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Author has written 6 stories for Hunger Games, and Poldark.

I love sidekicks. That's one of the main reasons I've written some form of "inspired by" or straight-up fanfic since I was a little kid. Give me Sam Gamgee, Dwight Enys (Poldark), Doctor Who companions, Peeta Mellark ...

Just in brief, what I am posting here (and what I plan to post in the near future):

1) Hunger Games fanfics. I am a huge fan of this work, and also a huge fan of writing about it. Suzanne Collins left a lot of narrative whitespace, a lot of places to play around. Also, I love Peeta. And I love Katniss, one of the few protagonists I like as much as the supporting characters. The first fic I actually wrote was Back to Twelve. I wrote this before I started reading any THG fanfiction; it's a "growing back together/pre-epilogue" work - pretty basic (and not my favorite writing project - it just scratched an itch). While I was in the process of writing it, I started writing The Hunger Games from Peeta's POV trilogy (Peeta's Games, Throwing Sparks, The Mutt), which I enjoyed writing more than almost anything I've ever written. It was fun to a) write from the POV of a beloved supporting character; b) write about the protagonist through the eyes of the person whose relationship with her most evolves over the trilogy and c) examine the story in general from a different perspective, from the eyes of someone who interprets things or remembers things differently, who pays attention to different types of details. My only real regret (apart from a few details I changed from the original trilogy without meaning to) is that I didn't put more thought in to the title of the first book. I honestly didn't think very many people would read it when I threw it up here.

I have two other THG fics in process - though I'm going slower with those, since those are sharing time with my own original fic, which I'm finally back to working on after devoting about six months to the trilogy. One is a slightly AU version of Mockingjay. The other is a story about how Portia met Cinna and they became involved with the Hunger Games.

2) Poldark fics. The new version of Poldark - and the fic challenges for the Dwight/Caroline tumblr fan page I follow - is what brought out "Sarabande" and "Rotations." Sarabande is an excerpt of a larger work that I have been working on for years. Inspired by the original version of Poldark, which I saw on reruns on my PBS station when I was a teenager (and my subsequent reading of the Poldark novels), I've actually been working on this for many, many years - and only recently finished it. It's ventured far, far from Poldark country, and is more my own work at this time. I'll be posting the larger work on Fiction Press.

I'd like to write a follow-up to Rotations, as well. It was orginally planned as a one-off, and was a way to do a modern Dwight/Caroline in the context of a world that I know very well - medical school - which works because it is such a stratified world, where everyone has a "place" in the system. Having done that, I'd like to see where Dwight ends up matching and what Caroline decides to do with her career. I've put a pin in that concept, and will hopefully get to it when I have the inspiration.

3) Doctor Who. When I was a teenager, my sister and I wrote a series of adventures for Leela, one of the Fourth Doctors' companions. We wrote them in the style that the original Doctor Who aired - each story consisting of four-six episodes, doled out weekly to our poor, long-suffering younger brother, who was our only audience. We did this for five years - plotting out each "season," what would happen to the characters, who would write which story. Later on, as we hit an "anniversary" of the series, I took our first story - which we co-wrote - and reworked it into something a little less sloppy. I hoped to find a way to convert this series into an original sci-fi series, but it relies so much on the Whoniverse - TARDISes, Regeneration, Gallifreyan politics - that I decided to just leave it as a fanfic. I'll post that one here, and maybe more, if I ever rewrite them.

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Mockingjay from Peeta's POV. Dialogue from Mockingjay book used extensively. This is the sequel to Peeta's Games and Throwing Sparks. I do not own any of the characters, which are the property of Suzanne Collins. Rated M - mature language, violence, mild sexual situations.
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