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Hello, Sparklie-the-Tiger. I'm also known as tigger101 from quizilla and Icyi from deviantART. As you known so far, I write Sonic the Hedgehog stories and Digimon stories. I'm also doing Dragon Booster and legend of Spyro series as well. Oh, yeah! My grammar isn't that good as you all can see, so cut me some slack. Anyway, here are my fan-characters of Sonic, Digimon and Mario...

To my readers/reviewers, I decide to stop writing stories on here. I'm not leaving FFnet! It just... My writing is not that good, which I admit it 'cause of my grammar problems, I barely write as much on here and sometimes I get 'not good' reviews here. I mean, I know most are trying help me so I can improve, but no matter how hard I try or reread my stories, I always miss a few words and do something wrong. I will continue doing stories on other sites like Quizillia (The one I began to do stories) and DeviantART (doing my drawings and art) since those two are the ones I like the most so far. So, my stories are probably discontinue here. Well, maybe not Digimon Data Squad (Or Savers): A Golden DigiSoul since I like that one the most, but The Adventures of the Gem Wolf: TLOS Eternal Night is Discontinue. As for Dragon Booster: Michelle's Adventures, once I put up the next chapter; Faster the Fear, up, it will be DISCONTINUE. I just lost the motivation to do a Dragon Booster fan-story. I just can't do it anymore or even finish up one of the chapter, so I'll have to stop doing Dragon Booster for a long time. However, I might do another story base on another anime I just watch; Keroro Gunso/Sgt Frog, but I'll just focus on Digimon Data Squad (Digimon Savers): A Golden DigiSoul for awhile to finish it up if I can. To those who help me like D.J Scales, I am very sorry, but it's my choice. I just can't do it anymore. I won't response or reply to any PMs much, but will try answer some of them if you want to talk or ask me. And those who know me from other sites, I'm sure you know where I am. I will leave my characters' profile here. I will continue read others that I'm fan of and try to review them, but for now on here, I won't write anymore stories. Only Digimon Savers: A Golden DigiSoul... Bye-Bye, for now.

Nov. 3, 2013: Still here! However, I got bad news... I lost the inspirations to do Digimon Savers: A Golden DigiSoul and... on March 25, my mother passed away... So, I'm not sure my life would go with my big sister and my little brother, so far we're trying. Anyway, I am thinking to put up another story here, but... maybe not since many reviews always say 'don't do this' or 'you can't do that' when I see many stories here like that here and I get them instead of them. I know I have a bad grammar, but I am not asking for critique and it's for fun! So, stop it! And I will reread my chapters again to edit it out the mistakes, kay?

March 12, 2014: For those you like my story; Digimon Savers: A Golden DigiSoul, I have taken it down since someone said if I don't continue it in three days, he or she will steal it make it he or she own. I'm not sure if that person was joking or not, but when a story haven't been updated for years, quit asking that person to continue 'cause that author could be busy with life or the author just lost the motivation to do that story anymore. So, I've taken down... I'm sorry and I'm happy everyone love that story, but I don't like it when anyone copying it without asking me! So... sorry to my readers who love it, but I have no choice, but to take it down

October 10, 2014: Okay, I don't need to repeat myself, so I will only say this once... DIGIMON SAVERS: A GOLDEN DIGISOUL IS DISCONTINUE AND IS NO LONGER ONGOING OR ON THIS SITE!!! So, please, stop telling me to continue or update the story when it's no longer continuing. I have lost the motivation to do Digimon fan-stories, so don't expect an update, okay?! ...Sorry, but I needed to say this. So, please, everyone, just stop that. I do understand you guys love this story and it makes me happy to know, but it's over and I'm sorry.

November 26, 2014: Sorry to say this, but Dragon Booster: Michelle Adventures is DISCONTINUE. I kinda forgot to check on the next chapter and it was delete since 90 days were up... I'm sorry! And besides, I've lost interest of doing it anyway. I'm glad you guy enjoy reading and I thank D.J Scales for helping me with it. Again, Dragon Booster is no longer activate.

April 15, 2015: Okay... I have a feeling everyone wants me to continue Digimon Savers: A Golden DigiSoul, but like I'd said, I cannot. However, maybe, just maybe I will let someone finish it for me or let them have that story and finish in their version. However, it has to be someone I can trust doing so. If you want to finish it or rewritten the story, you must ask me and give me some good reasons why you want to finish my story. You still have to credit me for starting or creating this story in the first place and you can ask me how the rest chapters should go if you need to know how or ask how my character would react in the episodes. You may rewritten it, but let me know by telling me how different it will be and I'll see if it's okay with me. Now, if you're willing to take my story, you must ask me, not just saying 'I will take your story' without a good explanation 'cause it will sound like you will steal it without giving me any credit and say it you had created it without asking me... Again, PM me if you want to either finish the story or rewritten story and I'll see if either of you guys could do the story. It will take time for me if I'll pick one 'cause I need to know if I can trust you. I hope you guys are willing do this... You have until April 15 - May 12 to ask me.

