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Okee. I probably should've done this a looong time ago, but since I didn't actually put a fic up on this site until a few weeks ago, it felt wrong. Well, let's see. What would someone who was actually bored enough to come and read my profile want to know? Well, something about me? Maybe? Well here it is. My name is Jocelyn. I am a 15 year old, will be sophomore from Maryland. I'm a very spazmodic little bundle of squirrel, so I do a lot of stuff. I play the flute. I play soccer. I run track. (which is the best sport in the world.) For anyone out there who does track as well, I run the 200 meters, the 400 meters, the 800 meters, and I pole vault. For any said track peeps, that should give you some idea of the kind of person that I am. (Pole vault is the best track event IN THE WORLD, by the way, and as soon as I find a good spot, it will be worked into one of my fics) I do horseback riding ( even though the better term is probablydidhorseback riding,sinceI haven't ridden for a year). I would desperatly like to start riding again soon, even though it isn't looking like it's gonna happen in the next year. And, evemtually I will have my own horse. And when I get said horse, He will be named Eraeus, after the horse that "played" Briego (my sincerest apologies if I spelled that wrong) In the LOTR motion pictures. If you haven't guessed already, I love horses. Actually, when I get into something, I get 100 into it, and pretty much love everything that I "do" Sadly, I am very into writing and, and will probably be here for a while to make things miserable.

Hmm...What else? Well, everybody likes music right? well, this is the music that I like, maybe you can judge something by that:

SR-71- my fave band of all time. My Chemical Romance- My other fave band of all time

I also like: sum 41, system of the down, PHIL COLLINS (is a god)(lotsa other good oldies that are great too, but I can't think of them now), splender, yellowcard, evenout (an awesome band that is still trying to get out there), guns and roses, 3doors down, Maroon 5, dashboard confessional, story of the year, and other such bands. I also love classical music. People like yo-yo ma should rule the world, and DO rule my world. I LOVVVVE celtic music. I listen to it, I play it on my flute, I've even read some books about it.(the music and the culture) Oh, and I'm big on jap music too. Larc~en~ciel (you know how hard it was to find that little squiggle!), Asian Kung-foo generation, Charcoal Filter, Strawberry Jam, cali=gari, all those peeps.

Basically, I love anything that isn't rap.

I don't think that I even have to tell you what my favorite movie(s) of all time is/are. No. I'm not even going to bother.


Ah, books. I love books. Books are great. Reading is great. Anyone who dosen't like to read is missing out on so much. Not that I think that anyone who loves to write enough to post on this site wouldn't like to read...that reminds me! This is how pathetic the average high schoolers ability to read seems to be getting. I went to the library the other day, and decided to check out the ONLY fantasy book that was on the reccomended books for high school students summer reading list. I searched and searched and searched, and couldn't find it. Eventually I gave up and looked it up on one of the catalog computers. I couldn't find this "high school summer reading book" because it was kept in the childrens section of the library. Pitiful. Well, I digress. So I read a lot. Here are some of the books that I enjoy most.

The Lord of the Rings (which I've read 5 or 6 times by now), The Hobbit, The Simarillion, Anything by Tolkien, The Harry potter series(I have read the first book, 6 times now, the second book 5, the third book 4, etc.(I reread the series every time a new book comes out)), Eragon,Anything by Mercedes Lackey, but especially the Silver Gryphon trilogy, the Dragon jouster's trilogy, and any book of hers that is set in Valdamar. I also love horror. Steven King is the king,(pet semetary, four past midnight, (which is, by the way, the basis for secret window, but there are three other stories in that book besides secret window secret garden, folks, of which the langoliers, a story in which fuzzballs with teeth eat up things, is my favorite), It (HE ISN'T A CLOWN!) The talisman, the stand, and anything and everything else that he has written) Dean Koontz is also good, especially The Bad Place( a very messed up book, and if you are disturbed by messed up things, don't read it) I like anything that Anne Rice writes about vampires, (but because of the ban on writing fics about her stuff on, I don't love HER, or her publishers, or whoever made up that stupid rule) Ken Follet is good. TheChronicles of Narnia rock.Oh, and if anyone out here has seen the ring, thenI highly suggest the books Ring, Spiral,and Whirl, whichare the books that the story isVERY LOOSELY based off of. They have been adapted fromjapanese, and are completely different from the movies, so even if you didn't like the movie, read the book. There are a whole lot of books that I'm forgetting, but I'll just say that I like books. That covers everything. I love all poetry written byHenry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Robert Frost, But'The Mending Wall" is my favorite, and I could quote that back to you right now if you asked.

Well, that wasn't so bad. It only took an hour!

P.S. Most of my fics are gonna be LOTR, but I might post this one X/1999 fic, and maybe a crossover ot two. Only time will tell!

P.P.S I am going to shamelessly plug To See A World by Nightwing6, and Land of Light and Shadow by Thundera Tiger, because they are quite possibly the two best LOTR fics that I have read on this site. Oh, and I think that I am required to plug XdragonsX, who is my little sis, and also writes on She is an extremely good author, who seems to have a knack for typing faster than me. As of now she has one Eragon fic up, and the chapters are extremely long, but it is a good fic.

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