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Name: kilnorc

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Hello everyone! Yes, it's been a number of years since any of you have heard ANY thing from me, whether it was fanfiction or a profile update. I'm sorry for not accommodating you with these, it's just that I've been very busy. I have left fanfiction on a long sabbatical in order to write real stories of different lengths and of different genres. What has my sabbatical resulted in, some of you may ask? Well, I'm currently revising my first novel, but I do have some material that you all will be able to read.

In recent weeks, I (along with my partner-in-crime, supernanny, who is also my girlfriend) have written and posted a short horror story on amazon's kindle store. It is called "Prison of the Dead". As you can assume, it's a short story set in a zombie apocalypse (of which I am a big fan of) and if you, my fans, are interested in it, it's available for you to read and hopefully enjoy.


As of March 1st-2nd, we have posted a collection of fantasy stories that is set in a brand new world. This world has been under construction since I went on sabbatical. In this collection, you will see a whole new, different version of my BEST Original Character, Axe, in a series of brand new adventures. If you're a fan of my Crew of the Axe series, then you may (hopefully) enjoy this.

Fear not, for there are more stories to come to Amazon, just give us time and keep your eyes peeled! Fanfiction disables clicking on links, so if you wish to read these, you will have to highlight, copy and paste them.

Prison of the Dead:

Tellus Tales: Volume 1 (AXE):

If you do not have an actual kindle, you can actually download the kindle program for your computer or whatever electronic media device you DO have.

Profile of One Piece OC's

Name: Samuel D. Axe

Alias: Axe

Position: Captain

Alliance: Axe-Head Pirates

Age: 19

Bounty: 443,000,000 Beli (previously 378,000,000 Beli)

Description: He is about normal height, has black hair that goes between his shoulder blades. Axe usually wears black clothing, such as black vests or black button up shirts, or dusters along with a hat. Also wears hard boots that have small blades hidden in them. His body is well built, not a giant, but he shows enough muscle.

Weapon: A large, double headed, stone axe that takes five normal strong men to even pick up off the ground. In Skypeia, the stone axe was destroyed by the giant Tyr and was replaced by a diamond axe with seastone lacing, courtesy of an old friend fo Axe's.

History: Axe is the son of Samuel D. Jericho and his wife Melanie. He was born in the West Blue shortly after the two pirates were apprehended by a Marine Captain called Zolaro. Instead of taking them to Justice, Zolaro protected them and gave them a new home on his island, called Aran Island. As a boy, he came across an odd fruit that was stuffed into a old oak tree near his village. Hungry as he was, he ate it without a second thought, and continued even though it tasted horrible. Soon after devouring the foul fruit, he discovered he gained superhuman strength and that his body could be hardened to stop even bullets, but not all the time. He had eaten the Kachi Kachi no Mi, Model: Diamond.

As he grew up, he trained his body and defended his village from invaders. However, the villagers didn't think it was right for him to stay at his home forever, so they encouraged him to go out and find ancient treasures and myths. Axe knew he couldn't handle things all on his own, especially on the open ocean, so he gathered a crew and became a pirate. Sadly, after many failed expeditions, his crew mutinied against him.

So, without a crew, and a large bounty on his head, he makes his way around the world, looking for a new crew to stand by him as he fulfills his dream and plans to take revenge on those who turned on him. What those traitors didn't know was that he was trained by a man named Rayo Verrani, a man who was on his own quest for revenge. Rayo taught him how to fight in hand to hand combat, further increasing his skill and strength.

While Rayo was indeed strong by his own Fruit and way of fighting, Axe was able to stand against just about anything Rayo threw at him as they trained. During his training, Rayo taught him Rokushiki, a discipline made up of "The Six Powers". Rokushiki, while indeed powerful in each way, is incredibly tiresome on the body of a novice. Axe has yet to fully master any of the moves, but has a fondness of using the Tekkai along with his Devil Fruit Power.

After getting a couple of crewmates, Axe and his old nakama traveled to the Baratie, a floating restaurant owned and run by Chef Zeff, a former pirate called Red Leg Zeff. While there, he met with a young chef named Sanji. Axe stayed for awhile and helped out when other chefs were unable to serve, and began a friendship with both Sanji and Zeff. Axe's relationship with them granted him some lessons in the martial arts that both Sanji and Zeff knew well, as well as considering Sanji to be like a brother to him and Zeff as an uncle.

