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"The Department of Research and Development has come up with something sooner then we’ve anticipated.” Yumichika started "It seems that the hollows have been focusing on this point here." He pointed to a location on a map.

The girl's eyes widened as she met the two boys that moved the earth and controlled the waters. She kept the young boy behind her as she realized what they were.

"That used to be an orphanage." Uryu recalled "It was said after the couple divorced the man shut it down sending the kids to different organizations."

Ichigo's eyes locked on to the lifeless body in front of him. Flashes of his mother lying dead crept into his mind as he continued staring.

"It seems that Aizen had also made alliances with the human race as well as the Espada " Hitsugaya concluded.

Ichigo raised Zangestu and pulled forth all its power. The sword giving a battle cry full of blood lust.

The girl walked towards the older man, her aura blowing away anything on the ground blocking her path. He stood frozen, unable to move.


Ichigo's sword crashed down on one of the two boys who attacked the girl. The boy's eyes widened in surprised of his growth in strength.


Her body walked calmly towards her prey ceiling falling apart above them. The rumble falling everywhere but around her.

...now." Her force rang as she opened her eyes. They glowed a bright red with shades of gold: a pure flame.

Bleach: Alliances with the Mountain.

BAM! How's THAT for a Bleach Movie?! I'll have pics up of my characters soon with links to (where else) photobucket! :)

Here you go! My new characters and some short summaries

Look out for my new Avengers Fanfiction coming out eventually!! Here's a preview:

Day 65 of the longest friggin engagement on the face of the planet... (5:48 am)

I really don't know what the hell I'm doing. I mean, I love Eric. He provides, he's smart, he's everything I want in a ideal husband.

But something just doesn't fit, ya know? I keep this stupid journal cause my wonderful sister-in-law insists it will help the stress but it seems to just cause more problems than I'm willing to have right now. I'm 23 years old, a social psych post-grad and I've never been to a frat party, had a wild night on the town, or been to a night club. I wake up, run, go to school, go to work, go home, dance and run my vocal scales (which I really have no idea why I do it anymore anyway, no one is ever going to see me dance or hear me sing...), shower, then sleep. Just to wake up and do it all over again. Now I'm going to get married after my masters to the typical husband of a successful career woman: someone just as successful and detached to life as I am. I just want excitement ya know? I wanna feel like I matter to someone, that I can be extra-ordinary, like my comic books. Eric calls them silly, but I still read them as if my life depended on it. I couldn't wait to see The Avengers come to life on the big screen. Sometimes I wish I was like Black Widow or maybe a female version of Captain America. Oh how I'll kill for a chance to be like them, like any of them. I just want to go on an adventure...

But as usual, reality hits me straight in the face with the 6 am alarm clock, and it looks horribly muggy and fog like outside. Looks like another day another dollar for me journal of stupidity. Maybe I'll interview an inmate that doesn't focus on my boobs today. Yeah Right, and my name is Scarlett Johansson.

Off for the morning run, later journal.

Lorena Day.

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