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I had trouble with things... but now I am better... Anywho... I'm sitting a cat again which is odd because that's when I first started writing fanfiction... when I was sitting another cat... It's a sign... I need to get a cat... Love to you all... and to cake... ME

My people, if you are still out there. I need your help. I have been in a little bit of a hiatus... think of it as the end of the season. But I want to start getting back into it. But... gah... I don't have access to any of my stories... and I don't have access to the support staff on the site... for reasons that I can't explain. I know there is a transfer going on and stuff, but this has been going on for a few weeks nows. I would have no problem if it were the transfer or bugs or something... but I can't ask anyone. So if someone could tell me, or get the support staff to contact me... I would find them and kiss them... I love you all! Me.

So yes... I am behind... I will update... fear not... I can't remember is done for those of you who care! And I'm going to finish the others off... soonish... so yes... maybe this week... but definantly next week there will be new chaps... So SMILE... and please love me! Me.

I feel so terrible. But meh I've been updating. Haven't I? Yes, yes I did. Well I hope that you all enjoy it. I love it. I want you to know that John Spencer died, as you all know. It makes me very very sad. Anywho I love you all, and I love cake. Me.

Work done, commitment resumed. My love for my people shall always conquer. It is cold out and I am wearing a camouflage hat. I am cute like a button. I am getting all upset because I can't find any satisfying JAD spoilers, though "DUCK AND COVER" looks goof. Excited, excito... have fun... Me.

I have lots of work to do. I am going crazy. I love the story. Union Jock is five and Hack. I don't know. New shoes. dial the phone. She can't walk. She looks funny. Happy days. ICR is up. Love it. Love me. I love you. I'm not stalking you... at least not on purpose. The stash of human remains in my freezer is just... things i found on the beach. Okay if I'm freaking you out I was joking. I'm wierd. Get on the wagon. I think i might have fallen off. Me.

There's something I have to tell you. There is pie in my house. I want to eat it all. Because pie is the fruit... food of the... gods? Right anywho there is something weird going on here. There is something so normal it is freaking me out. My computer is dying. Now you might think this is something to get angry over but I shall tell you why it is making me freak out. Cause well I think i kill computers. They die by my touch. I'm not kidding they must hate me. Right so I have some new chaps up and I'll get a few more up soon. Right Thanks for Reviews. And then I'll say more thank you when you worship me. No you don't have to worship me. I just like to pretend in my little alternate realities that there are thousands of people paying me homge. Right much adoration. Me.

There's a little thing called luck. And I haven't got any. Still I begin to wonder at times what life would be like if I had luck, what things would have turned out different, what things would have turned out wrong. And I end up back here, where I should be. I end up at the begining and the end. I just get there a lot sooner. Me.

Guys I'm tired. All this typing, and writing, and thinking. One person of no specific gender can only take so much. Lara will laugh at that. And yes Lara is a girl. I am an it, unless I have herein mentioned that I am a person of a specific gender. If I did it was a lie. Right well the stories are going fine. As you can read. I have chapters 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 23 written for CCCaWU. I don't have any other's written. Okay no wait I have chap 22. I think. It's weird. And if you are confused, just cry a little. But don't say I didn't warn you. Because I did. Right in my AN. I said it might be confusing but it would all come together at the end. You'll see, if you keep reading. Right cat, got to run: (things people say to end a conversation).Me.

I have new chapters. I swear I do. But the server is making havic it's given name. Now I must tell you that half the time I'm not even sure what I am talking about so if you get lost somewhere in there it's a o k. Which is weird. But I love it. My stories are developping.I have two chaps for CCCaWU. I have one for ICR. And I have one for RSI. or maybe two for RSI. I haven't decided yet. I have to get reading. Something. A book. Right. Thing for the thing. I know it's unclear. It's supposed to be that way. I'm going to go eat now. Or drink. Or both. From who? No one else. Just Me. Me.

I just wrote another quick one that you can catch. It's supposed to be a little more on the funny side, though I too admit that there is something sad about it. But oh to joy if only he could remember. Love you all. Well I guess in a strictly friendly way I do. Me. So what can I tell you all. My story, my new one is up. And I want you o read it. There is no excuse for missing it. Well there is but I don't think you should use it. I'm nearing conclusion for Reality Sinks in. It's driving me insane. So yep. All love and no play. Or maybe it's the other way around. So my new one is beautiful and it will be more updated more soon. Right I have to pretend to leave you now. Because only those with a life can actallu say I have to go now. I don't have one. Hi Lara. Right me go now. Much love. Me.