Throughout his journey with his new crew, Axe has seen, learned and done many things. One of the things he remembers most about his life, was before the new crew. After washing up on the beach of an island after being mutinied against, Axe met a young man who called himself Wraith, who turned out to be a Revolutionary. Axe traveled with Wraith for a few years, learning the trade of a Revolutionary and became close of joining the organization, but due to him finding out the truth behind his name and the legacy of his family's name, Axe rejected him and decided to take his vengeance on the World Government.

Due to his secrecy, he constantly writes in his private journal, which he keeps safe in a locked drawer in a desk in his quarters. His true name was revealed shortly after his crew and the Straw Hat Pirates invaded Enies Lobby, the Judiciary Island of the World Government.

Devil Fruit Attacks

Kachi Kachi no Bazooka: Axe transforms his entire arm into a solid stone formation and rams it at his opponent or building, full force.

Kachi Kachi no Crush: Much like his Kachi Kachi no Bazooka, Axe can transform his leg into a solid formation of rock and use the hardness, along with his strength, to deliver a powerful kick to his enemy.

Kachi Kachi no Drill Kick: As he spins at a high speed, Axe turns both feet and legs into stone formation, which deals a good amount of damage to his enemy. As he spins, he can also deal friction burn damage that could leave a decent burn scar.

Kachi Kachi no Missile: A jump-kick attack in which Axe uses both his legs. He jumps into the air and comes down, both of his feet aiming for his enemy.

Stone Shoot: A technique combined with teachings of the Red Leg style of Zeff and Axe's Devil Fruit ability. Axe delivers a powerful kick to his enemy, capable of sending them flying a good distance with the chance of broken bones.

Diamond Crush: A more powerful version of Kachi Kachi no Crush. Axe uses this attack to deal incredible power in his battles. This move is capable of shattering someone’s bones easily, which will either cause immobility or death depending on where the kick lands.

Diamond Shoot: An improved version of Stone Shoot, Axe can use this technique only in his diamond form. While Stone Shoot is powerful, Diamond Shoot is stronger and guarantees greater bodily damage to his enemies than Stone Shoot does.

Diamond Missile: Used in his true Devil Fruit form, Axe jumps high into the air and plunges towards an enemy, legs outstretched. The power behind this kick, and the hardness of Axe's body in diamond form deals a devastating blow to those in it's path.

Diamond Drill Kick: An improved version of Kachi Kachi no Drill Kick. With this attack in his diamond form, Axe can either use this attack to devastate his enemy or to punch through walls that cannot be broken through with his natural strength.

Weapon Attacks

Quake Stomp: One of the few attacks he uses with his stone axe, Axe lifts his weapon into the air and plunges it down onto the ground, causing the earth around him and his enemies to shake violently.

Tomahawk Toss: Axe holds his giant weapon, or any axe he can find, and spins it until it's a blur. He then tosses it hard at his opponent. If successful, the attack can either wound, kill, or cleave a target in half (killing it still).

Meteo Slice: Axe jumps high into the air, his giant stone axe over his head, then quickly descends on his enemy, bringing down his weapon with enough force to create a sizeable crater in the earth.


Kami-e: Literally, paper drawing. A technique in which the user makes their body go limp in order to avoid any attacks, and float like a piece of paper

Soru: Literally, to shave. A technique in which the user moves at very high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds. It was revealed that the principle of this move was to kick off the ground at least 10 times in the blink of an eye.

Geppou: Literally, moon step. A technique in which the user actually jumps off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual.

Shigan: Literally, finger gun. A technique in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at very high speed, leaving a wound similar to a bullet wound, making guns unnecessary.

Goshigan: Literally, five finger gun. A variation of Shigan that uses five fingers instead of just one to increase the power and damage of the Shigan technique.

Juushigan Literally, ten finger gun. Another variation of Shigan where Axe uses all ten of his fingers. He puts both hands together and pushes all ten of his fingers into his enemy, doubling the power and damage of Goshigan.

Tekkai: Literally, iron mass. A technique in which the user hardens his or her muscles to be as hard as iron in order to nullify damage taken from attacks. However, it can be broken by strong enough forces. The strength of tekkai can vary for users with different physical conditions, as a person with a higher level of muscular strength would be able to take stronger forces with his use of tekkai.

