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Author has written 3 stories for Kid Icarus, Misc. Books, and Terraria.

Here’s a list, some will get stories others probably won’t.
My OC's are:

Fairytail: Jakien Stygon, Kamui Opalmatter, and Ash the Exceed

Fragmenttale: Calibri the Skele-Dreemurr, Endin the Unending, Professor Zallace, and the beautiful Broadway.

Steven Universe: Cuprite, Purpurite, and Andesine.

Digimon: Jeirin Kage the Digidestined of Shadow.

Pokemon: Yvance/Yvan Hakai, Keith Dienue, Sidney Masha, and Herral Raiun.

Dragon Ball Z: Oleren the Son of Gita (Captain of the Elite), Gita (Jee-ta) the hero of Toki Toki city, mother of Oleren, and Wife of Broly (daughter of King Vegeta), Future Shorts the son of Tarble, Radder/Sativiz the son of Raditz (Strongest Saiyan patroller), Tia the daughter of Turles, Majin Tuu the brother of Majin Buu (Majin of universe 6), Icezer the younger brother of Frieza (Stongest Arcosian Patroller), Zalake a member of the Hera race (Strongest Heran Patroller), Android 23 (Strongest and Oldest Android Patroller), Kabocha the son of Nappa, Ikarin the demon god (Supreme Kai of Power), Ouza the Goddess of Destruction (Universe 13)(Wife of Tarble), Sakes son of Ouza (GoD in training), and Wallane the Namekian (Strongest Namekian Patroller).

Kid Icarus: Jaspin the angel of the Dragon, Kai the angel of the Sea, Sidni the angel of Karma, Jabril the angel of Chaos, and Herald the angel of Kindness.

Transformers Decepticons: Moondash (seeker) (Mech)
Transformers Autobots: Scar (Dinobot) (Mech), Soar (Dinobot) (Femme), and Abyssus Prime (Prime) *That was an Obvious Detail!* (Mech).

Kirby: Jay the Puffball, Aqua Knight, Sola Knight, Nega Knight, Terra Knight, and Hurrica Knight.

Mega Man Series: Swing, Orchestra/Hyper Woman, Rap the Komodo, Elctro the bat, and Dr. Denise.
Mighty No. 9: (None yet).

PMD: Jordan the Riolu and Keith the Pikachu.

Fnaf: Jace Afton/Plushtrap/Shadow Bonnie/Bon Bon/, Scott Afton/Shadow Freddy/Nightmare/Funtime Freddy/Molten Freddy, William Afton/Springtrap/Purple Guy/Scraptrap, Elizabeth Afton/Circus Baby/Ennard/Scrap Baby, Charlotte/Nightmarionne/The puppet/Phantom Puppet/Security Puppet/Lefty, and Micheal Afton.

MLP: Shadow Flight (Bat/Night Pony), Garroth (Griffon), Ashley (Changeling), Aquario (Alicorn of the sea), Tsunami (Aquario's Negativity), Summer Wave (Kirin), Coy Darkness(??), and Terror Blight (??) . (Why MLP? Simply cause I'm Emo and need rainbows! and I like the show. Also Timeline and DBZ like fights)

Naruto: Gekiro Uzumaki(Cloud)(Jin-nibi), Paison Sound(Sound)(Sage-Snake), Osore Hozuki(Mist)(Jin-Sanbi), Anchi Uchiha(Leaf)(Org-Uchiha Police), Ago Inuzuka(Leaf), Shiro Leaf(Leaf), Tatsumaki Uzumaki/Konton(???)(Org-???), Shuchaku Subaku(Sand)(???), and Taizu Uzumaki(Genjustu World)(Jin-kuro nibi)

Portal: Zeilen (Laser and Innocence core).

RWBY: Team HJSK (HIJACK): Kosei Deina, Jisatsu Obliviku (Hawk Fanus), Shima Mashar, and Hayai Raiclap (Cat Fanus).