My characters of Sonic the Hedgehog:

Name: Sparklie
Nicknames: Sparks, Lightning Speed, & Fur Ball (from Eggman)
Gender: F
Date of Birth: July 17, 1990
Birth Place: Element Village (I made it up)
Eyes: Gold.
Ht: 3'2".
Species: Tiger/Tigress.
Appearance: Orange fur with black lightning bolt symbol on her head, black stripes, (At the tip of her tail is shape as a lightning bolt) & yellow muzzle and tummy, & orange hair.
Clothes: Pink bow with glitter of the pieces of the Chaos Emerald, purple vest, lavender pants with lightning bolts, & blue shoes with rubies
Alignment: Good/Heroes
Team: Team Jungle
Formation: Speed
Powers/Talents: Speed, Spin Ball, Homing Attacks, Electric Spheres, Electric Tail, Twirl Kick & Can sing very well.
Likes: Shadow (A lot), her friends (Bruncher the Kangaroo & T.H. the Zebra), justice, electricity, water, color of purple or blue, & speed.
Dislikes: Eggman, injustice, bullies, heights, & being alone.
Personality: Becomes shy when meeting new people. When her loves ones are in danger, she'll do anything to protect them, even risking her own life to save them. She very loyalty to her friends.
Which Game Create/Imagine:Sonic the Hedgehog 2
First Design: A white cat named Spark and wore a pink skirt.
First Story Appear: Saving the Worlds of Sonic next gen. (I will change the title and rewrite story in the future)
: Sparklie is the second fastest creature on Earth. She used lives her village called Element Village. Her people had a huge history about her 1,000 years old great grandma, Voltage, who save creatures from evil, a huge war and was the leader of her people. The tiger were the true allies of Knuckles' people until one day, the echidnas disappears. Her father, Winter, was killed by Eggman when she was 14 and vow to destroy Eggman until she met Sonic the Hedgehog. After having a lot adventures with Sonic and found out that Eggman sometimes help them. She decide not to kill Eggman, but will stop him for taking over the world. She use live with her mother, Calor, and her big brother, Blizzard, who now lives in the mountains that are near her village. Like Sonic, she likes danger, but always think before she leaps. Her two best friends are Bruncher and T.H. (Tiger Horse). She also has electric powers like Voltage, (her Ancestor) and might become the next leader. Now she on an adventure to find the secrets of her ancestor to stop the huge war coming. She also has crush on Shadow when they first met.
Her super forms: Electric Sparklie. Fur: Light blue, her eyes are blue and the bolt symbol was sky blue.
Dark Lightning Sparklie. Fur: Dark blue fur with light blue stripes.
Allies: Bruncher, T.H, Hikari, Sonic, Shadow, Cream/Cheese, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Blaze, Silver, Urban Freedom Fighters, Rouge, Omega, Whisker/Rover, Saber, Blooma, Technic/Tech, Magic Mutts, Cara & Venom/Yami.
Rivals: Blizzard, Rascal, Jet, Pooper & Reaper.
Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Mephiles, Miasma & Dusk
Themes: Brick House song by The Commodores & I Don't Need A Man song by Pussy Cat Dolls
Quotes: "Sonic you always leaps before you think." "Get your butts down here!" & "We all maybe different from the outside, but from the inside...we're the same"

Name: Bruncher
Nicknames: None
Gender: M
Date of Birth: August 24, 1987
Birth Place: Unknown
Eyes: Brown.
Ht: 4'5".
Species: Kangaroo.
Appearance: Brown with dark patches on elbows, knees and tail, light yellow muzzle and tummy & brown hair with dark brown at tips.
Clothes: Red boxing gloves, a white and green backpack, & red shoes with orange straps.
Alignment: Good/Heroes
Team: Team Jungle
Formation: Power
Powers/Talents: Earthquake Stomp, Rapid Punch & a genius like Tails and Eggman.
Likes: Sparklie (as sister), T.H, (as brother), boxing, kids & freedom.
Dislikes: Eggman, his Uncle (Blemish), losing a friend, traitors, & being an outcast.
Personality: Bruncher is more of a guy who wants to get the job done and likes to get into a lot fights. Bruncher likes kids very much and get very protected over them, even who’s younger than him. However, when meeting new people, he show nothing, but cold stare to them, but after awhile, he treats anyone like a friend or family.
Which Game Create/Imagine: Sonic Adventures
First Design: A dinosaur who was the last kind... (I had a wild a imagination)
Origin: At age 13, Bruncher use to live with his people, but was banish by his uncle, Blemish, for helping other species and no one stood up for him, except his little sister, Leapra. Bruncher vow to return to get Leapra and his family away from his uncle. However, when he came back 10 months later, it was destroy by Dr. Eggman. He continue his journey to find Eggman, but fell near a village where Sparklie lives. Sparklie and her mother took him in to heal his wounds. At first other tigers didn't trust him, because Kangaroos always treats other species like they're enemies. But thanks to Sparklie, they trust Bruncher, and he promise to stay by her side forever.
His Super Form: Super Bruncher. Fur: Tan, his eyes are golden tan, & dark tan patches.
Allies: Sparklie, T.H., Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Cream/Cheese, Urban Freedom Fighters, Whisker/Rover, Blaze & Faith.
Rivals: Shadow, Miracle, Luno, Wave, Storm & Caper
Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Mephiles, & Miasma.
Themes: Ain't No Stopping Us Now song by Barry White & Pump it! song by Black Eyed Peas
Quotes: "Let's Boogie!" "Let me at 'em!" & "Get your hands off me!"

