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Name: You may call me Hawk or Reya

Country: USA ALL THE WAY! I don't think i would have it any other way. (not trying to diss other peoples countries i just really like mine ya know)

Eyes: Depends i guess. they seem to constantly change.

Hair: Dirty blond. And i mean very dirty.

Height: 5'6''

Age: 15

Birthday: 2/06

Boyfriend: no

About me: Hum well i guess i'm nice when i want to be and i care a lot about my friends. But i have a short temper and that's not always a good thing. I hate Algebra. i find it pointless. i mean when are we actually going to use an equation such as x+y-2(y+3)=60. Mind you i'm just throwing out random numbers so forgive me if it doesn't make sense. I really hate spelling. I know it's important but that's what spellcheck's for.I can speak a little bit of spanish but not a lot. I'm really starting to get it though. i got an 83 on my first test of the year. :) I'm usually the adult at home but i love acting like a little kid. I'm not afraid of getting dirty and i don't cry when i get hurt. I think the last time i did was when i slammed my thumb in the car door. and i got over that real quick. But mostly that comes from growing up with my best friend being a guy and really only having my brother to play with as we live in the middle of no where in no wheresvile. I also love to write and make amvs. I'm not organized when it comes to actually keeping things neat but i'm the organizer when it comes to planing things for my friends and i to do. As LaRose puts it i'm a catalyst/organizer hybrid(sp). And i love to diss JC and Evan just cause they're usually hanging with me after school. so ya. but most of what i say is true.


God i am so mad at B. he's being a real jerk about this whole summer school thing. i hate him. and to top it off i have a bed time earlier then my brother who's still in school.


Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you all have a great day even if you celebrate something else. Anyway my life is all good. I have the most amazing boyfriend. I love him so much. And i've started Lacrosse so if i die thats why. Um not much else in the way of my life. I'm working on the latest chapter of Heart of the Benders. I'll try to finish it for today but don't get your hopes up. If it's up anytime in the next week i'll be next weekend cause mom and B are away. Um I should be getting the first chapter of Structure up soon. Mind you idk how long it is for sure but if it's as long as i think it's going to be it's not going to be the most exciting chapter. So you'll have to live with it. As for the rest of the stories i'm working on them slowly but shurly


I'll put more later but for now...I'm am now 15!! i've been to my first semi, we were told we we're going to have a snowday tomorrow, it's spirit week and i have a lot of new quotes. plus i want to change my lyrics. In the mean time: Note to self look up Minor Variation under Newsies. like i said more later (aka when i get home)


For some reason i keep thinking it's the 7th. Oh well. Anywho i'm sitting here with nothing to do cause Malcolm left, Evan left, I have no idea where carry is and everyone else is at practice. So basically i'm bored. I have mid-terms next week and i'm really no happu about it. I've offically decided that this school is fully of nut jobs but they are all awsome anyway. Oh and I now lead a gang, well Mr. Parodi says I do. It's a long story. Maybe i'll put it up some time. Anywho i have like another 35 minutes before i have to go home and clean my room. So not cool. But hopefully i'll get it done and have time to type up some of the stuff i've been working on. I have a really short one-shot that can go up and i have another one i have to finish typing up and I still have finished the Holiday one but i am working on it (but knowing my luck it'll be spring before it's up). And finally for those who read Dance No More i am working like mad to get the second chapters written to post up but the good news is i have like the 3 or fourth done and i have the final one nearly finished. -grins- don't you love me?


I'm back in school and for the most part it sucks. but oh well. Anyway i couldn't think of anything for christmas while on break so i didn't get anything posted like i had hoped. Of course because it's after the holidays i thought of an idea while sitting in study hall today. -rolls eyes- So i guess you guys will be getting a belated christmas thing from me. anyway i'm kind of bored cause no one's here. I have no idea what Margo and Josh A. are doing but i know Evan left meaning Lilly and Jc probably left and Malcolm's just sitting here playing this really wierd match up game that i honestly think is boring. But oh well.


Ya i still hate Malcolm. he left me with the losers again. and i have no idea where spiker is. (read yesterdays update if you are lost) anyway i'm watching Katie beat up evan and its really fun cause she's like 6 and he's like wat 14. its so funny. he gave her a quarter to leave her alone and know she's being a brat. but wat six year old isn't? anyway Evan is now in a cat fight (litterly. they are hissing at each other) with her and all i can do is watch in amazment. but ya. ummmmmmm nothing much. i'm just bored. have to find people to hang with now. later. Rey


I took a walk in history today. it was really wierd. I guess we weren't awake so Mr. Rumsey took us outside to walk infront of the school. i loved it. i felt like i was 5 again. and now i'm sitting here with...guess who...JC and Evan,again, cause all the cool people like Malcom and Spiker left. -crys- It gets so old after awhile. Note to self. find better friends that stay after school. anyway ya, i'm seriously bored, but all other things are pretty much right in my world.

