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Author has written 18 stories for Evangelion, Bleach, Naruto, and Winx Club.

About the Author

Well, what there is there to say about me. I am currently far to old to admit to enjoying the animes and other programs I write my stories about. But then again, you are never to old for something you enjoy. Providing it is legal of course. Over the years my writing styles have changed, and to those that venture to read some of my first stories like Lite Up can see a noticeble difference in how I write.

On the other side of this, at times my updates are slow. I generally have to be in a certain mood to pump out good chapters and if I force myself it shows. This is the main reason why my updates come slow. Another reason is my other hobbies. MMO's and other online games mainly. On topic of my writing, many will notice in my stories that when I turn a normally good natured character dark, they will stay dark. The main reason for this is that I find it too cliche for someone to fall to their more darker desires and then at the last second, turn good again to save the day. As I said, I find this extremely cliche and over used in alot of stories.

Cross Overs

I don't like to write or really read alot of cross over stories. Not that I think they are horrible by any means, but most of them that I have read it just sort of happens and is not believeable for both series in question. This is very important to me as a reader and writer, that the cross over has to be believeable for it to happen, which leads to my next opinion on it. I am not a big fan of placing characters of one series into the universe of the other. When I write or read a cross over, I want to see the characters, with their existing personalities; react to what the events of the cross over will bring. I feel that it is much more impactful then.

Anyways, those are my thoughts on Cross Overs.

Work in Progress/Upcoming projects

I have a bunch of stories I plan on writing in the future. Expanding to different genres and challange my writing even more. Here is a list of ones that I am working on or plan to in the near future. Now alot of these will be in the pre-planning stage as I work on a plot for the story. Also because my mind gets assaulted by new ideas daily. Usually when I begin to come up with a story there are three stages to it.

Musing - This is the stage in which I am going over the idea and imagingin scenes to do, not really the plot of the story but parts of which I would love to write.

Pre-planning - After musing on the idea for the awhile and letting it brew within my imagination, I start to come up with a plot for the story. This is also the stage in which I begin to map out each chapter.

In-progress - Pretty self explanitory. By this point the story is underway, Now, being that it is in-progress only means that I have begun to write it. Not that I have posted it yet.

Tainted Angel: A revised version of my current Tainted story. While re-reading Tainted I have noticed glaring plot holes and inconsistancy between chapters. This newer version will be far better written with more detail. (Pre-planning)

Evangelion: Dark Force Rising: My second cross-over between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Star Wars. This one I plan on putting a little twist in and putting Hikari as the main character in the story. Should be interesting to write. (Pre-planning)

Omen: Another Aizen/Orihime story but with a very big plot twist that many will not see coming until they finish the first chapter. This story will be dark. Can't wait to start on it. (Pre-planning)

Scream: Sakura/Jashin story. Possibly a one shot. Always liked seeing Sakura as a Jashinists, but with this one will probably explore it from Sakura's childhood and how she hides it from her team. (Pre-planning)

Of Wizards and Ninjas: Naruto/Negima cross over. Focuses on one of Negi's students haboring a lethal secret and a dark past. Sequal to this already planned! (Pre-planning)

Daughters of Darkness: In my Winx binge, another Dark Bloom story. Pairings will more then likely be Bloom/Icy (Pre-planning)

Freedom Awaits: Airwolf/Winx Club cross over. A paramilitary extremist group from earth has infiltrated Magix with a sinister agenda and on Bloom has the only weaon able to stop them! (In Progress)

Metal Winx: World Tour - Short sequal to my Metal Winx story which was spawned out of a joke. Working on plot. (Pre-planning)

Voices - (One Shot) Bloom begins to her voices in her head, and starts to go insane. (Pre-planning)

Darkness Falls - Dark Bloom still lives on within Bloom, and now she is starting to break free. (Baltor/Bloom) (Pre-planning)

