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Author has written 6 stories for Super Robot Monkey Team, and Digimon.

Favorite Shows: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go, Dragon BallZ, Beyblade, W.I.T.C.H, and Digimon.

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Favorite SRMTHFG Qoutes:

Season 1

Otto takes Gbison's ear off. Gibson: "OTTO! What are you doing?"

Otto: "Upgrading your com receptors long distance capablites. All done!" Otto snaps Gibson's ear back on. Gibson activates his com recepter and it grows three times its size. Gibson falls over.

Otto: "Oh yeah, probaly should counterbalance for the extra mass. Who else wants one?" Other monkey's just stare. Gibson pulls himself up.

Gibson: "Oh yes, they're lining up Otto." Falls over. "A little help please."

Gibson: "The accelerating body is more difficult to stop than the inrtet one."

Sprx: "Know what else is diffiuclt to stop? Gibson's mouth."

Chiro: "Super!"

Antauri: "Robot!"

Gibson: "Uh, Team!"

Otto: "Hyper!"

Nova: "Force!"

All: "Go!"

Gibson: "Nobody said monkey..."

Otto: "I know how about the Spin Shocker?"

Gibson: "Spin Shocker? Please it's not a dance move!"

(Formless charge at Nova)

Nova: "Lady Tomahawk!" Nova hits the ground with her giant fists and destroy's the formless.

(Formless charge at Otto)

Otto: "Scricth scratch doomthorwer!" Otto puts his saw togehter and destroy's the formless.

(Formless charge at Gibson)

Gibson: "Have a nice trip, see you next fall!" Gibson trips the formless and it falls off the building. Nova and Otto stare. "What only Sprxs can make jokes? You'll find I can be quite humourous!"

Chiro: "Ah Shugazoom what did they do to you? They aped you up, they aped you up!" (Pounds on ground and all of the fake buildings fall over). "Whoah! Okay, that was wrong."

Nova: "Chiro you don't know how glad we are to see you!"

Chiro: "Believe me I do!"

Season 2

King: "Square-headed knight why art thou dressed in such a manner?"

Sprx: "Uh, I find it breezy and comfortable."

Chiro: "Uh, Sprx why is the Super Robot wearing a dress?"

Sprx: "Don't ask."

Chiro: (while stumbling thorough desert) "I had to land on a planet with not one sun, not two suns, not three suns, but five suns! AHH!"

Sk's Human self: "There is a portal that connects this world to the waking world."

Nova: "Is it far?"

Sk's human self: "As far away as yesterday, yet as near as tomorrow."

Nova: "Yeesh! He talks like you Antauri!"

Nova: "Sprx! Get down!" (pushes him down)

Sprx: "You'd do anything to get close to me wouldn't you Nova?"

Sprx: (after 2nd save) "Two saves in one day? It must be love." (Nova drops him)

Nova: "I've had to control my temper. If I ever got really mad.."

Sprx: "You might hurt the one you love." (makes kissy noises)

Sprx: "No, really sorry about that snowball to the face."

Nova: "It's okay. You can't help it. You're the dumb monkey."

Otto:(Jumps up and down) "Yeah Sprx, you are the dumb monkey!" (Trips over his feet)

Nova: "We're gonna miss you Antauri."

Gibson: "He always believed the end of life was but the beginning of a greater journey."

Otto: "But, he's all alone now."

Sprx: "No, no Monkey Team member is ever alone." Line of the year.

Season 3

Sprx: "Tell the people we don't like bannas!"

Otto: "Whoo hoo, Lets order takeout!"

Chiro:"Ready Rocket Punhces!"

Fist rockets fall to the ground.

Sprx:"Uh that went well!"

Gibson: "Yes, splendid."

Otto:" Oooh smooth." Feels chest.

After they lose all their hair.

Sprx:"Look at me! I look like a shaved rat!"

Nova:"Oh you where going bald anyway!"

Chiro:"Do you think it'll come back?"

Antauri:"We must always be prepared, lest any Skeleton King threat return."

Chiro: "Actaully I meant do you think our hair will grow back?"

Nova: "Sprx look out! pushes him down, Nova and Sprx are on top of each other she pushes him away!"

Sprx:"This is all Gibson's fault, if he would have let me lead the team we never would have gotten into this mess."

Gibson:"Oh ho that's rich I was the one who instieted we bring the Super Robot, but no."

Otto: "Check it out a cure for itchy fur!" says spell and turns Sprx into a giant rat!

Sprx:"What did it do? Did anything happen?"

Nova: "Eww disgusting!"

Sprx:"What? What's everybody looking at?" Sees Nova as cheese and starts licking her. "Mhmmm."

Sprx puts on devil mask: "I feel like an idiot."

Gibson:"Egad I've become some sort of poultry!"

Otto:"Aww sweet!"

Gibson:"Adimtitly I make a rather handsome chicken."

Nova:"Sprx, I am only gonna say this one time! STAY ON THE PATH!"

