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Real Name: Clare Bouwen (Bow-en) kiddingn on that part

What I enjoy in an InuYasha Fanfic:

Kagome turns into a hanyou or youkai

an honest to goodness continuation of what that person thinkis would happen after the last episode. ( havent found one though)

anything daving to do with Kagoem's father

a fanfic that focusses on an OC that the author made up, this person has tragedies linked to the character's in the story.

fanfiction with vampires and other supernatural things

one where Kagome is a rebel and actually had a descent amount of backbone,

and one where one of the characters finds out they have a live long-lost relative

also where it talks about all of the Inu taichi's fahter's ever knotice that they are all dead?

and what about Miroku's mother? never heard about her?if you have read any good fanfiction like these please email me!

Favorite pairings:

- InuKag, always a classic

- SessKag, a lil different from normal, and sess is a hard character to portray, cuz they never tell you anything about him in the Mangas or Animes , exept stuff about his ego , but I admire anyoun who can write them as a couple and have it work

- NarakuKag, ok a lil weird but it works if Inuyasha went evil , or Kagome went evil, or the story is writen so that all of the good guys are now the bad guys and vise versa.

-KouKag, not my favorite pairing but who cares, it is still a good fic, because Kouga is always so utterly and completely devoted, it is almost fleme intended

-Kag/Ban, I found an author who did a realy good job on a kagome/Bankotsu pairing, yes I know it is unusual but so are most things in life,

Unusual pairings: really odd pairings, some have been seen beofre, but you know how life is, the last two are really whacked up

-SanSes, not unheard of, this is a good paring because they are tottaly different, it is easy to make it work by giving sesshomaru a dark past , seeing as they don't give anny mention of his past in the manga or anime. Also one REALLY good fic on this pairing is at

-KagMir, fairly popular not bad because they are both having problems with their relationships with Sango and InuYasha, they could console eachother, and end up faling in love.

-InuAya, the weirdest pairing yet but if you add these two and an authors immagination anything can happen.

-KouRin, yeh... I can just see yopur faces right now, shocked aren'ty you? well once agin add these two, and aging potion for Rin and immagination and there you go!

now what about Kagura? Normaly she is paired with Sesshomaru, but in this crazy fic, she end up gettin Miroku to cheat on Kagome, someyears later Kagome finds out and goes to Hojo are another guy from a crossover.

later down the line Sota gets paired with kanna just cuz, who knows Knna could have some emotion. Also when Shippo grows up and Kirara gains a human form, they end up together, this one pairing is very common but only if Kirara gets a himan form and Shippo is older.

I honesly don't know how someone would be able to get all of these pairings in one fic but congrats to those who can.

Favorite Authors (on fanfiction,net):

Maiden of the Moon, she also writes fanfics for othe rAnime's but the ones she wrote about Inuyasha are realy good, short but sweet oneshots or poems,

White Moon Dragon, she has guided me into this world if fanfics, thankyou

GoldenEyedGirl , I love your fanfiction, you are an awsome author

there are peobably a dozen others that I forgot just read the author fav.

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