Hyborian Adventures - (Conan/Winx Club cross over) After Timmy's teleportation experitment as a glitch, Bloom finds herself in Hyboria alone. (Pre-planning)

Immortal - (Highlander/Winx Club cross over) After interefereing in a fight between two immortals, Bloom accidently kills one and thus gains his immortality. (Musing)

Winx Club: Path of Destruction - (Star Wars/Winx Club) Faragonda sends the Winx Club and the specialist to investigate an odd machine found in a temple like structure unearthed in Magix. (In-progress)

Dynasty of Evil - Instead of being found by Mike and Vanessa. Young Bloom ends up in the arms of Circe, who adopts her as her own protege. Villain Bloom story. Minor cross over with DC Universe Online and Justice League. (In-progress)

Jaina: Rise of the Lich Queen - Alternate Universe in which Jaina Proudmoore becomes corrupted by Frostmourne instead of Arthas. (Pre-planning)

Project Dark Jade

A mutual project carried out by Eduard Kassel and Nocturne no Kitsune. It turns out they have many similar interests and dissatisfaction. In one case this resulted in them working together to address a depressing vacuum in the Jackie Chan Adventures Archives. Namely stories in which the shows leading little lady either strays or is press ganged unto the dark side.

"Queen of All Oni" (Running): Rather than Daolon Wong's spell reawkening the ancient ruler of the Shadow Khan, he revives a newer evil. The Queen of the Shadow Khan has risen again, and the hunt for the masks is on. Not only must Jackie and Torhu save the world they must save Jade from the darkness that engulfs her, if they can.

"Queen of Shadows" (Running): Nocturne no Kitsune has a rather different, but highly enjoyable approach in mind. When Jade attacked the Shendu possessed Jackie she made him slash a page with ink, setting the course of history into chaos. She awakens to find herself a powerful ruler in ancient Japan with mighty armies at her disposal. The armies being the tribes of Shadow Khan and herself the dreaded Queen of Shadows. Can she mend the damage done to history and return to her proper self and time. Will she survive the forces of Light and rivals in Darkness long enough to even try?

"Jade Dragon" (Planning): No blue skin here, we are not horses of a single trick. In this collaboration a magic mirror sends Jade on a strange but very familiar journey. For now we will leave it at that.

"When I Grow up" (Complete): Does knowing the future mean you can change it? Or is fate the one thing not even the indomitable Jade Chan can overcome?

"A Shadow of the Titans" (Running): Orginally conceived by Nocturne no Kitsune it has become a collaboration between him and Eduard Kassel. A sweeping lengthy saga crafted over much of 2009 in secret, the prologue was written months ago by Nocturne. The hiatus has delayed the launch leaving Kassel with the notes and plot outlines but now that Nocturne has given his blessing this project can proceed:

An accident during a banishing spell sends Jade clear to another world, but the intervention of a mysterious entity complicates her problems. Once more the Queen of the Shadowkhan, Jade must survive the world of the Teen Titans where super heroes and villains clash in seemingly endless struggles of good and evil. And not only that she must try and find a way to return, or will this world's promises sway her from that course? Expected to be epic in length, and hopefully epic in other ways.

"Beyond my Abilities" (Development & Planning): A Delve into how power corrupts, and the desire for power corrupts absolutely. Once all the adventures are over and life has calmed down, Jade laments the loss of her exciting lifestyle. But the worse is yet to come, as she starts to feel ignored and useless. Her Uncles are seeming to drift away from her, and deny her the things she earned on her exploits like Training in the Martial arts with Jackie, or watching as Uncle brews another spell. Thinking that she is being dragged down into obscurity, Jade desperately attempts to find a way to add that exceptional aspect to her life again.

And she gets exactly what she wants, when she discovers a small shop with no name. But is the asking price for this stores special products more then What Jade is willing to pay? Status: Concept Stages

"Roommate" (Running): ppH's entry begins at the start of season 2. When Jade gets between Valmont and Shendu. Things are turned upside down.