Note to self: yell at all guys for being stupid.


nothing much. i'm being harrased for my computer by people telling me that i can't spell. :( they are so mean. Um over the weekend Allie and i made a pact. i'm not allowed to say wat about one as evan is sitting right here and two cause she and i made a promise in algebra today that we wouldn't tell. the only problem is that i don't know what she has to do yet. oh well. i had an idea but she turned it down and i really can't blame her. anyway ya. i am off to talk (coughharrasecough) people. anyway i will talk to you all later.


Well it's been a so-so day. on the one hand it's friday and on the other hand it's friday. I know wierd. but i get a weekend and i don't get to see my friends. ~crys~ But i only have four and a half day's of school till break so that's good. But i'm learning Taoism and if you've ever study that then you know why it stinks. Oh and Evan and JC are yelling at me cause i'm putting this up so stalkers can find me (i told you they were mean.) and Allie and i have made a truce. I won't talk about the whole quote that's at the end of my quotes and she won't harasse me about evan. (don't ask its a long story but it has to do with the skipping quote _)


I got a new email. it's [email protected] i'll change it on my thing later. anyway ya i'm going to the movies with some of my new friends next week and i'm bringing Kat. should be interesting. Oh and i have my eye on someone here and let me tell you he is amazing. anyway that's it for now.


Went to the nursing home with a group of kids and my spanish teacher today. it was fun. i played rummy cube(sp). And i got to try Koren Taffy on the ride back to school. it was pretty good. deffinetly not nlike the candy here and i felt like an idiot cause everyone one else in the van where forign kids and they all new what it was and how to eat it. And then Miss. Krejmas was talking to Juna about learning swears in other languages and stuff. it was fun. Oh and tomorrow's a half day and i still have to take a quiz in english. not that it's a big one but still. And Miss. Krejmas said that just because of Logan she's not going to let my class play any games. i love it. Oh and we are starting the Odyssey in English. next to the Oedipus thing it's like a dream come true i guess but w/e.

Note to self: Magnestism.


I've got a new fictiopress piece posted, it's called Watch Me Pass. And i have a new chapter up to My World. so if you can check them out and tell me what you think.


I'm gonna kill myself this winter i swear. Either that or i'll just die. I have no idea what to do with myself now that soccer's over. I mean i'll go to the home games for basketball and stuff but they won't be starting just yet so i have time to kill. Not that i mind hanging out with my friends but it's not like they will always be avalible. Sorry. i'm just bored. Anywho ya. A new chapter of Heart of the Benders should be out soon so look for that. i guess thats it. Oh and the NASCAR season's almost over. i'm so sad. :(


Holy shoot i haven't updated in a while. anyway ya i'm loving my new school. everyone is totally awsome and its fun to see the teahcers haning with the kids as if they where kids. As for whats happened...I've been to homecoming, won six out of 11 soccer games, learned how to count(sorta) in vietnamise(sp), been to see the Presitge the day after it opened, won our homecoming game, had two days off that my brother didn't, been apart of open house, the holloween breakfast, and rake day and...thats it for now. or at least that i can think of at the moment. _ as you can see its all good. oh ya and my internet's down (i'm at school) so don't be looking for much ,if any, updates.


I am like so anxious its not even funny. i've called at guy at my school this weekend to ask him to a concert and he called back but he didn't know so now i'm waiting for him to call me again. And i am so worried about the answer. But anyway i have no internet at home (am at dad's right now) so that sucks but we are working on fixing it. and ya. Wish me luck on the concert thing.


Well first off i want everyone to take a few minutes to remember the vicatam's of 9/11... Ok well i started school and am going on a six hours a day schedual. and i'm a highschool Freshman. See i have to get up at six so i can leave the house by like 7, 7:30 to be at the school at eight and from there i have five classes, lunch, flex, and Advisory during school hours and then i have to go to soccer which last from like 3:30 to 5:30. And then i don't get home till like six or a little afterwords. anyway enough about my days. _ I can't wait for the new avatar movie. i have a dance that day so i'm going to tape it and then come home and watch it. I can't wait, Jet and Suki are back. _


Hey i finally things up on my fiction press account. Its only three little things but i've been told they're really good. Expecially My World. so if you have a few plz go and read and tell me wat you think.


Well i'm tired, i'm sunburnt but i'm happy. I just just got back from the school trip to Mountain Side and it ROCKED!. There was an all day buffet, vollyball, baseball, softball, basketball, tennise(sp?) and my personall fav the rock wall. i climbed it like 8 times. it was so much fun. And they had a pool which we could actually swim in despite it being a school event. lol. And nothning bad happened despite it being 6/6/6 and there where other schools there. lol. And when we where leaving i had left my hair down after i combed it (yes big deal for me here. i don't do it often) and Shibby didn't recognize me, nor did Autumn. And when my mom came to pick me up at the school it took her a few minutes to recognize me too. All in all i had a good day. :)


OMG i just got finished watching the blind bandit and it was awsome. I can't believe her father, he's such a . but honestly this is going to be so cool cause Aang and (how do you spell her name. no matter i'll call her bandit) Bandit are the same age so there might be something there which means that Zutara is so a possibility. hahahahaha. this rocks. And i just noticed i didn't write anything for last week's but i have to say that one rocked too. Kyoshi(sp) rocked. I thought that was amazing. but who else thought that town was messed up. As i would say in spanish if i could speak it better estas loco! And i can't wait till next week. i want to learn more about Zuko! ok now that I've bored you to death i'll end it. Peace out. Rey


Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all have a great day. so far mines been excellent. I got Howl's moving castle so waht do i do but watch it. That movie rocked. Bale was the perfect person to play Howl. As for the rest of the day i might be abel to go to the book store but i think it's closed. We'll have to see when we go up that way. lol.


