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Righty then.

Things you should know: I enjoy things grammatically correct and correctly spelt. For me, there is little that is more irritating than reading a story that could be absolutly amazing, but it is ruined by the fact that you can't understand half of it, or the author makes the same mistake again and again, so eventually you read the word shuttered and automatically turn it into shuddered in your mind. I do not blame the people who do it (unless they get upset when corrected. No one should get upset when corrected, because it means that someone has really taken the time to think about their review, rather than simply flaming), because you cannot prevent something that you don't know that you're doing wrong, especially if you have never been taught the correct rules/spellings.

Now, that is my rant over. I am usually easy going, and it takes an amazing story for me to actually bother pointing out grammar or spelling (rather than silently fuming, lol), so if I do review you and point out something, then take it as a compliment. It means I think your story is worth it.

Ok, now some stuff actually about me: I'm twenty-three years old, live just outside London, England, I have a BA in English Literature from the University of East Anglia. I'd also like to, at some point in the next few years, study script writing in some form (a course, online, Masters degree, whatever fits). I may be able to write stories, but the technicalities of script writing and film making facinate me, and I'd love to know more about it - I'm currently working with an independent film company as a PA, but it also involves reading and editing scripts, and working with the writers on them, which is highly rewarding and enjoyable.

I am a big fan of Firefly, Scrubs, Glee, Criminal Minds and a variety of others shows.

As far as my fanfiction goes, I have now written a few short Harry Potter ones, thanks to the Lupin/Tonks paring getting into my head. Mostly, I don't write for books because you get far more information than film or television, so I hadn't found it necessary since there are relatively few 'gaps' to fill in, and I didn't want to write any Harry Potter futurefic, because we didn't know the ending yet and it could be contradicted (though obviously now we do). However, the whole Tonks/Lupin relationship happened within book 6 (and probably at least part of book 5) without us knowing, and I intend to explore it (update as of July '11 - this has stalled somewhat. I do hope to finish my Lupin/Tonks fic 'Desire' eventually, but I do not feel comfortable doing so without re-reading HP books 5-7, and I have a lot going on in my life right now which prohibits that. I apologise profusely to anyone who was seriously hooked, but I did post a warning within the fic that it was originally intended as a one-shot and if I continued it would possibly not be finished. I will try, though. I dislike leaving things unfinished so eventually I will try).

The first fandom I wrote for was 'Charmed' because it really was my first love, and now I have a whole AU/futureverse in my head (that, now the tv show is over, contradicts the 'cannon' relationships and offspring of Phoebe and Paige).

I am currently working on three Glee-fics. A Rachel/Quinn one in response to a prompt (which is two thirds finished, and I will not post until it's, at a minimum, nine tenths done). Currently it's quite a long fic, and it's still going, so hopefully once it's done it will be an enjoyable ride (though it is highly angsty). The second is a Rachel/Santana, which is currently mostly written in note form, with one scene fully written. I will devote more attention to it once the R/Q fic is done. The third is a Rachel/Puck.

Side note - Rachel and Puck are actually my favourite on-show pairing, since they seem to be the only couple that actually make each other *better* when in a relationship, unlike Rachel and Finn, who seem to work well as friends, but when together bring out the worst in each other (he becomes popularity-obsessed, hugely critical, and cannot compliment her without throwing in an insult/justification, and she becomes clingy and possessive, as well as losing the majority of her self-confidence and drive). Hopefully the fact that the show has hired some actual writers (including two women, hallelujah!) for season 3 will prevent that from continuing, as well as stopping the ridiculous repetition (apart from Kurt, and the baby [and to a lesser extent Santana's sexuality and Puck's relationship with Lauren, every single Glee character in season two repeated their storyline/character development almost exactly from season 1). New writers should prevent Rachel, Quinn, Puck, Finn and Will (who were the worst casualties) from simply regressing back to how they were at the beginning of the show, yet again.

Anyway, the Rachel/Puck fic involves a hate crime/fire directed against Rachel's parents, but other than that there's very little of that one written. I suppose since I like them on the show and hold out hope that they'll eventually eclipse the ridiculousness of Rachel/Finn and be together in cannon, I feel less drive to write that one.

