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Name: Alexis

Age: 12 years old

Grade: 7th

School: Harold Washington Elementary

City: Chicago

State: Illinois

Favorite Color: Blue (All kinds of blue)

Race: African American/Native American

Hair: Jet Black - Goes a little above my butt (With hints of blue because the sun gave me a free hair dye.)

Eye: Deep Chocolate Brown

Birth Date: May 28, 1993

Amount of friends: Um I don't know since I lost count some where around 34...

Worst Fear: Chocking on a black pretzel, Being alone

Favorite Anime: Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Flame of Recca, Ruroni Kenshin, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Fruits Basket, Tenchi, Yu Yu Hakusho, Orphen, Chance Pop Session, Dragon Ball, Z, and Gt, Angelic Layer, Cased Closed, Lupin the 3rd, Jubei Chan the Ninja Girl, Ranma 1/2, Kiddy Grade, You Are Under Arrest, Ikki Tousen, Moeyo Ken, Saiyuki, Angel Tales

Favorite TV Shows: Bey Blade, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Fairly Odd Parents, Power Puff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter's Laboratory, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Danny Phantom, That's So Raven, The Proud Family, Even Stevens, Boy Meets World, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Aqua Team Hunger Force, American Idol, Pokemon, Digimon, Recess

ThingsYou Won't Believe But It's True: I see ghost and apparitions. I study aqua kinesis and cryo kinesis. I only can make water rise a little bit for only 10 seconds or less, and I can barely make an ice ball. (I know I suck but hello it's hard)

Pairings I Like:

Kagome/Inuyasha (From Inuyasha, DUH!)

Kagome/Goku (From Inuyasha and Saiyuki)

Kagome/Tyson (From Inuyasha and Bey Blade)

Kagome/Joey (From Inuyasha and Yugi Oh)

Kagome/Recca (From Inuyasha and Flame of Recca)

Kagome/Yugi (From Inuyasha and Yugi Oh)

Kagome/Yuske (From Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho)

Kagome/Ash (From Inuyasha and Pokemon)

Kagome/Davis (From Inuyasha and Digimon)

Kagome/Koji (From Inuyasha and Digimon)

Kagome/Jimmy (From Inuyasha and Cased Closed)

Kagome/Edward (From Inuyasha and Full Metal Alchemist)

Kagome/Yoh (From Inuyasha and Shaman King)

Kagome/Kyo (From Inuyasha and Fruits Basket)

Sango/Miroku (From Inuyasha, obviously)

Sango/Gojyo (From Inuyasha and Saiyuki) She's gotta thing for perverts

Pairings I DON'T Like:











My Hobbies: Singing; Eating; Sleeping; Video Games; Animals; Writing/Reading FanFiction; Writing; Drawing

My Favorite Characters:

Kagome (Inuyasha)

Sango (Inuyasha)

Kilala (Inuyasha)

Goku (Saiyuki)

Lirin (Saiyuki)

Yoh (Shaman King)

Anna (Shaman King)

Tyson (Bey Blade)

Daichi (Bey Blade)

Max (Bey Blade)

Kyo (Fruits Basket)

Tohru (Fruits Basket)

Kyo (Samurai Deeper Kyo)

Sasami (Tenchi)

Ryoko (Tenchi)

Ryoki (Tenchi)

Jubei (Jubei Chan the Ninja Girl)

Bantaro (Jubei Chan the Ninja Girl)

Hakkufu (Ikki Tousen)

Reyomo (Ikki Tousen)

Ukitsu (Ikki Tousen)

Jimmy (Cased Closed/Detective Conan)

Rachel (Cased Closed/Detective Conan)

Lina (Slayers)

Amelia (Slayers)

Yes, it's true Karou the two-tailed ice neko is Kagome's companion and I made her up. And she is in all my stories. I ADMIT IT, I LOVE KAROU.

