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Hello peoples! I welcome you to my world of time-consuming semi-sanity. I can't tell you when I update and post stuff, it just kinda happens. BREAKING NEWS! I'm now Dances-with-Stoats on fictionpress.

I have decided to include a list of things that annoy me (not to be used as a to-do list under ANY curcumstances):

Thongs, lack of reviews, chain-smoking, smoking in general, when TV producers hire blond bimbos just for how large their frontal areas are, Prince Humperdink, rap, worrying, heart-burn, colds, that stupid buzzing fly ad, waiting,Mary Sues, Gary Stues, bigots...

Parings that bother me (they just do, no offence if you like 'em, I have very strage tastes anywho...):

Draco/Harry (what the heck...)

Artemis/Holly (yes, I know there aren't many female characters in AF but yeish, is that wrong)

Inter-Marader (they're friends. Why can't guys be friends. And James is MARRIED. Definatly a tip-off)

Snape/Hermione (teacher/student parings are just wrong, especially when the teacher's a greasy-haired git)

Yoda/Voldemort (just making sure you were paying attention...)

Erik/Raoul (um, no.)

Hermione/Cho(no AJ, that is not a good pairing...ever...eww..)

(subject to change without notice)

About me:

Name: The Great High Ever-so-special ME OF OZ!

Gender: Female

Age: I've been born and I haven't died

Hair and eye color: Brown

Lives: Somewhere in the U.S...or maybe Botswana, then again, I could live in Guam, you just never know...

Status: Out of my mind, be back later

Reason this is so vague: It's all a giant conspericy (it may be misspelled, but the squirrels don't care) to annoy you. XD

Quotes of Fabulosity:

"Don't be silly...WHAA...Am I going to die?" Travelosity gnome.

"Drain Bamaged"

"But I passed go!" Shelby

"If they were gay, Tolken would have written 'THEY'RE ALL GAY!'," -A conversation with Phyllis Nodrey (just don't ask)

"That has to be the worst pirate I've ever seen." -Commedor Nortington

"The stories say that the Black Pearl leaves no suvivors." "Then where do the stories come from I wonder?" -random fool and CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

"We're being led by an idiot with a crayon."- Root

"Just thought you ought to know. thunk"-Proffessor Qurrel/He-who-I-don't-feel-like-naming

"The spiders are trying to make me tap-dance. I don't want to tapdance Harry!" -Ron

"That's not good enough!"- Will Turner. Don't you love it when he hollers and smashes stuff/gets smashed? (He he he)

"And now for the man with a stoat through his head!"- The Imortal Monty Python

"Ahhh! Call 911! The green monkeys are stealing my Skittles!"-Becca during a particularly boring S.S. class

"Don't knock on death's door. Ring the bell and run - He hates that."- random saying

"Maybe it's best that monkeys aren't armed with dynamite."- it was on Animal Planet

"The pen is mightier than the word processor"-Eoin Colfer, from the dedication in the 4th book WHOO!

"'What are you doing in there?' 'Destroying the lederhosen.' 'Oh, good.'"-Dave and Candi in Dave the Barbarian

"Are you questioning my authorIteh as an angry penguin?"- crazy little bro

"You summoned me masta? Ahhh, I feel the power." -endlessly ammusing little bro :)

"What time is it? I need to check my tarangatang." -same crazy midget

"I smiled at a rabbit and it attacked me. Now I need to play classical music to heal it." -take a wild guess

"I hate bag-pipes. They are smelly." -Naomi

"there will be NO chapter called ‘Lupin’s Papers’ in book six, nor will there be chapters entitled ‘Pettigrew’s Pamphlets,’ ‘Sirius’s Circulars’ or ‘the Pocket Crosswords of Severus Snape’."-JK Rowling on official site

"Just as long as they don't take me with me."- I'm such a genius.

EVERYBODY LISTEN UP: "If abercrombie decided that breathing wasn't cool, half the teenage population would die in the next 24 hours. Copy this in your profile if you agree." Hehe, most of my school would be gone. 20 kids left, max.

I'm off to review something written in a languge I don' t know (which is like, all but 1 and 1/2) TTFN

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