Can I jsut say this thing must seriously hate me. I can put the new chapter on oh yes just as long as it is on an old story. I'm sorry I'll stay here longer but it will probably be on tomorrow morning. Not that anyone really has been reading my profile to know what I am doing. I'm house sitting in case you were wondering. I was 'partying' with Lara all week. Well that's that. I wish I had a girlfriend, or even a boyfriend. I have girlfriends. I just don't mean it that way. Anywho. I just have to say I am not toattly self-absorbed if you might think. I actually do some volunteer work for political people in town. I want to be a politician. I.E. my affection for WW. I am also sadly... it is a very sad being shameful thing... I am a romantic and therefor have to love JAD. So sue me. I'm in love with them... and a bit insane. So yes the site hates me. This is a profile thing provided by the site. And well sure goodnight or goodmorning or good afternoon, or midday whenever you are reading this. From Me.

Seriously people I am crying. I hates me. Why does it hate me? Can anyone tell me? Please please do. I am crying. I want to die. Why won't it work. gah... Me.

Okay so I have this new story coming... and I mean I have it uploaded and everything. But the thing won't let me put the story on blah blah blah. Anywho I just want everyone to know I'm still here. I have to tell you I am in love with this new one. I should write the next chapter for Reality Sinks in though. I will. I'll put that up now. Okay here I go. I promise. It's late but heck I'm on vacation, and at someone else's house so my mom can't kick me off. Plus caffeine is keeping me alive right now. Here goes. Right. Now I just have to remember what the last chapter was. ... Don't worry I'll remember... Me.

I have to ask is anyone else having problems with the site. I can't get into read the two new chapters on "No Way Out" and "Kimset". I am sad. I'm at someone elses house right now. I am sitting the cat. Yes the cat is cute. And furry. And did I mention I have a deep deep fear of small animals. It makes me wonder why I took this job. But what the hay! I've never been sure what that means but oaky. I have to go do some writing now. I shall have a new sotry and perhaps a new chapter up by tomorrow. I am happy with that. But sad... I can't read the stories. So sad. Anywho. Me

So I made it back. I made it alive. Anywho my thing was good. I'm just about ready to do a new post. And the next chapter of Reality Sinks In is coming. I have some work to do though. My writing scheme has finally been able to take flight. It will fly and I will dance. Right well. I want to go eat Dinner. Hi Lara! Right here goes. I'm signing off. Hehehe. Okay right. Bye. Me.

Hello everyone I'm just back to say that I am leaving. I am going on Vacation for a few days. Hey Lara if you are reading this you should call me. And check your e-mails. Because I said to call me. Anywho I am going to the land down under, Well really more to the West. So yep. Right now my grandparents have a little B&B. It's actually really popular. I love them. But they are crazy. But we forgive them. Because they are also old. Right well I wish I could tell you more. Like what I have planned next. It's lovely but there are huge gaps. And I don't want to post until I have the blanks figured out. But it's another JAD fic. As if there were any others. Well I know there are others. I'm not crazy. Right I have to go now. Work and Stuff. Love ya and keep writing. Me.

Okay so I realized that I don't have a profile. I'm not exactly sure what this is for. Am I supposed to talk about me? Or rats or pinnache? I don't know. Someone should tell me. Because it would be fun. To know. So yep. For now I am called: I'mnotanecropheliac. Because I'm not. My friend asked me if I was. I said no. So I'm not. It's someone who is obssessed with death. But not me. I could be if I wanted to though. But I don't. Anywho I have to go look for a job. If there is anyone who can offer me one e-mail me. I love the internet. I must say I love this site. It gets to large and very scary thumbs up. If you are here because you have read on of my well two fanfictions... Good. If you are as obssessed with Josh and Donna as I am go to my C2. It's like a huge archieve of Josh and Donna stories. I made that way. I'm not done though I still tons to add. It's scary. I have at least four new sotries which will be up before Septermber. One is almost done and is freakishly long but I love it. The other is still mid-process. And the other two are in my brain. So they'll get down soon. By the way. I love you for being interested in me. Not some creepy other reason. I'm not watching you or anything. I'm just here for fun. Not stalking anyone. No one at all. Right well now you scared of me... I will go... Be back to update this soon. Me.

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