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Name: Tai

Age: 19

Writing Status: Spring semester is starting and I am taking a break from fanfiction. Hopefully during that time I get my head back in gear for what I have planned for my stories, so that plots and ideas can improve and be completed.

My TTH Profile:

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Those are probably the best places to go (the last two, especially the last one) to prod me into writing lol

Favorite Couples to Read (and possibly write if I ever do get to that): I like what are called "odd couples". Couples that would NEVER happen in canon. EVER. Why you ask? Well cause I'm odd .. durr. No, actually as a writer (Just because I don't write often doesn't mean my ff writer card has been revoked :-D) I understand that there are only so many possible plotlines and couples you could have; if you did all of them you would have slut soup. I also realize the beauty of fanfiction; the world of fanon gives canon characters places to grow. So, what seems crazy may truly be workable under the right situations. What is presumed to be evil might just need a chance and the so called hero may just be a really good liar. That is why it is called Fan-FICTION. It is people letting their imaginations run wild in an other author's world, or even a mixture theirs and that author's. So I will NOT tolerate people bashing my writing because it isn't "believeable" nor will I tolerate the bashing of stories that are in my faves.

Now that doesn't mean that I don't read canon characters (Hermione and Ron. I am sorry I do enjoy Hermione and Draco but I just LOVE Hermione and Ron ... and the only other person Will should be with besides Elizabeth is Jack. Liz belongs only to Will so she best sit her trollop butt down lol) there are just some that I love more than others.

Another thing I adore is OC/Known Characters pairings. Because sometimes the person that your favorite character ends up with is stupid (Lana ... unless she's a side with Pete. Sorry Pete no Chloe for you) or a skank who can't make up a her fool Woad or Christian mind (depends on which movie, but I mean Gwenyfere here. I mean REALLY!) or sadly the writers of your favorite show/movie/book/comic/radio series (whatever) does not give your favorite character a worthy match (Thank goodness for Jimmie because I was about to cry for Chloe. And what about Paige? Left field much Henry?). I also love, love, LOVE it when minor characters get some action (I’m a big Hannah Abbott fan. And Su Li/C.Warrington? Oh my goodness the snark is enough to bring me to tears of JOY!)

My not so guilty pleasure is threesomes. Yeah I can’t help myself. That’s just the way it goes. I generally like M/F/M, for the whole chick has two guys thing but I’ve been known to read F/M/F, if it’s good enough. It doesn’t have to be NC-17ish either. A nice, sweet romantic story with my favorite threesome is always appreciated.

So before my rant gets really long I will tell you some of my favorite couples (it doesn't mean I will write them, I just like them):


InuYasha/Kagome (InuYasha)





Dai/Riku (DNAngel)




Nakago/Tamahome (Fushigi Yuugi)





Tohru/Kyo (Furuba)

Suichi/Yuki (Gravitation)

Ryo/Dee (FAKE)

JJ/and anyone BUT Dee


Spike/Tara (Buffy)













Willow/Faith (yes, I’m a girl that reads femslash on occasion. But common it’s Willow and Faith! The badassness cutsey sarcasm that ensues is enough to turn general slash haters attention to becoming slash fans forever!)

Cordiela/Angel (Angel)

Wesley/Gunn/Angel (Wes is the glue. Yeah he's great with Angel on his own (better with Gunn) and Angel and Gunn make for terrific smut but the three of them together makes for funny hijinks and sweet, sweet moments not to mention beefcakes times THREE! Wes has this lost little boy deal that is always more apparent than it is in Angel and Gunn. Not to mention that quality goes great with Gunn's need to protect and Angel need to neurotically worry. Wes is the glue and he's also the conscience and the cheerleader. He is Angel's biggest fan (I am sorry I can not accept that he ever truly thought that Angel would hurt Connor) and he is Gunn's bestest friend (that whole deal with Fred not acceptable either). He compliments them and he tempers two Alpha's. Not saying that Wes is a Beta, just that he would be more willing to see the logic of stepping down than they would. Don't believe me? Read domestic piranha's. It also has plenty, PLENTY Spike/Xander goodness. And please don't get me started on those two. It stems from h/c and sarcastic Hearts.)


