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Hello, hello!

I'm Jack. Or Cracker Jack. I dunno. Whichever.-.-

And just so you don't think I'm totally gay and off my rocker, I AM A GIRL. Say it with me. "G-I-R-L." You'd be surprised how many people see the name 'Jack' and instanltly think, "Oh, I know. It's a boy!" Weeeeell, this time its not.

(Jack is short for Jacklyn. -.-)

I write lotsa kindsa fics. I have plans on writing Harry Potter &Kim Possible (MAYBE) and more Kids Next Door or Teen Titans fics.

My Pairings:

Numbah Three & Numbah Four (I wubb this couple!)
Numbah One & Numbah Five (I might do 2 and 5, but I prefer 1/5)
Beast Boy & Raven (so cute! but I loath Rae/Rob and Rae/Cy pairings. eeeww.)
Robin & Starfie (oh so perfect!)
Ron & Hermione (maybe Harry/Ginny. I dunno yet)
Kim & Ron(I mean seriously- who else would Kim Possiblebe with?)

Bear with me, guys. I'll get more stories up...eventually!

Anyhoo, Itry toupdate stories every3 or 4 days(I have a lot of time on my hands) but if I don't try not to freak out. It means I'm on vacation or something.

R&R and I'll wubb you forever!

Yeah, flames are okay. Just don't burn yaself.

And just for the record...I have issues with spelling and typos- I almost always have at least 3 band-aids onat least three of my fingers (paper cuts, kitten scratches, etc.), so blame that. Just drop a comment telling me what I did, and I'll fix it.

Okay, ready?Opinion time. I think that "feeling" should mean, like..."I'm feeling sad."and then there should be "fealing" for when you're saying something like, "I am fealing the puppy's fur." AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THAT WAY? -pouts-


Oh, you lucky people, you.

oh, and youcan read my new Teen Titans story while you wait!


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