Name: Prince Tiger Horse
Nicknames: T.H & Stripes Wings
Age: 7
Gender: M
Date of Birth: September 20, 2000
Birth Place: Heaven Clouds (Made that one up too)
Eyes: Orange
Ht: 2'5".
Species: Half Zebra, Half Pegasus.
Appearance: Light gray with dark gray tummy and with dark brown stripes and on wings, black grayish muzzle & light gray with dark brown stripes hair.
Clothes: Green sport gloves with no tips with orange and red straps or rings, & orange shoes with green bars around them like God's massager’s shoes.
Alignment: Good/Heroes
Team: Team Jungle
Formation: Flight
Powers/Talents: Air Kick & flying.
Likes: Cream (A lot), Cheese, his friends (Sparklie & Bruncher), flying, telling jokes, having fun, & the color of orange, red, & green.
Dislikes: Eggman, losing his friends, dangerous adventures, & being treated like a prince.
Personality: T.H is more on the safe side sometimes when things get too dangerous. He gets scare or shy when meeting new people, but after awhile, he gets comfortable. T.H is a real sweetie and when his friends are in trouble, he gets brave and tries to save to them.
Which Game Create/Imagine: Sonic Adventures DX
First Design: A toucan who was a king. (It happened on Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons)
Origin: At age 3, Tiger Horse is actually a prince of a place called 'Heaven Clouds.' He use live there, but got kidnapped by Eggman, who destroyed his home. Eggman told T.H. that his parents are dead and ask him join to Eggman, but Tiger Horse got so mad, he destroy his lab and escape from Eggman. One month, he fell near a house of Cream and her mother, Vanilla. He told them that his is T.H. (He didn't want to put them in danger), say that he's an orphan, and stay with them for awhile. However, a year later, he decide to leave Cream before Eggman finds him, but a year later, he landed in Sparklie's village and decided to stay with Sparklie and Bruncher. He has a tiny crush on Cream.
His super form: Tiger Pegasus. Fur: Gold, his eyes are red, dark gold stripes and muzzle.
Allies: Sparklie, Bruncher, Tails, Sonic, Cream/Cheese, Urban Freedom Fighters & Whisker/Rover.
Rivals: Haze.
Enemies: Dr. Eggman & Mephiles.
Themes: The Song of the Heart song by Prince & I Wish song by Omarion
Quotes: "I'm not a horse… I am a ZEBRA!!" "Please don't bow before me…" & "You guys are the only family I have…"

Name: Hikari
Gender: F
Date of Birth: Unknown (I created her from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 a few months later)
Eyes: Dark bluish green.
Ht: 1'3".
Species: Hero Chao cat-like.
Appearance: A white Chao with gold wings, a cat-like tail, blue on the tip of the tail, arms, ears, halo, and feet, and wearing a lavender collar with bolt symbol.
Team: Team Jungle/Team Chao
Formation: Speed
Powers/Talents: Electric powers like Sparklie, very fast and strong.
Which Game Create/Imagine: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
First Design: Same for now.
Origin: Sparklie somehow found a Chao egg along the journey. Later the egg hatch into a Hero Chao and Hikari was born. However, Hikari is a special Chao. She can change into her super form and fly very fast. She also strong and very brave when her friend are in trouble. No one knows why Hikari is special, but somehow found out that she was send by the Guardians of the Universe.
Allies: Sparklie, Bruncher, T.H, Sonic, Cream/Cheese, Urban Freedom Fighters, Rouge, Whisker/Rover, Blooma, Technic/Tech, & Venom/Yami.
Rivals: None
Enemies: Dr. Eggman
Super Form: Angel Puma (A big white puma with wings and gold feathers.)