Well i just got done watching the season premier of Avatar and i am so happy. It was awsome. Not only is Azula the coolest character but she is a great lier. And the whole trying to get Aang into the avatar state was awsome. Yet at the same time creepy cause the General tried to kill him. But it seemed so pro Zutura cause Katara kept getting mad at Aang but then in the preview for the next eppie they might kiss. What's with that. And Zuko cutting off his poneytail. I can't figure out why cause if it was so people wouldn't recognize him and Iroh then they must have an idea of what to do with his scar. right? Well anywho i thought it rocked except for the fact that it should have been an hour long instead of just half.


I am so excited. Yesterday at like 9:00 i went to Foxwoods to see Hoobastank in concert. It was my first concert and it rocked. They sang a couple of songs from there new album that comes out May 16. I can't wait for it. And then we ate at the hardrock caffe. :)


OMG this morning at 7:57 i saw a preview for the new season of Avatar and it showed Zula firebending and it had her vocie. I was like YES! It also showed some dude from the Earth Kingdom telling Aang he was ready to defeat the firelord.


Well the bookstore trip went over well. i didn't care, or notice, all the stare's everyone gave me untill mom tried to help by telling me to tip it over so she could here it cry. then everyone looked at me, even the people who where infront of me checking out. so emabrissing. well anyway as i write this i am home from school cause i was sick yesterday. want to know how sick? to sick to even go on the computer to check email let alone read fanfic. on the brightside i got my full week of vacation. :)


I should be going to the bookstore today. and i am happy as can be. cept that Jetta, the baby, has to come. And i don't have a chest carrier. Mrs.S forgot to give me and Jess, the other girl who took the baby home, one. So now i have a problem. But i'm still going to have fun. oh and i am working on something to post on my fictionpress acount. I will tell you when i am done.


OMG yesterday was the v-day dance and it rocked. Victor kissed Autumn on the cheek and Brett and i slow danced and Andrea danced with Devon then he asked her if she wanted to go out with him and she said yes. so i'm happy. And i have the mecanical(sp) baby for the baby think it over project in home ec for the wonderful five day weekend. i named her Jetta Alyia, meaning black gem defender. Well at 2:30 in the morning she starts to cry and cause it was dark and my alarm is set for 5:30 (and we all know that its dark at that time) i kinda got confussed and tried to shut off my alarm. needless to say i was a little confussed when i hit the off button and it didn't shut up. LOL.


Hi yall. I'm so excited. i was just outside with the dog and i saw that not only was the sun in they sky but so was the moon. All i could think of was avatar and the fact that my camara had film in it. So i got a picture. And yes i know it sounds crazy but i have a 90 minute delay so what else am i supposed to do. XD


Whoot today's my birthday. I got the avatar dvd and i am soooooooooooooo happy. And i got tones of money. Plus we got report cards and i made high honers. No C's this time. And it kicks off all nations week on Nick. Oh and i learned to snowboard this weekend so i'm good to go on pain right now.

Ok this next half will be really random but its what my friends and I actually do/say.

"Findland sank into the ocean!"Chealse after my friends i told her Finland sank into the ocean.

"Matt. Findland sank into the ocean." Me. "Oh that sucks." Matt

"Findland sank into the ocean." Me. "What. you have to be kidding. I love Findland." Allie. It's amazing how many people believe that.

"what will it take for you to go to church?"CCD theacher."Finland sinking into the ocean" Autumn you can see were we got the idea for Chealse.

"What are you doing?" Me "playing smarties Darts" Andrea at Catlins party.

"Oh god i'm so scared." Sam " then let me do it first."Me "no it's my hayloft and i want to be the first to jump out of it." Sam. Don't ask. We were really board.

"Guess what. Ben called last night. And so did Hamiltin. We had a really interesting conversation." Nichole after she said she loved the guys on the bills.

"Yeah i have to play the dead dude."Tim during X-block"Wait What?" Me "For CCD i have to play the dead dude and my only line is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggg" Tim. Laughter is heard in my corner of the classroom. "I wonder what Travis is going to have to do?" Autumn. "Why?" Me "He has the adultry comandment to act out." Well it was so loud in the room, mainly the back corner,mine, that all Ms. Hinchey heard was adultry. "What about Adultry?" Ms.Hinchey. the whole room falls silent and Tim and Autumn explain about the plays in ccd for the ten comandmints.

Again atX-block. "Have you ever really looked at your hand?" Autumn to me and Andrea "Yeah it has like five things coming out of it." Tim "Yeah and look at those lines. Who took the time to draw them all in." Autumn. "Yeah and i mean what color are we. We aren't truley white so why do they call us that?" Tim. About 20 minutes later Andrea and i aske him what color we are. "I don't know. What the hell color arewe." Tim "Tim were cream colored." Autumn. "Yeah thats it werecream colored."Tim

"Its a mix of Jazz and Funk. I call it Junk." Bekim at the winter concert while we were watching the band play.

