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Location: England..Yes I'm English. On my laptop, duh!

Name:..Manic-Cheese-Fairy haha!

I like Harry Potter at the moment, I've written 'A Journey to Remember' which I think is probably my best fic at the moment out of all of them, even though it has hardly any reviews.

A Journey to Remember: When Kelly receives a Time-turner you expect it to back in time. Something happens and she is thrown 3 years into the future. Being best-friends to the twins since she came to Hogwarts, you would think she could handle anything. However, the time she lands in, is right after the battle, and one of said twins isn't there. DH spoilers!

Kelly: Kelly is one of those girls, that hates people that think they are better than everyone else. She is talkative and always up for a laugh, but she also knows how to be serious and later shows a more vulnerable side to being in the future. Kelly loves being with the twins and doing pranks and jokes with them.

I have so many ideas at the moment for Harry Potter, but I hate writing one-shots and if I do start anew I will forget about A Journey to Remember which I really want to carry on. I don't even know where it's going, I just think of stuff as I go along and look back at the other chapters for tiny little characters that could maybe play a part.

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Kelly has been close to the twins ever since she first arrived at Hogwarts. Going on an adventure was rare. Kelly had never traveled through time before.What would everyone look like in the future?FredxOC DH spoilers later on!
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