Wesley/Illyria (An embittered Wesley is usually best. And it has to be him making an effort to seperate the GodKing from Fred.)

Piper/Leo (Charmed)




Clark/Lex (Smallville)












Note: I'd like to say the reason that Lois and Clark aren't on this is because I have yet to read one that had Lois and Clark (via Smallville) done right. When I do, I'll add it. If you have managed to read a great one please send it my way :-)

Michael/Maria( Roswell)


Kyle/Tess (pre-evilness and killing of Alex)

Alex/Tess (see above)

Ava/Anyone BUT Rath and Lonnie




Jack/Sam (Stargate: SG1)





Jack/Sam/Daniel/Teal'c (and the people who can pull this off with out making it trashy porn ROCK!)

John/Rodney (Stargate: Atlantis)




Zoe/Wash (Firefly)

River/Jayne (I love Rayne, I won't lie, I love them mostly for the name but if they are done well it's a terrific pairing).




Noah/Paloma (Passions)

Christian/Evangeline (OLTL)










(Yes, over the summer, I finally watched ALL of Gilmore Girls. Each and every season Well most of the last one. While I have come to tolerate Jessie and Logan, I don't believe that they're good with Rory. At all. The reason Rory went with Logan instead of Marty, I believe, had to do with the Gilmore females lack of common sense with men. Don't get me started on Christopher. I like him on his own. I've come to, especially later on, but not with Lorelai. Not with that tramp of a Gigi's mother either. I wouldn't mind a story of Chris in a crossover or with a good OC. But it'd have to be a real good one, and a strong one. Because he is totally annoying enough most the time, especially when in a relationship. As for slash. Oh. Erm. I don't know about that. Maybe that'll change in time-cause ya know how I love me some slash-but I can't think of how Jess/Logan/Dean would work in ANYway and this is me the lover of Buffy/Neville or Paige/Cole. Seriously. Can't see it. Not saying that it COULDN'T but it would have to be some good plot and explaining how Rory isn't in the picture and how they got over their hatred. I love stories like that anyways so ... lol)


Reed/Johnny (Fantastic Four)

Tristan, Lancelot, Gawain, Galahad/OC (all of them oc not an oc with all four of them. Although … lol) (King Arthur)


Morgan/Lancelot (Mists of Avalon)

Briseis/Achilles ( Troy)

Jack/Will (PotC)








Harry Potter

Harry/Draco (Duh)


Harry/Blaise (male or female)



Hermione/Ron (FOREVER!)



Ron/Pansy I know, I know, I KNOW. There is practically NO how I can TRULY argue properly for this paring because even I do not like them. But for two stories. ">Flame and Shadow by Maya and This story by Skoosiepants All I can is GAH! And propage for keeping Ron, Ron and making Pansy interesting enough to fit him. Especially in Flame and Shadow, it was more into the emotional and cognitive aspect. Harry Is Scrappy, was more with the funny. Still doesn't mean I like Ron and Pansy (more like Ron and Hermie, and Pansy and Harry) but those two stories make me more willing to keep an eye out for them.



Ginny/Blaise (they’re funny as a side story)







Neville/Hannah Abbot


Neville/Theodore Nott


Neville/Harry (Do you see a pattern here? I generally like Neville with what I called 'broken/misunderstood' souls'. Everyone expects the worse out of these people. Everyone forgets that they need to be loved. However, Neville just has a way. Maybe it's because he's been underestimated from everyone in his own family to perfect strangers, his entire life. And, yet he still finds the way to be loyal, stubborn, strong, and nurturing. He's perfect. Lots of h/c. But more on the comfort.)