I'd also like to say thank you to anyone who reads my stories, particularly if you take the time to review. I will only be posting things I have already finished, since I know from experience the pain of falling in love with a story, only to find that it was never finished, and its author happily trotted off to write other things. However, if I get enough requests, then I might post some unfinished stuff. But it's your funeral if I do, because at the moment only posting stuff that I've already finished means that there will always be an ending, whereas unfinished things may well remain unfinished forever. 'Pandora' being my first fic, is the one I see as my 'worst' (although I am very fond of it, and it's not a bad little fic, it is definately not my best work).

Finally: I don't like flames, I see them as pointless. If you wish to be critical in your review, fair enough, but try and balance out the negative with positive (and I'm talking reviewing in general, not just for my fics). The best way to review is to sandwich, say something positive, then make your criticisms, then reinforce the positive point. Not that I would be adverse to reviews that are purely praise ;-). Who would?

Oh, here is a list of frequent gramatical errors, and their corrections. This is more to assuage my own frustration than anything, but if you're a writer please use them - good grammar makes stories clearer, and is worth the time it takes to learn.

Common phrase errors:

For all intensive purposes - incorrect. The phrase is for all intents and purposes, as in for all your intents, and all your purposes - not for all purposes that are 'intensive'.

Doing my heading - incorrect. It should be doing my head in, as in 'you're annoying me so much/giving me such a headache it feels like my head is being caved in'.

Bare with me - Seriously, you want me to get naked with you? Because that's what you're asking.

Bare means 'to bare' as in to make naked, or to show - to bare your soul is to strip it down and/or to show it to someone else.

The phrase is bear with me as in 'bear something with me'. Bear, as in helping to carry, support, endure. Every time I see 'bare with me' I always want to reply - 'nope, it's way too cold at the moment'

General grammatical mistakes:

Bemused means mildly confused - contrary to appearances it has nothingto do with amusement (though you can be bemused and amused at the same time).

Irony is humour derived from the opposite of something - it's ironic if you set an animal free to live as it pleases and have a nicer life than it does in captivity, and it instantly gets eaten (I know, brutal example :-s). Dramatic irony is when an audience knows something that the characters of a play (or film, I suppose) do not. Irony is not when you're thinking about someone and they appear - that is serendipity, or coincidence.

Of course, there is my opening statement: shuttered, when it should be shuddered. Shutter only refers to window shutters, as in the solid things used to close windows (usually wooden). To shudder is to vibrate.

This following error is my current absolute pet peeve:

DRUG IS NOT, AND HAS NEVER BEEN, THE PAST TENSE OF 'DRAG'. The past tense of drag is DRAGGED. If you drug someone, you are giving them drugs, and that is also the present tense. The past tense of drug is 'drugged'.

Now, I fully acknowledge that language is a constantly evolving thing. In all honesty, while I included irony in my list, the definition of the word is changing with use anyway, and soon phrases such as "I was just thinking about you and you showed up! How ironic!" will actually be correct (since most people think of them as correct anyway). There's also the issue of 'all right' versus 'alright' - while 'alright' has been in use for over 100 years, the dictionary, for some reason, refuses to acknowledge it as an actual word and lists it as informal. This is ridiculous, because 'all right' as opposed to 'alright' actually, to most people, mean slightly different things ('alright' meaning 'okay', and 'all right' meaning 'everything is correct'). Already, almost, and although are all considered official words, it's time 'alright' joined them.

However, 'bare with me' and 'he drug her away' are wrong, no matter the evolving use of language, and the rest of my list is the same (except, possibly, maybe, for bemused, but if it does eventually evolve to mean something similar to 'amused', it won't be for another hundred years or so, I'm afraid). There is no flexibility when it comes to those things, they are incorrect, and, when spotted, should be fixed.

As I said before though, I only bother leaving a direct review/message if I think the story is amazing anyway, and is being marred by these issues. Please, please do not take offence to being corrected - I actually relish reviews that include some constructive criticism, since it's the only way I can learn and become better, and as authors you should do the same. It doesn't matter if it's 'just fanfic' or 'just for fun' - you're putting your stories out there for other people to read, and that being the case, you should strive to make them as good as they possibly can be, for the sake of those readers, and for yourself. Otherwise, what on earth is the point in posting?

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