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Welcome to my lair of anime, good movies, great musicals, and other little bit of things I enjoy.

Just a bit of information about the authoress:
Hair: Dark Brown, thick, long, and wavy.
Eye color: Brown


act, read,
do almost anything outdoors,
staying away from little sisters who are twins,
sneaking around,
helping animals,
talking walks in the woods,
staying up late,
being stuborn
being sarcastic...

"Things have to get worse, before they get better."

Inu/Kag (it gets boring...)
Sess/Kag (so CUTE!)
InuYasha and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover Pairings
Kurama/Kagome/Youko (My most favorite Pairing EVER! It works so perfectly!)
Hiei/Kagome (ok...sometimes)
Pairing's I strongly dislike:
Sess/Rin (he's more like a father figure to me)

Favorite Movie/Book/TV Show Pairings:

The Labyrinth:





Stephanie Plum Novels:


Recent Anime Addictions:

Hm... well, I am really beggining to like Naruto, but my favorites will always be InuYasha and Yu Yu Hakusho, they have grown on me!

Great Movies:

The Labyrinth (Who cares how old it is? Jim Henson is, or was, a genious! Brain Froud did the charcter design, just a simply marvelous movie.)

Pirates of the Carribean 1and 2 (I don't care how many people say that the second was horrible, I loved it!)

Beautiful Musicals:

Phantom of the Opera ( Do I really need to say anything?)

RENT ( I LOVE this musical, if you don't like it, then shut up and keep your opinion to yourself please.)

Evita ( I just saw that recently and enjoyed it.)

Lestat ( I didn't get to see it, I was going to but the stupid people shut it down early, and then refused to let out a god damn soundtrack...

But my friend saw it and I trust her word on good musicals)

Wicked (Great book, great musicals, great songs.)

more to be posted soon

Evanescence, Panic! At The Disco, Alice Nine, Plain White T's, Greenday, Simple Plan, The Fray, Marion Raven, Anything Phantom of the Opera, etc.

Notes On Stories and Anything Else Important:

1) I used to be Tsuki-tora but I have recently changed my name. I also deleted all of my stories because to tell the truth, they are very old and sad as it is, they are HORRIBLE compared to my writing ability now. So, I will be posting the first part to an idea I have had in my head for a year. It will be KurKag and it will be original, so, I hope you like it!

Sorry to say, but my horrible little sisters deleted the whole story, so I have to retype it ... I really am sorry! Gomen!

2) There is this charity called mondonation, and I absolutely love the idea! Here's a link to the site: it is so inspiring and just makes you feel so well, happy! Read the beliefs on this page: and just think about it. I remember reading through it and laughing and smiling and feeling lighthearted, I just love this idea! Watch the videos, look at the photos, read their information, mess around and style a shirt or pillows, just look at it. I am going to buy one of the shirts at the end of the week.

Why I Like YYH and IY to be a Crossover:

These two worlds fit eachother so perfectly that it is literally hard to resist. They explain why Kagome doesn't see any youkai in her time and there are so many plot possibilities that it is like a dream come true to the writers. (Or maybe it's just me?)

Why Kurama and Kagome?

These two just seem to fit eachother perfectly. Kagome only has part of her soul an Kurama has two, plenty enough for them to balance the other out! They both have past lives that haunt them (Kikyo for Kagome and Youko for Kurama) so they would have at least a slight understanding as to what the other is going through. I believe that Kurama is not stupid enough to insult Kagome as InuYasha tends to do and would treat her as she should be treated (meaning not insulted, called names , and compared to some undead miko all day). If you want to see some of the xover pairings together I reccomend these images (not made by me):

Youko and Kagome:

Kurama and Kagome:

Hiei and Kagome:

Hiei and Sango:

Up and Coming Stories:

Facing the Unknown: The Wind tunnel, a curse that lives on the hand of a monk. A curse that consumes all things around it, even its wielder. Once something goes in, it is lost forever... but what happens to it? KurKag (not the official title).

Just Passing By: Kagome Higurashi is your typical time traveling 15 year old girl who tends to get herself into a lot of trouble. You know how she has that little problem with unknowingly running through barriers? Well, who's to say what will happen this time. KurKag (Not written yet, just an idea that I am forming.)

I am thinking on doing a Labyrinth fic too, and maybe even a Stephanie Plum fic, but at this moment I am unsure.

See ya peoples later!

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