Well i don't remember any of the conversation but Gina and i were in the camper at the cottage on the fourth of July and we could not stop laughing. every word that came out of our mouths sent us over the edge. We made my brother and his friend real mad cause the couldn't sleep.

On a girl scout trip to DC a group of us went to see the monuments while a few went back to the hotel. On the way to the monuments we passed a bunch of squirles. Brandi,being obbsesed with them at the time, insisted we stop and take pictures. Lets just say it was really wierd.

On another girls scout trip we went to phataganset(sp) which is a campsite with cabins. Brandi and Amber were really hyper and were acting like you wouldn't imagine. They were making up raps and pertending they were of the leaders happened to have her digital camra with her and it took videos, so we got about an hour and half of it taped befor they noticed what we were doing.

I forget how we got on this subject but my math teacher was talking about these really random dances such as the fisherman and the jackhammer. Most of us kids were just starring in fright. Ms Hincey was like don't you guys know these dances. Autum did and she got up and started doing them. It was the wierdset thing i've ever seen.

"What's the difference between us american's and the people in Britian ."Ian (In flase high voice) "The Britian's talk all proper and hold there pinkies out at tea time. (now said in regualr voice) Us american's talk like this crap." Me

"Ya not only do we get to shoot the bad guys we get to shoot the good guys too." Me talking to andrea on the phone about Elusive.

"You know i'm so glad there doing this because its like the safety locks on the car. Before they put them in i was getting so tired of having to swerve around those dang blasted kids that were hanging out of the car. And if you hit them it was like hitting a road block and the blood would get all over the car." "Ya but dem was good eating." Ok the first person is mom and the second one is B after we heard that they were going to redesign the shopping cart. And i'm sorry if you get offended but i just thought it was funny.

I don't even remember how we got on the convo or how it got to where it did but we convinced Chealse (yes she is very gullibal(sp) that aol gave you cookies for your birthday, msn gave you brownies, and i forget wat yahoo gave you but it was really wierd. And that after a certain age you had to send them all back.

Alright i forget how we started this but Devon and i now have a traditon of calling each other girlfriend when we talk to each other. ya i know we're wierd.

"Farmboy, Homeboy, Take a bow. Mess with me i'll tip your cow. Moo." Aparently Mr.Kenny on the green team teaches the kids this because everyone from town wants to be a gangster but we're all just farmers.

"The only reason we coudn't beat them is because they are fooball playing guys in disgues" Carresse. "I believe that. It would explain why they all had mouth gaurds." Me "No they all had mouth gaurds cause they are vampires." Carresse. It was after our soccer game against Shepared hill. We lost 4-0 and Carresse was trying to explain why.

"Audry what was that pass? Why didn't you just gift wrap the ball put a little bow on it and address it to Michaela Love Audry." Mr. Parodi in soccer practice.

"Mr. Parodi what was that? Why didn't you just gift wrap the ball and address it To Nicki Love Mr. Parodi." we turned his words against him. it was fun.

Ok Mr. Hatsburger (our other soccer coach) has a name for us deffense players. Its the 4 avenging angels of the apocolypse. And Helani is the Ark Angel. It was origanally the 4 horse women of the Apocolypse but when Mr. H said men instead of women i said we're women not men so he changed it.

"Ok who is she and why isn't she dead?" Me when mom and i where watching The Lake House and the red head chick, Mona?, came on for the first time.

'As he drives his car into a lake all goes dark.' Carrese has a bunch of those word magnets in her locker and Nikki made this one.

'I ate her frog of compassion.' another one of the word magnet things. Don't know who wrote this one.

'They ask to blame my blind rage and the suffering on the word of God.' Another magnet thing. i don't know who wrote this one either.

"Don't talk to Spiker. He's an emo rapist chick." Allie and I made it up after school when Allie said he looked like a rapist and she was trying to be emo. it was fun.

Well we all quote Dane cook at school cause we love it and we have watched the curch one and since we have mass at my school you can only imagine how much fun we have.

We were all at Red Robins for dinner and i swear to god someone spiked Lilly's drink. She was like off the wall after only two sips. And the guys were throwing spitballs at us and they can't dived a bill at all.

"Ya Michaela and Evan kept skipping off together." "No i was walking. He was skipping." Me and Lilly telling i forget who about our movie thing. They all hated me cause i walked fast.

"Jeff has a Wii." middle of history and we were talking about Taoism and the way document and when Mr. Harrop came in and he made a comment and Josh B. said this and it was way to funny. we freaked out the guest.

"Does the alligator care if the deer is cute? No all he cares about is dinner so he eats Bambi." Mr. Rumsey said something along those those lines in history.

"Allie by day. JC's love by night." Evan being mean in Algebra.

"Virgin." "Thats what you think." i tuned into the convo at this part. it was really wierd. but uh ya. it was Josh A. and JC talking about a folder. Dont ask cause i don't know.