Sonic: Flare the Phoenix, Crystech the artic wolf, Velvet R. the bunny, Velvet G. the rabbit, Gyro the cat, Sakura the bear, Wrath the black sheep, and Coban "Caviar" Robotnik.

PJO: Jalen Wallace (Son of Anubis).

Terraria: Teran (Terra Knight/Child of terraria).
Terraria Calamity mod: Nebulas Sen/Nebularis (4th Sentinel/Nebula Mage/Lihzahrd), Slimeth/Slimera (Slime Warrior), Stella (Nova Alchemist/Lunarian), Prede/Predest (Solar Guard/Profaned Core), Lartsa/Astrum Puella (Stardust Summoner/Star Child), Tex/Cursed Invader (Vortex Gunmen/Cyborg/Mechanical Horror), and Yhusaraz (Quasar Thief/Phantarian).

Yvane's team: Aquario the Primarina, Marx the Hydreigon, Ace the Skarmory, Hercule the Machamp, Rift the Gengar, and Prince the Lycanroc (Midnight.

Keith's team: Hauntra the Decidueye, Dusk the Lycanroc (Dusk), Laxus the Dragonite, Cobra the Serviper, Wisdom the Alola NineTails, and Shade the Dusknoir.

Sidney's team: Draco the Incineroar, Undyne the Greninja, Heavy the Tyrannitar, Ruby the Gigalith, and Flake the Shiny Froslass.

Herral's team: Sora the Archeops, Luna the Umbreon, Chief the Trevenant, Tiny the Golurk, Spike the Aerodactly, and Sage the Oranguru.

I will add more information later when I start making stories, again.

Yvance's Personality: Is very weary of others and likes to isolate himself from large groups of people when he can. Because of his affiliation with Yveltal he has the same ability to drain life the downside is that he is more vulnerable to corruption than most, his connection to Yveltal has given him the job of handling death and abnormal life in the alola region. He dislikes being woke up from a nap or any type of rest, lots of noise, Team Rocket, Team Flare, Team Galactic and is weary of Team Plasma. feels Neutral about Team Magma and Team Aqua until proven otherwise. Likes the Aether Foundation, though questions Team Skull and their motives.

Keith's Personality: Is care free and friendly, he likes to hack computers, implant viruses into programs, space and everything to do with it. He can manipulate his body form/shape due to his affiliation with Deoxys the downside is that he is more prone to retaliate offensively to surprises, his connection to Deoxys means that Rayquaza trust him least, though their child could care less. He dislikes not having any fun, and a lot of other stuff.

Sidney's Personality: Is quiet, thoughtful, and intelligent. From his affiliation with Marshadow he's impossible to see in the shadows and is impossible to notice if he was right behind you at night the downside is that he can easily drive others away without meaning too, his connection to Marshadow allows him to see someone’s darkness and helps recover the rainbow wing for Ho-oh... when he isn't acting cool. He likes dark corners, winning battles, and being a good-hearted troll. He dislikes team skull's antics and the Aether foundation, as well as prideful idiots.

Herral's Personality: Is very similar in behavior to a cat except is as playful as a dog. Thanks to his affiliation to Zeraora he can control electricity and have excellent agility the downside is that he is essentially a walking super battery, so machines and wires can randomly burst into flames from the massive amount of electricity he exerts when excited. He likes his friends, new things, and battles. Though he dislikes disappointment, boring situations, being quiet, and especially staying still.

Calibri Personality: Loves puns, cooking, and being a troll at times. He owns karmic burn, this allows him to burn those with horrid karma for the entire fight even while they heal. He can summon gaster blaster, purple fire, has a purple attack, can use string and books a rotating saw, can use purple and regular bones, and has a Purple Halberd as his personal weapon.

