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Author has written 6 stories for Song of the Lioness, Sailor Moon, and Harry Potter.

I am lady dove or lady d in case it is not obvious I love Tamora Pierce I'm compltely obsessed have been for years.

some days I accidently swear by the goddess weird I know.

I love harry potter, lord of the rings the cladi journals, the hitchhicker's guide, the young wizards series, clamp, Sailor Moonand about a billion other books and writers.

I'm writing a book I'm so proud of how It's turning out. You see for my age I'm brillant.
I could complain about the struggles of a gifted child but thats boring.

shakes head at own foolishness

I love really and truely to write, read, draw, and dream. Wakeing up in the morning and thinking one more chapter to read/write and I'm finished is the thrill and horror of my life and well I live for it.

I'm about to stop talking really I am I just want to share one last thing my two favorite Qoutes which kinda diffine me
"to be brave is not to be fearless but to judge that something is more important than your fears"
"I do not suffer from insanity I enjoy every molment of it"

lady dove of the green eyes

My favorite quotes

I don't argue with insanity, not when it's been so good to me.-me

me: what do you mean stop reading she just, and, she did you'd never belive. Trust me if you want me to retain any amount of sanity let me finish this book!

custodian/janitor: honey I know but school ended four hours ago.

me: oh, sorry I didn't realize walks away still reading book slams into wall then floor then falls down again trying to stand up ow that had to hurt but, no she walks away oblivous still reading, Oops she triped down the stair.-me

don't forgive things that are true-Alanna O' pirates swoop

Earl had to die!-dixie chicks

Roger was a guy I knew in high school evil eyes I got to kill him eviler eyes I got to kill him twice-tammy:)

books-my anti reality drug-me

welcome to my room leave your sanity at the door-my door

only two things in the world are infinate: the universe and human stupidity...and I'm still not sure about the first.-Albert Einstein

readerlyness is next to godlyness-me

the fact that your sanity makes me seem insane is not my problem.-me

the first day of school: my thoughts: how many days till summer break again?

me: What do you mean readings geeky have you ever made friends with a dragon?

them: see

me: skysong, sic 'em

Skysong(my pet dragon who I named after kit from the imortals series): Sics'em

"Dear lord, please give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I had to kill because they annoyed me."-Fanta

"Before Tortall books I had no life. Now I still have no life, but at least I'm contentedly oblivious" -fanta

"I knew because of a certain thing called woman's intuition, known by many as common sense."-fanta

"Please be nice to the dragons because you are crunchy and go well with ketchup."-fanta

"Don't worry. We're all happy here. fends off men in white lab coats"-fanta

"When everything seems to be coming your way, you're in the wrong lane."-fanta

"I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, and then it hit me."-fanta

"Don't let your mind wander--it's too little to be left alone."-fanta

Dom frowned as well, and bowed his head a little. "Well, you see, I was planning to give you a single red rose. Much more romantic, wouldn’t you say? But, seeing as it’s winter, and roses are hard to come by this time of year...I’m afraid this was all I could find." he explained, and gave a sad gesture to the pinecone when he finished speaking. -Dom, to Kel, from 'Daybreak', a fanfiction by Pheep, chapter 8

"I would have dearly loved to have pushed my dear cousin into some of those wonderful bushes, the thorns being an added bonus. But it was not to be so, the damn roses were dead." -Neal, to himself, from 'Kissing My Best Friend', a fanfiction by Seadragon

"If she dies Mithros forgive you, I never will"-lord RaulLKTP

"Girls play at bein' Lioness. I saw one chasin' her brother down the street, wavin' a stick and callin' for the Conte Duke to submit to her sword." -The Provost, to Alanna, from Lioness Rampant

Memo:I forgot to tell you): I have a kel-dom fixation
Goddesses of the Comedy Realm(I might add on gods without updating the title!)

kissing the lady knight
2.Tortallan truth or dare(you sick women,what do you mean I'm sick for reading it it was funny.)
3.Look Mommy! It's Raining Shoes!
5.And many,many,many others!

2.From The Horse's Mouth
3.and others I've yet to read
4.oh ya I forgot just read her user look up you won't be able to stop laughing.

Traffic lights-wrote:
1.The Art of Wearing Dresses
2.Objective: Kiss Kelardy
3.and whole bunches I haven't found the time to read

Maxie Fonseca-wrote:
1.A Rainy Day

There are many others I want to list but I have to go sadly she's yelling at me again (shakes head me:just a minute her:NOWokay I think I need to go for now before steam comes out her ears...sighs to late)

insane things I like to do

1. Permantly destroy the spirit of anyone who insults my books.

2. Drive my best friend and anyone insane enough to get near me bonkers.

3. Turn perfectly inocent people into book worshiping freaks.

4. shifty eyes I'm not going to tell you 'cause if I did I'd have to kill you.

5. What I'm writing here is soon to come.

P.S.yes by the way I did covet the phrase don't shoot me

P.P.S. Kindly disregard that last comment

P.P.P.S the men in the black suits with the sunglasses have informed me that I broke some universal law writing that, so if you could
just tell them that you don't know me if they come to your door.

P.P.P.P.S That goes the same for the men in the white lab coats carrying the strait jacket.

P.P.P.P.P.S If you read my storys and don't review them I'll send the carrot men after you.

Ya I know I'm talking to much but this must be said because if I do it for each story I'm going to forget one so here goes Disclaimer Anything you recognize from a book you've read I didn't write thank you for your time this applys to all my storys.
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