"S--t." Marty as he walks into history 15 minutes late.

"Just last year they killed Michael Ross in the state of Kentuky(sp), our state." Sister Helen w/e her last name is. I guess i live in Kentuky now.

"So that's it. What do we do now Headmisstress?" Sister Helen "well i think we are going to stand and clap." Ebbitt. We do as said. "And then we sit." again we do as said. It was so wierd.

"Father Tim where are you? How do i turn this thing off?" Ebbit trying to figure out how to turn the mic off.

'Words. Without Order Rebles Die Suffering.' Me

"Music: the art of making noise without getting in trouble." Me

' "I t'ink dere's somet'ing wrong wit 'im, mes amis."

Not anymore, Gambit. People make my day.

So, with the plans falling through, Malcolm returns to his unexciting life, to shower, make himself and sandwich, wonder what he's going to do today, and dress (though not in that order... unless he feels like it).' Malcolm's newest away message. He's such a freak sometimes.

"Are you on the Basketball team?" Josh. "No i just really like the shorts." Labby. it was so wierd cause the kid like never talks and here he is making a joke like that. it was great.

"Whats the most likley thing the greeks would put in a temple?" Father tim. "A cow." Josh A. It was so wierd. but then again that class always is.

"he a immature lil donkeyporker" Jeff D. It was so funny.

"Here we have china. Or a blob thats supposed to represent china." Rumsey

"I'm gonna draw a very accurate and specific map of the world." Rumsey

"Allie i'd say this is as accurate as my drawing." Rumsey

"Astetics are basically monks on crack. It's monk taken to the extreme." Rumsey

"You made Budah sound like a drug Dealer." Josh A. "No Budah's not a drug dealer."

"What would you do if a boarding student tried to throw you out a window?" one of the priests. "I don't know father. But with all do respect i'd due respect i'd be damn sure he was going out with me." Gi.

"Glbal warming blah blah blah hippie liberal thing, blah, blah, blah." Rumsey

"Father Tim when did your hair fall out?" Temi

"What would be a normal thing to put in a temple." Ft. Tim. " A cow." Josh A.

"You colored inside the lines. Tehcnically thats good art." Logan

"My husband died today. I didn't cry. I killed my baby." Rumsey. "It was delicious." Josh A. "Ok thats a little gross."

"I wish Mr. Fairbrother was here." Chealse

Talking to Evan and Jc after Jc hacked into Evan's im account. (Make it clear Jc and evan ARE using the same account at the same time.

Evan: im going to go play mario cart with jc

Evan:b yes

JC: love you


ME: bye

JC:goodnight my sexy muffin

This is why i love these two.

So as you can see i have some strange friends but i wouldn't trade them or anything. Ok maybe a millon dollers.sees friends' shocked faces. kidding alright. Sheesh


Books: Ok i'll read just about anything.

Music: I listen to just about anything. Though there are some songs i can't stand such as double XL.

Artists: Muse, Counting crows, Linkin Park, All time Low, We the Kings, Matt Nathanson, Augustana, Black Lab, Buckcherry, The Calling, Coldplay, Fuel, Evanescence, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, Staind, Seether, Sr-71, Skillet, Savin Abel, Sixx AM, Theory of a deadman, bunch of random stuff too.

Favortie shows: Avatar: the last airbender,Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series, history and discovery channel, and um that's actually it. i don't watch much tv really.

Shows i will burn: Hanna montana especially but really all that stupid disney stuff.

Movies i love: NEWSIES, Batman begins, The Prestige, Monty Python and the holy grail, Coah Carter,the Prince and Me, A knight's tale, War of the Worlds, The Mighty, Sisterhood of the Traviling pants, King Kong, just about anything Miyazaki, Walking Tall, The Longest Yard, Without a paddel, Wierd science, V for Vendetta, 300, and Sixteen Candels.

Movies i will burn: Nypolian Dynamite. I'm sry but i hate that movie so much. and Open water. come on people if you have ever seen it you know how stupid it is.

Favorite couples:















Real Life:

Allie/JC (they are gonna grow old together or something, they are that close)

Gina/Tony (well idk. he's hurt her a number of times but she still loves him and he her so ya. congrats on the year guys.)


Kat/Marcus (about time)

Couples that are ok:




Real life:

Autumn/Tim (joke)

Couples i shall burn:

In fanfic:

Jack/Sara (uh she's so ditzy. i mean every newsie fan hates her)

Any guy/Mary-sue. unless he's like beating her.

Real Life:


Danielle/Brandon G.

Ashley/Jake (no not really its just an inside joke)

Anyone/Brett (he's just scary)

Victor/Mellisa(sp) (ok it was just wierd)

Stuff i've found that i think is cool:

Don't depend on me to follow through on anthing, but i'll go through hell for you.

Imagine the most beautiful person in the world. Now imagine how you tell her she is...This one and the one before it are from my friend Josh's profile)

I love my man o yes i do cuz hes 4 me and not 4 u and if by chance u take my place i take my fist and smash ur face!

If hollister or abercrombie told the teen population that breathing wasn't cool then 92 of teen population would be dead if your the 8 that would be laughing your head off put this in your pro.