Moondash Personality: (is unknown)

Scar and Soar Personality: Like the rest of the dinobots they care for everyone on the team their personalities are similar to their father's. Scar's personality is similar to his Father Grimlock to know when's the time to suck up his pride for the greater good. Soar's personality is similar to her Father Swoop to where she is very sensitive about what happens to the team and it's members. They both have a great disdain towards Shockwave and his ideals immensely due to the fact that he was able to capture, cut open, and rearrange the insides of the entire team including them. Scar and Soar's Alt modes is dinosaur based just like the other dinobots, Scar's Alt mode is a Raptor and he is only a few feet bigger than a minicon, because of shockwave his main colors are black, red, and purple when under con influence and the normal dinobot colors when under bot influence, while Soar's Alt mode is a Pterodactyl she is taller than Scar and a bit taller than Arcee mostly thanks to her fast growth, her main colors are cyan, white, and silver. Just like the rest of the team they hate when someone on the team is hurt and still just like the rest of the team they also rather sacrifice themselves then let a teammate go down. They still like the rest of the team respect Soundwave's vow of silence and having such a overall calm demeanor, They also like the rest of the team respect Megatron to an extent for being able to speak his mind and stand for his cause the same goes with Optimus Prime. Scar while being the brightest in support, has taken the worse from the calculative con, as each dinobot had a different tick tested on them, scar's is a faction switch, the ability to rewrite his mindset, his way of thinking, artificial memories, false truth, etc., While this has been countered thanks to slug/slag a more permanent solution can't be done, with the chances of more damage being done than good. Scar and soar can both be classified as triple changers and cassettes, they have an alt mode made to be additional weapon in scar's case and a temporary set of wings in soar's case. Soar's wing mode is used for grimlocks flight, while scar has been tossed around decepticon, shockwave tested and designed his third mode, while soundwave had the cassette most of the time, with predaking having him in as a form of backup, but due to soundwave's liking of the newest con, he's established a creator-creation bond with scar, making it hard for scar to fight against soundwave and his cassettes to the point of refusing to go on field when they are sent out, this also applies to a few other cons but that's is a very small list, and due to how he feels about family and bonds he hopes to bring soundwave and the cassette's over one day, predaking also has this bond with scar and it helps with communication and planning, but is weaker as a result of shockwave's experiments leaving quite a mark on all the dinobots Psyche's.

Abyssus Prime personality: His personality is based on this meaning 'One misstep leads to another' or, literally, 'Hell calls hell.' A warning that the first step in the temptation to go astray from what is right (or morally correct) is difficult to prevent; however, we must always be on guard to strive for what is ethical and honorable. Meaning that while he has a strong will, he can be tempted to do the wrong thing it's just extremely hard to do. While this may seem unimportant it is a known fact by all factions that Abyssus is a neutral prime, he is a individual who will both heed and deny his temptations, to do this he has shown no favorites beside some members of each faction, he shall work with a faction for as long as he is needed to.

Jaci/Jay personality: He and his mentor Galacta Knight were both sealed away because of their strength. He has the copy ability but it's improved to point of being a dangerous foe being able to destroy large fortresses and even airships if the ability is right. Jaci is a sky blue puffball with orange eyes and a more destructive copy ability palette. He's prideful, brash, and easily angered.
The Knights Personalities: Each one is a star warrior that fought along side Meta Knight during the war against N.M.E.! Nega Knight wields a claw, he has black angel wings, and his mask has a X shaped hole in the middle unlike galacta's mask shape that has a Vertical and Horizontal hole in the middle, he is very sadistic and loves to make his enemy's feel as much pain as possible, he hates being interrupted and absolutely despises traitors. Aqua Knight wields two daggers and her mask is has a Water drop shape in the middle, she is calm and collected and attacks with grace she has water wings. Sola Knight wields an axe, and a mask with a sun shape in the middle (Just imagine the Pokemon sun symbol). He is very Energetic and is easily angered, he fights his foes furiously and hates when people are lazy. Terra Knight wields a Mace, and has a leaf shaped mask. Terra Knight likes to plan ahead before she fight, she is very observant and likes to surprise her opponents, she also hates when her opponents figure out what she plans. Hurrica Knight wields a spear, and has Roman god Uranus's symbol shape on his mask. Hurrica Knight likes to cause as much destruction as he can to his enemy's base and hates when someone builds something and doesn't let him tear it down.

