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Author has written 11 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Wolf's Rain, Super Smash Brothers, and Naruto.



Name: You can call me Mario


Sex: HARDY HAR HAR Female ; D

Personality: I'm one of those hopeless romantics ; D

What Kind of Stories Do I like to write: Adventure, tragedy, sci-fi, mystery, romance, the like. Not very good at mystery though. Tragedy... I'm okay, I guess.

What I like to Read: Adventure. Mystery. Tragedy. Romance. The like. If its written well, I'll love it forever and think about it at the most random of times, and even foam at the mouth waiting for an update! -le gasp-


From Super Smash Bros and related shiz: Roy! Marth, Link, Zelda, Pichu, Fox, Falco, Samus, Kirby, Ness... And the rest of the smashers have a place somewhere in my heart. I've taken a liking to Pit as well (Cute little angel boy! Such soft looking wings!). And Ike, since he's a fire emblemer (Gotta love those fire emblemers!)but...


Whoever thought up the idea to take out the second generation of Smashers really has a problem. I think they need an assassin to come along and end their pain. WHO COULD THINK OF GETTING RID OF ROY FOR IKE?! My poor, dear Roy... And the rest of the beloved second generation Smashers are GONE! (or most of them anyways) GAH!

My Stories

Alchemists and Dragonriders

Fullmetal Alchemist/Eragon


That's right. Edo went home while Envy stayed behind on Alagaesia to raise the little dragon. Who's name I don't remember. Did I even give it a name?

Howl of the Wolves

Wolf's Rain

Status: Taken out back and shot

Yeah. I have no idea where that story came from or is going. Don't expect much coming from it. For a long time, if ever.

All for One, One for All: Beginnings

Super Smash Bros Melee


White Christmas went BANG and everyone went bye bye.

All for One, One for All II: Return

Super Smash Bros Melee


I recently re-read the story. It made me get teary eyed.

Way of the Beast


Status: Hibernating

I really do hope to finish this, once I get inspiration for it.

Detective Kisame: Deep Sea Detective


Status: Hibernating, possibly dead

I don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing this... possibly, possibly won't.


Old And Confused


Itachi's Birthday

Family Fireworks


Akatsuki watching a fireworks celebration and dreaming of other things

Old Dog


Kakashi's getting up there...

Three of a Kind


Gaara's birthday, and his siblings are showing him they care. Yay

OC Section

Name: Katana Ren

Nickname: Katan

Age: First Appearance: 16 years

Second Appearance: 18 years

Gender: Female

Appearance: (As quoted from “All for One, One for All: Beginnings”)

“It was a girl with long burnt obsidian black hair tied back in tight smooth braids. Her eyes were a deep sapphire blue, her cheeks and nose slightly rosey from the cold. Her thin figure was wrapped with a warm downy midnight blue cloak with a silver clasp shaped as a flame, peaking out from beneath a warm, white scarf. Her pants were coal black, along with her military style boots. She had steel blue armor beneath the cloak, its golden trim peaking out every so often. At her side was a long thin blade, the pommel bound in golden wire with a large fiery red stone that had its own power emanating from it. The girl’s gloves were charred black from working with fire or something of the sort. On her back was a simple traveling pack.”

Katan’s dragon form is a large, pure black dragon with blue eyes. In her dragonic state, she can not control her emotions and needs something to control them for her, preferably something with a strong mental bond with her, such as a psychic.

In her Human form, Katan carries many daggers and a single long cross between a rapier and a katana, or a claymore imbedded with a material similar to a dragonstone.

(Quoted from “All for One, One for All II: Return”)

“…Katan’s hair had turned snow white, her eyes silver.”

In her White Rider form, Katan carries bombs and wears a white scarf. Her hair is pulled back in a braid, and she now sports Desert clothes, including goggles and a leather helmet and heavy leather boots. She still carries her claymore, her rapier/katana cross having reappeared on the Dread Isle.

Name: Luan Ren

Age: First Appearance: 13

Second Appearance: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: (Quoted from “All for One, One for All: Beginnings”)

“…small creature that looked like a miniature dragon sat. It’s scales were a war of whites, silvers, and blacks, its eyes a soft azure.”

Human Form, Luan has light blue-grey hair with streaks of black. His eyes are slits, like a snake, and are azure in color. He wears a red tunic with tan pants and heavy leather boots. His dragonstone is Yellow in color, and he keeps it on a chain around his neck. He does not carry a weapon.

When Eula possessed Luan, his eyes changed to a deep purple color, occasionally crimson. His face became cruel, and his hair turned totally white. In his possessed form, Luan carries a gun, hidden in his shirt.

I’ll add the rest later. The ‘rest’ consist of:

Shiki Mairu (Mai)

Kangohei Tsume (Tsume)

Oruna Akai (Akai)

Shiki Tsuki (Tsuki)

And any others I re-discover


None. ) :


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Side Story Samus wakes up after being shot to find herself, Katan, Ness, and Pichu on a Desert Planet. They must survive its challenges and rise up if they ever have any hope of returning to their friends again. Samus/Katan POV
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