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I'll be reposting my story "Sleeping with the Enemy" here. I go under the pen name Kilala81 and USED to go under Kirara81 as well. My account was pulled because someone couldn't handle sexuality so this version will be edited. Apparently, there are people not mature enough to heed a disclaimer and turn back if they can't handle mature content. Anyway, I'm starting from scratch again. Thanks to the people that put the original story up to 370 reviews!

If you would still like to read the original, uncut version of the story you can find it here:

If you would like to read my other work, under the Penname: Kilala81 here is the link:

Come check out the Kagome/Naraku yahoo group, we need more Kagome/Naraku fans to join and start chatting with us!

Here is a link to my own website. Just information about me, my stories and pictures of me bald! lol

To everyone that has supported me and my work...Thank you. As of now (September) my story is most likely going to be put on hold for awhile. I intend to come back to it, but I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes, and need to undergo chemotherapay so that I can get better. My cancer is highly treatable and I'm staying very positive about the outcome, I just need some time to get thank you for your support!


As you might have noticed, I've been updating my story. I started my chemo in early October and I've been feeling great most of the time! I'm going in for my fourth treatment tomorrow (November 16th) out of twelve total. There are a few annoying side effects like losing my senes of taste and my beautiful hair(sigh)But...I don't have too many excuses for not writing in my free time. Thank you again to everyone that supports me and my writing, it means so much.


Only three more treatments to go! My cancer seems to be doing very well and I hope to be in remission by spring! Thanks to all of my supporters and readers!


May 23, 2006

Today I'm heading in for my high dose chemo/stem cell transplant. I'll be in the hospital for at least three weeks. I'll have my computer so I'll work on my story when I'm up to it. Hope to be updating again real soon! Thank you so much for your support!


January 6, 2007

Well, I'm BACK in chemotherapy again. I had a lung biopsy done on December 26 and I have Hodgkin's (cancer) in my lung. It's a very strange place for it to begin growing, so my doctors fear that cancer cells slipped back into me during my last stem cell transplant. (Just my luck) Now I will undergo some chemo to prep me for a second transplant, this time it will be more dangerous because I will be getting a donor's bone marrow (my body could reject the marrow) But I'm going to hang in there and keep writing. By the time all is over and done with I will have nearly 50 doses of chemo under my belt in about a year and a half's time. Which is definitely a lot, considering half of that is high dose (quadruple what is normally given) So either my cancer will be cured or my organs will eventually turn to mush. lol

I do apologize for not updating as frequently as I would like. My health just has to come first or there will be no future stories written here or anywhere else. Chemo can affect my mind and senses when my counts start to drop and some of my pain meds make it difficult to write coherently. It's not easy to lose some of what should be the best years of my life to this disease but it's toughening me up and I'll kick cancer's ass permanently, yet! And I will keep updating, all I ask is for continued patience. Thank you so much for all of the support you've all given to me!


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