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News Update:

25 of August 2010 - 11.30pm

I am still gone without a trace, sorry to say. I still feel awful about not posting anything even though I had hoped I would have something by now. I do have the second chapter of Possession ready but my own paranoia is hindering me from uploading it. I really do not like people who copy other's stories and I am sorry to say that Possession has been copied, or at least certain parts of it. That just made me really not motivated to add anything more to my story. But I'll try to get over it.

On another note, my interest in fanfics have wandered far and wide and my categories in which I want to write stories have expanded. Because of that my focus on a singular story is pretty much lost. I have hundreds of ideas whirling around in my mind, but can't seem to get them down on paper and they keep distracting me. It is a struggle I am determinded to get through though.

About me!

Name: Hate my name so you are free to call me whatever you wish. Just don't anything mean,...for your own good!

Gender: Female. And if you make some smart-ass comment about females being the inferior sex, I'll haunt your sorry ass for a long -LONG- time to come!...

Born: I am born in the Year of the Dragon on the 18:th of September.

Location: Somewhere in the freaking bush in the cold north. Europe. Sweden. Any closer and I will give you my address. And that would not be such a good idea now would it? I mean, who knows what kind of people there are out there reading this. No offense, all of you sane, or insane, persons reading this. But you must understand my point. Somewhere among us are these creeps that gives demons good reputations. I'm probably one of them...It's just in human nature!...Okay I know that didn't make much sense, but ignore that then. And if it did make some sense to you, then you're probably just as sane (insane) as me...Yay! Join the club!

E-mail: If you want to reach me for something concerning my fics or pics or poems, to complain about how lousy I am and that you want to kill me or to praise me for my good work or just to complain together with me about how unfair and unlogic life is you can email me here; kkwydragonflame@hotmail.com
Feel free to add me to msn etc. Not online much but I don't mind speaking with people. Just drop a line in an email or something first so I know it's you when you add me.

Likes: I like alot of things, but I hate even more! As I said, I'm not a fun kind of person. I can start with my favorites like,

--Favorite Animal: I'm one of the cat people! That is one way to describe me, I'm a lot like a cat. Speaks like one, acts like one and bites like one. No jokes there, I actually bite...and hard! I bit my older sister once so she got these really pretty marks on her arm, I swear they lasted for a couple of days before they faded. Anyway got two cats at home,both of them mine. Mine, mine and all mine. /cough/ A little possessive! They are originally wildcats but I brought them home and raised them. There used to be three but one of them got hit by a car one spring and died. That's the downside with living next to a road, your friends always gets killed!
I also like reptiles. Have two geckos. Would have a snake if mum hadn't forbidden me to buy one! /humph/ Parents! Spoil all my fun!

--Favorite Manga/Anime: Oh there are so many good mangas and animes out there I don't know where to start. Gravitation, DNAngel, Chobits, Rayearth, Gundam Seed, Tsubasa, Beyblade, Card Captor Sakura, Fake, Evangelion, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tenshi Ja Nai, Her Majesty's Dog, Fruits Basket and almost every manga/anime I've seen or read I like. There is simply nothing to hate about manga or anime.

--Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy of course! But there is always something new coming up. Like Dirge of Cerberus and so on.

--Favorite Pairings: I read almost only slash/shounen ai stories, so ofc that is gonna reflect my fav pairings. I've just listed my alltime favorites here, but I do read a lot of other fanfic categories then these.



Or any other YamixHikari pairing!

Final Fantasy

Cloud/Leon (or Squall, whatever you wanna call him)




Seifer/Squall (I'm blaming an incredible story my hikari found for this one!...not complaining though)

(O.O a lot of Cloud there...that just made it seem like I'm obssessed with Cloud. Which I am, but I'm obssessed with all the other bishounen characters too so _)

Kingdom Hearts



--Favorite Time of The Day: I HATE the days!...oh fine, not really hate them. But I like the nights even more! I am truly one of the shadows, living in the darkness of the night! But I'm still as tanned as any daytime-dweller. Maybe more. Really! My nature as a yami shines through a little!

--Hikari: Naturally every yami has a hikari! And my hikari is Yugi's Little MoonAngel. Great girl! Bright and shiny, just as a hikari should be!...Just kidding, she can be just as dark as me sometimes, especially when we start discussing the downsides with living! There is actually a really funny story about how we met. It's really similar to the Yu-Gi-Oh story, you know how Yugi saves Yami from the darkness and that sort of stuff! I can honestly say that without my hikari I wouldn't be here anymore, I would be long gone from this world...in other words - dead! She saved me from the darkness in my heart and the pressure from the outside world! Thank you my hikari, I owe you everything!...Now enough depressing thoughts, on to happier subjects =)

--Favorite passtime: I love reading! Can read a couple of books in a week if I feel like it and they're good! Or I could just read fanfics. Simply love them! Since I first found this site and started reading, sometime in October - November 2004, I must have read a thousand stories! And I'm not kidding either! Hikari says I'm obsessed! She said that I'm possessed by the spirits of the readers that have passed away before they had the chance to finish reading all these wonderful stories. Do you think so too?...