Tekkai "Cometes": Literally, iron mass "comet". Very similiar to Blueno's Tekkai "Sai", Axe uses Geppou to jump high into the air, then pushes off back to the ground at a high speed. Unlike "Sai", Axe uses his whole body instead of just a fist to inflict a huge amount of damage.

Tekkai "Juggernaut": Literally, iron mass "juggernaut" (duh). Using this variation of Tekkai, not only is Axe capable of moving with ease, but with his hardened body Axe can plow through buildings, even stone walls. Most likely Axe's strongest form of Tekkai.

Rankyaku: Literally, storm leg. A projectile technique in which the user kicks out at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp "air blade" that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body.

Rankyaku - Halo de Ange: Literally, storm leg "Halo of Angels" or "Angel's Halo". Axe uses the signature handstand leg sweeping technique he learned from Red Leg Zeff, and his training from Rayo to create a large ring of energy that can cut through the target like a buzzaw.

Rankyaku - La Croix du Ciel: Literally, storm leg "Cross of Heaven" or "Heaven's Cross". Axe can either raise his leg upward, creating a vertical beam of power with a horizontal leg to create another beam to cross over it, or he can flip backward and sideswipe the air to make a glowing cross of energy. Should anything or anyone survive this attack, they will have a burn in the shape of a large cross in them.

Rankyaku - Domeange Jugement: Literally, storm leg "Archangel's Judgement". Axe unleashes three powerful air blades, which are far larger than any of his previous Rankyaku techniques. Due to size, speed and power, this is Axe's most powerful variation of Rankyaku.

Name: Devon

Alias: The Demon King (formerly The Demon)

Position: First Mate

Alliance: Axe-Head Pirates

Age: 18

Bounty: 113,000,000

Description: Slightly taller than normal people. He wears a blue jeans jacket with a mountain painted on the back, matching pants and wears a t-shirt underneath. He has long dirty blonde hair, that's usually slicked backward, but sometimes lets it loose. Sometimes, he wears glasses, but only to read a map or a bounty chart.

Weapon: Carries two katana's with him, and practices the combat techniques of Odin. Because of this kind of combat, and his swords, people sometimes mistake him for Roronoa Zolo.

History: Once lived peacefully in Roguetown with his little brother, Austin, until one stormy night, pirates who were docked and used the cover of night to raid and attack intruded on their home. Devon and Austin were forced to hide in the cellar as the rest of their family were murdered before their very eyes. Because of this, Devon kills all who he believes are evil and don't deserve forgiveness. He lives by a code of Honor and his word is his bond. Because of this violent way of life, he has earned the nickname, the well as the 90,000 Beli bounty on his head.

Two years after their mother's murder, Devon and his little brother found themselves on a secluded island filled with men and women with hardly any contact to the outside world. Here, they were given a place to live, and a place to go stronger. Using what nittoryu skills he had, Devon became a student to the Odin style under the twin masters, Hugin and Munin. Here, he learned various moves, such as The Nine Realm of Existence techniques.

Currently, he searches for a pair of swords, that if used in perfect harmony, can give him the power to fully avenge his fallen family. After a return trip to Roguetown, his and Austin's hometown, Devon was given one of the swords he had been searching for...the Water Moon.

Shortly after leaving Phlan and entering the Calm Belt, he discovered his bounty has gone up by 30,000 Beli due to his triumph over Doku, a swordsman who called himself a Fiend. The bounty was not the only reward, as he took the Kitetsu, Doku's cursed blade as his own.

During the cold and eventful stay in Drum, Devon acquired two new blades of the gladius type. One called Geri and the other called Freki.

Shortly after his crew helped Straw Hat Luffy defeat Baroque Works, Devon was given not only a correction of his bounty (which would have been 12,000,000 Beli), but an upgrade to the amount of 40,000,000 for his helping hand in beating Das Bones, aka Mr 1 of Baroque Works.

During his stay at Slayheim Prison, Devon killed Kongol a man with a bounty of at least 100,000,000 Beli, and took up the role as prison yard boss, the man in charge of the inmates. This also granted him the new nickname of Demon King. During the insurrection, he fought against Captain Glenn, a frogman swordsman with a formidable level of skill.