Snape/And any Weasley known to man (Ginny too if done properly). (I think since Snape loved Lily (and I thought this pre-DH) he can appreciate firey, loving, opinionated, redheads, that give him lip. I mostly like him with Ron because of that whole, Ron dislikes Draco/Snape dislikes Harry/Ron is the one who gives him most lip. Thing. I also like him with Percy. I think they are similar in some ways, except Snape knew when to quit and he is no where as near as pompous as Percy. But when Percy is relective and Snape is sneering and wise it works terrifically.)






Su Li/C. Warrington



Dawn/Connor (Buffy/Angel)





Angel/Xander/ Spike

Buffy/Lupin (Buffy/HP)

Narcissa/Giles (HP/Buffy)

Narcissa/Wesley (HP/Angel)


Willow/Snape (Buffy/HP)

Dawn/Harry (Buffy/HP)



Faith/Neville (See Neville, under HP. That is my reason why. Same with Buffy. Even though I like him better with Faith for the shock value. However, he and Buffy have it too (they also have the benifit of making mellow and quiet seem so right and not boring at all). That two people healing each other. Because even though it's usually Nev doing the taking care, he's getting healed because these so called more powerful people need HIM. That's a heady sensation for the so-called wimpy Gryffindor.)






Phoebe/Logan (Charmed/X-men)

Chloe/Dean (Smallville/Supernatural)


Chloe/Bruce (Smallville/Batman)

Clark/Bruce (Smallville/Batman)

Chloe/Ryan/Seth (Smallville/OC)

Chloe/Logan (Smallville/X-men)

Harry/Rouge (HP/X-men)

Ron/Isabel (HP/Roswell)


Sam/Luna (Supernatural/HP)

Spike/Liz (BtVS/Roswell)


Angel/Isabel (AtS/Roswell)

Max/Cordelia (They rock my socks!)

Cordelia/Dean (AtS/Supernatural) (Them too :-D ... However, WITHOUT Cordy cheating on Angel or something similar)




Buffy/Dean (BtVS/Supernatural)






Faith/Sam (best BtVS/SPN pairing EVER! I mean I don't even have the time to go into why these two work so well. Just that deep pain, deep understanding, and prodigal kids. For short.)



Sam/Paige (Supernatural/Charmed)



Lex/Chris (Smallville/Charmed)

Xander/Paige (BtVS/Charmed)



Angel/Paige (AtS/Charmed)


Lex/Oz (Smallville/BtVs)


Mal/Faith (Firefly/BtVS)



River/Dawn (Like I said, Femslash? Not really not my bit, not how I see myself relaxin' and maxin'. However, some pairings are just solid gold. This is one of them.)

Jayne/Vi (I think I'm the only one who think so. It feels good to say, yay I am the one who thought up of a crossover pairing! But damn they'd be all kinds of fun. Maybe not to the people who simply see dear Jayne as a bully moron but I think there is a WHOLE lot more to him. Check out the Firefly ficlet on my TTH site and you'll see why ;-) )

Jack/Faith (Stargate: SG1/Buffy) (Another solid gold fic. I've read Jack with a bunch of BtVS characters but only one Jack/Faith. It was terrific.)

Daniel/Dawn (Yeah, yeah. Age. I'm not saying when she's 16. But if Buffy can date vamps, Dawn can get her geek on).


John/Faith (Stargate: Atlantis/Buffy)



MY pairings. Pairings I (or me and my BFF Dawn have realized could work. One day, I might explain it to you. But for now I have to erm, go study)will also probably end up writing in the near future (okay when I'm thirty-five)

Dawn/Lindsey. I've only seen this hinted at once and the story wasn't finished, a Spankerella future fic, featuring Buffy's daughter and Spike as the center pairing. I suppose I SHOULD say something about this. Okay. Reality. One doesn't believe she's real, and the other, well in some ways he doesn't either. He's not a good man. But he's not a bad man either. Dawn, is a brat but she has the potential to grow up so well (haven't read the comics, so don't tell me if she does or doesn't)

Piper/Giles, What if the Charmed Ones never managed to save Leo? Giles could make a good daddy. To kids that are his OWN! (Whether or not you accept the fact Giles as a father to the scoobies, he was the strongest male figure in their lives and they were the only child-like ones in his. Connection. There. Deal with it :-P)

Paige/Wesley - Embittered Wesley. Not nancy-pansy-poncey-man. Fred's dead dude.

