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Howdy. I looked at some other people's profiles and realised mine is totally useless, so I'm gonna actually add in some information. I'll keep the main chunk of text I wrote for here mainly because I'm too lazy to delete it then retype the bits I need, but here are the basics about me:

Nickname: Vivli (duh!)

Age: 19 (I don't quite understand why people are shy to admit their age on these things)

Place Where I Live: England (hence the English spellings instead of American in a lot of words).

Urm, what else should I put here? Loads of people stick 'favourite anime', but I really don't like anime, so that's useless. Favourite TV show perhaps?Why would you want to know that? I could do favourite quote, but I have a few and none are that funny. I'll just leave ya to read the information on what I've written.

This must be the worst profile of all time!

The stories I have written are pretty much all based on the unimaginitvely titled 'FFXI Chronicles', I wish it had a better name but it doesn't. There are a few others out there, one based on Guild Wars, one based on Doctor Who (great show), and a prequel of sorts to the Chronicles, although it doesn't tie into actual events specifically, so can be enjoyed by anybody (hopefully). The Guild Wars story remains unfinished. I plan to finish it one day, and apologise for the super long delay.

Despite being an FFXI writer mostly, I had to cancel my original subscription. Then came back. And cancelled it again.

And finally, the one big criticism of my stories is that you can't see the scene changes. So here I defend myself! That's not my fault, that's the formatting system. Because I often (almost always) end paragraphs with dialogue then start the next one with dialogue (makes for funnier/more dramatic scene transitions)'s dialogue formatter just blends into the paragraph changes. If this really does bug you, you can always e-mail me and ask for a text based version of the story, which I'll happily send to you so you can read it in its original format.

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This is my interpretation of the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic KotOR. It deals with a female Revan.
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The FFXI Chronicles: The Dawn Of The Immortal reviews
Over 550 years ago an evil cult was defeated by the immortal Olose Sampson. Now it has returned to Vana'diel, and the champions of the land are nowhere to be found...
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