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Author has written 5 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Bleach.

Everywhere you are, and everywhere you go
Even when you're down, even when you're low
It's in the thought of you, it's in the eyes of all
Astride a storied past, that's everywhere you are

-The Imploding Voice
by the Smashing Pumpkins


Home Town: Sweet Home, Chicago

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Current Pursuit: Studying for a doctorate in science. Update: Doctorate acquired.

Words and phrases I will someday use in serious conversation. No, really: "mobile oppression palace," "scaredy-gator," "Contemplate this on the tree of woe," "temporary interdimensional booty-call," "Is that blimp accurate?"


Anime/Manga: Berserk(!!!), Priest, Blade of the Immortal, Gurren Lagann, Trigun, Excel Saga, Fist of the North Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club

Side note: I have learned more life lessons from reading Berserk than I ever have or ever will from organized religion.

Ultra side note: I have searched high and low for Giichi/Hyakurin fanfiction (Blade of the Immortal) on the interwebs and am convinced it does not exist. I am totally willing to trade fic in a fandom of your choice for anyone who will write some. I am perfectly serious. PM me, for great justice.

Books/Book Series: A Song of Ice and Fire (George R. R. Martin), The Dresden Files (Jim Butcher), Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn (series), Symphony of the Ages (Elizabeth Haydon)

Side note: I will never understand how Elizabeth Haydon can be the creator of a character as amazing as Achmed the Snake and as terrible as Rhapsody and Ashe at the same time, in the same book.

Music Genre: Rock n' Roll, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal


Right now at least, I'm primarily interested in exploring Tatsuki's character, especially as concerns her current and past relationship with Ichigo. This isn't really about shipping preferences, as much as that I find Tatsuki to be the character with the most heavily implied history that is never, ever even remotely explored in cannon. Think about it--we've seen pretty much the entirety of Ichigo's relationships with Rukia, Orihime, and every other character from Soul Society or Hueco Mundo on screen, because we meet them as Ichigo does. Tatsuki is the only non-sister, non-mother female character in the whole of bleach that he has any notable relationship with that we did not see right there on the page. And it's not insignificant, either--it's 11 years of being childhood friends, and by all accounts each others' primary friend for a lot of that time, since they were four years old. The Karakura map indicates they are also next door neighbors.

So, no matter how you slice it, that's a lot of history. At lot of firsts together. I think that is a history worth exploring and fleshing out, even if Kubo never will. Also, I think that it's interesting that, in the little we see from Tatsuki, she expresses a plethora of emotions about their relationship: fondness at memories of the dojo, sadness about his mother's death and about his sadness, sadness and regret at their growing apart, red-hot rage at his treatment of her like a stranger, etc. But what does Ichigo feel about their relationship? No idea, because Ichigo's on radio silence about it. A lot of Bleach fans seem to think that means he has no feelings about her, but I think that's wrong. Ichigo's pretty much maintained radio silence about ALL his feelings, for ALL ladies, which is why IchiRuki and IchiHime fans are constantly debating who he looked at longer in that one panel, or how he said whose name louder or more times, etc., to determine who he's totally passionately in love with. Regardless of who he most wants to boink, I think that it's impossible to not have some kind of love for a person with whom you have the kind of history he has with Tatsuki--not necessarily romantic love, mind you, but love that deserves acknowledgement.

And since it hasn't gotten any from Kubo (and at this point, probably never will *sigh!*), I will do my part, for great justice. I think part of why I am not as interested in IchiRuki or IchiHime stories right now (and to be clear, I have nothing against them) is that I feel Kubo will eventually give those relationships resolutions, one way or the another. I'm not convinced he's ever going to come back to Tatsuki, so I feel compelled to contribute something to the fandom on her behalf. Hence, Psychopomp.

Feel free to PM me if you have teh Deep Thoughts about such things. I'm always interested to hear what other people think.


(3/21/16) Psychopomp; Chapter 23: The Fight in Us--(6150 words and counting).

(3/20/16) Psychopomp; Chapter 23: TBA--(5784 words and counting). For the life of me I can't figure out what to call this chapter.

(2/22/16) Psychopomp; Chapter 23: TBA--(4750 word and counting). You don't have to tell me, I know I'm a horrible person. And I'm sorry.

(4/19/15) Psychopomp; Chapter 23: TBA--(1,000 words written) Still trying to make decisions about some POVs, and if I want to try and squeeze Ichigo's crew into this chapter or give him a chapter of his own in 24.

(4/19/15) Bad Wolf; Chapter 1: Make a Deal--(1,965 words and counting) Probably about 60% complete. Reward fic for Perkisaur.

After the war with the Quincy has concluded, a “rehabilitated” arrancar and a human girl find more interesting ways to pass the time than constantly being pissed off at the universe. Ichigo is not pleased. Too bad his Opinion License was revoked a long time ago. Three perspectives on a friendship with benefits. Grimm/Tats, Ichi/ill-advised-protectiveness.”

(1/10/15) Chapter 22: Flesh and Blood--(10,474) Posted

When you say it's all Divine
And meant to be
What about your flesh and blood?
And defiers like me?

(9/24/14) Chapter 22: Flesh and Blood--(6,440 words and counting) POVs: Orihime, Tatsuki. Truthfully, this is the second part of what should have been all one chapter, but that got way too huge.

(9/23/14) Chapter 21: Madness--Posted

I can’t get these memories out of my mind
And some kind of madness
Has started to evolve

(8/12/14) Chapter 21: Flesh and Blood--(11,060 words and counting) Seriously debating splitting this chapter in two, but...there's just no good way to do it.

