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Note: Please, if you have read anything I wrote, I would greatly appreciate you reviewing (and signing any review with constructive criticism if possible), as well! That would make me a happy buffalo! E3

Aaaah, computer time! Now let's get down a REAL profile!!

Pen Name: FerreTrip

Age: 21 (12/27/'90)

Gender: Male

Location: Fond du Lac, WI

Ht: 5'6"

Wt: 120-something lbs

Preferred Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural.

Least-liked Genres: Mostly anything where the good guys lose. Oh, and Victorian era stuff where most of it is rich people talking over tea.

Favorite Music Genre and Bands: Electronica and Alternative Rock. Fatboy Slim, Yellowcard...

Video Games: Lots. But I love Pokémon, Sonic, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Metroid, Breath of Fire II & III, EBA/Ouendan, SSX3, and Animal Crossing, to name a few. Oh, and Banjo-Kazooie!! COME BACK TO NINTENDO, PLEEEEEAAASE!!

Biggest Projects: Currently, I'm working on Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth (now being rewritten as Kingdom Hearts Re:Puzzle of Truth) as my biggest endeavor; please read it!! It's always on pause (details below), but bear with me--college will make things even slower, I guarantee it. I'm also working pretty hard on The Legend of Zelda: Rings of Dualty and FINSIHED with Insert Game Title Here: Gotta Cheer 'em All!.

Writing Style: Well, I guess I could say that my style involves a lot--and I mean a LOT--of OCs and almost all of them (hell, not almost, just plain all) are written as if I were doing an unabridged (mostly) novelization of a video game. Yeah: I've got ideas for video games in current series and I write them out as fanfiction. Not to brag, I hope, but I think I put quite a bit of effort into them for just mere fanfictions. I do research on the games and--something very important to me--try to make my fics as canon as I can (with some artistic liberties, of course). This means NO YAOI. ALL YAOI FANGIRLS PLEASE EXIT THE PREMISIS BEFORE THIS AUTHOR SENDS PEOPLE IN SUITS AFTER YOU. Thank you. This also means (mostly) all sensible pairings. I may do a non-sensible pairing someday, but I doubt it'll be anytime soon. Also, I write overly LONG chapters. VERY long. As well, I also incorporate my furriness into them (please see my little bit below on that), and thus include non-humans as important characters. My style is still growing, so bear with me!

Other Info: I am a furry and a lover of dragons. I play flute, draw, and write, and enjoy all of 'em a great deal. I'm weird, clueless, stubborn, and sometimes insecure about decisions. Note on my being a furry: This does NOT mean I'm a sick, perverted freak who wears an animal suit (called a fursuit) thinks only about raping animals and jacking off. That's not to say I'm not entirely the anti-stereotypical furry, though X3; I will admit, I'm a bit fetishy, but I never (at least I sincerely try not to) let it be what my writing is mostly of. I write stories, and if they call for a bit of fetishy stuff, then sobeit. You don't like it? Then cope or run home, crying like the sissy you are. -glares- Please enjoy my stories and review them to give me your constructive criticism! I appreciate them all, though (understandably) the positive more than the negative. But if you're going to be negative, at least be constructive and tell me what you did not like. Feedback is essential to my survival!

:Story Status (Should You Care To Read This Far (if you even read anything above)):

--Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth series--

Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth

ABORTED. The biggest reason is because of my main antagonists and their plot being not apparant enough and not original enough. Plus, there are a lot of errors I want to fix up, and I want to rewrite scenes so they come out better. In other words, I can do better. I apologize to those who waited so long for each Bit, but this is what I want to do. Thankfully, I think the way I've got things now might make things a bit better. For details on the rewrite's status, scroll a bit below!

:x: Chosen One

ABORTED. The story wasn't really the problem--it was really half the problem. Like with the main fic, the biggest issue for me was my main antagonists and their plot. It was too bland and basic and based off of what's been done, and I didn't even apply them nearly as much as I should. They were taking a backseat to the main story. Anyway, I also want to improve a few things on Ash's story and I finalized the worlds he's going to. Look forwards to Ash's story in the rewrite!

:x: Childhood Memory

ABORTED. I don't think the story I had was really good enough, and I couldn't even begin to try to make up my own ENTIRE Metroid game to support it!! Basically, this was way too huge an idea to execute alone at this time in my life. I'll try to think up something for the main character who would have been involved in this, however...