Name: Blooma
Nicknames: Tulip Kitten & Nature Lover
Age: 5.
Gender: F
Date of Birth: November 29, 2002
Birth Place: An unknown planet called ‘Mori Hana’, but later was destroy by Black Doom
Eyes: Ruby Magenta.
Ht: 2'3"
Species: Siamese Cats.
Appearance: Pale blue with a big brown patch on face and tummy, a pink flower bud attach to her tail and blue hair.
Clothes: Pink shirt with long sleeves and sunflower on the front, magenta skirt, & sky blue shoes with red tongue and yellow patches on the sides.
Alignment: Good/Heroes
Team: Team Nature
Formation: Speed
Powers/Talents: Speed, Spin Ball, Homing Attacks & talk/understand/command plants, trees and flowers.
Weapons: Ninja Stars
Likes: Shadow (As a big brother), Sparklie, Charmy (A little), plants/trees/flowers, candies, fun, and balloons.
Dislikes: Eggman, getting bullied by others, losing a friend & darkness.
Personality: A shy looking character who’s yet wise and strong.
Which Game Create/Imagine: Shadow the Hedgehog
First Design: Same for now.
Origin: Few years ago, Blooma use to live on a planet with her people called 'Mori Hana', but was destroy by Black Doom and his armies. Luckily, Blooma was the only one escape and landed on Earth. Soon, she met Shadow the Hedgehog. At first Shadow didn't like her, but after spending time with her in battle when Black Doom came, he grew to be very fond of her. Shadow was like the brother she always wanted. She doesn’t know how and why she was looking for Shadow, she does know that he's the Earth’s only hope to stop Black Doom. After the battle, Blooma decided to stay with Shadow at all time and start to call him 'Big Brother.' She likes to get piggy back rides from Shadow sometimes. She is the youngest member of the group, but very strong, kind and wise.
Her super form: Nature Blooma. Fur: Light green, green eyes, dark green hair and her flower bud open.
Guardian form: Blooma, Guardian of Nature. (The Guardians of Universe will reveal later)
Allies: Shadow, Sparklie, Rouge, Omega, Sonic, Charmy, Silver, Technic/Tech, Saber & the Twin Ghosts.
Rivals: none.
Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Black Doom, Mephiles & Metal Sonic.
Theme: Rain song by SWV
Quotes: "Big Brother, be nice!" "I love flowers!" & "Earth is part of…me."

Name: Faith & Miracle (they're twins)
Nicknames: The Twin Ghosts
Age: Both at age 17.
Gender: Faith: F & Miracle: M
Date of Birth: October 31, Year unknown (From the future)
Birth Place: Crisis City
Eyes: Teal.
Ht: Faith is 4'8" & Miracle is 4'9".
Species: Giraffes.
Appearance: Faith is yellow with dark blue patches. Miracle yellow with dark blue patches. Both have brown hair.
Clothes: (Faith): Pink vest, pink rose shirt, pink sport pants, & turquoise shoes with pink strap and lavender fire style. (Miracle): Blue leather coat with lavender fire style, & turquoise shoes with blue straps and lavender fire style.
Alignment: Good/Heroes
Team: Team Mystic
Formation: Power Faith / Flight Miracle
Powers/Talents: Both have Ghosting Powers & can called spirits from beyond, Faith is a hacker, has super strength & holds the spirit of the Chinese Dragon & Miracle can ride a skatebroad, can fly and holds the spirit of the Phoenix.
Likes: (Faith): Her brother, Bruncher, jewels, the color pink, roller-skating, she is a computer geek, ghosts, tricking her enemies, & fighting for justice. (Miracle): His sister, girl crazy, rock n roll music, Blaze, riding his blue skateboard, blue is his favorite color, he is a very skilled fighter and loves to show off for the ladies, & ghost.
Dislikes: Does not like to be separated from her brother, evil, Eggman Nega, injustice, jerks, show-offs, Iblis & spiders. (Faith) He hates to be separated from his sister, Eggman Nega, snakes, Iblis & surprises.
Personality: Even if when things looks tough, the twins always finds a way out. Miracle goes girl crazy when seeing girls, but acts charming towards Blaze. When Faith gets angry, she send anyone sky high. The twins like to have fun, however they know from what's right and what's wrong.
Which Game Create/Imagine: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
First Design: Same for now...
Origin: Faith & Miracle are the two twins with unique powers. Their powers are ghost powers and summoning spirits. They can do just anything like ghosts do, walk through walls (anything), disappear/reappear, & even summon spirits, but only the good ones will help, when all evil spirits are called upon, they will try and stop the good side. Faith & Miracle are rarely seen apart. Since Miracle is so girl crazy, Faith sometimes has to knock him out or dragged him away from girls. Faith & Miracle are from the future with their friends, Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat. Silver and Miracle are best friends, but Faith is Silver’s Rival and Faith is Blaze best friend. Silver, Blaze, Faith & Miracle’s home was destroyed by some monster call Iblis. The trio traveled back in time to stop the Iblis Trigger and save their world.
Their Spirit Forms: Chinese Dragon of Faith & Phoenix of Miracle. Fur: Dark blue with Midnight blue hair & Orange-Red fire feathers.
Allies: Silver, Sparklie, Bruncher, T.H., Technic/Tech, Blaze, Selica, Saber, Max & Blooma.
Rivals: Shadow, Rascal, Haze, Caper & Reaper.
Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Eggman Nega, Dusk, Mephiles, & Iblis.
Themes: Shake Your Groove Thing song by Peaches & Herb
Quotes: Together: "Let's do this, guys!" & "You can never hurt ghosts!" Faith: "Can it, you idiot!" & Miracle: "Hello ladies!"

More characters will come later...