(6/03/14) Chapter 21: Flesh and Blood--(5,500 words and counting).Orihime and Tatsuki POVs. I'm thinking this chapter will end up being around 8000 words. I was forced to stay at home today after oral surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth, and wrote about 2,000 words under the influence of narcotics (which will be proofread later, of course!) So, despite the long absence, let their be no doubts on whether I am committed to continuing this story!

(05/07/14) Chapter 21: Flesh and Blood--(3,500 words and counting).

(05/07/14) TBA One-Shot: (1,400 words and counting)

In addition to the next chapter, I'm also working on a one-shot for perkisaur, who made me some AMAZING artwork for Psychopomp. To my great shame, I have been totally irresponsible in keeping up my part of the trade, but I'm working on it! The story summary is below.

“After the war with the Quincy has concluded, a “rehabilitated” arrancar and a human girl find more interesting ways to pass the time than constantly being pissed off at the universe. Ichigo is not pleased. Too bad his Opinion License was revoked a long time ago. Three perspectives on a friendship with benefits. Grimm/Tats, Ichi/ill-advised-protectiveness.”

(03/12/14) Chapter 21: Flesh and Blood--(2,000 words and counting). Everything is falling into place, I think. Now if only I didn't get home from work so damn late. And leave so early. *Sigh.* Also, who wants some Fallen Angels? Let's have some Fallen Angels, all around!

When you say it's all Divine
And meant to be
What about your flesh and blood?
And defiers like me?

(03/10/14) Chapter 21: TBA--(835 words and counting). It's going, ya'll. Still working out the sequence for a few events before I start to plow through the text in earnest. And you know, working in real life like it's going out of style. But it's definitely going.

(01/20/14) Extremely quick update -- I'm not dead. I just moved 800 miles, started a new job, and haven't completely settled in yet. I haven't stopped writing Psychopomp.

(10/20/13) Chapter 20: Shiver--(11,944 words)--Posted! I do believe this is the longest chapter I've posted yet.

(10/19/13) Chapter 20: Shiver--(10,030 words and counting). Nearly there. Middle section bumped after all. First section came around, finally--its bones are there, even in the places it needs a bit more flesh. I might have to go over parts of the last part one more time to make sure everything is logically consistent with the rules of the universe I've created. But woah, 10,030, and I've still got at least 1,000 to go. I made some good progress while I should have been sleeping. Hopefully the next session will let me knock the rest of this one out.

(10/13/13) Chapter 20: Shiver--(8,460 words and counting). Took a forced day of relaxation and actually got a lot of writing done. The bitch of this is, the last 3/4th of this chapter are pretty complete, it's the first section that's being bogus. But I literally can't move it. There's a middle section that I may or may not bump...everyone cross your fingers. I'll try to see what I can finish up tonight.

(10/10/13) Chapter 20: Shiver--(4,300 words and counting). I think I have sorted exactly which sections and in which order I want to lay this all out. I ended up bumping some of the text I've actually written for other sections, so the amount of new text written in the last few days is actually greater than the above would have you believe. Also, I think it's time for more Gods, don't you? More Gods for everyone!

(9/17/13) Chapter 20: Shiver--(3000 words and counting). I'm trying to figure out how to order some of the events that I've got half-written, and if I want to push some to the next chapter. This is being surprisingly difficult for no good reason. Depending on what gets bumped, this tentative title may change.

You leave these marks upon my neck
And they’re still there, I know (but I still check)
And the thump, thump, the thumping in my chest
As I lose the feeling in my fingertips
When you are close to me, I shiver

(8/27/13) Chapter 19: While You're Bleeding--Posted.

She'll promise you more than the Garden of Eden
Then she'll carelessly cut you, and laugh while you're bleeding
But she'll bring out the best and the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself, 'cause she's always a woman to me

(8/26/13) Doctorate acquired. Everyone hold on to your butts. There may be a chapter. Very soon.

(4/13/13) Chapter 18: Ways You Can Hurt a Man--Posted.

There are plenty of ways you can hurt a man
And bring him to the ground
You can beat him, you can cheat him
You can treat him bad
And leave him while he’s down

(3/17/13) Chapter 17: What You Wanted--Posted. (Renamed from "That Which I Desire" on 9/3/13).

Hope this is what you wanted
Hope this is what you had in mind
'Cause this is what you're getting

(1/19/13) Chapter 16: Little Talks--Posted.

There's an old voice in my head that's holding me back
Well, tell her that I miss our little talks

[Psychopomp] This story covers an alternate version of events (from Orihime’s kidnapping all the way through the end of the Winter War) in which Aizen uses the ability of event-rejection to it’s utmost, death gods of other pantheons play a key role in the winter war (on both sides), and Tatsuki finally develops the abilities we all know she’s harboring—and puts them to use. This story is Tatsuki-centric (with a secondary focus on Ichigo), and will in the very long run be ultimately about their relationship with each other.


The cake is a lie.

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Psychopomp reviews
"You didn't think that people in kimonos performed soul burials on Egyptian pharaohs, or Vikings, did you?" Two fighters part ways on bad terms. Can two friends meet on the battlefield to mend the broken world? A Winter War story where deities from other pantheons take sides, and two hotheads self-reflect through trials of blood and steel…literally. Tatsuki-centric, Ensemble-piece
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 23 - Words: 168,325 - Reviews: 325 - Favs: 305 - Follows: 299 - Updated: 3/23/2016 - Published: 4/3/2009 - Tatsuki A., Ichigo K.
Another Mystery reviews
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