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Hello~ It's very nice to see that you've come to look at my profile. So, I'm guessing that you would like to know a bit about me, eh? Well... erm... where shall I start?

Perhaps a name? Feel free to call me any variation of my pen name, or just something random (but appropriate please). If I don't like the name, I shall let you know! :3 But I have been called multiple names, such as Miya, Keiko, Rika, so if you want to use any of those, that would be fine.

Oh yes! I adore smilies, they are so fun, and cute! I like cute things, and fuzzy things as well! Sparkely glittery objects tend to capture my attention for quite some time. Oh, I have this strange personality (actually, I can be strange all around, but we don't talk about that...). I'm also quite a patient person... around people. I can't seem to do any chapter fics, I get sidetracked too easily. =w= I tend to be more talkitive online than in real life. I have no idea why, but that's just the way things are...

So, I'm new at writing fanfiction. Help me out if you would? What do you like or dislike about my writing? I love improving my writing style! Which is why I'm particularly fond of role playing. Yes, I role play. One on ones are particularly loved and has been going on for... I think I started in 2003? Maybe? But if you are interested in doing a role play with me, by all means, message me!

Ahhh, wait, I should list my likes now, right? Well, video games are loved. Like dearly. EPICALLY LOVED. The Kingdom Hearts series (omfg BBS! >o

As for dislikes... I. Hate. Chatspeak. In. Freaking. FANFICTIONS! My God, write it like you would a story! >o

Actually, what else is there to talk about? :o Perhaps of my amazingness then? Haha, yeah... no... Oh, how about my top... five favorite manga at the moment?

1.) Skip Beat (I love this series deeply)

2.) Naruto (I hate where it is going right now and may be tempted to write my own story about the ending, but we'll see how far I get along in that XD)

3.) Tsubasa

4.) Fruits Basket

5.) Uhhh... oh! Vampire Knight! Yeah, it's so... weird... wtf, the twist... Yuuki... whoooaaaaa...

Need a beta reader? I'd be more than happy to help! Of course, I do a lot better beta reading than actually writing my own stories, since I usually don't go back and proofread.

Yeah so ummm, how shall I conclude this? Thank you for putting up with my nonsense if you made it this far. ' I'm sure it shall get better in the future once I've written more stories, so until then, see you later! :3

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A Time Out's Punishment reviews
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