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This is Midnight's Bell, a stroke of luck, a stroke of fantasy. Of something distant and something unreal, dark and quiet, to awaken you from your nightmarish land of bright sunshine.

Augh! Midnight! You'll SCARE them!

Hn. You think they'll be scared away THAT easily? Pu-lease. Kalika, get a LIFE.

(pouts) Midnight, be NICE! We want to make a GOOD impression, no?


Yes. THAT way, they'll leave POSITIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE reviews. Right?

You REALLY think MY writting needs ANY work?

Yes. It is SERIOUSLY scary.

You're just weak minded.


Heh, yeah, sure, whatever.

I am NOT weak minded!

Regardless, I'm sure whoever's reading this is confused now.

Er, well...

Well what? Do you have a proposition for rectifying the situation?

Yes! I DO! (insane laughter)

(raises eyebrows) Oh really? And what would that be?

BIOS! (maniac grin)

(groans) Not AGAIN!

Yup! (smile) Absolutely again!

Fine, fine, move over, I'll write them this time.

Midnight: Such is Destiny. (Theme song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, ~Greenday)
Quote: "If the world isn't naive, and if the world isn't jaded, then the world isn't."
Representive Character: Clarity(Claire) Chance Kizmet
Full Name: Midnight's Bell

Fangirl Kalika: Eee! (Theme Song: Movin' On, ~Good Charolette)
Quote: "Insanity is a defensive mechanism. Sanity is a weakness. Intelligence is nothing without cleverness, nor is it anything if you're oblivious to the obvious, and being free or alive is overrated. The stars aren't as unreachable as you think, and it's the sun that gives birth to the shadows. Who really has the upper hand here?"
Representive Character: Lesslie "Kalika" Hope
Full Name: Fangirl Kalika

Hn. Nice quote Kalika.

(grin) Yup. My official quote for all of forever! (insane laughter)

(sweatdrop) Kalika, please, you're going to ruin my image.

With MY image?


(frowns) Fine, fine, whatever. BUT, to all you out there reading this, PLEASE REVIEW!

Kalika, please. You are SO cliché. Can't you come up with SOMETHING original for ONCE?

Review, sil vous plaït!

There are french people on this site too, you know.

Erm, uh, well... YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO SAY!

Actually, I don't believe they do.

Oh, shut up you old stick in the mud.

(grinning) Fine, fine. Whatever you say, Kalika...

(grumbles) Et Bonne Journee au tout... or however you would say that..


Who, what, where when, why, and other such fun 'W' words, as well as How:

Who: My real name, though unimportant, is spelled with an H and is not Terraccias. That lady has NO skill when it coems to spelling. Midnight and Fangirl Kalika are, sadly, my two most promient split personalties. You don't wnat to know anything else.

What: A girl, soon to be a freshman(SUMMER! YAY!), a poet, a writer, a novelist, a frak of nature, and an evil child.

Where: 42ºN and 85ºW, I believe. I may very well have the two switched, for I am bad with lattitude and longitude. If you look that up, it'll give you may country, city and other miscellanous information.

When: When what? Huh? Oh, erm, maybe once a month, probably once a wekk now that school'll be out, Oh, and December 31st. I like books, music and anything anime-related. (winks)

Why: I honestly do not know. Because I love to write, I guess. unfortunately, my ability to stick to any one thing for extended periods of time is NOT very good...

How: Perferably on a computer; it helps me focus and write better, but due to the three other people in my house trying to use it, that ability is limited. THings like Christmas eve were written only on the computer.


"To this date, I have found all of my close friends when I wasn't looking, and found all of my most fearful enemies when I was."~Me/Midnight

"In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."~Douglas Adams, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

"I refuse to bleed, just because you hate me. I refuse to cry, just because you hurt me. And I refuse to die, just because you killed me"~Me/Midnight, the intro to my story "Revenge of the Dead"

Please do not use my personal quotes without telling me so. I will acquire more later.


Little known facts:

1: It's spelled t-e-c-h-n-i-c-a-l. Isn't that odd?

2: I am not as ediable as you think I am, though I do taste good with barbeque sauce.

3: Akefia is not the theif's real name, just the most commonly used and widely regarded as correct name. They never actually say his name.

4: The new season in YGO will involve "Duel Academia" or something of the sort. The fanfics can only get worse...

5: Echidnas and platypuses are the only mammals that lay eggs.

Parting Thought: If a sadist beats a masochist, is it wrong, evil, both or neither?

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