Now stuck with the bad guys and with a 900 year old dragon in her head. Will Jade find her way back into the light?.

Or will Shendu drag her down into the darkness?.

"The Blue Knight and The Dark Queen" (Complete): D. J. Scales comes onto the scene with a new take on the concept. In this tale the King revives the Queen during the faithful meeting on the runway. With two members of dark royalty dedicated to the quest the situation is grim for our remaining heroes. Now, with the balance between good and evil disrupted even more than usual Uncle summons new champions to aid in their struggle. The Dark Forces may have regained a Queen but the forces of good have gained a Blue Knight and the enchanted sword Caliburn to their cause. Crossover with Sonic and The Black Knight.

"The Blue Knight and the Dark Queen: The Immortal Relics": The sequel.

"Queen's Ascension" (Running): What if when the 9 Oni Masks broke, something different happened than the generals being revived? What If Jade was given the chance to once again be the ShadowKhan Queen? A new spin on the return of the Queen; the motives especially are intriguing in this budding tale. Note: This story rearranges the continuity in regards to the seasons.

"Demon Sorceress of Fire" (Running): Jade has earned her place as a Demon Sorcerer by slaying the previous holder of the title. Compelled by her 'brothers and sisters', she will now restore the power of the Dark Hand, free the Demon Sorcerers to rebuild their kingdoms anew, all while trying to stop the slow merging of her soul with Shendu and retain her humanity.

"Her Shadowed Realm" (Running): CryptIXeeper introduces himself into the DJP with this particular story. In one reality, Jade turned evil. She betrayed the very family and friends she had fought alongside and cared about for power. However, said family and friends succeeded in banishing her to the Shadow Realm, a dimension bridging all others together with shadow. In the other, Jade is but an innocent girl with an average life and an average family. What happens with this evil Jade, taken to calling herself 'Yu' finds a way to enter her world and tempt the innocent jade towards the dark side? Find out as we begin a journey down the path of corruption, in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! A Jackie Chan Adventures and Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover

"影Kage" (Running): Longtime fan Chaotic9 enters the ranks wit this story. Sometimes even the heroes greatest victory can be tainted. And that cost Jade her place in her Universe. Now in another Universe watched by a place called Kandrakar and its Guardians, with some of the power she once possessed, Jade will try to find a way home, by any means necessary. But can she prevail in an Universe where Light seems to always beat Darkness?

"A MAD Heir" (Running): Dr. Claw is tired of his loyal yet hopelessly inept flunkies, and decides to try something new. Rated T because there will most likely be death and some psychological stuff in here, minimal cursing. The first chapter is more like an intro. Inspector Gadget Crossover.

"Shadows Awakening" (Complete): Ander Arias goes from fanart contributor to writer with his first Dark Jade story. Jade finds herself as the wielder of a great power, but said power comes with a price. Her only hope to return back to human before having to pay the ultimate price lies in one of her family's worst enemies, who plans to unleash an unspeakable horror into the world. Dark Jade fic. Read and Review!

"Jade Cobra" (Running): A story from balfang van claude. Cobra commander has his eyes on jade Chan and plans a rescue when jade was about to be kidnapped by Dr. Claw to earn her favor and offers her a great position as general of san fransisco headquarters being based at the former dark hand's HQ. how will Jackie react when he finds Jade months later and how can the Joes defeat the leader who is also a child?

"A Frog in Arkham Asylum" (Running): Another promising fic from Chaotic09. Being stuck as a half frog was bad enough. But to be framed for her family murders is even worse . Locked up in the craziest place on the planet and stuck in the middle of the Dark Knight clash against his insane nemesis, Jade Chan will have to fight to keep her sanity in the one place where she can lose it. Welcome to hell on Earth and enjoy your stay.

