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Author has written 16 stories for Gilmore Girls, and Camp Rock.

Name: Breanne/Bree/Breezy

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Location: NJ, aka hell, well technically now it's CT for school!

I'm a rather demented 19 year old from Jersey. 'Nuff said.

I love listening to music and I'm attending film school. Don't be surprised if someday you see a movie with a lot of similarities to one of my stories.

Music is how I deal with life. I have a different style of music for every mood I have. I'd share my favorite lyrics, but I can't. My bedroom doesn't have enough wall space for me to put them up everywhere either. And, it has been proven that I cannot survive without music. I almost went insane in the hospital without my iPod. 16 days I had to suffer with what my brother had on my laptop and what Nathan managed to send me over aim. I owe him.

Writing is my forte. I've been writing stories since I was little. I probably won't ever become a professional writer, but I love to write. I write a lot of poetry when I'm upset, usually twisted love poems.

Semper Fidelis. God Bless the Marine Corps.


Gilmore Girls:

Love: Lit, Trory, PDLD. Okay, don't know why. I love Jess, cause, well, he's Jess. He and Rory were soul mates. I love Tristan. I just do. and Finn. Finn is sexy. Accents make me 'happy' if you catch my drift.

Tolerate: Rogan. To a point. I hate Logan. I really do.

Hate: Narco. Never, ever, will I read a narco. never. I hate Dean. With a passion.


Love: Reid/OC. I just love Reid. He and Caleb were my favorites, but no one ever writes Caleb/Sarah fics... :(. Though Sarah isn't one of my favorite characters anymore, so.

Like/Ocassional: Reid/Tyler. As long as it isn't M, then what's the difference? Tyler/OC, though usually they're also Reid/Oc's combined.

Hate: Reid/Sarah. I just hate it. Simple as that. And Caleb or Pogue/OC.

Camp Rock:
Love: Shane/Mitchie. Caitlyn/Nate

Vampire Academy:

Love: Dimitri/Rose. Christian/Lissa.

Hate: Mason/Rose. Just ick.


Love: Bella/Edward. Alice/Jasper.

Like: Bella/Jacob. Until Edward came back. :)

Camp Rock

After The Credits Roll: Story picks up after the movie ends. Not a sequel, but a continuation. Written in Mitchie's point of view. Smitchie mostly, medium Natilyn, with minor Jason/oc. When they didn't kiss on stage, fate was begging for more. Finished. 31 Chapters.

Life Keeps Going: The sequel to ATCR. Smitchie is back, and so are Naitlyn and Janastasia. Senior year's never been so complicated. Finished. 40 Chapters.

And It Never Ends: The sequel to LKG. Smitchie is expecting, Janastasia is planning, and Naitlyn is struggling. They thought life was hard, then came reality. Coming November 2008.

Director's Cut: Missing moments from everyone's POV's. So, more Naitlyn, but also more Janastasia as well as some scenes from Shane's POV. Coming 2009.

Director's Cut: The Wedding Night: Mature-er version of the Grey's wedding night. May eventually also have Shane's POV.

After The Happily Ever After: The second generation of Camp Rock. The Grey, Bishop, and Frances children, struggling to fill their parents shoes, be 'normal', and pursue the thing that connected their parents: music. This would be, mostly, for my own sick, twisted pleasure. I would never, ever, expect anyone to want to read this and enjoy it. Writing is an outlet for me, even if no one would read it.

When The Curtain Closes: Becky and I were discussing how CR2 is going to be a minor let down to us, as we're going to be questioning so many things that are part of my story that won't be in the movie. So, we came up with the possible idea of a second 'ATCR' series. Much like ATCR takes place after the end of CR... WTCC(tentative title) would take place after the second one ends in a similar fashion. Though I think I'd have to make it from a different POV this time around. But it has to be first person POV. My best writing is POV. =( Sadly enough.

Aaaaand... that's all for now.

(And I will so reuse Stas in a CR2 if Jason is loveless by the end. =) )


Director's Cut: Shane's Thoughts

Gah. Who ever thinks being romantic is an easy thing is clearly not romantic. Every holiday and special occasion I spend weeks, weeks, sometimes months, trying to think of what to get her. And everytime I think I've tapped myself out of possibilities. I've given her everything. What can I possible give her this time? I officially hate Christmas. Now I understand why Mitchie hates shopping for me. What do you give someone who has everything? Ha. What's something romantic that you give someone you've given every possible romantic thing to?I've given her love songs, jewelery, a pet, romantic evenings... I think I tapped this time. Crap.

Gilmore Girls

Full Length:

Who We Are: A/U Trory. Rory's got a twin, Chris, and Lore and Christopher just recently get married, move the kids together to Hartford, etc. I have major writters' block. At the moment, PG-13/Teen & 18 chapters, Epilouge up. Aren't you proud of me? I finished!

The Rain: Season 2 A/U. Literati. Different way of Jess coming to town, and a less than perfect Rory. Jess and Rory get freakishly close in a short amount of time. R/Mature &12 chapters. Unfortuantely, it got all messed up. Should be fixed, eventually. Or maybe not.

Nightmare: A/U Season 1-ish Tory. Tristan's life is spiraling out of control more and more. Rory may be the only person who can truely help him. Definitely PG-13/T for cursing. 20+ Chapters. Complete.

Australian Summer: A/U Post Season 2. PDLD. Rory goes to Australia for the summer with the Grandparents to a friends house. Finn happens to be staying with his grandparents. Throw in his pregnant sister, the father/Logan, Colin, and Steph, and see where the summer takes us. Border line M... but not quiet. Complete.


All In Your Name: 6.1 Alter. Ending.

BestFriends: Song Fic. Lit.

Escape: PDLD. So Random. 12 mini-chaps in 1 chap. Finn saves Rory from life Logan's forced her into. I know, I should have posted them individually, w/e. I might eventually.

Birthday Ball: Trory. Tristan invites Rory to the Birthday Ball at Military school. Season 3ish?

Le Masquerades - Chilton holds 3 Fundraiser Masquerades each year. Trory.

Any ideas, or suggestions email me.

-xx Breanne xx-

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