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(Update 03/04/2015 - Added Thoughts on the Once Upon a Time Fandom)

Thought I should put something here for once.

A Child's Destiny, Chapter 2 has been posted. Hopefully I'll be able to have a chapter 3 faster then chapter 2 :D

About Me:

I'm a 34 year old male living in Australia (QLD). I enjoy reading fanfiction. I don't write any really (published story is the exception), I just don't have the time at this moment in my life.

Fanfiction I'm into: Cardcaptor Sakura, The Pretender, Tokyo Mew Mew, M.A.S.H, Gundam Wing, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Harry Potter, Frozen and Once Upon a Time.

Pairings (I like):

CCS: Sakura/Syaoran, Tomoyo/Eriol (along with any other canon pairings), though pretty much all my saved stories focus on either/both of these two pairings (same goes for all the others)

The Pretender: Jarod/Miss Parker

Tokyo Mew Mew: Kisshu/Ichigo

M.A.S.H: Hawkeye/Margaret

Gundam Wing: Heero/Relena

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Yunno/Nanoha

Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Ginny/Draco, Ginny/Neville, Ron/Luna

Frozen: Anna/Kristoff, Elsa (By Herself), Elsa/OC's (When well written)

Once Upon a Time: Snow White (Mary-Margret) / David (Prince Charming), Rumpelstiltskin (Mr. Gold) / Belle, Emma / Baelfire (Neal Cassidy)

Parings (I hate):
Harry/Anyone but Hermione
Hermione/Anyone but Harry

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:
Nanoha/Fate (in anything other then a deep friendship relation)


Anna/Elsa - anything other then a deep sisterly relationship, they are SISTERS for heaven sake!
Elsa/Jack Frost

Once Upon a Time:

Emma / Regina (AKA SwanQueen)
Regina / Snow White (AKA SnowQueen)
Emma / Jefferson (Mad Hatter)
Belle / Will Scarlett
Belle / Gaston

Pet Hates in FF: (Note: HP = Harry Potter)

The use of 'Mom' or 'Mommy' in fics (HP specifically), unless the characters have been living in the US it should be 'Mum' or 'Mummy' (Hell even the HP Movies get this right and btw, Mom sounds stupid when you say it)

In Reference to the above: the use of American words when characters are still in the their home country (once again, HP authors are the worse)

Centered Text. Unless necessary (like for poems, letters, etc) all text should be Left-Aligned.

Wall of Text (IE: Bad/No Spacing), People who make obvious spelling/grammar mistakes.

Characters going to America (or some other country) - characters just ending up running away from their problems rather then dealing with them (HP authors are by far the worse of the lot)

Baby Fics where the father is made to wait outside the delivery room. Do authors have something against fathers being in there? (again HP specifically)

Mother's hiding children from their father. Sorry I'm against single-parent households, I know from personal experience what it is like (not good), I can't believe any one would willing make this so.
Also against this since most times it completely goes against what the character (the mother) is like. (Once again I'm picking on HP authors, cause once again a fic like this has just been posted)

My Thoughts on the HP (Harry Potter) Famdom.

I've decided to add my thoughts on the Harry Potter fandom. (after seeing yet another DD bashing fic posted)

Along with the list of pet hates above, I have this to add:

I detest Dumbledore/Ron/Ginny/Any Weasley bashing. Virtually every HP author just goes way overboard and virtually none can pull it off successfully.

Dumbledore isn't the person these bashers portray him as. My thinking is he just tries to direct events to go a certain way for the greater good. (when he sees the need to)
On top of that, he is simply a man that has made mistakes, just like anyone.
(Quote from ST2 Wrath of Khan I think sums it up: The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few or the one).

Ron/Ginny bashing: Most authors aren't as bad with these two characters. Their actions can be believable, but like most things, a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

Ron: Maybe a bit thick headed at times, but considering his (family) life, I can see how he is (and may turn out). Not usually the bastard that authors portray him as.