98 of American teens use or have tried pot, if you are part of the 2 that hasnt, put this in your profile.



dont tell me you love me unless you do b/c i mite do suttin stupid like believe you

Sokka almost choked imagining himself responding to the warden’s question regarding Aang’s whereabouts:“Well, sir, if you could give me a list of past escape attempts and their success rate I would be happy to provide you with a diary of Aang’s comings and goings, including shit-stops, up until the point you captured me.” (this one came from ardy 1's story Prison Conversations.)

When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are past, I want them bury me upside down and my critics can kiss my ass.
—Bobby Knight March 1994

True Friends are like Chinese Take Out: they are dependable enjoyable and just a phone call away.

--If you can read this, thank a teacher.
--If you can read this in English, thank a soldier.
--If you're reading this while running Windows 95 in your trailer, thank the faulty welfare system.
--If you're reading this on an LCD monitor in your 17-room Beverly Hills estate... you better damn well thank the tax cuts, biotch.
--If you're reading this while your Halo 2 room reloads, thank Bill Gates.
--If you've read this far, congratulations: you tested negative for ADD.
--If you can read English, but it's not your first language... Thank the American political ideal of world domination.
--If you're not really reading this, but pretending you care... I expected no less.
--"If you've ever been bitten on the nipple by a beaver, you might be a redneck."
--If you are hiding in a desert cave in Iraq reading this... Where the hell did you get a wi-fi connection, and why haven't we found you yet?
--If you can make the connection between "Toxicity" by SoaD and the Dorito plant in Dayville, you get mad props.
--If you support world domination as a political ideal... You should probably run in '08.
--If you believe that we should be able to express our ideas and feelings at political conventions that disagree with those ideas and feelings...

there's a cell in Guantanamo Bay with your name on it.

i'm not afraid of heights im afraid of
falling. im not scared of the dark im
scared of whats i n it. i'm not afraid to
loveim afraid of not being loved back

I don't mind if he catches me staring cuz then i know he was staring back. (icon)

No i don't like you. I just stare at you all day long for no reason. (icon)

...and someone asked me..."why do you love him so much?" and before i could even answer my best friend put her hand over my mouth and said, "DON'T even get her started."

It's story time. Today's story is an important one.

"The Loving Prince"

Once upon a time, in the days of swords, shields, and courtly love, a prince was happily engaged to a princess he thought would one day be his queen. He regularly displayed his intense affection for his princess, always holding her close and telling her of his infatuation.

This, however, disturbed the princess, and made her uncomfortable. But rather than tell the prince herself, she told everyone else in the kingdom, except the prince; and no one else in the kingdom dared tell the prince either. So the prince went on wooing her and making grand displays of affection, not knowing the displeasure with which his princess viewed him.

One day, after hearing the princess tell several different subjects about her disdain for the prince, a lowly page who was a friend of the prince's felt it was his duty to tell the prince of the princess' infidelity, and so he went and recounted to the prince what he had seen and heard.

But, rather than see the princess for what she had done, and what she was planning to do (which was run away from the prince and never again return to his kingdom), the prince decided to turn his back instead upon his friend, the page. He witheld any friendliness he once shared with the page, and even went so far as to blame the page of jealousy of his princess.

Word spread far across the kingdom. While none of the subjects would openly condemn the prince, in their hearts they sympathized with the page, and knew that the coldhearted actions of the prince were wrong. But the page knew better than any other that, no matter how deep the lance of love may thrust, the wound always heals, no matter how slowly. So the page waited for his friend to come to his senses... And still he waits to this day.

...So, children, the moral of the story is:

When it is the voice of a man's friend speaking truth against the voice of a man's lady speaking falsely, even the most steadfast knight can err. But when the lovesick knight errs unto you, be quick to forgive your friend his wrongdoing. He knows not how he acts; to men, women are the most powerful and irresistable magick of all.

I've got another confession to make, I'm your fool
Everyone's got their chains to break, holding you
Were you born to resist, or be abused?

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

Are you gone and on to someone new?
I needed somewhere to hang my head, without your noose
You gave me something that I didn't have, but had no use
I was too weak to give in, too strong to lose
My heart is under arrest again, but I break loose
My head is giving me life or death, but I can't choose
I'll swear I'll never give in, I'll refuse

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Has someone taken your faith? It's real
The pain you feel?
Your trust?
You must confess.
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Has someone taken your faith? Its real.
The pain you feel?
The life? The love, you died to hear?
The hope that stops the broken hearts?
Your trust?
You must confess

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

've got another confession my friend, I'm no fool
I'm getting tired of starting again, somewhere new
Were you born to resist, or be abused?
I swear I'll never give in, I'll refuse

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Has someone taken your faith? It's real.
The pain you feel?
Your trust?
You must confess
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty
uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal
pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a
rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't
mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the
olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer
be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl
mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed
ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling
was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile

NOTICE: To all those who think Homophobia is wrong and want to fight for a
better future for our gay and lesbian friends, please repost this into your

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.
I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.
We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.
I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.
I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.
I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.
I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.
We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.
I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.
I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.
I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.
I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.
I am the man who died when the paramedics stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.
I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I did not have to always deal with society hating me.
I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.
I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most, love.
I am the person who is afraid of telling his loving Christian parents he loves another male.


