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Author has written 6 stories for Supernatural, Picture of Dorian Gray, and StarTrek: The Original Series.

Onward, Christian soldiers!! ... or not.

I'm in a weird and ecstatic mood, and I need to go to sleep. I just thought I'd regale you all with this totally unnecessary piece of information.

So, as for my stories:

Finding Trinity This one is now well under way, and I couldn't have done it without my trusty beta Judin. I also couldn't have done it if it weren't for the obvious and otherwise superfantastic glory that is Kirk/Spock. They just invite writing. No, strike that, they demand it, for crying out loud. When Gene Roddenberry didn't see fit to give us a proper on-screen kiss before he died, he forced us to go forth and create the scenarios on our own. This one also involves John Christopher, who, might I say, is also quite yummy. This story will contain slash. Long drawn-out and make-the-readers-insane-with-waiting kind of slash, but slash, all the same. So if you don't like slash, don't complain. Well, you're of course more than welcome to complain all you like, but it won't really do anything for you.

Changed: If anyone actually has any kind of memory of this fic (which I highly doubt), it was removed a while ago, and is still a work in progress. It is a Harry Potter fic, where Harry is evil. Because that's just how I roll. It's going to be a trilogy (if I ever manage to finish it), and Changed is just the first part. Expect tragedy, expect drama, expect evil, and don't, by any means, expect happy endings. Because I'm just too cruel for that kind of thing. Just ask my beta.

The Unexpected: This one, also Harry Potter, has been deleted as well (obviously). I apologise for this, but I need to finish it before I post more. It's an AU fic. Harry is accidentally transported into an alternate dimension where Voldemort never came after him as a child, and he is the Dark Lord's number one guy. Yes, yes, it's another evil!Harry fic. I like it. So sue me.

Breathe Into Me Also Harry Potter. This story is the most depressive I have ever written, and is going to tell the story of Harry after Ginny and his two sons are brutally murdered some years after the final battle. It's just about as dreary as it sounds, but I'm hoping the story will be an interesting and well-written one. It will also be slash. Because I don't write a lot of that for Harry Potter, and I figured it would be interesting. By slash, I naturally mean Harry/Draco. Because the whole enemies-becoming-friends-becoming-lovers thing is hot. And awesome. So there.

Other stuff:

A story I, as of yet, only have plans to write is a Princess Bride/Harry Potter crossover. This idea makes me very happy, and I'm hoping that, when I actually start writing it, it will be as good as I think it could be. Envision Draco Malfoy as Westley, Hermione Granger as Princess Buttercup, Harry Potter as Inigo Montoya ("Hello. My name is Harry Potter. You killed my father. Prepare to die."), Hagrid as Fezzik, Snape as Vizzini, Ron Weasley as Prince Humperdinck, Voldemort as Count Rugen, Dumbledore as the old king, and Grindewald as the queen (I amuse myself).

I will probably post some poems now and then. Sometimes I spontaneously burst into poetry. Or song. Or both.

I have also published a series (well, there are only three now, but some day there will be more) of poems from Dorian Gray. The instalment is called "Poetry for Dorian Gray". I'm doing this because "The Picture of Dorian Gray" is just about one of the most amazing pieces of fiction ever penned. Oscar Wilde, I love you. And yes, it's about a good guy being warped into something dark and unrecognisable. Yes, I have a thing. No, it's not a problem.

I also plan to write some one-shots. Just because I feel like that's something I haven't really tackled yet. Writing short things is not my forte.

I think that's it for now. If you read my stories, I'd really appreciate reviews. Because reviews rock. Consequently, if you write a review, you rock. See how this all works out?

Cheers, all! May the cows be with you. Also, live long and moooo.

Edit, 13.06.17: Finding Trinity. Yeah. Guys. Girls. Other. I'm sorry. I had every intention of finishing it, I really did, and I still don't want to admit that I've abandoned it, but my ST fervour has kind of died out, temporarily. I probably need to rewatch the series to get properly into the characters again, and I actually need to reread my own story, because it's been so long, people, so looong. I'm awful. But I still want to finish it. I really do. I swear. So ... here's hoping inspiration returns soon.

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