Pheobe/Gunn-Because I'm tired of Gunn getting shafted! And while I LOVE Paige/Gunn. I admit that even I would shaft them. 'sides. I think Paige and Gunn are far too alike in certain ways and history.

Xander/Cole - because I promised someone that I would. And I agree. Drool.

Cole/Cordelia. The first chapter of said fic is already written cackles And they have KIDS! In said fic there is also Faith/Willow/Wes, Angel/Pheobe, Paige/Giles and ...

Gunn/Illyria - (no not with children because NO! Illyria doesn't spawn. Not in my world. Though I do have this story planned where she and Wes manage to find a little Liz Parker. And another one with a Little Snape). He needs to properly redeem himself with that one. And well, idk. I just wanna try them. Probably won't work. But as a side, I think it could :-)

Conner/Pheobe - He likes OLDER women people! Accept it. Just NOT Cordelia because that is the squickiest thing EVER!

Connor/Chris/Caridad- Okay, okay. I didn't think up THIS one but um, I WILL write it one day. Because, it would work. Daddy issues with the girl who's never even kissed a boy. Isn't taht what good threesomes are made of? Wait, it's just in ...

Buffy/Neville- I wrote it that's why.

Oliver Wood/Tonks - Because, why not?

Marcus Flint/Penelope Clearwater - HAHAHAHAHA

Seamus Finnigan/Percy Weasley-Another why not. I've read stranger. Those two would drive the other nuts but people underestimate Percy's fire and Seamus' intelligence. Dean was obviously a pretty bright dude, they had to talk sometime, hence Seamus must have a brain cell (streching perhaps but fanfic much)

Theodore Nott/Colin Creevey-Because my Theodore has friends. And anything Colin touches is GOLD

Dean/Luna-I had that pairing BEFORE TDH came out. Don't believe me. Do you REALLY want me to forward you all my notes?





I think that I have Inara in there SOMEwhere but I can't really remember. If it's with Piper/Mal or Paige/Jayne. THAT being said. In the story the girls are all reincarnated as boys, same personalities and everything (and I haven't even FINISHED it. I know. I know); however, I'd like to try it one day with the girls ... well as girls.

In my goal to give the world a little more Paige stories, I started before the summer, a Paige/Bruce story (Batman Begins). Where Paige's adoptive mother was related to Rachel's mother. In the thought that Paige would be better-suited to my favorite night-stalker (lol). It is in a world sans Henry and Paige still trying to save herself. And so pre-Dark Knight (which I have yet to see! pouts and wails and then pouts somemore) Paige and Bruce grew up together. The possiblities are endless and fun to me.

Speaking of growing up together ... I can't say that I am the first one EVER to think of the pairing but I do have to say I am one of the first ones on TTH. I'm not going to bash or down any of the pairings people enjoy, and I am sorry if I have. However, I, personally, cannot fathom the appeal of Buffy and Clark. I never liked Clark Kent. Superman is cool. But Clark Kent, outside of the Superman Adventures of Lois and Clark (or something similar lol), is a whiny little arse. Even THERE he is. I can't seem to like the Hero's Hero or whatever people call them. The Whiner's where it's ALL on THEM and WOE is ME. Buffy. Harry. Clark. Heck, even Angel makes me want to beat his head over with someothing from time to time. But I do love him. The other three? I can do without. I don't hate them. I respect the very human aspect to Buffy, she makes faults and she isn't perfect. And as much as I dislike her, I can't stand when people make her seem like a completely double-crossing twit. Sure in season seven (and other seasons) shit went to her head and she was insufferable. But she is the SLAYER. And besides, cheerlearder girl was always like that. She's been through shit. Clark and Harry too; especially Harry. They aren't PERFECT. Thank goodness. Cause if they were. Then I'd actually would hate them and lose all respect for the characters.

