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this is the lizard on the wall, saying hidey-ho to you all! so, you want to know a bit about me, do ya? well, here's my wacky profile just for you. nothing special. just the basics:

Name: N. Zahed.

Gender: Female. (and proud of it!)

Age: yeah, like I'm really gonna bother changing my age every year. I was born in the year 1986. you do the math people.

Hair: a nice brown that gives the slightest hind of red when under sunlight.

Eyes: brown. (aaaaaaaannnnnnand near sighted)

Height: Uhhhh, I'm taller then my mom by about an inch or two. other then that, I have no clue. (whew! that rhymed!)

Weight: Hahahahaha! you have got to be kidding me. no. really. I'm about to bust a gut here. please, oh gosh, stop. hahahahahaa! (translated: none of your beeswax bub!)

Favorite Game Types: RPG, Adventure and a litter bit of Puzzle. (but nothing TOO hard, or my brain could get fried)

Favorite Game Tittles:

the entire "Jak and Daxter" series.

Final Fantasy 8 and 9.

Bloody Roar.

Legend of Dragoon.

(that's all that popped up so far even though I've played more then just those ones.)

Favorite Book Type: Fantasy, Mystery and a bit historical if possible. (as in anything that comes from la-la land with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo-voo-du stuff)

Favorite book titles: if I start, I'll never stop. there are so many books I like. but these are my top 5:

"Sword of Truth"

"Earth's Children"

"The Vampire Armand"

"Dragon's Blood"

"The Forbidden Game"

Favorite Movies: forget it, lest I list every movie known to man! (well, not every movie, but pretty close.)

and that's about it about me. need to know anything else? no? ok. then point that little thing that buzzes around your screen when you move the mouse down the page and do some reading. or you could use it to hit that lovely litter "X" on the corner of your page and save yourself the brain damage.

take care and have fun peeps!

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