My characters of Digimon:

Name: Cleopatra _ (Her last name will reveal later)
Nick Names: Cleo & Honey (From her Digimon)
Age: 14
Gender: F
Birth Place: Japan
Eyes: Lanvender
Season: Digimon Savers or Data Squads (season 5)
Personality: Shy at first when meeting new people. Motherly towards children. A genius/hacker. When call a geek or nerd, she'll kick or slap the person's head.
Likes: Marcus Damon, animals, hacking into computers, egg rolls & the colors silver & gold.
Dislikes: Heights, falling down, dangerous adventures, losing her love ones & be calling a geek or nerd.
Digivice iC: Like Marcus' but gold and white
Digi-soul: Gold
Friends/Allies: Dalmatianmon, Marcus Damon, Yoshino Fujieda & Thomas H. Norstein.
Rivals: None

Digimon: Dalmatianmon
Gender: F (I made her up.)
Looks: A big dalmatian with two big white wings and little black wings, wearing a red bow on her neck and stands on two legs.
Her Attacks: Lights Spheres, Shadow Spheres & Feather Slice-Dice
Ht: 5'7"
Type: Vaccine
Level: Rookie

My characters of Super Mario Bros.:

Name: Jenny Wolf
Age: 29
Nicknames: Wolf
Species: Human (possibly part wolf)
Gender: Female
Talents: She can cook anything, even bake and a good fighter.
Powers: Shape shift into a wolf with wings, fly, turns into a human with wolf's ears and a tail, controls light, Radiance Rapid Paws and Hind Paw Kick.
Likes: Luigi, sodas, the moon, running, pink, blue, purple, candy and cookies.
Dislikes: Bowser, perverts, heights, wasps, ghosts and peas.
Allies: Luigi, Mario, Swan, Yoshi, Surfer Sub-0, Toad, Peach and Professor E. Gadd.
Rivals: Hyena, Waluigi and Wario.
Enemies: Bowser, Rank, Bowser jr. and King Boo.
From: New York, Brooklyn. (She Known the Mario bros. when she was in her teens.)
Which Game Create/Imagine: Super Mario Bros.
First Design: A normal human who runs fast.
Luigi: Jenny been liking Luigi when she first met him. She knows Luigi is timid and the tip of a coward, but that's what she like about him and she knows he's very brave (in his own way). Even though she likes him, she keeps it to herself and treats him as a friend. And when she see him with a girl he likes, she decided to help Luigi to get a date. She wants him to be happy, even if it means she'll feel heartbroken.
Mario: Jenny looks at Mario as an older brother and helps out him with he's get into trouble.
Quotes: "How?! How could this happened to me?!" "You got to be kidding me!" & "Fear my claws..."

Name: Swift Swan
Age: 33
Nicknames: Swan
Species: Swan
Gender: Female
Powers: Fly (duh!), Tornado Wings, and can box (She's a boxer).
Likes: Flying, boxing, swimming, Peach (As a sister), tea and cake.
Dislikes: Perverts, bugs, Bowser, people who's bossy, mistaking as a goose, cheese and calling her weak/sissy.
Allies: Jenny, Peach, Toad, Mario, Luigi and Toadsworth.
Rivals: Hyena and Birdo.
Enemies: Bowser, Night, Boos, Wario and Waluigi.
From: Ballet Swan Lake
Which Game Create/Imagine: Super Mario Bros.
First Design: A duck who's a boxer and has green feathers.
Princess Peach: Swan is a bodyguard for Peach. She always stick by Peach to protect of Bowser, even when Peach gets kidnapped, Swan follows. She knows she has to protect Peach and teach a bit to a great princess, but Swan always wants Peach to have fun.
Toadsworth: Swan can't stand Toadworth's ways sometimes. While Toadsworth wants for the best of Princess Peach, Swan always told Peach to make her desions. But, she respects Toadsworth... most of th time.
Quotes: "Girls gotta have fun too!" "Enough-idi, Enough-idi!" (That's how she talk sometimes...) or "I'm a SWAN, not a GOOSE, A SWAN!!"

Name: Surfer Sub-0 Penguin
Age: 28
Nicknames: Guin
Species: Emperor Penguin
Gender: Male
Powers: Swim, Ice Board, Freeze Breath, Aqua Penguin and Ice Spike.
Likes: Swan, Yoshi (As a friend), fun, adventures, ice/water, speed, surfing and fishes.
Dislikes: Boredom, Bowser, heat and spiders.
Allies: Yoshi, Jenny, Swan, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Birdo and Happy.
Rivals: None
Enemies: Bowser & Rank.
From: Mushroom Kingdom, but now live with Yoshi on Yoshi's Island
Which Game Create/Imagine: The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
First Design
: Same for now...
Yoshio: He met Yoshi as a baby. They’re always like to have fun and eat food. Guin sometimes ride Yoshi, but most likely rides on his ice board with Yoshi. They’re like brothers to each other and always help out when need it.
Quotes: 'What up Dudes & Dudettes!' 'Whoa! A hott Dudette!'

More character more be reveal later...