Ginny: I place Ginny in the same vein as Ron, being the youngest of the family (all the others older brothers), she might be a little selfish but I can't see her being an outright bh. (I think you can figure out the word)

It seems most authors follow this trend, I don't like these characters lets make them real totally off-character. I don't mind characters being 'Out of Character' but only if its believable in the context of canon.
Some (Read: MOST!) authors make characters so far out of character they might as-well rename them and make the story original cause those characters no longer are the characters we liked.

I also detest Powerful!Harry, Dark!Harry, Creature!Harry & Evil!Harry (or others). As above with the bashing, virtually no authors pull this off successfully either.

I also hate Multi-Parings (Polygamy). It's an idea that should remain confined to history where it belongs.

I also dislike Slash. Just leave a character single if you can't think of a member of the opposite sex to put them with (Note: I'm not anti-gay/lesbian, I just prefer not to read it)

I hate people who post their pairing preferences in story reviews.

I see it all the time (particularly in the HP section), 'I generally don't like/read Harry and Hermione stories but...' or 'Harry/Hermione (or whichever pairing) forever...', we don't need to know this, just give your review on the story and leaving your pairing preferences out of it.

Also if you don't like a pairing, don't read the story and there for don't comment on it (IE: reviews saying 'I dislike (so-and-so) pairing'.) Fanfiction.net has a character filter - LEARN TO USE IT! (this goes for Authors as-well, set your characters when you publish a story - if the category has support, so those who do like particular characters/pairings can read only those stories).


I realize these are my opinions, but I truly believe they have an air of truth to them. Discussion with me is welcome, feel free to send me message. No flames/hate messages/etc as they will be forwarded to to deal with). Honest & Polite discussion please.

To end this on a nicer note, I found this quote by an author in a HP forum here, that I truly think suits why Harry & Hermione should be together.:

Hermione was supposed to be Harry's future wife.

Ginny was supposed to be the temporary girlfriend.

You don't marry the girl that you lusted over when you were a horny teenager. You don't marry the person who can only provide her lips to you. It defies life.

You marry the girl you know more about. The one that has ALWAYS been there. NO MATTER WHAT. Who you've always cared for. You'd be willing to risk your life for this girl because she's always been on your level. You know what she's always thinking and so does she. You communicate through stares. No dialogues are needed. When she starts becoming the rational, reasonable voice inside your head, you know that means something. When you have random thoughts about her when she's not even in the same room with you, that's got to tell you something. (Example: ironically, seventh book. First part of it. I suck at direct quotes. He's contemplating something and he wonders what Hermione might think of this. His POV, remember. And not three pages have been completed before he starts to think about Hermione! What the heck does that tell you?)

Quote from writrfreak15

Some other HP quotes:

"That's the huge attraction of H/Hr, of course; the pleasure in watching a deep, rock-solid friendship flower and evolve into romantic love. Very satisfying; so much more than the sudden appearance of hormonal chest monsters!"

"Girls should fall in love with the boy who insults them all the time and makes them cry, rather than boys who see her as a person and treat her well." (for those that don't get it, this quote is sarcasm)

Harmony is a concept only the delusional can see; only the militant will defend, and only those who understand true love are able to embrace.

HPB is nothing more then a bad fan-fiction story.

Oh, one other thing:

Hermione's Middle Name: Jane or Jean?

JKR first said it was Jane then changed it to Jean because she was unwilling to change Umbridge's name instead (or just personally let them have the same one - many people do, I share mine with a younger brother, an uncle and my grandfather). Personally Jane sounds much better then Jean.
Say Hermione Jane Granger or Hermione Jean Granger several times over and see which one sounds better, you can bet it will be Jane. As for me, it will always be Jane, props to authors using Jane. Thumbs Up

For those HP authors in particular, here is a list of common American words I'm sick of seeing in HP Fanfiction. I place a lot of the blame on the publishers that 'Americanized' the books, but authors aren't without blame, please learn things about other countries - as I sick of seeing that a lot of authors think the all the countries in the world use the same words as America does.