After escaping Slayheim, and finally coming to Jaya. Devon was engaged by two enemy swordsman: Kazuya "Crow" of the Death Root Mercenaries, and "Big Knife" Sarquiss of the Bellamy Pirates. While he did put up a great fight against Kazuya, the only victory he had out of these two fights were against Sarquiss. Though, the second one was cut off by the intrusion of Don Quixote Doflamingo, a Shichibukai and the Bellamy Pirates former captain, and a man with 340,000,000 Beli on his head before becoming Shichibukai.

During his stay in Skypeia, Devon not only discovered that his father was a Shandian Warrior, but he found out that a group of warriors, including his mentors, were invading and trying to take over the Sky Island. After failing to protect Kirsty the first time, Devon trained under Thrymr and became strong enough to defeat both of his mentors, and the woman, Frigga who led the attack. He left the Sky Island on good terms with everyone, even Wiper, who hated his father for leaving years before. Since Skypeia and his victory against his former masters and Frigga, Devon has become a master of his swordstyle (or at least the Nine Realms Techniques).


Nittoryu (Two-Sword Style)

Tanketetsu: Devon crosses his blades and concentrates his power into them, before slashing them foward. If his swords does not make contact with the enemy, the energy from the blades will shoot forth and slice through those who fight against him.

Niflheimer, Koori Kiri (Niflheimer, Ice Slash): . One of his Nine Realms of Existence Techniques, Devon raises his blades high into the air and concentrates his ki. Using his mysterious training, Devon is able to chill his blades so that when he cuts into a being, he not only does sharp damage, but also freezing damage to increase the pain. He swings, or stabs the swords into his enemy and makes his way downward as far as he can before pulling away his blades.

Midgard, Mugen Hibi (Midgard, Endless Serpent): Named for the Realm of Men, where a giant serpent resides, Devon uses both blades: one behind his back, and the other in front of him. He begins to spin around until he becomes nothing more than a blur with his swords sticking outward. While he can cut an enemy to ribbons with this attack, when going up against stronger enemies, Devon will only shred their clothing.

Jotunheimr, Tsuin Yama Enko: Named for the world of Giants. Devon charges his swords with his ki, and swings them either upward or downward. The energy amplifies damage, as well as trails behind the blades as they move through the air.

Nioavellir, Sindri's Kanadzuchi (Nioavellir, Sindri’s Hammer): Named for the world of dwarves. Devon strikes the ground with both swords, and in doing so, he can an earthquake small enough to make it relatively safe for him, but large enough to throw enemy off balance.

Asgard, Juuni Jouin (Asgard, Twelve Lords): Partially revealed in his fight against Captain Glenn at Slayheim Fortress, Devon used this technique to overcome his enemy and win back both weapons and freedom. When he fully revealed this attack in Skypeia against his former masters, Hugin and Munin, Devon’s body seemed to duplicate into twelve clones of himself. His full strength is in each clone, but the strain on his body is so great, he can only use this attack once until he gets stronger.

Valkyja, Sigrdrifa: An attack belonging to another special set of techniques of Devon's training. Devon turns his blades upward, behind his arms and with amazing speed and power, Devon can cut through steel. Though powerful, Devon rarely uses this attack.

Vanaheimr, Tusen Jewels (Vanaheimr, Thousand Jewels): Performed either while jumping or on the ground, Devon unleashes a barrage of glowing, gem-shaped blades that can pierce rock and cut through enemies like butter. The gems are manifestations of Devon’s ki created through his training of Odin.

Ragnarok, Chaotic Judgment: Named for the Norse apocalypse, this attack is capable of so much power, Devon was able to cut through armor made from the New World and defeat the traitorous Frigga, the wife of his god, Odin. It is unclear how much strain this gives Devon, as he was already heavily wounded when he used this attack and passed out shortly after.

Ittoyru: (One-Sword Style)

Helmet Splitter: Devon jumps into the air and with a strange force behind him, he brings his sword down upon an enemy, blade pointed either vertically or horizontally. This attack quite literally, splits the head of an enemy in half, killing them instantly (should the attack succeed)

Tyr's Hand, Leaving's of the Wolf: Symbolic to the loss of Tyr's right hand, Devon only uses his right hand in this attack. With this attack, his speed increases and he cuts deep into his enemy. Usually, this is enough to kill a man, but sometimes, he holds back as a warning to them.