(I'm also a fan of Spyro the Dragon) My character of Spyro:

Name: Topaz
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 18
: Gem Wolf (I made it up. Gem Wolves and very special creatures. They are wolves with angelic wings and has a gem on their heads. Each process a different powers. Ex. Jade/Earth, Topaz/Ice or Wind and Garnet/Fire)
Ht: 5'4" ft
Eye Color: Lilac
Gemstone On Head: Topaz
Elements: Ice (kinda) and Wind
Personalities: Kind, bold, caring and smart
Likes: Flying, her friends, meeting new creatures, finding something new and meat
Dislikes: Getting her wings wet, guys calling her weak and apes
Loves: The moon, nighttime, clouds, flowers, peace and gems
Hates: Being alone, getting pulled by her tail, evil, the Dark Master, injustice and seeing her friends getting killed
Fears: Darkness and alone
Powers/Talents: Topaz Orb (like how Lucario can summon his Aura Sphere, a yellow, green, purple orb appears between her upper paws then throws at her enemy, making them freeze inside a topaz gem), flying, and see the future in her dreams.
Weapons: A sword call Topazium (Mixture of Technetium and Topaz. She summon through her body then appears from a gem on her palm)
Background/Info: At age 8, Topaz use to live with her pack/family in a forest. However, that time, a war between dragons and apes were started then. The dragons asked the Gem Wolves to help them win the war, they did, but sadly lost many of their kind. Topaz and her mother were the only ones left, but then a troop of apes found them and they killed her mother. Luckily, Topaz manages to escape, but was left all alone in the forest. Suddenly, she met a bobcat named Mya ad they became fast friends. Topaz and Mya later meet a dragonfly named Lavender then a young dragon named Tyrone and that’s how her adventures begins…
Friends/Allies: Spyro, Mya, Cynder (later on), Lavender, Sparx, Tyrone, Hunter and the guardians
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: The Dark Master and Apes
Crush/Love Interest: Hunter (maybe)
Quotes: "We mustn't give up until win!" "Never judge my looks."
Theme: (Don't) Give Hate a Chance by Jamiroquai

Name: Mya
Nicknames: Magic Cat & Fuzz Ball (by Sparx)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Bobcat (They can use any magic. There are about 4 ranks, Rookie to Advance to Expert to Master. Each one has their own weapons that matches with their personalities. Rookies can’t control every magic, only small magic. It takes years to be an expert of magic. Bobcats don’t trust anyone very easily since the war between dragons and the apes.)
Ht: 3'9" ft
Eye Color: Chartreuse
Element: Earth
Magic Rank: Rookie
Personalities: Quick temper, gloated, spanking, adventurer and fearless
Likes: Learning new magic, sleeping, chasing butterflies and sunlight
Dislikes: Being a rookie, being told that she can’t do great magic, brats and get told-off.
Loves: Fishes, her hammer, winning, being an expert and fighting
Hates: Evil magic, spider, crabs and huge enemies.
Fears: Water and Death
Powers/Talents: Creates magic, great strength (when she gets tick off) and summons magic weapons
Magic Items/Weapons: Magic Belt (This belt can make anyone fly like dragon in the sky. Note: It only works for Master and Experts) and An Ancient Magic Sledgehammer (It’s the only weapon that responds for Mya. When it’s red: she’s angry or tick off, orange: she’s enjoying hitting someone, green: jealous, magenta: bravery, blue: sadness and black: evil)
Background/Info: Mya is a rookie (Mya: Advance Rookie! Me: Whatever...) and is good at creating magic, but not very good at master it yet. At age 10, her rival, Dina, always picks on her for being a rookie and said Mya will never be an expert or master of any magic. Mya decides to go off on a journey to improve her magic works. Suddenly, she encounter an young Gem Wolf named Topaz. At first, Mya didn't trust Topaz, but started to like her as a sister. Now, her, Topaz and the others, Tyrone and Lavender, are on an adventure to find some dragons for Tyrone...
Friends/Allies: Topaz, Lavender, Tyrone, Spyro, Sparx, Hunter and Cynder (sometimes)
Rivals: Dina (a green bobcat that's in the expert rank)
Enemies: Dark Master, Apes and beings using evil magic
Crushes/Love Interest: N/A
Quotes: "That Advance Rookie to you!" "Oh, lay off!"
Theme: When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls

Name: Lavender
Nicknames: Big Gal (by Mya)
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Species: Dragonfly (A big one)
Ht: 7'11" in. (A bit taller than Sparx)
Eye Color: Teal
Element: N/A
Personalities: Quiet, nice, cautious, alert, gentle and non-violence (Mya tries to get Lavender into fighting)
Likes: Nighttime, peace, her friends, flowers and romance.
Dislikes: Fighting, rain, evil, spiders and dragonflies that don’t want her in their swamps
Hates: War, slimy stuffs, being injure and getting attack from behind
Loves: Butterflies, bees (dragonflies really eat bees) and happy endings
Fears: Seeing her friends get killed in front of eyes
Power/Talents: Sings, flies (duh!) and senses danger close by.
Background/Info: Lavender is different from every dragonflies. She's bigger than any them and many are afraid of her or disgusted of her because of her size. However, her parents told her she should be proud of her size 'cause her ancestors were very big too. Though, Lavender feels she should find a place for her to be fully accepted. She left her home to find her own home, but instead encounter a Gem Wolf and a Bobcat along the way...
Friends/Allies: Tyrone, Topaz, Mya, Sparx, Spyro, Cynder and the guardians
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: Dark Master
Crushes/Love Interest: Sparx (Lavender: blushes Y-You have n-no proof!)
Quotes: "Oh! Such violence!" "You have no proof!"
Theme: War by Edwin Starr

