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DISCLAIMER: The Opinions and Emotions Expressed by Characters and Narrations in any of my roleplay posts or fanfictions are not expressedly held by the author. These are works of fiction and those speaking are fictional characters. All rights Reserved

"HOPE is your shield and your Spear,And Your Armory is Replenished, and more full than those of all the armies of the Kingdoms of the Earth.It Cannot be turned against them, and will furnish all those who will acknowledge it.Your Armorer will kiss your brows and Praise you.For He sayeth, "I am a Friend to Strays, and Charity WILL follow me all the days of my life."Draw up and arm yourselves, Sons of Remus, in the manner of your Father's Brother, not his sons.And turn not against any foe which you see on this earth,For your foe IS despair, and he is easily bested, and smitten down on the Rock."

Tome of the Order, Song of Hope, Canto 7 Verses 13-20

Since I can never see your face,
And never shake you by the hand,
I send my soul through time and space
To greet you. You will understand.

To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence James Elroy Flecker

He's a Ghost, He's a God, He's a Man, He's a Guru

Red Right Hand Nick Cave

I have a tool without project,
a thesaurus of Iron and Clay,
a boundless vocabulary...
But alas, have nothing to say.

(Untitled Fragment)

I'm the Spear of Hope. I have been called the Poet-King, Lance, 'Demigod of Writing', The douchiest guy in town, for some reason 'Speario', and one feller even called me 'Tommy', but just Spear is fine.

I'll say that I am technically skilled in the art of writing - as in, I can fabricate fiction successfully, and occasionally even compellingly, but I wouldn't say that I am really a full-fledged writer. I guess some of my writing has moved some people to tears and given others Chills. I'm actually really proud of that ]. Still, my writing can be at times overbearing, at other times delirious, and at even other times just weird and pointless. I think. Also, I'm not sure I can write anything but Genre fiction, pulp - as in, Supernatural, Horror, Crime... those kinds of things. Primarily, I would consider myself an Arc-Builder and a Plot-forger, but the ins and outs of character writing is well adored by me as well.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, feel free to privately message me through the PM button above or Call/text me at 734 748 4237.

The works of Spearofhope, in the words of other Writers:

(Disclaimer: These comments in no way explicitly refer to the spear of hope. Most were stolen without their permission. Some were elicited at gunpoint under threat of death.)

'Characters explore the small extensions branching off from whom a person is. [Spear] enjoy[s] creating, exploring, and destroying characters, and [he] tend[s] to make a lot of [his] awkward or flawed or pathetic; [Spear] like[s] exploring those situations. [He] enjoy plots with dramatic endings, dancing around other characters, reactions and possibilities.' - Juno Wacholder, known by many Aliases, two of which I've used in place of a real name.

'I suppose you could say that [Spear] write[s] in a thousand shades of pastiche, and what I mean by that is that while reasonably skilled in the technical aspects of writing, [he] [doesn't] have something that makes you go "Oh, this is one of [spear]'s stories." That kind of thing is really something only top-class authors or those with the capacity to become top-class authors, posses. For everyone else it's all about presentation, presentation, presen-motherfucking-tation.' - Some guy who happens to be an Eidediker, but only for Melodies. What a mope.

'What is there to say? [Spear's] the best writer on RPR [Editors note: Roleplays Rock, who likes to torture most of his characters (if not all) and apparently feels that they have lives and feelings of their own, beyond what [he] give[s] them, which presumably gets a bit awkward when they find [him] in [his] head and want some answers.' - Krystoffer Thurston.

'I dunno, just, a hard-featured, scruff-bearded captain standing at the helm of his ship and looking out at the sea with the air of a man who feels more at home on the waters than on land - or maybe it's just that his ship is his home, and he will never want another. A man who is harsh, but fair; a man who will never do less than his absolute best to bring his crew safely through the journey; a man who, should he fail at this, will go down with his crew; a true Captain.' - Cake

'Spear is the destroyer of worlds, but also, inexplicably, a creator. (Checkmate, Oppenheimer.) The characters and worlds he creates are cracked, flawed; forcing all those listening to his words examine them more closely, making them realize that they're all a bit more beautiful than originally thought. Spear himself is Plato's Philosopher King, waxing and waning with light that precedes him; his mind is as nimble to pick up some eluded pun as to make far-off allusion himself. I enjoy his presence.' - Juno Wacholder again

'Um, yeah... I was gonna say, um... you Gotta write a book, like... right now. Haha. Like... that Post in Status quo, Um... It was... Yeah' - Jaybird Julia Andalora, Transcribed from a phone call with a nasally voice.

The Falling World (Well, not falling anymore):

School City - http://forum.fanfiction.net/forum/The_School_RPG/33066/ (Roleplay)

Four Years into her Sainthood (http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/33066/51896529/1/) and The Supernatural Tour of Pete Vincent (http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/33066/57957259/1/) Contained Therein.

http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/33066/34320986/1/ (Information on the Setting)

Status Quo - Current Thread: http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/25562/37343607/1/ (Roleplay)

Heart Keepers - (One Now Active) http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/25562/26054053/1/ (Operation Heart Stabbers - Roleplay) http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/25562/61019048/1/ (Nemesis - COMPLETE)

Apparitions Stalk the Night and Are You Nuts? - http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/25562/52123840/1/ (Current Thread, inactive/on haitus/in Remission), http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/25562/40661355/1/ (Completed Story)

Some Characters:


The Falling World Travel Guide (Under Construction, and by that I mean American road system construction. I'm talking Orange Barrels covering Five miles of road, and you'll never see a worker most days you drive by. As in wasting time and money so they don't reduce our budget last year. As in possibly part of a Mafia Racket or even a government Conspiracy. As in not likely to ever get completed, and even if it is, it'll still be shit):


In the end, the question you have before you is whether or not there are conclusions gained from What You See Here. What we see firsthand is a tiny fraction of what is, but from what we can observe, we can observe Patterns, patterns that we can superimpose over the Void, over the Null, the empty space. It is human nature to Fill in blanks, quantify the unquantifiable, to apply what we expect over what we have no knowledge of. So you have to ask yourself, are there patterns here to note? Are there suitable signs and red flags that are flown that you can take and impose over the macro scale, is there an answer in this chaos, is there something to see in all the nothing? Is there something here that you can put together and come to a conclusion from, a conclusion not only about What You See Here, but one you can put into use elsewhere. Something you can note in order to come to a conclusion about the world that we live in. About the people around you. About what you don't know about yourself. About what you don't know about me.

Let me put this another way - Can you believe that what cannot be known is suggested, or even explained, through everything that can? Can you believe that What We Do Here is not Irrelevant, that it is in fact correlative and even causative of everything that is not here? Will you make the conclusion that what we learn here is more than lessons applicable only in a vacuum of self indulgence, only in a system of non-existence, but instead in the entirety of everything that is? That knowledge of the Self is Mastery of the Self, and that Mastery of the Self is Mastery of the Universe? Will you believe that in the pursuit of this, we progress leaps and bounds further than our contemporaries? Will you convince yourself that by such, the Pursuit of this is Intrinsically, inherently, even inconceivably righteous? Will you resolve to take the path of Patterns that do not Bridge a gap of Logic, but instead Jump to Conclusions in a Leap of Faith?

If your Answer is Yes, Then Come, Join me. There's a lot to catch you up on, and very much ahead.

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