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Author has written 18 stories for Pokémon, Prince of Tennis, NANA, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.

Hello! I'm Nigsea aka misty_aquamaster aka Yori (recently since I really like that name :P)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Likes: Math (cause I'm good at it), anime, manga, books, writing, music, movies, boys, singing, arcade, games, mall, going out with friends, anime cons and ICE-CREAM!!

Dislikes: bugs, bullies, lies, horror movies, arachnids, when things don't go my way, rudeness, impoliteness and arrogance.

Talents: I guess speaking 2 languages is one, I can speak spanish. I learn stuff quickly at least most stuff. I can remember every manga/book I've ever read (not titles or authors exactly but if I start reading it again I know I have read it before), I'm able to think of two things at the same time (though I end up confusing myself sometimes), I've been told I'm good at writing.

DA account:

Favorite Anime/Manga:

Pokemon, Mermaid Melody, Nana, Vampire Knight, Corrector Yui, Card Captor Sakura, Chronicles Tsubasa, Megaman, Detective Connan, Digimon, Dragon Ball (all seasons), Flint: Time detective, Medabots, Hamtaro, Hellsing, Inuyasha, Zoid (I only saw the first season), Sailor Moon, Saint Tail (I know the story but I've never actually seen it or read it), Sailor Moon (I saw most of it), Saber Marionette J, Ranma, Tokyo Mew Mew, Prince of Tennis, Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Yugioh 5 d's, Dinosaur King, Special A, Itazura na kiss, Ultra maniac (read manga), Wild ones, High School Debut, Mamotte! Lollipop!(anime), K-ON, Kirarin Revolution, Yugioh 5ds, Sora no Woto, Tegami Bachi, Kimi ni Todoke, kaichou wa Maid-sama, Saki, Nodame, Shin Tennis no Oujisama (aka New Prince of Tennis), Origin: Spirits of the Past, Lucky Star.

Here are the links of the drawings (I did them) two of the character of my fic "Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandings":





Original Characters:

FLRM:There are many characters I've created in this story but this is a little profile on the main characters I've created. (Currently this story is discontinued, maybe I'll continue it later)

Cynthia:She's caring and motherly. When she trains her Pokemon she forces herself to train herself too. "If I can do something so can you, just keep trying." is her motto. She's kind and smart although she can be dense and slow when it come to certain things. She's clumsy too, but only on certain occasions; you'll see. She very optimistic and always try to look at the bright side of things. Her jokes aren't funny like the one about Misty's cake when she was leaving the Gym (chapter 4). She's also ambitious. Not in a bad way, though, but she wants to be stronger and better. She can also get arrogant and cocky. She adapts easily to anything "just like water" as Misty once said in the anime. Oh, and also she can be as scary as Misty when she's angry or worse and just like Misty she is stubborn. She's also a sort of tomboy, I should probably say.

Chaud:He can be cold at times and indifferent with people he is not use to or doesn't know. He usually wears a poker-face. He's smart, too but unlike Cynthia (who's more like books smart) he is smart about real-life situations. He knows how to make decisions and follow his instincts. He is used to traveling and dangerous situations. He pretty much fearless except when it comes to ghost Pokemon. He is a bit sadistic with Cynthia since he enjoys teasing her and making her mad. It makes him happy seeing her like that since he knows she isn't the type who cries easily.

Brisa:She's nice, smart, talented, well-manner, docile, lady-like. A perfect girl? Ha! That's what she looks like. She's sadistic and cunning. She's ambitious like Cynthia, a trait they have in common. She's sure of her abilities and skills. She's kind to those she cares about. She's too strong for her own good and the good of those around her, too. She also knows pretty much everything about everything, about the things she's interest. Somehow, she manages to always know what happens even when no one says anything about it. She'll even know how many hairs you have on your body if she wants to know. Definitely not someone you want as a enemy, that's what she's like. All this come to this question: is she liked or is she feared? One of her weak points, though, it's that she gives up too easily, sometimes. She doesn't like to work too much, either (lazy).