Name: Tyrone
Nicknames: Ty
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Species: Dragon
Ht: 2'10" ft (I think)
Eye Color: Silver (or gray)
Element: Plant (There use to be many plant dragons, but they almost gone extinct)
Personalities: Curious, naïve, sweet, helpful and kind
Likes: His friends, nature, clouds, fighting for justice and making new friends
Dislikes: People sneaking up on him, boredom and quiet
Hates: Apes, thunderstorm and evil
Loves: Meeting other dragons, flying, dancing and discover new places
Fears: Darkness
Power/Talents: Flying (duh!), uses the element; plant, manages to trick his enemies and flies very fast
Background/Info: Tyrone doesn’t remember much when he was only one year old. His mother left to find food, but never came back. Feeling hungry, Tyrone stumbling walks around to his mother, but bump into Topaz, Mya and Lavender. Mya wanted to leave Tyrone alone before his mom came back, but Topaz sadly told Mya that she won't coming back for she was killed by apes. Feeling sorry for little Tyrone, the girls decides to take him in until they find some other dragons to raise him, but so far, no luck...
Friends/Allies: Topaz, Mya, Lavender, Spyro, Sparx, Cynder, the guardians and the Chronicle
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: Dark Master, Apes and Evil beings
Crushes/Love Interest: N/A
Quotes: "Is it just me or are we losing?"
Theme: Let's Get It Started by The Black Eyed Peas

(I'm a fan of Dragon Booster. I can't believe they cancel it!) Dragon Booster:

Name: Michelle Sean
Nickname(s): Mickey (She's hates that name. The announcers keeps saying her name wrong) & Leaping Mad Girl (by her friends when she gets mad)
Age: 16
Gender: Female (duh!)
Ht: 5'2"
Personalities: Quick temper, kind, caring, skillful (racing & fighting), brave, standing up for right and modest.

Family: Parmon Sean (brother)
Friends: Kitt, Parmon, Artha & Lance
Rivals: Kitt (friendly rival) & Moordryd
Enemies: None so far

Likes: Her brother Parmon, dragons, racing/speed, Artha (a crush), hanging out with her friends and discover new things.
Dislikes: Cheaters, people who keeps saying her name wrong, when Parmon talks too much, jerks, people who steal dragons and heights.

Draconium: Unknown (reveal later in chapters), but mixture of colors Light Bluish Green/Cyan and Light Purple/Lilac.
Talents: Speak/Understanding dragons (only Parmon & Kitt knows) and defeats ever best Dragon racers.

Background: Michelle already became the best dragon racer in each street races. Most crew respects her and sometimes ask her to join their crew, but she said no. Even guys fall for her skills and looks. She has a lot points to enter the Academy, but not yet. Michelle went to different races from all over the world to be good and better at each races. The people from Academy decides to let an extra person to go with Michelle in the Academy with her. She's been racing for a long time with great different racers like Kitt or Pyrrah. Michelle does send messages to her older brother Parmon to tell how she's doing in the race and how famous she becomes with her dragon, Leapdra. People often mistakes her for guy before she appear 'cause the announcers sometimes say her name wrong like Mickey. Now, she's planning to enter in the street race in Dragon City to see her family and friends again...

Artha: Michelle's been liking Artha since they were kids. In other words, she has a crush on him. Even though with her 'gift' she doesn't tell him about it for she fears that he'll hate like the kids did. While Artha doesn't like dragons, Michelle does and she tries to get him to ride one, but no success. In her teens she left her friends and family when she enters the street race for the Academy which makes Artha feel sad about, but wishes her good luck and hopes to see her again. As years pass, she returns and found out that Artha is street racing with his own dragon, Beau. Her crush on Artha grew more than a crush, but still kept to herself until she really sure if she likes him.
Dragon Booster: Michelle's own knight in shining armor. He sometimes save her when he can. When Michelle first saw the Dragon Booster, she been having a feeling that knows from somewhere.
Parmon: Michelle is the younger sister of Parmon. They're both smart like their mom, however unlike Parmon, she isn't timid, blabber too much or gets scare easily. Their sibiling realation is strong and they look out for each other. Parmon sometimes tries to stop Michelle racing since they lost their father in a race and worries it might happen to her.
Kitt: Michelle's best friend, other than Artha and Lance. Kitt is the only non-family member that knows about Michelle's 'gift'. They always compete to see who's the fastest, but always end up in a tie. They sometimes call the Speed Demon Girls.
: To Michelle, Lance is like a little brother. Michelle admits that Lance is too young for danger adventures, but also know that Lance is very brave and probably wise like his father, Conner. She hopes someday that Lance will prove to everyone that even though young and small, you can learn more from a child then adults.
: To Michelle, Moordryd is really annoy and stubborn, but also has some goodness inside him. She isn't afraid Moordryd, but aware about who he is. She's the first one to spot something inside of Moordryd's eye, sadness and loneliness. While her friends believes that Moordryd is just as bad as his father, Word, she believes he isn't and hopes to bring the goodness in him soon.
Cain: Michelle is pain to Cain. Michelle likes to call him baldly and isn't afraid of him at all. She knows he's a scardy cat like her brother, but is good friend to Moordryd. She always wonders how did Cain and Moordryd met.
: They're like sisters to each other. Michelle will never leave her dragon behind and goes wherever Leapdra goes. She knows Leapdra is rare dragon, but doesn't what dragon she is.