Swing: A robot that appeared from nowhere, Light wonders who made him...

The Afton Family: Plushtrap was originally Jace Afton, he was stuffed in a plushtrap suit or plush spring-bonnie suit after he was killed by fredbear... Shadow Freddy was originally Scott Afton, and was Williams brother, he died while trying to work the Freddy spring-lock suit but the sprig-locks collapsed on him due to heavy breathing... Circus Baby was originally Elizabeth Afton, she died when she got to close to the Circus Baby animatronic and it stuffed her in the child compartment... And Springtrap was originally William Afton, he died while seeing the ghost of the dead children he killed from a combination of madness and despair, and hid in the spring-bonnie suit but there was a spring-lock failure and was crushed/pierced by the suit resulting in his death... Charlotte, she was killed behind the pizzeria and became the puppet... Micheal Afton, he searched for his father after blaming him for his siblings deaths and found his fathers old animatronics, he then worked as the maintenance, unfortunately they mistook him for his father and was seemingly killed not too long after...

SCP-4715 Containment:

Team HJSK (HIJACK): Team HJSK is composed of two dark skin humans and two dark skin Fanus, it's leader Hayai Raiclap is a cat fanus that has a lighting speed semblance a basic summery of this semblance is the user is able to move at high speeds while being able to generate electricity. Hayai one of our youngest team leaders and has shown a tendency to meow or hiss when certain situations arise, he as also proven to be very childlike when off mission, He's known for wearing a yellow scarf, gray t-shirt, a yellow hood-less jacket with electric blue patterns, yellow pants, and grey sneakers, a few details of his traits as a fanus includes retractable claws and the pupil slits his eyes bare when in certain situations, he can be seen with a lightning bolt pattern on both sides of his cheeks his hair color is black, His signature weapon is Plasma Pounce, a electric blue gauntlet which transforms into an arm cannon. The second member of Team Hijack is Jisatsu Obliviku, Jisatsu is an Albino-hawk fanus with the Calamity Wave Semblance this semblance allows the user to create menacing portals that when crossed can create a beam of energy, when this semblance is mastered it has the potential of draining a beings life, as a portion of his wings, and his hair entirely are white, while other feathers are a velvet red, his main choice of clothes is velvet red suit with a white t-shirt, velvet pants, when it's cold he's seen wearing a velvet coat, with white highlights, and gray fur on the hood, and dark grey boots, his eyes are light blue, His signature weapon is Oblivion Strike, a pair of velvet and white claws that when put together transform into a railgun. Next is Shima Mashar, Shima's semblance is Shadow Walker, this semblance allows the user to travel via the use of any shadow and even allow the user to be a shadow for a period of time until either the user is drained or when the user see it fit too, He usually wears dark grey sweat shirt, sweat pants with purple highlights, and black formal shoes, he has dark green hair and amber eyes, his signature weapon Spectral Shadow is dark grey with dark green highlights, it's a sword they transforms into a sniper rifle. and Lastly is Kosei Deina, he has a shape-shifting semblance which allows the user to manipulate their DNA and cause physical transformations into a multitude of different forms, The 3 main useful are Agility, power, and defense forms which alters the user body to fit those attributes, he wears an orange, teal, and grey sweat suit, with a double helix pattern of the sleeves, the section around the zipper and pockets being grey, and the pants being mainly orange with teal highlights, his signature weapon Psycho Bash, is a hammer that transformers into both a rocket launcher and flamethrower, it's handle is grey and the weapon itself is orange and teal with a gem in it's middle.