Mary:She loves making riddles and complicates other people's life. She's a great fun of mystery novel, manga, books, movies. She can be manipulative and cunning but she isn't a bad girl. She is not the outdoors type of girl and she'd rather stay inside working on her computer than outside battling, partying or playing like a normal teenager. She is a born leader and for some reason people always trust her. She is also able to control her emotions very well, since she is more of logical type of person. However, she tends to push herself too hard, she’s a real workaholic

Sam: She is a nice girl and very smart too. Not the kind of girl who would wait to be rescue but rather the one doing the rescuing. She's strong and independent. She and Mary are really close since they've known each other for a really long time and she always worries about her friend. She rarely get mad but she usually does with Mary. She also is rather knowledgeable about ancient languages and cultures.

Eriol: the mystery man. He's the same age as Chaud, Cynthia and the rest but sure he sure is mature for his age. He's a real genius and have been an inventor since he was a child. He's kind and very caring for his friends though. He can also be a bit timid with his feelings which he doesn't tend to show much since he's so clumsy with that.

Mistress aka Demi: She's (spoilers) Cynthia identical twin sister and from she was separated on an accident many years ago. She is nice, strong, independent, but can be very reckless. She loves adventure but what she loves even more than adventure is Eriol, her boyfriend.


I've made a few drawings but since some of them were done on pencil and I don't have a scanner I won't be able to upload them any time soon. I'll upload the ones I've done on the computer though they aren't as good as the ones on pencil, IMO. (Not that I"m an artist but...)

Sayori "Yori" Tenma: She's an otaku from the real world who after making wish got transported to the world of Yugioh 5d. She has 6 months to find a way to get back to our world or she will have to pay the price. The reason why she got transported was because she wanted to meet Yusei for real, she never expected that it'd really happened. She hates lying but she'd do it if she feels she has to. Cunning, smart, knowing more than she lets others know about the future as she has seen it. What role will she play with Yusei and the gang?

Aoi Tenma: Sayori's legal cousin and adopted son of Sayori's uncle, Yako Tenma. He seems to be friendly and to like Yori, but Yori distrusts him. Is he an ally or foe?

Mizuki Tenma: Yori's mother in the world of Yugioh 5d. She is kind, caring and a businesswoman who took a some time off while her daughter was in a coma. Minor character

Akio Tenma: Yori's father in the world of Yugioh 5d. Husband of Mizuki, a loving husband and father. Head of Industrials Illusions. Minor character.

Aiko aka Lil'Butterfly: Yori's friend in the real world who share the same interest in anime. Minor character.

Chris: Yori's real life younger twin brother. Minor Character.

Ralph: A childhood friend and classmate of the yugioh Yori who reminds her of her real life little brother.

Ren: Yori's older brother in both real life and yugioh. They're both pretty good at fixing machines and with software. Minor character.

Jeff: the owner of the anime/manga shop where Yori works part time. Can be a little clueless at times. He is also an Otaku. Minor character.

Misato: a young maid at Yori's house. Usually argues with Yori and they have known each other since they were kids.

Misaki: Misato's older brother and best friend of Ren. He also acts as a sort of older brother for Yori. He's a chef and currently works at Yori's house.

Sam and Crystal: maids who work at the Tenma residence. Minor characters.

I have pretty much all of my drawings on my deviantart account so please check them out, the address again is:

Well, that's it for now. See ya!

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Name's Yori.I'm an Otaku who wished to meet Yusei.I never expected to become a reality though.I'm in the Yugioh 5d world and now that I'm here I wanna go back to my world.I have no idea how to do that and only have 6 month or I'll pay the price. YuseixOC
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Contains spoiler ep 59, you've been warned. This is more like draft, it's really short. It's basically about how Jacks feels after the event on that ep. Bad at summaries as always.
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Side of story of "Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandings" Aqualle is a mermaid princess. Luke is a human boy, an impossible relation especially because Aqualle can't tell him who she really is or she'd turn into bubbles. I'm still bad at summarie
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A Valentine's Day Special. They're in High School, Ryoma's more popular, Sakuno's prettier and they're friends. But why is Sakuno worried?
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May goes to her friend's party and then someone invites to dance. Don't read it, it sucks. Last year work and it's bad. DAML
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Years have past and now Ash and Misty are adults. A girl stole a kiss from Ash and was published. Now Misty thinks Ash loves another girl. Pokeshipping. I know, bad summary...
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,219 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 5 - Published: 12/13/2006 - Complete
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