Muspelheim, Kooen Kiri (Muspelheim, Fire Slash): One of the Nine Realms Techniques. Devon lowers one sword downward and concentrates his power into it. When he unleashes it's power, a great blast of heat bursts out of the blade, adding burn damage to a cut to the enemy.

Alfheim, Hikari Nami (Alfheim, Light Wave): Another Nine Realms move. Devon concentrates the pure and positive ki in his body into his sword and with it, he can send a blad of white energy at his opponent. While it can move a strong enough opponent backwards or forward (depending on direction of attack), Devon can cut through many things.

Svartalfheim, Yami Nami (Svartalfheim, Dark Wave): Another attack that belongs to the Nine Realms, when using this, Devon concentrates all his hatred and negative ki into his blade and unleash a powerful blade of dark energy soaring at his enemy. It has been known to cause it's target to corrode and decay, depending on strength of blade, but Devon has yet to reach that stage of power.

Techniques used in either Style

Shinigami-giri (Death God Cut): This is also known as "Death God Cut". While the giri is like Oni-giri from Roronoa Zolo's santoryu (Three-Sword Style), Devon uses this powerful attack to rush at his opponent. He pulls back his weapons behind him, letting the power of his training flow all the way back towards the tip of his blades. When he feels it is right, he points the blades forward and rushes the enemy, the blade-tips aimed (usually) for vital organs.

Single Sword version: While only using one sword, Devon can inflict such pain upon an enemy, he can incapicitate said enemy while inflicting a large amount of damage.

Two Sword version: With two swords instead of one, Devon will most likely either slay his enemy instantly, or wound them so badly, they bleed to death on their own as they lay in shock.

Name: Austin

Alias: "Blood Fist" Austin

Position: Cabin Boy

Alliance: Axe-Head Pirates

Age: 11

Bounty: 1,000,000 beli

Description:Half as tall as his older brother, Devon, and is skinny, to most people's standards. Has a head of short, brown, slightly curly hair and a look that almost immediately says, completely innocent.

Weapon: A pair of blood red gloves that each have a large circular patch on the palms.

History: After the slaughter of their family, Austin has become mute ever since. He has not spoken a word for a few years, and the only one who understands the way he communicates is Devon. He carries a bag of tricks that he uses to help his brother in one-sided fights. Complete with Impact Dials, Breath Dials, Flash Dials, Heat Dials, a small sledgehammer, a set of daggers, smoke bombs, and three disguises for him and Devon each. While people usually don't take him for being very bright because he's mute, or dangerous because of his innocent looks, Austin is a factory of fighting spirit and surprising actions.

In Alabasta, he fought with Usopp, DJ, Dusty, and Chopper against Mr 4 and Miss MerryChristmas. While he didn't inflict much damage, he did his part by saving Dusty from Mr 4's bats by absorbing the blows with his Impact Dial gloves.

As he fought to free his brother and friends from Slayheim, he and Pingu fought against Sam Rico, a terribly disfigured Marine midget. Using a combination of penguin aerial assaults, Mantra, and Impact Dial usage, Austin was able to win the fight by sticking Sam into the wall, knocking the short person out at the time.

Abilities: While he is not very strong like the others in his crew, Austin has the ability of Mantra, which was passed down from his father. With this ability, Austin can hear the voices of people, either close to him, or at a far distance. Also, with this ability, Austin can predict when and where an enemy will attack next, so he can counter them.

Name: "Herman" (real name is too hard to pronounce in human tongue)

Alias: "Crimson Claw" Herman

Position: Chef

Alliance: Formerly Arlong's Fish-Man Pirates, currently the Axe-Head Pirates

Age: Unknown

Bounty: 63.000,000 Beli (Previously 46,000,000 beli)

Description: As tall as he is, Axe at his full height, can meet Herman's chest. Herman, as a lobster merman, he wears a very large, bright red shell on his back. At the base of his shell, a large shell-covered tail hangs between his thick, muscular legs. Two yellow eyestalks, which can turn in every direction to see all around him, are Herman's way of seeing and security. While the backside of him is covered by a hard shell, his front is another story. His front looks much like a human's front, but is a pale red color. As a merman, Herman can survive in both underwater and above water, and due to this, his body has trained in all sorts of pressure, meaning that it has been shaped and trained accordingly, showing large muscles in limbs and a mean six-pack. The only thing that looks somewhat human, is a moustache that lies above his mouth, but instead of hair, Herman's moustache is made of small protective needley-spikes.