Mom = Mum
Crib = Cot
Diaper(s) = Nappy/Nappies
Pacifier = Well in Australia we use the word dummy, and since we borrowed a lot from the U.K, I assuming they use the same word there.
Math = Maths

Well my small list for the moment, might add more words I see them.

Well like so many, I've been into Frozen lately, so I thought I'd offer some thoughts on the fandom here. (well more like my Dislikes)

As noted in my 'Pairings I don't like', I hate the over-done Anna/Elsa (Elsana) pairing, particularly when they are SISTERS!

Too many stories would of been great if not for that. Particularly annoying when authors don't put that in either the character list or description.

A protagonist (or antagonist) with Fire Power, yes we get Fire is opposite, but I'm already sick of seeing characters (particularly Elsa) paired (or facing off) with someone that has pyrokinetic (fire) powers, how about pairing her with another cyrokinetic (cold) user? Or just no powers at all.

On that same subject, authors who give Anna fire-powers is another already over-done troupe. I think I've seen only one story that gives her a different power (spring based?). How about giving her cryokinetic powers as-well? that would be a interesting story to tell, I think.

Pairing Anna or Elsa with Hans. The guy is a sociopath, the evidence is all there. Particularly evident with how he shows him self to others,
Anna: Happy, joyful just like her.
The Duke: The duke is a in your face kinda guy so Hans acts the same way towards him.
Elsa: Regal and Polite.

Elsa and Jack Frost, again another over-used pairing, and isn't JF dead? Seriously. Just Stop!

Oh another Fandom with Slash overload, great, please people no.

Character/Reader stories. Sick of seeing these type of stories too. They are jarring in the narrative when its written (your name). This type
of story in my opinion doesn't work.

In regards to pairings, Elsa is a strong woman and I'm quite happy to see her on her own, her love for her sister is plenty for her.
She would also make a great Aunt, I can see her loving to spoil her niece(s)/nephew(s).

I not adverse to seeing her paired with someone but only if that character is very well written, and its not forced
(Elsa is Queen Regent - meaning she doesn't need a husband in order to rule/be Queen).

Authors making Elsa a weakling, seriously way to make a strong character a 2d cutout. Yes some would see her strong love for Anna as her weakness
but in the same vain its also her strength.

Where Elsa gets her powers from?

I've seen many stories where authors try to explain where her power comes from. For me, I'll believe the King when he said she was Born with them, thinking that its probably passed on via linage, and Elsa is the first-born with the powers in several generations.

I'll probably post more thoughts later.

I've now been into Once Upon a Time, so I've decided to add my thoughts about this Fandom.

Yet again, another fandom with Slash overload, this time pairing Regina (The Evil Queen) with Emma (The Savior and the Daughter of Snow White & Prince Charming)

Emma and Regina are total opposites, they have a tentative peace between each other, I think mostly due to Henry (Emma's Son, Regina's Adopted Son).

Honestly would you be with someone who has tried to kill you and your parents on several occasions and even managed (technically) kill your own son? I know I wouldn't. On top of that, was also the one who caused you to grow up without a family due to her need for revenge.

On the topic of Emma's Love Life: Yes the show has her paired with Killian (Cap. Hook), but to me personally he is almost the definition of a Mary Sue. I much would of like Bae/Neal to be hers, honestly as one author pointed out (sorry don't remember your name).

"It's Ironic that the Person who is meant to break the curse, falls in love (and has a child) with the reason the curse was created in the first place"

I was not happy with how the show treated Bae, but thank god for FanFiction and the authors who Pair Bae/Emma together.