This is just stuff i've found on astrology at yahoo so if you skip it no big. it's mostly here for my convienence.

Aquarius & Pisces my mom and me in a nut shell

When an Aquarius child is born to a Pisces parent, it's a strong case of compassion and creation. These family members are both idealistic, and together, they will share their visions with the world. Pisces flows with their dream-like surroundings, and Aquarius is constantly envisioning new inventions and processes.

This family fights for truth and progressive ideas, and both parent and child are always looking for adventure and solutions. Pisces and Aquarius both get a lot out of introspection. Aquarius can often be quick to judge those who don't share their vision, and Pisces is often overly compassionate, even for those who are not worthy.

However, they help to keep each other in balance. Problems are rare, but sometimes Aquarius can be too aloof for Pisces, and Pisces may at times be too self-sacrificing and gullible for the Aquarian taste. Pisces likes to be where Aquarius' action and intellect stirs, and Aquarius can learn social tolerance and warmth from their parent. They work well together as a team.

The best aspect of an Aquarius-Pisces family relationship is their mutual interest in cultivating knowledge and accepting modern and cosmopolitan ideas. They are well matched in their enthusiasm, energy, and desire for a supportive family bond. Their common interests and reciprocal personalities makes theirs a compatible family relationship.

Teen Aquarius Girl (yep it's so me)

A radical idea? A young Aquarian must have thought of it. You might hear her exclaim, ""I'll try anything once!"". In fact, it's absolutely true. Not only is she unique, she is also a rebel, unafraid to take on society on her own terms. Her super-quick mind might lead others to think that she's all about ideas with no feelings at all, but that's only partially true. She cares deeply about the causes in which she believes, it's just that she doesn't have a lot of time for small talk. Hence, she has lots and lots of acquaintances in her life but very few deep friendships. When it comes to style, hers is definitely unique to her. It wouldn't be surprising if she showed up one day with green hair. She's keen on standing out in a crowd. Fashion is also something better left to someone else, since her style is of her own making. Her ideal evening would include attending a performance by either an alternative band from Iceland or an experimental theater in the dark. She avoids sappy movies. When it comes to studying, an unstructured environment will serve her best, as will an alternative college when she gets to that next level. She's not for everyone, but then she doesn't want to be!

(Now if only i could get my parents to understand the studying part. then maybe they'd let me stay on the phone with Malcolm or do my homework with my iPod)

Aquarius Woman Gift Guide (if i got any of these it'd be amazing.)

Those born under the Sign of Aquarius are the visionaries of the Zodiac and have an affinity for progress, technology and anything that is radical. What's a good gift for the Aquarius in your life? Technological gadgets. (Handheld electronic organizers are a good start!). They also love to learn, so books on their current project or something in which they are interested will also be a big hit. The key to getting a gift for an Aquarius is novelty. Try scuba-diving lessons, yoga classes or Chinese herbs. If you are feeling more conservative than your Aquarian loved one, the Sign Aquarius rules the ankles, so socks or an anklet would be appreciated.

Suggestions for the perfect gift:

books or magazine subscriptions, music, scuba-diving lessons, socks, a nice pen, candles, gadgets, acupuncture session, science-fiction or fantasy books, sky-diving or windsurfing lessons, yoga classes, incense, unusual clothing, tickets to an avant-garde film, a cell phone or beeper, Internet access


Soon To be:

untitled:Avatar- well this will probably be the sequal to Dance no More. I have no idea if i'm going to just add on to that or make another fic but it will deffinetly be long.

Apart of Your World: Harry Potter-Bassicaly its about a girl whos's from New York and goes To spend a year in London with some family friends. There she gets accepted to Hogwarts (Duh) and follows her through out the year.(yes i know this is taking forever to get up but i've been working on the other stuff) Elusive story

no title yet:Yu-gi-oh- i have no idea what to say cept that its a kaiba/tea fic. it started as a oneshot that grew into this huge thing (that one shot is now like chapter 12 or something) and it really has no distinct plot that i can pin point because its being written out of order. so ya just wait for it i guess. (still trying to write the second chapter. you know i'll have done it when i post it. oh and it still needs a title)

In a Song:Naruto- A Sakura/Sasuke one-shot. It has an amazing song in it but it isn't a song fic. Other then that not much to say untill after i post. (typing it at dad's for the most part unless i can find it the email i sent to myself with that has it. haha andrea you'll laugh at this i know you will)

Je ne se que:Naruto- ok i give up on trying to get fics for special days up. just not enough time in my life to do it. anyway it's deffinetly a Neji TenTen fic. idk if it will be one-shot or what but i will let you know when i know.

Structure: Naruto- Set AU. well sort of. i've changed around ages teams and who's friends with who for it but it's still the same world. Um not much else to say really. you'll have to read to get it. Neji/TenTen fic.

"To us it's Chaos. To them it's Structure. Maybe thats why you're so fascinated by it."