Weapon: Mainly fists, but can curl up into a protective ball and propel himself to plow into his enemies. While he can use two fists at the same time, he can develop a large pincer claw on one hand to either rip off and use as a glove later, or use when it's made. With this sort of weapon, Herman could hold an enemy at bay with a pincer claw, then attack with a powerful punch with his free hand.

History: Because he is a merman, Herman faces racism and fear wherever he goes. People hate him because of his race (this is mainly in part of Arlong's and possibly other merman pirates influence on the world). He was with Arlong's crew when they took over Cocoyashi Village, and was also present when Arlong fought, then executed Bellemere, both Nami's and Nojiko's adopted mother. After she was buried, Herman snuck away from his nakama as they dismantled the galleon they owned (which they used to build Arlong Park), and knelt in front of Bellemere's grave. He mourned the loss of a human, for because that was his way. Even though he was a merman, and worked with a foul example of their race, Herman never wanted humans to serve under them or wanted to kill one.

When he returned, he saw that Nami had been taken in as Arlong's mapmaker. Arlong told him the "deal" he had made with the little human girl and his intention of never keeping it. Herman became furious and attacked Arlong, but seeing as Arlong was the most powerful pirate of the crew, Herman didn't stand a chance against him. The leading pirate grew angry at the betrayal of Herman and decided it would be best to exile him instead of killing him, due to his belief of comradery. Since that day, Herman had been swimming the waters of East Blue, living alone and hunting fish, as well as the Sea Kings to survive. His dreams, the first one anyway, is much like "Black Leg" Sanji's, as well as many other chefs of the sea, to find All Blue, where every fish from every sea meet. His second dream is to make the world a place where all races of creatures can exist in harmony.

It was when he met Axe that he was given a second chance to make his dream come true. Herman couldn't find All Blue on his own, and he knew that a lone merman wouldn't make much of an impact in the world. Axe welcomed him with open arms, not caring what race or origin he came from. With the Axe-Heads in need of a chef, Herman took up the role gratefully, happy that he had found an honorable man, with an open-minded nakama.

While traveling with his nakama and Straw Hat's crew, he revealed to Luffy and his crew that Arlong was once his captain and that he tried to save Nami many years ago. However, he steal felt bad about what happened, and in an attempt to redeem himself, Herman defended Nami in the battle against Miss Doublefinger of Baroque Works, suffering grave injuries in the process. His reward however, was her forgiveness, and as a token of thanks, he was given a bag of Nami's treasured oranges. Whether he actually had to pay for these, or Nami swiped money in return for them, is unknown.

While he stayed on Isla Cadaver for about a week, Herman's strength improved and he unleashed this new strength, as well as the hidden fury of the Fish-Man race on Monster, the wild man bounty hunter who lived on Isla Cadaver. With the love of his nakama fueling his personal fire, Herman was able to tap into that fury and send Monster plowing through some walls, and continued to beat the crap out of him until he was deep in unconsciousness.


Aragosta Pachinko: Herman curls himself up into a ball and propels himself into his enemies, or to escape from them. While he can just roll, Herman can propel himself off a wall or flat surface and bounce into a different direction.

Aragosta Battuta: Using his incredible Merman strength, Herman punches with such force, he can send an enemy flying a short distance away, or through a wall.

Aragosta Martello: Using his pincer claw, Herman can either jump or stand and bring his claw down hard on his enemy. This is capable of killing a human, or sending them into a deep unconsciousness.

Aragosta Parate: Similar to Pachinko, Herman uses his shell to defend himself. The difference between this and Pachinko is that Parete is relatively stronger than Pachinko, giving him a better defense against stronger enemies.

Aragosta Gyorai: Herman pushes hard off the ground and flies into his enemies, not only sending them back or forward at a high speed, but he is capable of breaking a number of bones in the process.