"March of the Black Queen" (Running): Through the changing years, Jade is now a shadow of her former self. A victim of her frustrations and embodiments of anger; a dormant evil now lies awake within her, consuming and transforming her into the Queen of the Shadow Khan once again. The struggle between darkness and light just began.

"Webwork" (Running): Balance does not discriminate. The failure of successive dark champions present and future has created an imbalance in favor of the light. Thanks to the meddling of a fallen foe, Jade Chan will pay the price for another's tampering with destiny. Though heroes will rise yet again to face darkness, Jade has a stake in this conflict such as no dark foe before her. Post Season 5

"Shadow: Agent of Order" (Running): TheGunmaster joins the fray. After being nearly killed by Klarion, Jade Chan is rendered Half-Human, Half Shadowkhan. Taken under the wing of none other than Dr. Fate, she will become Shadow, a hero dedicated to hunting the monsters that hide in darkness. Enemies new and old rise, rivalries born, friendships made. And a destiny etched in both Light and dark will change everything. Rated T to be safe.


D. J. Scales: This writer originally had an idea he wanted to suggest, but in the process found his own creativity taking hold of the idea. While new to the Dark Jade idea he is no stranger to the JCA fandom in his writing on this site.

PPH: The new rookie on the block. Who merely hopes people enjoy his story’s.

Nocturne no Kitsune: The first one past the post with a story for this Project. He also concieved Jade Dragon and the Crossover Project. Real life has forced him into a hiatus of indefinite length on some stories, but the signs seem hopeful right now.

Eduard Kassel: Founder of Project Dark Jade, though it was only made real through the encouragement and input of Nocturne no Kitsune.

Zim'smostloyalservant: The stalwart beta that has worked with Nocturne and Kassel on their PDJ stories and more. An invaluable member of the PDJ team.

DigitalHazard: Rookie writer, just now posted the beginning of his first story

MEMBER X: A new writer that has submitted a story idea and been approved. Wishes to remain anonymous until the story is ready to be posted.

Mengskhunter: Tired of the Adventure boards, he found the Dark Jade Project and wanted to follow their example and create a quality story.

CryptIXeeper: Rookie writer, found Project Dark Jade when he decided to reminisce with Jackie Chan Adventures on fanfiction.

Chaotic9: Fan of Project Dark Jade for a long time that decided to create his own story for the project. Favorite JCA episode: Queen of the Shadowkhan.

Vladimir Zhivanevskaya: Wanted to write a fanfiction, but had no ideas. Found the Story adoption thread in the PDJ forum and was inspired to write out an idea thought up by an imaginative contributor.

Ander Arias: After finding the Dark jade Project and reading some of the stories, he was inspired to write a Dark Jade story as well. He also has provided some fanart and cover arts for other PDJ stories.

balfang van claude: A fresh fan fic writer with a few OK stories hoping to get some love in his works. Inspired by remembering dreams, he does his best to make some good stories, chaotic some may be.

D4rK Sid3: A person that found that Jade as the Queen of the Shadow Khan had more than the potential to become something greater. He was in the process of creating his fic when he discovered PDJ and its fics. He is about to post his story after working on it for so long.

Trackula: Watched through the series on a whim and enjoyed it. Was inspired to do his own take on the Project with the aid of another talented writer, as well as drew artwork for other PDJ fiction.


Have a Dark Jade idea? Send it to Eduard Kassel and you could join the Project as well! Spread the word.

Project Dark Jade Forum

Q & A: This thread is for asking questions you don't mind being shown to the public. The rules for PDJ are also posted here.

Dark Jade Story Idea Adoption Thread: Lately people have been sending ideas they think have potential, but for whatever reason can't write them themselves. So this thread is the PDJ orphanage where these ideas go until someone can adopt them. We already have ideas posted, so check them out if you are interested or just curious.

Dark Jade Author Seeks Beta Thread: This thread is for fans that are inclined to beta read to touch bases with Dark Jade writers looking for betas.

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