Just for fun, here is a bit of Once's Family Tree (as I see it):

Regina - Snow's Step Mother, Emma's Step-Grandmother, Henry's Step-Great Grandmother and Adopted Mother
Snow - Emma's Mother, Regina's Step-Daughter, Henry's Step-Sister and Grandmother (Maternal)
Emma - Snow's Daughter, Regina's Step-Granddaughter, Henry's (Biological) Mother and his Step-Niece
Henry - Emma's Biological Son and Step-Uncle, Regina's Adopted Son and Her Step-Great Grandson, Snow's Grandson and Step-Brother

Think I got it all right there, very twisted isn't it.

Will add more thoughts later.

Well, it seems I've finally reached the end of my rope with the Harry Potter fan-fiction section here. So here is my No-Go List of authors. Authors are added here if *any* of their stories contain Weasley and/or Dumbledore bashing. Feel free to copy this list to your profile If you feel like me that people like this are destroying this fandom.

Now at 136 authors and counting. This is a complete joke on this community.
(Note: some authors change their pen-name, so this list might be out a little, but I do my best to keep it correct, but I don't always catch name changes)

Medico69, broomstick_flyer, witowsmp, High Gaurdian, lilsweetypye, Midnighter 13, cedricslove, bualsm, loopy kid, IceGirl90, robst, ijedi, Radaslab, cool091688, Horace Nihil, Millstone Manor, Pixel and Stephanie Forever, wizcollins, DZ2, wprincessluv, Opinionated1234, MrsDSalvatore, sheltie, Behind Sapphire Eyes, lunnylovegood, ausland, Illiandyandra, Riddle Potter 23, StarSteller, Smokeyw0lf, Roza Hermione Jackson, Rex Tims, Phoenix God, narugirl2003, cah11, S.M wane, Harry50, MiraSaya16, beedle13, PrincessCupcake, willyolioleo, CoastalFirebird, Maxtaf, Slyther-Claw-proud, Christina-Tears, Red Phoenix Dragon, The Witches 11, DerLaCroix, CuteHarmony, HermioneSnapeloverduck99, Gingerstorm101, HermioneHarryPotter, TitansRule, Ashfisher92, xGoldenSnitchGirlx, canoncansodoff, deatheater4ever, Serendipity-Saga, Miss Cherry Bee, willyolioleo, Pokefanficwriter92, The Dutchman, Esula, KennethRose, Hidden Enchantments, 003keyblader, dancinerd, js2801, plinker5x5, sarge2.0, TheLineIsMeantToBeCrossed, ChAOtiC ReApEr, Slytherin Rose Weasley, xxxteen, ILiveADaydream, Zero Skye, FutureAuthoress176, LoadsFire, Ina Edwin, MrsAngelPotter, Paladeus, the undead lord, Morgan Elaine Evans, SunshineToMoonlight, naboo2, TreeOfReading, Dark Lunar Love, VRmaster300, Seel'vor, TheMarauderPhoenix, puncher71, FutureAuthoress176, TurboOneTwenty, StarFan129, LadyHarmonyPotter, JE1991, youlittledevil, Kunaiswarm, fantasyra, Rick13, SleepyMangaHead, kevin1984, lordlonginus212, KUCrow1997, DnG The Blind Guy, keitaya, Dafaril, phoenixflame22, adodcefa, stalkerace, mlieu2010, Jupiterrocks, Flame-Fist-Ace, AvatarVecna, sprinter1988, David4, courderouge2006, silent rider7, CrazyDuck5280, just-typing, MrBamforth, Mermaid-Cat Jedi Knight, Viera Grace, Edmond O'Donald, serachanXatsuka, MadamLestrange1990, Polydicta, StormyFireDragon, DarkLordHufflepuff, The Quill of Gryffindor, Jupiterrocks, DrarryDramioneGirl, blade625, dark nightmere, jeanuttenut, zArkham

Not authors but are Trolls: Cateagle, noylj

When will authors stop being stupid?. That's it for now.

Note: I no longer visit the HP Section here, all my stories that I followed, are either complete or abandoned, as of my last look just the first page was filled with garbage so this list is no longer updated -_-.

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