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Author has written 14 stories for Sailor Moon, Jurassic Park, Beauty and the Beast, Monsters Inc., Frozen, Rise of the Guardians, Emperor's New Groove, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sherlock, Spider-Man, Little Mermaid, and Death Note.

I have loved stories all my life, and I have always enjoyed writing, although time restraints have prevented me from doing much of it. Lately, though, I've decided to give it more focus, and see what happens. One of my favorite things to do is to imagine what particular characters are feeling/thinking within certain scenes of movies or books, or try to fill in logical gaps that bother me. Readers may begin to notice a pattern among my stories (if I'm able to keep up the writing of course - here's hoping!). Mostly, my rule is that I have to write what I would enjoy reading.

Other than reading and writing, I also dance and work several odd jobs. One of my dream jobs would be to become an audio-book narrator, but I know that's a hard field to get into.

So, that's it about me. Enjoy your reading!

Reading Order -- (Pitch World-Hopping Series) Since this is a series of cross-overs and can't be put all under one story heading like a regular chaptered story, here is the order in which to read these (for those who would like to know): (1) How Not to Pitch an Offer, (2) Pitching a Fit, (3) Pitched Overboard. (Plans are in place for a fourth in the series!)

General Updates

Summer 2014: I will be very busy this summer, traveling out of state for work, as well as moving to a new city, so updates will be few and far between. However, next fall, I will be back with more new stories!

Winter 2014: Ok, so I was much busier than I thought I would be. My job situation in the new city is not ideal, and I've been working a lot of hours to compensate, as well as searching for another job. However, after the new year, I promise that I will get back to my stories. Right now, I'm aiming to have an update out for The People of the Mind Palace by March.

Winter 2015: I have returned! With a new story! Part Three of the Pitch World-Hopping series! It was mostly written already, else I would have focused on The People of the Mind Palace first. But don't fear! I am working on the next chapter for that as well! My new job is about to start, so I should have a couple more hours available for writing now.

Spring 2015: Long hiatus ended! With a new chapter of The People of the Mind Palace! Life has not been nice lately. But hopefully, it won't be this long between stories in the future, because I miss the writing!

Spring 2016: Okay, so life is, again, not nice. But it does feel good to be able to post something, even though it's super short. And I apologize to those you who are waiting for the next The People of the Mind Palace chapter. If it makes you feel better, it is actually in progress, but it will be a while before it will be finished. However, I will not abandon the fic, no fear! (Especially not after all the work I put in...and I haven't even gotten to the scene which made me want to write it in the first place.) Update: Chapter 8 has now been posted!

My Stories

Sailor Moon: The Inside Story - My first attempt at fanfiction, way back in the day, and back when I had a lot more spare time on my hands. My original intention had been to write the synopsis of every single episode (all 200), in the format of the first chapter: each section would have been a stand-alone from the point of view of one of the main characters. As the new characters were introduced, I would have also included their back-story up until that point. A main inspiration for several of the characters (namely Minako and Haruka) would have come from "Pretty Soldiers", by Sokudo Ningyou (which, sadly, I fear has been discontinued). By the end, I would have been writing for all ten senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, and Luna, so the chapters (and the story) would have become incredibly long. I had actually had episode two almost completely written a couple of weeks after the first chapter was up, but when my family got their new computer, some of the documents didn't transfer properly, and all my work (some 10,000 words) was lost. I didn't have the heart to start from scratch again, and the project fell by the way-side. I'm still leaving it up, however, because I like to see where I started.

A Metallic Flavor - My long-awaited return to fanfiction (and even writing in general), this story had been an idea floating around in my head for quite some time. One day, I found myself at work with literally nothing to do, so I thought 'why not just try writing it and see what happens?' So I did, and I was actually quite pleased with the result, as well as with the response from people who read it. Even now, it still gets steady traffic, so I'm glad that people are willing to give my bizarre ideas a try.

The First Time - This one was also an idea that I had wondered about for a while, and writing it so soon after the previous one-shot solidified my desire to continue doing this on a regular basis. It took me longer to write, and came out in very disjointed scenes that I then had to string together coherently later, but it all worked out eventually and I really like the poetic style of it.

Missing - This one-shot was the first that was more dialogue-heavy than narrative-heavy. Ideally, I would have liked to make people wait until the very end to figure out what fandom it belonged to, rather than them knowing from the start that it was Monsters, Inc, but unfortunately, doesn't work that way. As it is, one can still be guessing as to which world it takes place in, the human or the monster, so there's still a tiny bit of mystery.