Gibson wearing a vampire mask:"I really hope bloodrinking is not appart of this riutal."

Antauri:"I suppose my ghost move would be approrpirte now."

Gibson: "I agree with Sprx for once!"

Antarui: "The probe is finished."

Sprx:"Gibson I want to take back all the mean things I've said about you, well most of them. And Nova? Nova?"

Nova: "Yes Sprx?"

Sprx: "I just have to say I"...

Chiro:"Are we glad to see you!"

Nova: "Sprx!"

Tiqudo: " Nova I will miss you!"

Nova: "I will miss you too!"

Sprx:"Oh for cryin out loud!

Nova hits him with her tail.

Gibson: "The throax Otto!"

Otto gives Gibson a blank look!

Gibson:"Abdomen! Torso! Belly!"

Otto:"Oh their gut! Why didn't you say so?"

Gibson: "Now about our engines"...

Sprx: "Why do you alawasy have to talk to the monstors? Can't ya just fight?"

Gibson:"Never underestimate the power of communitcation Sprx!"

Neekata:"Thank you Chiro!"

Chiro:"Thank you Neekta for showing us what really matters!"

Sprx: "Geez does a monkey have to get killed around here for some attenion?"

Nova:"No he just has to ask!"

Surthanna and Korlianne: "Beamin!"

Chiro:"Why did you run away from home?"

Surthanna:"We just wanted to have some fun for once!"

Korlianne:"And to see if we could use our powers!"


Korlianne:"Yup where developing into full fledged metaphoors too! Just like Dad and the rest of the family."

Korlianne: "Where do we go now?"

Chiro: "I guess we go back to the Super Robot."

Surthanna:"To do what?"

Korlianne:"You've got to stand up for yourself! Are you a monkey or a man?"

Chiro:"It's funny you should ask that..."

Chiro:"I'm sorry team I didin't mean to worry you like that!"

Gibson:"It's alright Chiro. You didn't mean to cause any harm even if you did cause a few accidents and minor injuries."

Otto:"Well I'll be a humans uncle he really is their Dad."

Sprx:"Two babes? I like your style kid."

Nova:"You have no style!"

Monster: "Listen monkeys I am not leaving without those girls!"

Sprx:"Then prepare to be disappointed you big sack of ugly."

Supa:"Mean little monkey machine."

Otto:"That's some familar looking probe."

Sprx:"OK then let's run through those equations again."

Chiro:"Oh um I have to go check on something in the command center."

Otto:"I have to fix something broken."

Nova:"Me too."

Antauri:"And I sense there is great danger approaching the robot."

Gibson:"Antauri please don't make up excuses!"

Master Offay: "The student cannot surpass the master."

Chiro:"Then it's time for the master to say good bye!"

Antauri: "I knew you would deafeat them all Chiro. For you have something those monster's will never have."

Chrio: "What's that?"

Antauri:"Your humanity."

Chiro:"Ugh I think I need some headache medicine or a neckbrace!"

Chiro"Am I worthy now master?"

Master Offay:"Almsot 6 more years and I will turn you into a true fighter."

Chiro:"6 years?"

Master Offay:"A little Offay humor!"

Chiro:"I can't do it! It's just too hot!"

Master Offay:"You're wrong it's NOT hot ENOUGH! You nitwit!"

Master Offay:"To still the body is difficult to still the mind is harder still. Pay attenion you boob!"

Announcer: "Welcome new blood. Entrer or be destroyed!"

Gibson:"What do they take us for rash young fools?"

Sprx:"We're not geting dupped into fighting"

Nova:"Where's Chiro?"

Chiro:"Listen up I am joing this battle club to win the freedom of the hyper force!"

Antauri:"Oh this is bad."

Chiro"OK NO ONE jumps the wigglenog!"

Antauri:"Mind over matter is nothing compared to hands free refreshment."

My charecters for SPRMTHG:

Nathan 26

Yellow monkey with Amenythest eyes, heart on forhead(weakspot), blond hairand phyically fit. As a human 6'6 tan skin, powerfully built and amenythest eyes and blond hair.

The oldest, a succesfull lawyer, works legal department at Grand Royal Hotels.

Likes his sisters, winning a case, working out band and Nova.

Hates: Losing a case, people who hurt his family,bad rehersals and Skeleton King.

He has power over air. Some his attacks are Air Strike where the wind blowing by you makes you bleed, Air Thinner air is so thin you can't breathe and faint. He can also make hurricanes or tornado's appear out of nowhere! Can make ice with his sister Sarah.

Margo 25

Orange monkey, with straight brown hair, brown eyes heart(weakspot) and fit. As a human light skin, staright brown hair, brown eyes, and more fit.

2nd oldest

Likes Accouting, her computer, fashion, music, family, singing and bieng a princess.

Hates: Faulty equations, people who can't do equations, and Manderin for killing her baby.

She can master any weapon at her disposal even if she has no knowledge of it.

