you ! (laughs viscously)“

Lazaruss :" I’m not sure that I’ve retold it correctly, but you get the point. ( for more info, reed the book “ Golden blood “( I don’t know how it’s translated back to English ) by Luscious Sheppard )

Ok. That about wraps it up.

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