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I hate these things!! Therefore I delete mine...a lot. Sorry.

PM me if you want to chat!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I love all of you, and thanks for all the reviews and favorite adds,

You guys are all awesome! I really appreciate it!

New update! I have a new computer, trying to get used to it, the keyboard system is all different, but still! I can get online and don't have to use the library! Yay! More stories to come.


Faust-yes, it's a new story coming soon, it will have nothing to do with WDBS, and is, in fact a shonen ai kind of thing. Hope that readers will enjoy it, because it will be my first attempt at shonen-ai/yaoi.

cookies if you can guess the pairing. >.>

By the way, WDBS is going to get rebooted. Be sure to read through the first...seven or eight chapters, I don't know how much rebooting I'll do, but it'll be for the better, and I'll try not to deteriorate the originals feel.


I've been in a mood for Nightfall! If you want to see the revival of Nightfall, PM me!

And another update:

If I seem a little slow with TSAF uploads, it's because I've been falling behind and have been attempting to squeeze out 5000 words in two days ever since chapter 11.

And I'm also not putting on Faust like I said I was, well, that's because I just can't find a plot! Sorry...! I'm still trying to write, really! But I need to stop wasting my time like I do...>.>

thank you for listening!


More Updating, December 4th

Ermm..yeah I was going to finish and upload chapter 13 of TSAF today, but I got stuck watching Channel Awesome Charity drive. From 4:00-11:30.
I am so bad, I just want to shoot myself in the head for not uploading. PLUS. Finals week is coming up! >A

not to mention, when finals is over, I have to pack up and move out and go back home for Christmas! For three weeks I will be without internets! That is a huge problem for me, though it's not like it ever stopped me from uploading before, plus, with this new computer, I won't have to go the the library and wait for people to get done with their Farmville and NeoPets and Myspace to upload, in fact, I could simply sit in the parking lot and get the wireless from there! Yay!

BUT! During christmas break I will be forced, yes, forced, to learn to drive. People, I CAN'T DRIVE. end of story. Seriously, I have a BAD sense of direction, I start to sweat when I'm behind the wheel, not to mention it's impossible to sit next to my mom while i drive going "AHH! AHH!" and then later raggin on me for panicking. Seriously, I suck at driving.

Plus I'm going to have to get a job soon, too. >.

Wish me luck, and I'll try to upload TSAF for you ASAP! I don't care if I have to be awake until 2:00 AM! I'm doing it for YOU!!!


Another update, January 9th.

I realize I haven't uploaded anything yet...well, It's because I've been watching Lets Plays of Silent Hill...they're distracting, but I love the games, even though they scare the hell out of me, I only own Homecoming, but it's elsewhere right now...anyways, there's going to be a few delays, sorry about that... but just letting you know that I am not dead.

yet another update: Jan 12

I realize It's been too long, but I have been addicted to an RP site, but I'm going to put that off for a while, if I can, and I'm going to start writing again. Due to the fact that I've HORRIBLY fallen behind, I'm going to write some chapters ahead of time before I start uploading. Sorry about that, guys. Plus, I hope to get started on Faust for you guys.

ONE MORE TIME. March 16, 2011
Oh my...I keep on slipping up and failing at posting, what happened to my once a week posts?? ): Anyways, ch 17 should be up by tomorrow or the day after. Right now I'm in the middle of finals week, then spring break will come around. Hopefully by then I'll have everything back in order...

March 27, 2011
-facepalm- Sorry if I worried you guys, holy hell I didn't even realize that it took me a month to update a chapter. Also, Spring term starts tomorrow...wait...ah man, my spring break is over!! Nuuu!!

May 24, 2011

God damn it all...I'm falling so behind...I've been playing DMC1 and reading The Book Thief, the inspiration for WDBS, but...I just...CAN'T force myself to get to TSAF

So as of now it's officially on Hiatus/Hold OTL. Sorry about that guys, but I won't give up on it. As an apology, when I finally get to it, I'll post up two, maybe three chapters to make up for my long overdue chapters.

PM me with any possible questions or comments.




My computer crashed and EVERYTHING of mine was lost




So guess what? I've returned! I'm sorry that I was gone for so long, it was just the fact that I had suddenly lost everything that I had worked on really depressed me and made me feel like giving up on this whole idea. but when I was working at my library I came across a book about how to write with success, and it made me want to really get into this again! So I'm coming back. I might not have the same writing style I had before, and if it doesn't seem like that, I am so sorry.


I'm sorry, I've been gone a long time, but I'll let you guys know that I have several chapters done already, they've just been kind of waiting and getting rewritten and stuff like that. I apologize dearly for the wait! OTL


So hey there, I might be back, though I may not be back with TSAF and stuff, so you can call that fic officially abandoned until further notice. So sorry, you guys, but I have to say that I really enjoyed writing those two fics way back when, all the kind words and the criticism, I recently looked back at them and thought "wow, I had some serious dedication" and even though the second part was abandoned, I'm still glad I got as far as I did. Thank you to everyone who was by my side, and that does mean everyone. Yes, everyone. even you reading this. Thank you.

So what do I have in store? Idk man it's kind of a long project though admittedly it's not in the DMC fandom, sorry, guys. Well...I'm gonna get back. I'll chat it up later, I might start uploading, maybe sometime beginning in 2017.

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