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Good morrow, good friend! I hope my little letter finds you in good health and good spirits!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

When I said "Memento" was coming back the day after Christmas, I lied. I am going straight to hell, or something, I'm sure.

On the other hand, "Comment tu dis Objectivism" continues to cling to life... Or something like it, anyway. I'm sure there are big, expensive machines and respirators and what-not involved.

I'm also working, sort of, on a very different version of a BrenDen fic. Eventually, I may post some of it.

They are totally my one true pairing!

Peace, love and cookies,

"Oxalis" (Dina)

Now, a little bit about myself:

I am:


-From New York City

-A Pisces

-Of French, German, Sicilian, Scottish, English, Navajo and Cherokee descent

-An absolutely hopeless romantic. I see the possibility of all kinds of love everywhere, and in everything. (Especially squicky love, but don't tell anyone! Let's just keep that our little secret.)

-A dog person and a cat person and a bird person and a snake person and a rabbit person, but not always a people person.

-The proud owner of a black Labrador retriever given to my family by friends of ours from Pennsylvania. Her "show name" is Nell's Manhattan Moll. She's never been shown, because she is absolutely untrainable. She's usually called "Molly" for obvious reasons, or "Molly-moo" for no apparent reason.

-A fanfic junkie. I've been reading fanfiction on for the past eight years, and writing fanfic for almost that long, but I've only recently begun posting it.

-In love with language. My life goal is to become fluent in 28 languages. I’m already working on Italian, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Japanese, Hawaiian and Irish. I can also read and write Hindi and Russian- well, I can do phonetic transliteration. I can't really understand what I'm transliterating though. No real vocab.

-A fencer. My main blade is sabre, but I've fiddled around with foil too.

-A swimmer.

-A sometimes rider.

-A firm believer in that old adage, brunettes have more fun!

Fandoms Fandom: Pairings

The Closer: Gabriel/Daniels, Brenda/Andy, Brenda/Dennis (especially "Brenden"! Squickiest pairing ever.)

Life With Derek: Derek/Casey

Ugly Betty: Betty/Daniel

ER: Lucy/Carter, Lucy/Romano, Romano/Corday (does anyone out there remember Lucy?)

Firefly: Simon/Kaylee, Inara/Mal, River/Jayne (especially River & Jayne!)

Boston Legal: Alan/Melissa, Brad/Rachel, Brad/Denise, Denise/Daniel, Sara/Garrett, Denny/any pretty thing

Bones: Angela/Hodgins, Brennan/Booth

Harry Potter: Far, far too many list. I'm not kidding. Think… Everyone/everyone, and then add the OCs.

Story Info


"Screensaver", Boston Legal, Alan/Melissa, One-Shot

"Shoes", Boston Legal, Alan/Melissa, One-Shot

"The Wall is Down", Boston Legal, Alan/Melissa, One-Shot

"Fabulous," Ugly Betty, Daniel/Betty, One-Shot

"Gift", Ugly Betty, Daniel/Betty, One-Shot

"The View Up Here," Ugly Betty, Betty/Daniel, One-Shot

"The Natural", Life With Derek, Derek/Casey, One-Shot

"Un Petit Hantise," The Closer, Brenda/Dennis, One-Shot

"Un Grande Hantise," The Closer, Brenda/Dennis, One-Shot

In production

"Memento Mori", Harry Potter, five chapters

"Comment tu dis 'Objectivism'?", The Closer, 100 chapters


"Mother Midnight", The Closer X Black Jewels Trilogy, unknown

"Mismatch", Bones, Angela/Hodgins, One-Shot

"The Big Ape", Boston Legal, Brad/Rachel, triptych

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Comment tu dis Objectivism? reviews
A nonlinear love story of... nonlinear proportions. Rated for much, much later, though that statement defies the nonlinear clause, I know. Flames, of course, welcome. BrenDen
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