:x: Changing Paths

ABORTED. I just don't think I had a good story for it, really. Mainly Sonic's and Shadow's stories (which is disappointing on my end, seeing as Shadow is one of my favorite characters). HOWEVER!! I really like the little story I idea I had going for Blaze. I might ressurect her story as something entirely different...But I apologize for abandoning this concept, I really am. u_u

Kingdom Hearts Re:Puzzle of Truth

General: I started this up because I wanted to do my biggest fanfic project ever even better than before. After realizing I wasn't using a good plot and I was a bit far to try and save it (not to mention I didn't have the time, really), I decided to kill off some needless extra ideas and glom together the needed ones--namely, Maru's fic and Ash's fic. I am also adding in a storyline regarding the EBA/Ouendan because A) I was going to write their story anyway, and B) The way their first fic ended was kinda...well, it kinda was asking for a follow-up. And with how many hints I dropped towards the end of that fic, and...something else, I decided to make use of them. I promise they will be there to provide some great entertainment as well as an important role in the story! I know some of you will find their numerous near-BLAMs very annoying, but...well, I've already introduced them in the story, so no turning back now.

The way I am doing the chapters and Bits now works like this: I'll assign each main group a letter, and the Bits are now Pieces. I don't know why I decided to use Bits before when I've got "Puzzle" in the subtitle...ANYWAY! Key is M=Mewtwo/Maru, A=Ash, O=Ouendan/Pokédan, E=EBA/EBA-P. The Pieces will not be numbered differently because that would just make things harder. If two stories intersect, I will use multiple letters one after the other.

Included in the story is a new battle system utilizing Command Decks because of how interestingly useful and cool they are. It will also use a system based off of the Drive system in KHII but...well, you'll see. Reaction Commands still exist, but will be used a little more sparingly. Doesn't mean I won't let the characters pull cool-ass shit on the Heartless when I think something up, though ;)

On Pausatus. I'm gonna take a break from writing so I can get through the rest of the semester. That said, though, there's a cheer squad chappie coming up.

Mewtwo/Maru: Up next: La Cité des Cloches. That said, I'm going to want to try and wait until I play the place myself before I delve into my own version. It'll help me avoid accidentally repeating stuff and seeming unoriginal. With the way my update schedule normally is, that shouldn't be a problem!

Ash: He's still in his Dive to the Heart. It'll continue next chapter.

EBA/Ouendan: They're up next chapter. Just gotta figure out what song and stuff. After this year's done, though. Note: I reccomend you read through "Insert Game Title Here: Gotta Cheer 'em All!!" at some point; that way you can get to know the characters better and understand a few plot things for this story. ;)

--Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan/Pokémon Crossover Series-- (Note: Crosses over with above series, but writing style is different enough to merit a separate series.)

Insert Game Title Here: Gotta Cheer 'em All!!

MISSION COMPLETE!! Yes! I am FINISHED!! My FIRST completed fic on here! (Well, this actual fic--not the story entirely.) However, I may go back and switch stuff around sometime (or, well, edit things to fix contradictions and incongruencies...n_n;; ). I might also begin new stories, like...

Insert Game Title Here: Gotta Cheer 'em All!! 2 (Tentative Title)

ABORTED (sorta). I'm finally gonna write this, but it's gonna be part of Re:Puzzle of Truth. Check its thing for details.

Backstory: Zante & Vesp (Tentative Title)

Under Conception, But Ready To Begin Construction. I've got the main story ready in my mind for this one, but I've got to write it (when I get the strong urge). If all goes well, this will only be a one-shot. Worst-case scenario, it will follow their adventures ad infinitum, so gird your loins...It's looking to be a love story between two unlikely pokémon: Zante the zangoose and Vesp the seviper. I thought it was kinda cute when I thought of it, and I like those two (mostly Zante). WARNING: FURRY INFLUENCED. Weirdness may follow. (Wait, should put that warning on all of my fics...)

Backstory: Charred Black

COMPLETE!! It was actually done for a while, but I wanted to reread through it and edit it, so I finally did. The most part of this story takes place between "Taiyou no Mannaka he" and "Get It On" from the EBA fic. It's a story of confusion, angst (uwaaah...), and mystery. AND I CAME UP WITH A TRUMPETING LIZARD BEFORE I EVEN KNEW LOUIS FROM THE RECENT DISNEY MOVIE EVEN EXISTED!! XD; WARNING: This story is my weirdest yet...well, okay, the first chapter is. I wrote a summary about what happened (at least the important details) in the completed first chapter at the beginning of the second chapter for those who wish not to bear the strangeness. How is it weird, you ask? Well, a lot of ways X.X; I put a warning in that chapter, too, but I promise that the second (and any more) chapter(s) are bearably strange.

- - -Other Stories- - -

The Legend of Zelda: Rings of Dualty

On Pausatus. I'm. STILL. Not. Ready. Why? I've gotta do the G-D DUNGEON!! After putting the Japanese temple idea on a shelf for now, I still need to do some research and stuff, all of which must wait until after I'm at least done with college for this semester.

Well, I've got to get to my homework...or my shower...or job hunting...or whatever. See ya!

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