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So you know, that chick right there is Mae West, the original Bad Girl, and a true idol for women everywhere. "Too many girls follow the line of least resistance -- but a good line is hard to resist." -Mae West.

At the age of three, I sold my soul to Disney in exchange for the ability to randomly break into song. I regret nothing.

I never know what I'm supposed to put in these things. I guess I could follow the trend of many and write about my various obsessions. I currently own every movie that Johnny Depp was ever in, theres a good place to start. He's brilliant. End of story. Period. Mel Gibson and him are tied for loves of my life.

Despite the fact that I know any The Fast and the Furious movies aren't exactly Oscar material, I love them. Except Tokyo Drift, that one I pretend doesn't exist. Those movies are there for the girls to see pretty Paul Walker and effin' sexy Vin Diesel and for guys to see their favorite combination of action, girls that pass off napkins as clothes, and cars. My fix comes from Vin Diesel and cars, and I happily swoon that he drives my favorite car in the movie.

The only two television shows I am watching now are Sons of Anarchy and Leverage. I like others too, like Criminal Minds and all that, but those two shows are the only ones that I obsess over. And yes, to all those who say that Sons of Anarchy is a completely unrealistic portrayal of a motorcycle club, I promise you I'm aware of that, as I am very good friends with an actual MC and am currently involved with a member, but I assure you I don't watch television with the pretense that stuff like that actually is relevant in real life. I watch for the devastatingly hot guys, violence, motorcycles, and tattoos. Oh and COME ON its RON effin' PERLMAN! AND KATEY frickin' SAGAL!

I love anything Medieval. King Arthur all the way.

I want to go on record that anything that has to do with Boondock Saints is an epic win. Nothing will ever top it, and I will forever have a conflict as to which McManus brother is my favorite.

I have a twin. We're not related, yet we look eerily alike, and share a brain. She's four years older than me, and she likes nerds. I effing love my twin.

And just for the records, I melt for bad boys. And you wonder why I like what I like.

My Old Man/Significant Other thinks I'm insane, and makes fun of me for owning an electric blanket. This coming from the man that rides his Harley in 15 degree weather.

Words of wisdom for any female living in a house full of males with only two bathrooms: Walking in on a guy that has been in the bathroom showering for over a half hour will guarantee a very awkward situation. Especially if your significant other is in the same house and walks by at that exact moment.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if the X-Men COMIC world was real? I live in New York City, I would have probably had my apartment destroyed several times.

Quotes from Significant Other

"I've lived in 46 states and 2 countries, and I've lived with hundreds of people, but outta all those people you're the only one who keeps a hidden bottle of hot sauce under the mattress." -- After being kicked out of our bed so I could get out my secret bottle of hot sauce.

When walking in on me dancing to 'Dynamite' wearing only his plaid button up shirt and knee high striped socks- "Really baby? You're too shy to wear bikini top for the charity bike wash, but you dance around on a pool table like you're workin' in 'Coyote Ugly' like it's all good?"

Upon discovering the hollowed out book that I hid another bottle of hot sauce in. "Let me get this straight. You took a knife, hollowed out a book, all to stash another bottle of emergency hot sauce because Ackerman used used yours last week... Seriously? Weren't you yelling at Paul last week for not respecting literature or some shit?"

When in a bad mood over the Giants loss. "Baby, go make me a sandwich. With some of that goulash you made." "...then put the goulash between two slices of bread and add a piece of cheese, I don't give a f*ck, make it work!"

Upon entering the living room and finding it covered in glitter, magazine clippings, stencils, woodchips, scrap metal, and stuffed animals: "You can't even call babysitting work, you're as bad as those three [kids] and they're all under 7... "Okay fine, under 8. That ain't helpin' your case."

"I'm a grown man, if I want to smoke a cigar naked on my living room couch, I damn well f@#&ing can. Your mother doesn't need to come over."

After trying to explain to him why 3am is the perfect time to paint the kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint- "Are you sure that it's only a 15 year gap between us?"

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