Name: Chizuru Ukita

Alias: None

Position: Navigator

Alliance: Axe-Head Pirate Crew

Age: 17

Bounty: 41,000,000 (Previously 29,000,000 beli)

Description: Average height, long red hair (that like the color of fire), long legs and a body that would drive any man crazy, if he couldn't control himself. Her eyes are that of almonds, golden-brown. Normally wears a pair of tan/brown, knee-high cowboy boots with matching vest and hat. Because of this style and her strange quiet personality, people often think she is very much like Nico Robin.

Weapon: A large set of daggers that she straps to her waist and across her chest downward from her right shoulder to her left hip bone. She also hides a couple of large blades in her boots, which easily conceals them.

History: Chizuru was born into a military family. Her father was in the military, and her mother stayed home.

Chizuru's father had slaughtered a captain of a crew that was well respected, and knowing Chizuru's fathers name, they found where him and his family lived. At night they had come to the house. Chizuru's father was not at home, and was at the military base, her mother was asleep, and she was in her room. Chizuru's mother was killed and she was kidnapped by the pirates.

The pirates had made a deal with Chizuru, she was either to join their crew and learn to fight with knives and be useful, or be killed as her mother was. You can guess what she chose. This when she was 13, and she was to get revenge on theses same pirates.

By the time she was 15 she had become stronger than the rest of the crew, and they had opposed her the new captain. For a year she and her crew had traveled from town to town, causing chaos and finding treasure.

When Chizuru was 17, she had gotten revenge on her crew, the pirates who had murdered her mother. She killed them all, starting with her first mate. After more of the crew members were killed, they realized that their captain had turned there backs on them and joined together and attacked their captain. This was her plan though, she knew if she started killing off her crew one by one, they would get suspicious and try to attack her all at once, she was ready for them.

Chizuru stayed in Roguetown, making buddies with the pirates who stopped by, that was how she heard about Axe, and other pirates. Chizuru knew that she couldn't go back to her hometown and face her military father. She was already a pirate, and she would continue being one, she couldn't stop being a pirate anyways.

She told herself, she WOULD be on Axe's crew.

While travelling Niri through Alubarna, Chizuru revealed a strange ability she had kept secret. Using unknown powers, Chizuru repelled an oncoming enemy, then pinned him to the wall with his own spear, but without touching him or the weapon. After Axe's was revealed, she and the others revealed their own secrets.

After being taken to Slayheim Prison, Chizuru discovered her father, Ashley (or Ash) was stationed there. During the insurrection, she fought against him with just her daggers, not wanting to use her psychic abilities for one reason or another. She was able to win using the anger she has in her heart for him, because she has always blamed him for her mother's death and her life as a pirate's prisoner four years prior. While she did not kill him, she threatened she wouldn't be so lenient next time.

While visiting Kinmotsu Island, Chizuru and a handful of her nakama were captured by the armed forces, led by General Murai Wakanda. With help of local freedom fighters, she and her friends were freed. During the final battles, Chizuru fought Ayane Wakanda, a ninja and the daughter of the island's ruler. She defeated her using her psychic abilities.

Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Pyrokinesis.


Dagger Attacks

Sanjuu Kiri (Triple Slash Attack): Chizuru places three knives between her fingers and attacks with a combination of stabs and slices.

Psychic Attacks

Psy Battering Ram: Chizuru concentrates and using a portion of her gift, she can deliver a powerful pressurized attack at her opponent that can send them flying.

Name: Azumamaro Baba

Alias: Azu "Dizzy" Baba

Position: Shipwright

Alliance: Axe-Head pirate crew

Age: 24

Bounty: 59,000,000 (previously 42,000,000)

Fighting Style/Weapon: Drunk Fist (Drunken Boxing) Martial Arts

Description: Normal height, has a well-built body (thanks to his years of training in the martial arts), and light orange hair that can look like a small afro when tied with a bandanna. Wears hawaiian printed shorts, sandals, and a bright green shirt with the word Saki written on the back. He also carries a clay jug for his saki, as well as a hammer on his belt.

A short time after Alabasta, Azu's hair was suddenly changed from an orange afro to red dreadlocks. Whether or not this was his doing under the influence, or a certain kitsune messing with him, is unknown.


