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Author has written 11 stories for Ed, Edd n Eddy, Codename: Kids Next Door, Animal Crossing, Calvin & Hobbes, Foxtrot, Total Drama series, and Chronicles of Narnia.

I'm just a writer at heart. My real passion is cartooning though. My works include Calvin and Hobbes, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, etc. Even though I'm not a kid, I still write about cartoons. Hope you like 'em!


Name: Never give out personal information online.

Age: Sorry, tough luck

Gender: Male


Calvin and Hobbes- by Bill Watterson. The single most influential piece of work in my life. I was in fourth grade. Back then I wanted to be a paleontologist. I went to my classroom library, and came across "The Essential Calvin and Hobbes". After that, it was like an internal renaissance. I started writing and drawing. Now, years later, I still love the subject, and I do a comic strip for my school paper. "Calvin and Hobbes" still influences me to this day.

Foxtrot- by Bill Amend. Actually, my friend got me into this. I showed him Calvin and Hobbes and he gave me Foxtrot. I think I like it more than he does now. I was really sad to see the dailies go, but at least I have Sundays.

Kingdom Hearts-Weird story. I remember seeing commercials on the disney channel for Chain of Memories. I liked the music in the background, but thought nothing of it. My little brothers friend lent us Kingdom Hearts long after it came out (about two years). I picked it up one night, and fell in love with it. I never really liked video games before, buit this was different. It was the best game I ever played. I am now the proud owner of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, both Kingdom Hearts soundracks, and Kingdom Hearts II Sora, Final Form Sora, and Axel play arts action figures.

Pirates of the Caribbean- Again, another branch off. I first saw Curse of the Black Pearl in 8th grade. I thought it was a good movie, but soon forgot it. When I finally got Kingdom Hearts 2, I played through Port Royal, which rekindled my interest in the film. Luckily, this was before Dead Man's Chest came out. I loved the movie. I saw Dead Man's Chest on opening day, and At World's End at the special midnight screening.

Codename: Kids Next Door- Unlike the things above (or below, for that matter), I actually liked KND when it started. As soon as it came out, I knew it would be great. Five ten year olds battling the evils of adulthood. The first time I saw the Kids Next Door was at a friends house. He was playing Operation, STARTUP, and the mission with Numbuh 2. Oddly enough, I thought he was some sort of dog. Anyways, that was before I had Cartoon Network, so I really didn't get to see the first episodes. But that was about to change. You see, the problem was that our cable box didn't work right, and Cartoon Network would be so distorted, it would be unwatchable (and no audio, either). Finally, our box was fixed, and I started watching CN, during the end of its Golden age. I believe the first new episode I saw was Operation: PIANO. The concept was just so cool. Eventually, it evolved into this whole edvocate world. Now, even though it's over, I love KND more than ever!

The Chronicles of Narnia- One of the best series of books out there, written by my favorite author, C.S. Lewis. I often find myself re-reading the Chronicles constantly. It's such a great story with great characters. I started reading "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" when I was thirteen, for a school project. I really liked it. Then I saw the movie, and realized how many other people liked it, too. Then I read the rest. I remember reading the last chapter of the last book, in my family's car, going off to see a movie (Night at the Museum, I believe). My favorite book in the series has to be "The Silver Chair." One of the main characters, Jill, seemed like a girl I could really relate to. Puddleglum, the marshwiggle was probably one of, if not the top, favorite Narnian. But the reason I liked "The Silver Chair" the best was because there was one part of the book where I was so into it, I actually felt like I was there. I could feel everything the characters were feeling, see what they were seeing, hear what they were hearing. (Note: If you've read "The Silver Chair", the part where I felt I was in it was when Eustace, Jill, and Puddleglum were crossing the ruined city of the giants to get to the House of Harfang.

Total Drama Island- After "Codename: Kids Next Door" ended, I felt no need to watch Cartoon Network anymore. It just felt like it was empty. For a while, I watched it passively, not really taking an interest in the channel. Don't get me wrong, Chowder and Flapjack are good, but it just couldn't fill the void. Then one day, I saw a commercial for this new show called "Total Drama Island." I admit, I really thought the show was going to be terrible, and Cartoon Network just grabbed another piece of trash. So for the first week, I ignored it. But the next week, I decided to watch the episode. It was actually pretty great. So I watched more and more, and now I'm a huge fan. My favorite campers are Harold, Cody, and DJ, probably because I can see myself best in them.

WALL-E- My favorite movie. It's just perfect in every respect; the characters, the setting, the story. A little trash compactor that saves mankind and pursues the girl of her dreams. It works on so many levels. The cast of characters help the world come alive. Pixar is usually good with movies, but this film was phenomenal. WALL-E should have won best film at the Oscars in 2008. Oh well. WALL-E will always have a special place in my heart.

Interesting stuff: I was on a game show once.

HEY KIDS!: I'm happy to present a comic I'm currently doing for my college! It's called "Lexington Avenue", and it revolves around the adventures of two college kids. If you're on Facebook, feel free to join the official group here:

BTW, I also have a Deviantart account you can check out:

Current Fic:

Pirates, and Tiger, of the Caribbean- Chapter 35 under final touch-ups!

A Bully Fairytale- Working on some logistics parodies always require.

Upcoming Fics:

Foxtrot: The Series-

Join the Fox family on crazy everyday antics!


After the Cyberkids beat Hacker again, he reveals his history. His birth, his life, lost love, everything will be revealed. Who he is, and what he's become.

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