Cute Guys

Yusuke (YYH)

Tyson (BB)

Max (BB)

Goku (SY)

Recca (FoR)

Jimmy (CC) or (DC)

Bantaro (JtNG)

Kyo (FB)

Yoh (SK)

Zeke/Hao (SK)

Edward (FMA)

Inuyasha (IY)

Ash (PM)

Davis (DM)

Tai (DM)

Joey (YO)

Yugi (YO)

Kenshin (RK) or (SX)

Sanosuke sp (RK) or (SX)

Fan Fic Ideas or I Plan On Making:

1) Why- Why does people feel like they have to be like everyone else? Why do they have to feel jealous? If everyone was themselves then maybe... Yu Yu Hakusho crossover: NO PAIRING

2) Mate-to-Be- In the past Goku knew Kagome and Sango. But on her 6th birthday he must leave so he ask her to be his mate (well mate-to-be) when he comes back to her. But unfortunately he doesn't return until 500 years later after Sanzo freed him from his prison and he met Gojyo and Hakkai. But Kagome's human. So how could she live so long?What will happen? Saiyuki crossover/Pairings: Kagome/Goku & Sango/Gojyo

3) The Game of Love- There's a strange new game out and kids love it. But when people play it they mysteriously disappears. Kagome plays the game and gets stuck in the game so the game is reality. But so did a super hot short boy named Ed and his brother Al. Full Metal Alchemist crossver/Pairings: Kagome/Edward

4) Fire and Ice- Kagome is half ice ice elemental and half wind elemental. Sango is half fire elemental and half earth elemental. After the final battle with Naraku only Kagome, Sango, Karou, and Kirara survives. Then they transfer to the Yu Yu Gang's high school.. They fall in but there's one problem... THE YU YU GANG ARE SUPPOSE TO KILL THEM! Yu Yu Hakusho crossover/Pairings: Kagome/Yuske & Sango/Hiei

5) Talent For Love- Kagome is over Inuyasha COMPLETEY. Now she's looking for a new love. But what happens when she comes across a certain Full Metal Alchemist? One-Shot/Song Fic Full Metal Alchemist crossover/Pairings: Kag/Ed

6)I'm In Love With My Assassin-Someone challenges Larharl for the throne. But this person happens to be a GIRL, named Kagome. But after she loses, she moves in the castle withhim, Etna, and Flonne. Unfortuantely she's really an assassin after Larharl. Disgaea crossover/Pairings: Kagome/Larharl

7) Let It Rip Your Heart Out- Kai's sister Kagome comes to visit. The World's Tag Team Tornument is here again. So she and her friends from the fuedule era sign up. But will she be able to compete when she falls in love? Bey Blade crossover/ Pairings: Kagome/? VOTE FOR PAIRINGS!

8) I Am A Fighter- Ukitsu defeated Sonsaku right? But who killed Ukitsu? They find out went a new fighter named Kagome comes to town. Ikki Tousen crossover

9) Sweet Snow- Tohru's cousin comes to visit. So now she's living with the Sohmas.They're keeping secrets from each other. But what happens when secrets are relieved? Fruits Basket crossover/ Pairing: Kagome/Kyo/Tohru maybe alittle Kagome/Haru

10) We Will Serve You Master- Guru gets a kitten. Everyone loves her... most of the time. But she dies when she goes into a rain storm. 1 year later, another beautiful appears from his cell phone. Angel Tales crossover/ VOTE FOR PAIRINGS

11) Sister Dearest- Anna's sister comes to visit. And she's keeping a big secret from her. What is it? Will she fall in love? Shaman King crossover/ Pairings: VOTE FOR PAIRINGS!

If one or more of these story ideas interest you, then e-mail me and I'll make it ok. Arigato, Ja Ne! I'm not sure if I should make them or not. I know this is lame but I'm having a major Writer's Block so... yea.

And some of you know me as Cute Miko and Cute Angel Girl.

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