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Author has written 3 stories for Elfen Lied, and Kingdom Hearts.

Pen-name: Ultimate Diclonious and on mediaminer.org I'm known as: Shadow_master117.

NOTE: My e-mail is actually: anime-fan_excel_saga@hotmail.com you see, my other e-mail screwed up for unknown reasons, so I had to make a new MSN account!

Age: 15.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Let's see... Well, I'm most defiantly not fat! That's for sure! And... I guess my looks are average... Not too ugly, but then again not handsome.

Star Sign: Leo.

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: ClearBlue.

Nationality: England. (But I live in Australia now).

Fav' Colours (in order of ranking): Blue, red, violet, white, black.

Fav' animes no ranking:

DNAngel (Great characters).

InuYasha (brilliant!)

Elfen Lied (one of the best ones).

Maburaho (hilarious)

Excel Saga (Randomy hilarious!)

Chrono Crusade (hey, its got demons and gore in it! I'm in!)

Cardcaptors manga (Magic! Whoo!)

Neon Genesis Evangelion seen all of the episodes, I collect the manga (A masterpiece).

Dragonball Z (First anime I saw)

Ikki Tousen (Sek-sy girls ... Totaku was cool...)

Hellsing (Vampires... I love vampires...)

Sonic X. (Da' hedgie is back! Yay!)

Now, fav' games no ranking!

Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X. And the upcoming XII and XIII look HELL good!

Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Guilty Gear series.

Kingdom Hearts series. (KH III? NO WAY!)

Soul Caliber series.

The Matrix: Path of Neo.

Metal Gear Solid series.

Dead or Alive 2, 3 and 4 (hopefully a 5 soon).

Bloody Roar series.


NFS:Most Wanted.

Shadow the Hedgehog.

fav' characters:

Elfen Lied in order of ranking: Nana (a cute girl with a cute voice, and has a longer reach than Lucy!), child Lucy (shrugs I just like this form of her because she killed all the bullies that killed that puppy! How could they! They should of seen that coming to them!)

Hellsing: Seras (I think we all know the answer to that... Heheheheheh...What?).

Maburaho: Yuna (another cute one, and hey, she can make huge explosions...), Rin (Too cool!), Prof. Akai (he's kinda' mysterious, plus I like his character and hair style!)

Ikki Tousen: Kanu (she. Is. AWESOME!) Kokin (trust me... That guy is like my double or something 'cuzz' his personality is so much like mine) Totaku (... Awesomely, amazingly, cool character. Plus he's surrounded by chicks most of the time so I guess that makes him the straightest guy you could ever see)

Fav' scenes from animes no ranking:

Elfen Lied: When Lucy and Nana fight it out for the first time. Episode 11 through to 13 had all so good scenes!

Ikki Tousen: The scene when you see Totaku a top millions of bodies and he puts his bloody palm on hisface making a hand mark on his cheek and he smirks at the camera.

Maburaho:Whenever Yuna gets pissed off.

DNAngel: The whole first episode you could say! Due to the fact it was so well drawn.

InuYasha: Whenever Miroku starts acting like a pervert.

Chrono Crusade: When Rosette and Chrno are running away from the mutating demon and the restaurant explodes in episode 1.

Evangelion: When Shinji really lost it and unit.01 when completely berserk and started eating the angel.

Characters I hate no ranking:

Yuka (Who doesn't hate her!)

Fav' elements ranked:


Ice. (I guess you could say I'm kind of a fusion of ice and fire. Due to the fact I canget really angry but then again I can be really calm at times too).


Fav' lyrics.

And the demon said "be you angels?" And we said "Nay!" We are but men! ROCK! Tenacious D-Tribute.

yo' DROP THE BOMB! DDR-Drop the bomb.

Don't give it up now! Crossfade-No giving up.

If someone in the movie show, yelled "FIRE! IN THE SECOND THE ROW! THIS WHOLE PLACE IS A POWDER KEG! ... You'd notice him..." Chicago Soundtrack-Mr. Cellophane.

Fav' quotes.


"That's not pain.You want pain? I'll show you what pain is!" - Nana. (Elfin Lied).

slowly gets crazier "I travel quite expensively, I lived through the black plague-I had a pretty good time out growing that, I've seen "The Exorsist" about 167 TIMES! AND IT KEEPS GETTIN' FUNNIER EVERY TIME I SEE IT!" - Someguy (can't remember). Beetlejuice.

"YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAALRIIiiighty then..." - Jim Carrey. (Ace Ventura).


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