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Twilight of Escaflowne: This is my first story I have ever published on fanfiction.net. It's a cross between the book Twilight and the anime series Escaflowne. I was originally planning on sticking strictly to the book in fear of my horrible writing capability, but alas, I have found confidence and am currently straying way from the plot line of the book lol. I'm quite pleased as of how this story is turning out. I just finished with chapter 5 and I have no idea when I'll be able to get started on or finish chapter 6, so just keep checking your inboxes for alerts. Hope to see a review from you!! They're what keep me writing!!

OMG! I AM SOOOOO SORRY!! But you wouldn't believe how busy I've been these past few years! I am currently going to graduate at the top of my class in high school and school has been so hectic because of that. Not to mention college and university visits and summer programs...God I've just had no time whatsoever to write, and when I do get the time, I am so sick of writing essays and reports and what not that I don't wanna continue any of my stories. Well, I am glad to say that I'm back for at least the rest of the summer (I can't make any guarantees when school starts). But I am currently looking at starting chapter 10 of Twilight of Escaflowne so keep your eyes out for the long awaited chapter. Then I'm looking at completely redoing the beginning chapters so it'll be completely my own idea (no stealing from Twilight). But anyway, the long awaited Breaking Dawn is coming out August 2, so im gonna kinda hold off until then so that I can decide what to do with the rest of my story. The current project that holds all of my attention is Everlast. So once I finish this (which I almost am and gonna post as soon as I'm done), I can completely concentrate on TofE. So hang with me guys. I wanna thank all you reviewers who haven't given up on this story. It means a lot. And I wanna thank my friend Krissy for motivating me to get off my lazy arse and continue.

Ok...Apologies aren't enough to make up for my long, inexcusable absence, but I have been extremely, extremely busy...but i am back this time for good or at least until I finish this story; no more ridiculously long periods of time between updates. So for the news on this story. I just finished and published chapter 10, and I've decided that this story needs serious changes and revisions. I'm going to keep all of my previous chapters but maybe with a few slight changes (I'll let you know from here if there's anything major and relevant to the plot line that's been changed in previous chapters). One major thing I am going to change is my character assignments in the very first chapter. I'm going to change for sure Mike Newton, Jacob Black, and a couple other characters that I've assigned. I don't know as of yet exactly how I'm going to change them...I'm thinking that I might just throw in some of Twilights original characters rather than assigning them equivalents from Escaflowne. That way it would be a little more of a valid crossover if I had characters from both stories in it. And also, I'm not only going to use the plot from Twilight, but I'm going to mix it with Escaflowne's too along with my own original plot. Finally for the biggest change of all: The reason why I wasn't able to continue this story or so long is because I started it on the spur of an idea and didn't even bother to map it out. I thought that I would just go with the flow and ride it until the end. I don't usually work well that way; I'm the kind of person who needs to plan things and begin with the end in mind, but I thought that in writing it would be different. That ended in a blunder, and what ultimately happened was that I couldn't come up with any other ideas on where to go with this story...in other words...a severe case of writer's block so i gave up on it as this story really had no direction. My other story, Everlast, on the other hand is half way finished and it's pretty much mapped out, I've just had no time to work on it. So I had a brilliant idea when I reviewed the two stories and decided that I needed to finish them. Their plot lines aren't so different, and it would be very very easy to intertwine them, so I decided to merge them. Chapter 10 of Twilight of Escaflowne isn't exactly where the two stories completely merge. It's going to be a slow process for TofE to transition into Everlast; I imagine it may even take another five to ten chapters before we truly enter Everlast, but i have a feeling that this is going to turn out to be a great story between the two so sit tight, and hopefully I'll have it finished before summer ends...ok...maybe that's a little ambitions as I'm moving to Phoenix in July to start school at ASU (go Sundevils!! Woohoo!!) but it's my goal to have it finished by the end of 2009 at least. Thanks again to all of the wonderful reviewers. It's by you that I was able to find the motivation to continue this story...you guys truly rock and make it all worth while!!
Ja Ne

Everlast:(open to change): This is my own original story I hope to finish and post on Fictionpress.com. You can find it on my profile at http://fictionpress.com/~tigger093061/
when it's finished that is... anywho, i'll have a summary posted soon, so just keep checking my profile if your interested.
Ja ne

Ok, If you haven't heard the news, Everlast is now being merged with Twilight of Escaflowne on Fanfiction.net, so if you're still interested, please check out TofE as together I'm positive they're going to make an awesome story!!
Ja Ne

Aura: This is just a side project I started to help vent my stresses, worries, anger, thoughts, and moods as I make it through these next few months. Don't worry, I won't let it get in the way of TofE and Everlast... Anywho, it's pretty much a philosiphical story about a PMSing teen and her life. It sounds pretty dull, but I promise I'll try to make it worth reading =Plol I posted the Intro at fictionpress.com. (This story is now just an inspirational piece for me, and if anyone's intnerested in reading it, PM or email me.)

Ok, I've completely given up on this story. This was just an exercise to relieve my stresses and hopefully pull me out of my writer's block. It has no direction, no map, no plot, it was just a lost cause...but perhaps when I'm finished with Twilight of Escaflowne/Everlast, this one will become more of a possiblity.


I feel better now. -_-;;; I hope I didn't scare anyone away. Im just going to give you the basics:

Name: Alie. Everyone calls me Tee.

Age: 18

Location: My momma always told me not to give information like this on the internet, so I’m just gonna tell ya that I live in the southwestern area of the USA.

Height: 5'5"

Weight: confidential information

Gender: female

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: brunette

Favorite Anime/Manga: God! If I listed all of them, I’d be here all night… -_-;;

My Pen Name: My nickname is tigger and my student id number is 093061, so combine them together, and ya get tigger093061 =-.-= meow.