The Best Laid Plans - A more straight-forward story in the telling, this one also focuses a little on character study. I wrote this mostly for my own sake, just so that the plot twist at the end of the movie Frozen didn't bother me so much by coming out of nowhere. I might visit this fandom again, and write an AU of how I think that the writers should have handled the ending of this character, because it had such a great set-up, and so much potential, and then they took the easy way out to avoid the love triangle (at least, it seemed so to me). Update: By popular demand, this will continue throughout the rest of the movie to show Han's thoughts. It is now the first completed multi-chapter fic that I've done one here, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Puzzle Pieces - My first repeat visit to a fandom, this was one of my personal head-canon expansions to the world of Frozen that I needed for the movie to make more sense to me. I had a little bit of trouble deciding what format that it should be in at first. An encyclopedia entry, someone's random journal-ings, a piece with no narrator at all? Then I decided that it made the most sense if Kristoff was telling it, given his back-story, and Anna being the most curious, he would tell it to her. Once I put them in, they took over, and turned it into something sweet and heartwarming that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

How Not to Pitch an Offer - My first crossover, and first attempt at pure humor. I'm not entirely sure what I was on when I wrote this. (Maybe too much chocolate or something.) I know that Pitch and Elsa are rather OOC, unfortunately. Perhaps I will go back and rewrite it. I did like having Pitch being so temperamental, and I wanted Elsa's reaction to him to be intentional, unlike the movie where she's so petrified of hurting people, so I guess it was inevitable. The wishing fairy I put in simply so that I could justify Pitch traveling back in time, and although I like her character, I'm not sure that she really fits here. Ah, well. I still thought the whole thing was kind of funny, so I guess that makes it worthwhile.

Why Does She Even Have That Lever? - My second attempt at humor, and (in my opinion) the more successful one. Of course, it helps that the world of the The Emperor's New Groove is so easily parody-ed to begin with. I just watched the movie recently and felt like, of all things, this question really deserved an answer. I hope that other people enjoy what it was!

Pitching a Fit - The second crossover, and a semi-sequel to the first one. Again, the characters are a little OOC, particularly Pitch, but one could chalk that up to him being driven a little crazy by the events of his life lately. Or something. Anyway, I thought that there was an interesting comparison between the two movies in terms of characters, so I explored it a little. Someone with more time on their hands could probably expand the contrast into a very interesting full-length story, but sadly, it cannot be me. (At least not now.) Per the suggestion of one of my readers though, I may continue the one-shot theme of Pitch world-hopping.

The People of the Mind Palace- The first multi-chapter fic on here (at least, that I intend to complete). The idea for it came from episode 3x03 "His Last Vow", when Molly, Mycroft, and Moriarty all appear in Sherlock's mind during the shooting scene to give him advice. Considering his attitude toward them (and people in general) earlier in the show, I thought it would be interesting to see the evolution of Sherlock's point of view throughout each episode. Thus, there will be nine chapters total. (I may continue it further when future episodes air, it all depends; at the moment, I'm thinking of adding an short epilogue, to match with "The Abominable Bride".)

Chocolate Milk No More - This was a short little fic that sprung into my head when I watched The Amazing Spider-Man recently. I wondered how Peter felt about that bottle of chocolate milk after Uncle Ben's death, and what other feelings he might have kept buried inside. Hopefully, the ones that I gave him are consistent with his character, especially as I don't know the comics.

When Life Flashes By- After watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2, one of the last scenes kept replaying in my head. I haven't hardly had time to write lately, but this one felt so moving that I wanted to at least write a couple of opening lines for it. Then, once I started, it just kept pouring out until it was all finished. It's the first truly tragic thing that I've written, but I feel like it was necessary. Sometimes, that's the way things are in life.

Pitched Overboard - Part Three of the now officially titled Pitch World-Hopping series. I've come to really enjoy the concept of Pitch encountering various characters from other fandoms and will probably continue this theme indefinitely whenever I'm in need of a little humor. This one turned out rather well, I think, considering I wrote it in three completely disjointed sections, each a few months apart.

The Nothing - A short, little introspective piece from Light's perspective. A bit depressing, but unfortunately, that's the mood I'm in (probably because I just finished watching the series).

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