Monkey Drinks Master's Wine: Azu can perform this technique either in a normal stance, or rising from a ducking move. He spins around on one foot and performs a strong kick to his opponent's gut before rising to full height, one leg bent and a foot on his knee.

Drunken Monkey: Azu screeches like a wild chimpanzee while he spins around, alternating between leaning on his hands and knees, kicking any and all enemies that come at him.

Waterfall: Taking an enemy by their hands or arms, Azu uses their own body weight and lifts them onto his back, his elbow in their groin and his other hand holding onto their neck. Then, he flips them backward or forward, either letting them fall to the ground dazed, or ramming his leg into their back to deal extra damage.

Crazy Corkscrew: While either sober or drunk, Azu kicks hard off the ground and propels himself through the air, spinning around and around like a screw. If he hits his target, he can deal enough damage to break more than a few ribs or vertebrea (depending on which side he attacks from)

Down the Hatch: Azu leaned backward and grabs his opponent's throat. While it is supposedly a offensive maneuver, Azu usually uses this as a distraction. While his opponent breaks free, or attempts to break free, Azu can attack with another technique.

Pop the Bottle: Similar to his Down the Hatch move, Azu grabs his opponent's neck, but this move is an offensive one, as Azu snaps his wrist hard, making his opponent fall facefirst into the ground, or a limb, depending on how Azu plans the battle out.

Eight Gods Gas Festival: Concentrating his beer fueled energy (gas), Azu unleashes a tremendous force of farts that if the target is in range for long enough, they will pass out.

History: Azu was born and raised in Water 7, but at a young age, he left and became a student under a martial artist who taught him Drunken Boxing. After coming back to Water 7, he got a small job with the shipbuilding company. At the age of 20, he nearly drowned thanks to Aqua Laguna, the annual typhoon that hits Water 7, but he was saved by a half-human, half-giant by the name of Goheno. Since then, he and Goheno became brothers. At the age of 21, Azu came into some trouble with the law and recieved his 9,000,000 Beli bounty. Leaving Water 7, Azu realized that he and Goheno couldn't be together, because he feared his adoptive brother would get into trouble and he didn't want that life for him.

In Slayheim, he met a Marine Major by the name Makura Yume, a martial artist who studies Sleepy Boxing, which is similar to Azu's Drunking Boxing. While under the influence of alcohol, Azu was able to call upon the Eight Drunken Gods to help him gain the upperhand in the fight.

During the Skypeia/Jaya arcs, Azu ran into Arisa, a woman from Water 7, who scares the crap out of him for unknown reasons. He left her tied up while he and his crew soared to the sky. In Skypeia, Azu played a role in the liberation and defense of the Sky Island by fighting against Satori, one of Eneru's leftover Priests, as well as Urd, one of the three Norn Sisters. He defeated her by apparently breaking her back, causing her immobility.

On Kinmotsu Island, Azu was imprisoned like a handful of others, but was quickly freed by Freedom Fighters and later on, he fought against Haschel Wakanda, master of Taijutsu, one of the disciplines of ninjitsu. After a rough battle, Azu defeated him with quick footwork as well as a gassy explosion from his butt.

Current Crew Manifest

Captain: Axe
First Mate: Devon aka "The Demon"
Sniper: Niri Zolaro
Doctor: Kirsty "White Dragon" Chambers
Scout: Dustine "Dusty" Wenata aka "Fox Dust"
Cabin Boy: Austin
Cook: Herman
Navigator: Chizuru
Musician: DJ Macleod
Shipwright: Azumamaro or Azu "Dizzy" Baba

Profile of Pokemon OC

Name: Conner Arquette

Age: 19

Home Region: Kanto, Pallet Town

Description: Shorter than normal, short brown hair and blue eyes. A bit lanky, but makes up for that in many ways.

Clothes: Black vest. Red Shirt. A pair of reflective sunglasses, white sneakers, and a pair of jeans.

History: Due to some unforseen circumstances, Conner never got to get his trainer's license at the usual age of 10. Now, almost 10 years later, he finally sets off on his journey. All his life, his oldest sister has overshadowed him and now he sets off to prove himself to his family that no matter what he becomes, no matter what path he takes, he will be greater than his sister.

Profile of GX OC

Name: Christina Berg


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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Revised & Complete) by The Eagle1989 reviews
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