My favorite color: Red. I love red. My hair is currently red, I love red shirts, shoes, anything, you name it. I'm obsessed with the color red.

Announcement: I've started my own fic finally! lol so go check it out.

Top 15Likes:

1. Reading . I am a total book worm. And I admit…kinda geeky, but hey it’s the way I am,and if you have a problem with that, THEN WHY, I PRAY THEE, ARE YOU READING THIS…

2. Writing. I love writing poems, stories, plays, operas, songs, and what not, but give me a report to write and I’ll shove it back in your face… = I HATE REPORTS, I SWEAR THAT ALL MY ENLISH TEACHER MAKES US DO! Sorry ‘bout that. If you can’t already tell, I am very dramatic XP

3. Escaflowne. If you can’t already tell. I am seriously addicted to Escaflowne fanfic (It’s all I read XP) I seriously need to read other fanfic, but I cant help it! Escaflowne fics just rock my socks! Tu comprendes? Just check out my list of favorites and alerts…like, all I have on there are Escaflowne fic with the exception of a few Chrono Crusade fics. Anyway, I got the Escaflowne movie about 5 or 6 yrs ago, and then shortly after, I got the series WO HOO! I have always loved Escaflowne, but I guess it just recently became my favorite anime (I warn you…do not…. I repeat… DO NOT waste your time and money on the manga. It is such a disappointment…) GO Van! He is soooo hot! I think that he is by far, my most favorite anime hunck _~ ok, I think I’ve said enough about Escaflowne… On with the list!

4. Eating. Sometimes I swear I can make a glutton of myself. -.-;;

5. Gardening. Ah…the fresh soil under my fingers tips connects with earth and nature….

6. Sleeping. Ah sleep, sadly something I don’t get enough of… =

7. My dog Holiday . She’s sooo cute! I love her to death. I swear. She’s the most spoiled dog in the world.

8. My cat Bill. Goodness! He’s almost worse than the dog… =-.-= meow _

9. Music. I love music. J-Pop, Punk, Emo, Alternative Rock, and Classic Rock. These are my preferences, although I do like other genres of music. I’m in band at school. I play the clarinet, the piano, the violin, the bass clarinet, the flute, and the saxophone. I also play the bass guitar in my own band called Simply Eden … XP

10. Soccer. I love soccer, although I don’t like PE or other sports. Now if our school had a soccer team, I would sooo join despite my athsma… T_T

11. Horses and tigers! Horses are my favorite domestic animal, and tigers are my favorite wild animal… if you couldn’t already tell by my pen name. XD anyway… I HAVE 3 HORSES OF MY OWN! There names are Lightning Storm, Tyler, and Aguila de Bailadora which means Dancing Eagle in Spanish, but we call her Dory for short since most people can’t pronounce her name XP

12. My rabbits Brownie and Delilah. They are sooo cute!

13. My chicken Ivony. She is such a chatter box!

14. Fruits Basket manga. It’s sooo cute… It’s the first manga series I started collecting, and I think its my favorite.

15. Drawing. I love drawing. I just recently figured out how to use adobe photoshop, so I started scanning my drawings onto my computer and coloring them.

Top Dislikes:

1. Football. Actually, I do kinda like football, but that’s only because of marching season XP I can care less about the game itself.

2. Book reports. I mean come on! I haven’t done a book report since 4th grade, and I enter high school and we start doing book reports again! gags

3. Research reports. I don’t like those either, but luckily, we haven’t done any yet this year (knocks on wood don’t wanna jinx myself XP)

4. Jocks. Although, some upperclassmen jocks are nice and coughs hot coughs anyway, all the freshmen class jocks are total jerks and loosers!

5. Frauds. Because of them, I’m not allowed to purchase anything online anymore! They oughta be arrested!

6. The People who create computer viruses and spyware! MY COMPUTER CRASHED BECAUSE OF THESE PEOPLE! ERRR!

7. Lindsey Lohann. No offense to all you LL fans out there, but I can’t stand her…

8. Hilary Duff. No offense to all you HL fans either, but I can’t stand her either.

9. And finally, Spinach. I hate spinach with a passion! Urgh! It’s disgusting! Although I don’t mind it fresh in a salad. But any other way… EWWWW!

Ok, that’s all I feel like writing about myself right now. Below is a list of my favorite quotes, insults, and sayings, etc. Why you ask, because I felt like it.


"Shock me! Say something intelligent!"

"Forever I walk among the ignorant"

"The flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today"

"Reckless teenager cleverly disguised as responsible adult"

"It's all about me"

"If you don't like my attitude then quit talking to me"

"Why be normal when you can be YOURSELF"

"I know God won't give me nothing I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much"

"If God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things... Right now im so far behind, I'll never die!"

"If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all"

"Everything happens for a reason. I just wish I knew what the reasons were"

"Out of my mind. Be back in 5 minutes"

"Life can be as brief as that of a flower. Live each day to it's fullest"

"Anything's possible as long as you believe in God"

"Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by you again?"

"I just kidnapped myself and putmyself up for ransom. Pay 100,000 if you ever want to see me again"

"The village leader called. He said they want their idiot back"

"Im one of those big things that happen tolittle people"

"Feel free to quote me"

"The heart is like a fragile rose. Once it's crushed, it's very difficult to nurse it back to health"

Ok. So that was longer than expected. But what can I say? I luff quotes and sayings. They inspire me. Ok. I'll end this...ZE END! (If you haven't seen that, then you are totally missing out O_O! Im so nice, im going to give you the opportunity to see this wonderful video clip called End of Ze World! It is flippin hilarious ...Just go to www.funnyjunk.com and its listed under Top Flash Vidoes. _~ ENJOY!)

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