Besides reading I enjoy writing. Of course I wouldn't post my stories if I didn't! This is really good practise for me! I'm actually trying to write a real book (no fanfiction there) and someday I might publish it. /hikari in the background; "And I will get the first copy!" does a little victory dance/ Besides writing a book and fanfics I also write poems. I might post some here, my hikari insist that I do!...Correction = she DEMANDS it!...Though a warning, they are really depressing!...boy am I a depressing person! No fun at all! /hikari; "Yeah you are!"/.../me; Thanks!/.../hikari: hits me over the head. "That's not what I meant! I meant you are a fun person, not a depressing one! And stop with all these comment now, it's not a fanfic you're writing!/.../me; "Oh yes it is! It's the bloody fanfic of my miserable life!.../.../hikari - keeps hitting me in the head/ /me: @.@/

Oh, and I draw some pictures too! I have tried my hands on manga, but I'm not as good as hikari. I draw a lot of fantasy art instead. Also on my project list of things to draw is a whole bunch of pics to my friend. He's developing a new card game and asked me to draw something for him. So wish me luck =)

--Favorite music: I like good music. End of story! But what I think is good music, that's the question. The thing is, I can never tell a certain sort of music I like. I just hear a song on the radio and think it's good. That's it. No certain style or artist or stuff. Just hear a song and -bang- I like it! Currently I'm listening to a lot of J-pop/rock and so on.

--Favorite Movies: This one's hard! Have too many favorites too write here, it would take me all year!...Guess you noticed I'm a movie-freak! Always been, always will be! And damm proud of it! Mum complains that I spend too much time in front of screens, either the TV or the computer. But hey, that's me! I don't complain about what she's doing so if fairs fair she should leave me the hell alone! But no, that's not in a parents nature. Their nature is too be as annoying as possible, as simple as that!

Yadie Yadie Ya! So much crappy facts! Now enough of this. I'm sure you're just as sick of me as I am! Onto nicer things! Away from the darkness that haunts my every waking moment!...I am mental...instable...just plain crazy!

So my stories. I'll give a short presentation of them here. And the most recent news of the progress, of course!

Fics Done and In Progress

Challenge your dreams: Yugi has just lost his parents in a car crash and now have to live with his grandfather who he hasn't seen since he was little. His whole life is changed and the new life with a new home and new school frightens him somewhat. But not all changes are bad. Maybe he will meet someone who can give him his confidence back and give him the encouragement needed to start dancing again and fulfill his dreams.
--> Chapter 2 up.
I may not be continuing on this one. Actually thinking of taking it down. As I've lost in Yu-Gi-Oh interest it feels kinda pointless to continue with this.

--Possession of the Soul: Seven year old Yugi is living with his abusive parents and has never known any kindness. One day a stranger enters his life and takes him away from the torment. He is entrusted to a close friend of the stranger and his family and there he spends his life groving up. Nearly ten years has passed since then and Yugi is living a happy life with his family. But never would he have guessed the secrets being kept from him. And the return of his stranger brings nothing but chaos as it turns his world upside down and reveals secrets far darker and more dangerous than he could imagine. A world right infront of his eyes that he had no idea even existed, and he is a major part of it.
Chapter 1 up, chapter 2 being posted at christmas.

--Goodnight Love: Yugi pays a visit to the park in the middle of the night to think things over in his life. Since some time ago he has been thinking about ways to tell his yami of his feelings, but everytime the courage fails him. So he sits there all alone, wondering if it is best to give up and move on. Unknowing to him he has been followed there, and maybe this person can show him to never give up on anything you really want.
--> DONE
My very sappy one-shot I conjured up to keep my readers ( the very few that liked my story) happy, satisfied and occupied. Actually surprised how many hits this one got. Even got added to some communities! Yay! So happy!...but I still feel like this is totally worthy for the dumpster...

New Fics Currently Being Worked On

Seal of Egypt: No summary available.
A new fic coming out soon! Just have too wait and see then : ) Slight humour, adventure and science fiction. Kinda inspired by 'The fifth element'. Will be written and posted after 'Possession of the Soul'.

Rose Blood: No summary available.
My new idea for a vampire fic! Currently being worked on.

The Broken Soul: No summary available.
Warning! Angsty!

Firecat: A new school and a new life. How boring! At least it is for Yugi. He has gone through this process six times before, moving to another place. But this time will be a little bit different. Enter the demon realm.

Anime, Leather and Cards: Have you ever had a past you wanted to hide? Have you ever had that feeling that you just wanted to forget all that had happened and leave everything behind? But sometimes the past just won't let you go so easily. And now, what's this? A Yugi with attitude! And he caught the attention of the hottest guy in school. But what is this young amethyst eyed boy hiding? What really happened to make him how he is today? Will you ever know? Will you read and find out? Or will you be forever wondering?

And a sidenote concerning my stories: I AM NOT A FAST UPDATER!
Important to know for you who gets easily impatient. I could always make shorter chapters and more updates, but it will still take time to write them. So instead I am going to write long chapters to give you all something worth the long wait.
But I promise that I will always finish a story I've started on. Even though it might take me years, I will write an end to it.

And a sidenote concerning me as a reviewer: I really do not review stories I read very often. Considering I read almost up to a hundred fanfics each week and my other hobbies and life I simply do not have the time. Plus I'm lazy. And I do prefer to not write reviews that only say "Good work, waiting for the next chapter". Even though those can be encouraging I prefer to write longer reviews that actually comment on specific things in the story, reviews that feel less empty I guess. So if I have added you to authors alert, or favorited you as an author or one of your stories; know that I love them and adore you, I simply didn't have time to review.

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