Teran: He’s known as a hero, but is he really? History does love to mess up certain details every now and then. His armor is created from Galactica Singularities, Bars of life, Cores of Calamity, Shadowspec Bars, and Uelibloom Bars among other ingredients. He wears a pendant containing several elements, it's said to be a tribute to those he misses most...

Nebularis: His outward appearance being cold, distant, sadistic, and cruel. A sad result of a trusted bond being shattered within a blink of an eye. He posses two bodies a stolen Terrarian body, and his original Lihzahrd body. His human body wears the standard Nebula cloak, while his lihzahrd body adorns the mage variant of the godslayer armor with Nebula fragments and Astrum stardust infused within it.

Slimera: The first guard and son of the Slime god, unlike it’s common brethren Slimera can possess more than just one environmental ability and is incredibly intelligent, and sentient. It's armor is the combination of pure slime and various metals.

Astrum Puella: The star daughter, Astrum Dues’s Joy. Her armor/body is composed of Stardust fragments, Aureus Cells, Astrum Stardust, and Cosmilite Bars, It resembles a mixture of Astrum bodies and Stardust Armor.

Predest: Predest the profaned core, has come to cherish the simple chaos of the underworld and Brimstone crags. His armor/body is created from a mixture of Divine geode, Unholy essence, solar fragments, Nightmare fuel, Chaotic Bar, Core of Cinder, Core of Chaos, Darksun Fragment, and Comsilite Bars.

Cursed Invader: One of Dreadon’s four mechanical horrors, she used to be such a sweet woman, pity the world didn’t care for her kindess. Though despite her mechanical nature, she hasn’t lost her emotions just yet. Her body and shell is forged from Souls of spight(spite), Vortex Fragments, Hallowed Bars, Lunar Bars, and Cosmilite bars.

Stella: Moon lords daughter of Nova, she’s curious about every little thing... Her clothes is woven from Nova Fragments and Lunar Bars

Yhusaraz: A loyal member of my army, so much so she even rendered half of her existent body into that of a phantom, allowing her to wield the powerful celestial element, quasar, with no drawbacks. Her armor, a unique variation of the Quasar Armor, was created from Quasar Fragments, Cosmilite Bars, Ruinous Soul, Core of Calamity, Bars of life, Phantoplasm, and Effulgent Feathers.

Elements: Everything in the universe require building blocks, these building blocks are known as Elements, there's potentially Infinite elements but the most well known and used are: Solar, Polar, Calamity, Nebula, Nova, Stardust, Vortex, Quasar, Slime, Ethereal, Terra, Crimson, Corruption, Hallow, Aqua, Aero, Darkness, and Light.

Stan lee, Iwata, Stephen Hillenburg may they rest in peace for the rest of eternity... Put this on your profile if your profile if you miss them too and wishes them a peaceful afterlife.

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This is my first fanfic so don't expect it to be perfect. What if jack,Miko,Raff and June were dragons what if the autobots became good versions of the predecons. Helpful critisizim is welcome please no flames. And also I'm going by memory so if I mess something up i then I'm sorry.
Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 24,249 - Reviews: 74 - Favs: 171 - Follows: 167 - Updated: 7/22/2019 - Published: 4/14/2015 - [Jack D., Arcee] [Optimus Prime, June D.]
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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. This is an AU story. Look inside chapter 1 for better description.
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Hybrids: Outbreak by Twilight Equinox reviews
Ash becomes Team Rocket's latest experiment and he vows to get revenge. But the darkness inside of him threatens to push him over the edge. Can he tame the beast inside himself or is he doomed to become just what Team Rocket wants: A mutated supersoldier?
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Its about heartbroken and that I'm not good at summary so just read it. its a little Kouzumi but its a Takouji story or you can say what you think it is. R&R discontinued
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In an era where heroes failed and tyranny ruled, only those who allied with Calamity could handle it all...
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Kid Icarus - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,485 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 9/6/2016 - Published: 9/2/2016 - Palutena, Pit, Viridi, OC
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