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Ships I Like (or at least accept):

(One of my favorite pairings because they have the potential to be such a lively and colorful couple...HONK! HONK, there is definitely stuff to work with...Metamorphmagus abilites, interest in Aurors, both can be clumsy at times, shameless flirting works brilliantly coming from Tonks...Out of all the ships with significant age difference, they have a better shot with the added factor that the chemistry can be there.)

(Another favoriteof mine, however this ship is more unlikely...some barriers are she is partially to blame for Sirius' death, is a feared Death Eater, and is old enough to be Harry's Mom. Though she is crazy enough...)

(Some of the fics are pretty good and well-written since there's a stronger bond between the two, this certainly provides more interesting fanfics to know those stories with telepathy/mind-speaking between the two, they're both muggle-raised,aware of each others emotions enough to communicate silently, Harry is more likely to take to studying more than Ron, Hermione does worry more about Harry as well...mainly a Hermione/Ron ship just seems boring and one-dimensional to me. Also, that fight they had just before they left for the DoM seemed pretty heated...)

(Interesting ship, though it's super unlikely, again she is old enough to be his Mom, she is also the wife of an inner circle Death Eater, her son hates Harry, plus I don't think they have ever spoken a word to each other throughout Books 1-5, Narcissa might know alot of information regarding Harry, but Harry has almost no clue about what makes her tick and so on.)

(Great ship in my opinion. Luna's quirky traits combined with Harry's accepting personality makes for great dialogue and one-liners, they have a number of things in common, although Luna does appear to have a crush on Ron in the books.)

(More believable ship than Harry/Luna, at least to me that's how it registers.The possible ship seems like a cat and mouse chase...and I wouldn't put it past Luna to just stop believing in something that appears to be just a matter of time in her mindset, she is a Ravenclaw you know!)

Ships I Dislike (or have trouble reading/accepting):

(Bleh, seems really boring unless you're into that whole fighting and not agreeing with each other mentality. Hermione comes off as a strong herione character, and to me Ron is certainly not on equal terms compared to her, and I think he wouldn't be able to keep up for the long haul.)

(Ugh, horrible ship in my opinion and it seems so secondary. Not a hint of chemistry, and Ginny comes off as a stalker in the beginning of the books. Ginny appears to bemore loose with relationships and Harry is more nervous/uptight, plus to me I don't think she can read Harry if he was a bulletin board.)

('Rolls eyes'...this ain't happening, Honestly! it's more fun to read when they're at each other's throats, or taking shots at one another while trying to work together in a sarcastic truce or something.)

(Loathe this ship because there's just no potential, no spark,and the fics are boring. Cho doesn't seem to be a strong character and is all wrong for Harry, c'mon their first kiss was not even on-page!)

(Errr...I can see why some people like this ship, I have no problem with slash though I rarely read that much of it. I like them more as enemies, more potential for duels and evil-doing, and the fics where they're busting each other's chops are definitely more enjoyable.)

(Meh, just so wrong in my opinion...Hermione is not a violent individual but the Ferret still gets under her skin and she explodes and jabs him in the face, though I can see the appeal others have for the whole goody Gryffindor girl tries to change slimy Slytherin git, but please! Hermione is so fixated on Harry's well-being that it's just like swapping Harry and inserting Malfoy.)

Site where you can create your own female characters. So I made what I thought Tonks could look like.
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The What Who Lived? reviews
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