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uhm...hi. I'm writing a story XDDD

Update as of March 2011

This is weird to say, but I am about 3/4's of the way through WTWC and it's almost weird to feel that it will be ending soon. I will probably go and reupload the old chapters to better the spelling mistakes and other grammar errors and place breaks between scenes and whatnot, but I'm kinda sad even with more stories in the works. Please continue to enjoy this story as well as my others when they come! I have added more notes about the stories below.

Update as of Sept 2010

Wow it's been a year since I made an update here. I am still working very hard to finish this story and I thank everyone who reads it! Also thank you to everyone who leaves me a review. It's good to know that people are enjoying what I write. I love to write and have plans in the future for more. Hopefully they will not take as long as this story has.

Updates as of Sept 2009

Sorry for being away for such a very long time. Life has it's ups and downs as you all know! This story is not dead and I have many plans for it and hope you will continue to read it. Thank you for all the reviews and emails I received from all of you!! I will try my hardest to update here.

Update as of March 2007

I am BACK! Sooooo sorry for the long wait on my updates. Many, many things happened and I was unable to type out the long hand version of my story I have been writing. I am attempting to update more frequently now and have many, many plots and plans for this story. I hope everyone enjoys it and thank you for staying with me and reviewing whenever you can!

Update as of April 2006

My other computer crashed and I am trying to collect everything and re-type my story. Please be patient with me and I will do my best to update soon! Thank you!

So I decided to add to this "bio" thing besides the line above. And since I hope to post more than one story this will probably be divided to keep things organized. ya...that sounds good lol Soooooooo...

Dynasty Warrior Stuff (for When the Winds Change) -

-For those of you wondering about that game Sun Ce and Da continuously play - Weiqi - perhaps you may be more familiar with it's other name - Go. Have I played it? Not yet. But my family does own a version of it and hopefully I'll play it soon! I just may post my attempts at it.

And then I found this interesting history insight - They actually have records of Sun Ce playing this game! Whoo! Go me! I had no idea when I began this story. So yes, there are tons of records about this game and sites you can investigate. It will pop up often in my story.

Update - July 7th, 2005 - I played Weiqi! And I'm still waaaaaay confused, but I will work on it - I think I won, but I'm not sure lol But I do have to say that Sun Ce and Da have plenty of time to flirt during the course of this game

-Now about their fashion. Do you know how difficult it is to find this stuff? You may have noticed I didn't really keep with the game version clothing - especially for the girls - because it just didn't work for me...okay, except for Shang cuz I needed her to have a strange fashion statement compared to everyone else. Being at a loss I started basing things on a Chinese drama my sister owns until we found out that it's supposed to take place in 1600-1700 AD Waaaaaay past the time of our DW gang. Brilliant, huh? So after more mad searching I discovered the fashion was layers of robes/gowns/whatever you want to call it. So even though I sort of laugh at the image of Sun Ce from the game wearing it I'll work it. Although truthfully I normally envision the guys in the game outfits. The hair for the girls is still based off that drama cuz it's just so pretty! And rather elaborate. So that's why you read about the braids and everything.

-So what exactly do I base my story off of? The inspiration was DW3 (the only version I had played at that point). And strangely enough I have this habit of researching stuff (as you can probably tell from above. And my sis and I had done before even playing the game) and the more I read the more enthralled I became. So I mixed aspects of the game, historical stuff I read, bits and pieces of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and my own observations of all of the above. I'm trying my best!

-About names. I thought I better explain this before it really bugs me. First about the names. I read up on all the info about given names, surnames, and style names and admittingly got very confused. So I decided to stick with names most people will be familiar with (yes, the DW game names) even though historically it may be wrong for certain people to call others by these names. I try to represent "familiarity" by using only one part of the name - i.e. Sun Ce being called Ce. After writing a few chapters I did realize a "mistake" I made -is embarrassed-. I have everyone calling Zhou Yu Zhou and named a maid Yu so I apologize for this. I have changed Yu the Maid's name to Leiyu so there will be no further confusion, but please realize that Zhou is the "familiar" name in my story. Yu the Maid's name originally meant "rain" to go across Qing's name "clear" so now she is "thunderstorm" being named Leiyu. So atleast I kept the theme there :) Also there will be a few "nicknames" the couples will use between each other to show their closeness...but that is later in the story -sorry-

-About ages. I know what is listed in the game, but considering Sun Ce dies at the age 25/26 I could not start the story there (although some stuff I read has him and Da together only a year before his unfortunate end. That's really sad if you think about it ;_; ) So technically I don't really concern myself with exact ages. The guys are perhaps slightly younger and the sisters slightly older. The main one I know I messed up was Sun Shang's, but I wanted her to be able to give out her snappy replies and have her sly humour and could not have her barely 13 to do that sigh So I bit down and decided to mess that up royally. Yes, I researched all this and know the basic ages that were given and the order of the Sun family children, but didn't think it really was a pressing issue in my story. So I hope that explains a few things.

-About Da's dancing. I have been doing a lot of research into the Chinese performing arts and a lot of it that is easy to find is from the Tang Dynasty (much later than our 3Kingdoms), but as I love it so much that is what I am going to base it from. I've been watching a lot of fan dances on YT and became enchanted by one in particular which is how I imagine Da. They are so beautiful, graceful, and very, very limber! I had no particular song in mind with our little orchestra, but wanted Xun to sing once again as I had said in an early chapter he had a "beautiful voice". If you have a chance you should check some of the classical Chinese music out. It's very different from our modern music and can take a bit of getting used to if you have more "Western" taste in music, but it helps me get into the mood with this story =D

-Finally I just want to thank everyone who has read my story, reviewed it, has it on their faves list, etc! Cuz it just really makes me happy that I'm making others happy! I will continue to write as best as I can and I hope you will continue to enjoy it!

One Night -

I am not one normally for One Shots, but strangely I got this idea to write it! I really have no fandom one way or another on relationships although I am kinda unsure why people ship certain ones. But I go off topic. The first part was written in one week and at first wasn't meant to have a continuation. But I asked if anyone wanted me to write another One Shot and I was asked to do another LuXun/Shang story. I will try that! I am basing it on one line that came to my mind, but it hasn't gotten much farther than that. I apologize and I will try!

But now I've decided to make One Night a bunch of little shorts as I call them. They will be of all different lengths and random stuff that I get ideas for.

The Sharp Tongue of a Halberd -

Apparently I'm now hooked on One Shots. It saves me from worrying about writing an entire story around a single scene idea I get. So I guess in one way that's helpful? This story was inspired by a few things, but I was reminded how when I played ROT3K that I named my character after Lu LingQi and in a funny turn of events she was very impulsive (I sent her to single handedly fight CaoCao and won) and a bit bratty when it came to her military reports. I think her character in this story is based more off of that than the one in Dynasty Tactics. I hope you enjoy it none the less!


The Samurai Warrior fandom is probably the only other one I will attempt a few fics from. I have a one long story drafted out, but I am trying to be good and finish my DW one's first. But to keep me in line and focus on not being burnt out I have been writing a few shorts as well. I accept challenges. I like them lol

Samurai Dance -

The fic was inspired by some dance videos I saw on YouTube (I do that a lot...) and watched over and over as I wrote it. It is a Ginchiyo/Muneshige fluff and it was more fun than I thought! It is based solely on the game and not history as their relationship in history is very different...

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the characters except for the ones I create in my stories. Otherwise the characters I use are borrowed to create fanfiction. Yes, pieces of fan made material. Those characters are copyrighted to their respective owners and companies and also let's not forget history.

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