Adriana: 24

Black monkey, with green eyes and gold pupils, and fit. As a human she's 5'5, tan skin long black curly hair.

3rd oldest

Likes: Her job, when things go off without a hitch,singing, being a light magic user,mediataing, family, Saga Emec's charecter, Ivy Beastfire's charecter and Antauri.

Hates: The way Antauri sometimes treats her, people who lie, steal and cheat, Clarissa and Brian and Skeleton King.

She has power over all five elements such as energy, fire, water, earth, and air.

Air Strike: Same as Nathan. Fire wall a wall of flames leaps up, Tidal wave huge wave appears, Gaia's Wrath vines wrap around person and earthquake happens, Energy Strike energy is thrown at opponet, Elemental Energy Strike all elements unite in this attack, however this attack drains her so its a last resort thing. Can make ice or snow by mixing water and air. She also has the power to heal if she touches a wound it will heal instantly, but to heal a sickness or against dark magic she merges her mind with that of the person or other creauture being healed and afterwards she is left drained of energy!

Gabby: 23

Blue monkey with long blue curly hair, heart on head (weak spot) dark blue eyes and fit. As a human dark complexion, long blue curly hair, and fit.

3rd oldest

Likes: Science, playing classical music on piano, singing, Gibson when chemicals don't explode family and future daughter.

Hates: Formless, water, Skeleton King, Gibson's obession with science, and people who don't value her as a person.

Power over fire Fire wall same attack as Adriana, Fire bombs obvious.

Sarah 22

Red monkey with light blue eyes, heart in the middle of forehead (weak spot), and long red curly hair. As a human tan skin, long red curly hair, light blue eyes and body of a model.

4th oldest

Likes: Swimming, bahting, hot tubing, singing, boating, river raftting, family and working with Ryou.

Hates: Gay guys not Ryou though, Sprx at first, Skeleton King, powers at first.

Power over water Tidal wave same as Adriana Aqutic Atomic Wedige taught to her by Ivy, Hurricane Attack, Water Bombs and Flash flood.

Olivia 21

Green monkey, long curly green hair, light green eyes, and heart on forhead. (weak spot) As a human tan skin, long green curly hair, light green eyes and fit.

5th oldest

Likes: Plants, singing,dancing can play any song she hears off raidio on piano, good mechanic, family, Otto,just friends,Peridot more than friends and wants to open a dance studio.

Hates: Being thought of as stupid, math, when things break all the time, and Skeleton King.

Power over the earth Gaia's Wrath same as Adriana, Earth Tilt move blocks of earth.

Michael 25

A xenamorph meaning he is a creature who can shift his shape to anything he wants to become at will and without any pain.

Likes: Margo, being on the side of good helping others even if it gets him in trouble, Saga because of his connection with xenamorphs.

Hates: Skeleton King, being forced to become a girl, causing pain to others.

For Beyblade

Britta or Brittany Leeann Smith

Age: same as Max

Appereance: blue green eyes gold pupils, short blond curly hair, tan skin, great nails, and teeth.


Likes: Beyblading, Max, hairstyling, working in a salloon, Bladebreakes and little sister Maxine.

Hates: Mertle Whittle, Ebony Whittle, people who say cheerleading isn't a sport and Voltaire.

Bitbeast: Darcelia turtle.

Team Cheergirls co captian.

Chritina Alleena Applegate

Age:Same as Tyson.

Apperance: Dark brown short really curly hair, tan skin, great teeth, nails, and brown eyes.


Likes: Computers, Tyson, BBA research facility,Ray, Beyblading,cheerleading, horses, teaching people about horses and family.

Hates: People who mistreat animals or children, losing, Mertle Whittle, Ebony Whittle and Voltarie.

Bitbeast Maria The Mare female horse

Team Cheergirls.


Appereance: Dark blue eyes, long blond curly hair, tan skin, and great nails.

Age: Same as Kai.


Likes: Cheerleading, beyblading, cheering on other bladers, Mariah, and family.

Hates: People who lie, steal and cheat, drug addicts, Boris, Mertle Whittle, Ebony Whittle and Voltaire.

Bitbeast Spectara shape shifter colorful bit beast.

Team Cheergirls Captain

Maxine Nicole Smith:

Age:Same as Dachi.

Appearance: Long blond curly hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and white teeh.


Likes: Beyblading,proving herself in the dish,cheerleading, Daichi and family.

Hates: Losing, getting a trick wrong, Mertle Whittle, Ebony Whittle, Boris and Voltaire.

Bitbeast: Swanamon swan.

Team Cheergirls subistitue.

Favorite couples

Danny Phantom


Lilo And Stich








Dragon BallZ






1st season



Mr.&Mrs. Tate

2nd Season






3rd Season





Mr.& Mrs. Tate

















UBOS OR The Ultimate Book Of Spells



Alleenia is my oc she is 11, a witch can do hair and nails, ride horses, and hold a powerfull cyrstal called the heart crystal.

If you want to see the first episode go to wwwdotbknkidsdotcom.

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