Anyways, as it is. Buffy and Clark is a no-go. As a relationship. However, I like them as a sibling pairing. In my story Tide of Friendship, the meteors fall in Sunnydale and Buffy gets a brother. I am big on social situations shaping a person. I DO believe that some things are intrinsic, but others can be learned. Learned through punishment, as well as reward. Something that is intrinsiclly good but a person was raised to see it as wrong, can and will be snuffed. Why, yes, I AM a psych major LOL Furthermore, I was raised by Catholic parents with pretty cool views if I do say so myself. But let me stop boring you by saying, this is why most of my stories have to do with people being raised by different parents (either OC or crossover or just someone one else in the show). Actually having kids or siblings or just that one good and true friend that would have made all the difference. Childish view point maybe? I do know that how having it all ripped from you or having none of it at all can affect a person's whole world-whether they like to admit it or not-nonetheless, I (unlike certain T.V. show creators who shall not be named) am a big believer of a happy ending (or a neutral ending, in which the heroes actually survive and don't end up with shit worse than they began with) after struggle. I like me some struggle. Internal the better.

Which FINALLY gets me to my point (if you stayed this long ya get a cookie) of Buffy/Lex, friendship. And Buffy/Lex relationship. I am of the big belief that those two won't work unless they are friends first. Lex manipulates too much and Buffy, I must be fair in saying, has been manipulated, left for her own good, decieved, and tricked almost more times than Harry Potter in all of the books combined. And that's usually just in one episode :-P But seriously. I do think they could work. Because Lex just needs to be loved. It'll never be that simple, I know, but he does and he has so much in him, that while it would never be that simple it would make a difference. And I am talking about Lex, from Smallville by the way.

A Lex/Clark/Buffy FRIENDSHIP (I haven't even thought of a threesome because I maybe a lowly psych major, I am not a shrink. That is one messed up bundle I could never touch. Especially if it's a threesome where they all didn't know each other as kids). is a matter of honesty. Because I believe no matter who they are raised by (well, if Lex is still Lionel's) if Buffy still is the Slayer and Clark is still Superman. Trust and honesty is key. Clark and Buffy are strong enough to hold onto and be safety nets for Lex, if they never lie to him and if they learn to see beyond black and white. Well, if Clark does. And Lex? If they never lie to him. HA! Lex'd go to hell and back, repopulate Krypton, and pay someone to beat up their bullies. Lex will like Buffy. Not Buffy the slayer. And while he'd ALWAYS be fascinated by what makes them tick and work and their powers, the novelty and preciousness of a true and pure friendship would be far too much for him to risk. And even if he did? Look how long it took Clark to give up on Lex? (though if he'd TRUSTED him in the first place ... ) If Clark mellow'd just a bit. We'd see a friendship that wouldn't be better then the scoobies but different and as strong.

Which is what I hope to bring.

Lex/Buffy/Spike (threesome)- Because I, for some apparent reason, like to put Buffy with my favorite male characters

Willow/Faith - Don't ask why. See WAY above

Oz/Tara - What if Tara was Oz's mate. What if he flipped out on her because of Willow's scent was on Tara, not for Willow, but for something his wolf knew better than the man in him? I mean he knew Veruca, in a sense. So I say plausible. And even if not. I love my Tara/Oz

Clark/Connor- Because I can cackles

Dawn/Whitney- I never see the last and I'd like too. Except, in this story it isn't Whitney, just a guy with a girly name that is a lot like Whitney.

Prue/John Winchester- Haha! Yes! I know.

Dean/Kira the Seer - Get over it

Sam/ Jenny - Dan's niece

Sam/Ava - That teen from the first season whose aunt looked REMARKABLY like Elise (still talking Charmed here)

I'll tell you the why for the aboves when I finally manage to write it. Promise.

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