In The Works:

Far From Home:Newsies-Well i don't want to give away to much but its got a lot of Oc's and thats all i'm going to say.

Heart of the Benders: Avatar-Four friends get stuck in the Avatar world, each with a different character. Armed with a few of their favorite things these girls set out to bring a group of troubled teens together. Will they succeed in their mission or will they watch them sink into the heart of the war. Chapter 5 now up.

Secrets revealed:Newsies-its about four girls who have secreats the would rather not share with the guys. Each chapter is a one-shot

In Progress/Completed:

Avatar Song Fics: Avatar- used to be Two Halves of a Whole but i've decided to just put all my song fics in it. Except for Dance No More. Thats going to be by itself.


Defience:Avatar- just a poem that i wrote and posted. enjoy it

Meant to Live:A knight's Tale- well its a one-shot song fic about how Will sees things. I wrote it for language.

Dance No More:Avatar-(song fic)Zuko and Katara both end up at a masquerade party. What will happen? Zutara.And for those of who have ever read flipped well its like that with a prolog.

Sasuke's Gem:Naruto- Well you'll have to read it cause if i tell you anything that you didn't get from the title then i will be giving it away. But i will tell you this it doesn't have a mary sue in it despite how it reads. just trust me when i say don't only read half of it.

TBA: Yu-gi-oh- Right as you can see it doesn't have a title yet. Its up to you to come up with one after you read it. Oh and its not a Yaio or friendship fic but it is Joey/Kaiba. Another one you just have to read to get.

A Broken Promise:Howl's moving castle- A Howl/sohpie fic thats really only fluff but it does end on a sad note. Kind of predictable but its still good.

Perfect Company:Yu-gi-oh- if i say it'll give it away cause it's so short but liked it. But be warned. It's got major Fluff in it.

Stories i think you should read: (these will have author first)

smilin star13:

she only smokes when she drinks

welcome to my life

(Ok i don't want you to read them just cause they are for my b-day. they really rock.)

Fire Ice Conlon:

Stand Up and Fight Like A Conlon

(Ok if you can't stand sad stories don't read it. Trust me.)


Virtually Yours

(excellent yugioh fic but its a yaio so if you don't like don't read)


Brother and Sister

(if you are a Garra fan its a really good oneshot.)


Worn Out

(really good naruto and sasuke oneshot. more friendship than slash)

Moro Wolf Godess:

Haunted By You

(amzing Naruto oneshot set to the song haunted by Evanescence.)


Right Before His Eyes

(like the most awsome Neji/TenTen fic i've ever read. One-shot)


Revenge, is a Terrible Thing

(this is just an amazingly funny story. you have to read it)


What NOT To Do With Your Camera

(Right now i'm telling you it's rated T. but it is so funny. i was laughing so hard at the end.)

-strictly ext only-:


(a sad Sasuke/Sakura oneshot.)


Day at the Beach

(ok very random but very funny.)


midnight swim

(a little mature (it's rated T) but very good)


Ok so i was flipping through Naruto pics on deviantart when i thought "omg Sokka and Shikamaru are so much alike. Both are lazy, but both are genusies(sp)." (although maybe Shika's a little smarter then Sokka) Anyway as i was thinking this i came across http:///deviation/36791711/?qo=210&q=Shikamaru&qh=boost3Apopular+age_sigma3A24h+age_scale3A5It's so funny.But i was also thinking about how Naruto and Aang are a lot alike. Both are goofs but both have this amazing power that, at the start, they can't control, but they both end up learning how. I thought it was cool.

An awsome Garra pic. http:///deviation/40219471/?qo=4&q=Garra&qh=boost3Apopular+age_sigma3A24h+age_scale3A5

Lyrics Of The Moment:


I memorized all the words for you
But if you only knew
How much that's just not like me
I wait up late every night
Just to hear your voice
But you don't know that's nothing like me

You know I wonder how you already figured out
All these things that I try to hide
All this time i've been hoping you don't find out
All these things that I hide on the inside

I can't be held responsible
This is all so new to me
Just when I think I'm invincible
You come and happen to me

I want to make sure everything is perfect for you
If you only knew
That's not like me to follow through
Maybe even give up all these dead end dreams
Just to be with you
But you don't know that's nothing like me

Hey yeah I wonder how you already figured out
All these things that I try to hide
All this time i've been hoping you don't find out
All these things that I hide on the inside

I can't be held responsible
This is all so new to me
Just when I think I'm invincible
You come and happen to me

Now I'm waking up
I've finally had enough of this wreck of a lifetime
I never thought I'd survive it
Now I'm taking back
All I gave up for that
Leave my pain behind
Wash these stains from my life

Just when I thought all was lost
You came and made it all okay

I can't be held responsible
This is all so new to me
Just when I think I'm invincible
You come and happen to me

I can't be held responsible
This is all so new to me
Just when I think I'm invincible
You come and happen to me

I memorized all the words for you
If you only knew
How much that's just not like me

Quote of the moment:

"Are you nervous?"

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Tea Gardner agrees to pose as the duelist icon for Kaiba Corporations new tournament after Seto Kaiba propositions her with an offer she can't refuse. A Seto & Tea fanfiction.
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