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Author has written 5 stories for That's So Raven, Degrassi, and Heroes.

UPDATE: (2012) ok so this is a ridiculously long profile already ( gotta tidy it up some day) but I wanted to say something to any readers past present and potential readers who may hesitate beginning a fic with me for fear that it not get finished or have a bit of a dry spell... not to worry I'm working my way back and am so exciting to carry on what I've started and begin even more adventures with you all . enough of my chatter it's story time :)

Ok so I have been missing for some time now so sorry... not too sure I was missed but either way I'm back ;)...this is just a lil heads up kinda note to all of my fandoms and btw I'm going to be finishing some things and starting new ones...hint?... Glee but maybe not what ya think ;) ya just never know with me now do ya...I've missed ff and all the friends and fandoms so let's get this thang started already yeh?

Chels* 11-11

I'm Back Bitches* sorry couldn't help my self soooooo what to say that hasn't been said hmm probably lots, but no need to waste all of our time updating this old profile when I can use my umm talents? elsewhere like writing actual stories or heck I dunno maybe even finishing some of my old fics that feel neglected and I'll have to likely work to get them back...on track.

so without further ado ( not to be confused with Adieu which I'm certainly not saying )...I'm off to read/wrtie/review/explore the realms of possible fandoms and existing ones too. *whoosh* ( bad sound effect meant to sound as though CVDP is hurrying off to ficland)

ALRIGHTY... so blows dust off old profile GEEZE I haven't been here in a while and well this profile it's been even longer...not gonna rework the thing BUT want to add because although it seems like I have fallen off the face of the Earth... well I'm holding on and slowing trying to pull myself back onto the surface. SO if you have been reading my fic or have stumbled upon this and perhaps would like too but you see it hasn't been updated in forever...well I'd ike to ask that you take a chance you may just like what you read and I'm writing more...bit by bit and will update ...if you do read please don't hesitate to review the shortest, most simple review may just light enough of a fire under me to get you a quicker update a chapter or so.

Enough of my rambling and taking up your time... please go forth and read :)

well I finally made it here I may soon release some of my fic upon the rest of the FFN world.

my screen name?

obvious to some perhaps but not others

it's in loving tribute to THE woman. taking part of her characters name and part of her own making my own homage.

I really enjoy the heck outta slash yup I said slash M/M F/F
doesn't much matter I lean towards the F/F though...I do write non
slash from time to time but slash is fun if you are offended by
slash then GROW UP i'm just kidding really just STOP
IT...I'm so sorry seems as though perhaps my fingers are suffering from
some form of typing tourette's...( look it up sorry don't feel
like getting into that :) ) ok seeriously if you have any problem
with slash then stop now don't even bother reading tellya what I'll let
you know what each story is hopefully since you've gotten this far you
can read well enough to catch the synopsis ok I'll tell you there if
it's slash it will say...wait for it...SLASH and generally
which type ...otherwise it will only have the synopsis so learn to go
with that ok?

please review that is how I live and breath I
literally thrive on reviews ...think of my stories as living breathing
things and reviews as there food and air...actually if you want my
characters in a particular story to live well then you must review

WILL BE BURRIED ALIVE IN A BOX...Just kidding I like flamers BUT I do
request a bit of originality I mean give me something to work with
people not just you're dumb that sucks you smell that's gay...
first I'm not gay ( I'm Bi sexual LOL) and how is a story gay?...story isnt a person so not possible moron so if you flame my slash with "thats gay" I"ll only
have a hearty laugh and enjoy the irony ( look it up )

I take
suggestions into consideration don't try to rewrite my story though cuz
if your ideas are THAT much better than mine...write your own LOL

oh and I'm a very nice person thanks for asking :)

hope to have some juicy stories up for you soon

enjoy kiddos!

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