Name: Leapdra (leap-Dra)

Nickname(s): Leapest & Queen of Leaps
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ht: tall as Wyldfyr
Personalities: Calm, skillful, brave, kind, cunning, loyal and alert.

Rider: Michelle

Dragon: Part Black Psi-class and something else (reveal later in chapters) (She has the head and neck of Black Psi-class dragon and the body of bi-dragon)
Family: Decepshun (half-sister, same mom, but different dads. Only Leapdra and Michelle knows.)
Friends: Wyldfyr, Beau, Cyrano and Fracshun
Rivals: Wyldfyr (respect each others) & Decepshun
Enemies: Those who would harm Michelle

Likes: Children, Michelle (sister like), Beau (a crush), candy bar, running, leaping and scaring Parmon.
Dislikes: Most men staring at her (she's overprotected), cheaters, seeing Michelle getting hurt and gets separate from Michelle.

Draconium: Part Black Psi and part something else, mixture of colors Light Bluish Green/Cyan and Light Purple/Lilac (reveals later in chapters)
: Leaps over 2-3 in half stories high, leaps to 30-42ft long/length, speed and stealth.

Background: Leapdra was separate from her family. Michelle found Leapdra as an young dragon in the streets. Michelle took Leapdra in and raises her, Leapdra grown attract to Michelle and stays by her side for all time. Michelle has been trying to find out what class Leapdra is in, but none so far. All Michelle knows Leapra is part Black draconium, but also something else, something rare and unknown. Now, Leapdra has become the best dragon in dragon racing...

(To see the info. of the Warrior Dragons, go to D.J. Scales profile to learn more about them)

Cars (Pixar):

Name: Ruby LadyBug
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Female
Model: VW New Beetle 2006
Body Color: Light Rose with a violet peace symbol on her hood with wings on the side.
Eye Color: Amethyst
Known Wearable: Lilac Glasses
Age: 25-30's (I think Doc is somewhere in his 50's)
Families: Grandma Rose (VW Beetle 1953, decease)
Best/Close Friends: Felix McKing and Kim Jaejoong
Good Friends: Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, Sally, Guido and Fillmore
Friends: Sarge, Luigi, Sheriff, Flo, Red, Ramone and Lizze
Rivals: None
Eneimes: Niki Falcon (FPV F6 2004, she'll appear later in one of chapters)
Love Interest: Doc Hudson (Cars) then Finn McMissile (Cars 2)
Personalities: Quiet (meeting new people/cars), shy (meeting good looking guys), sensitive, bold/brave (only when her friends are in danger), smart, caring and determines
Talents: Can sense when someone isn't really happy with their life, can tell someone is hiding something (secrets), draw and sing (only her grandmother and her two best friends knows)
Likes: Romantic stories, music, hanging out with her friends and looking at stars.
Dislikes: When someone isn't true to themselves, those who misjudge anyone and dangerous adventures.
Loves: Strawberry flavors, Doc Hudson, the color purple, her friends, her grandmother, having fun, doing the right thing and trying something new.
Hates: Cheaters, stubborns cars, those only care about themselves, being alone and sadness
Fears: Losing her love ones and Death
Background: Her parents were long gone since Ruby was born and her grandmother took her in. Used to live with her grandmother, Ruby didn't have many friends and many had pick on her, mostly Niki. Ruby even try to start a relationships, but Niki always takes them away from Ruby, leaving the beetle broken hearted. Since then Ruby decide not to have any love relationships for a long time. Her only close friends are Felix and Kim, the two guys who never leave Ruby's side. Before her grandmother passed away, Rose made Ruby to promise herself to find true happiness and told Felix and Kim to promise her to watch out for Ruby. Now, the three are living in California, waiting for their own story to begin...

Name: Felix McKing
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Male
Model: Pontiac Grand Prix 2007
Body Color: Cool Gray or Silver
Eye Color: Maroon
Known Wearable: None
Age: 28-36
Families: A Grandfather (Pontiac Chieftain 1952, decease)
Best/Close Friends: Ruby LadyBug and Kim Jaejoong
Good Friends: Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Mater, Sheriff and Sally
Friends: Sarge, Luigi, Guido, Flo, Red, Ramone and Lizze
Rivals: ???
Eneimes: Niki Falcon
Love Interest: Ruby LadyBug (more like a crush)
Personalities: Complains too much, stubborn, smart, temper, excited (only seeing someone he's a fan of) protective (towards Ruby only) and nice
Talents: Drive very fast (not as fast a race car), can cheer his friends up and clean
Likes: Watching a race, fun (sometimes), taking naps from a long day and the color red and gold.
Dislikes: Guys hitting on Ruby, Kim's hyper, losing and bugs.
Loves: Ruby (she doesn't know), sweet treats (mostly cake), racing and music.
Hates: Seeing Ruby sad, boredom, anyone who disturb his nap time and mud.
Fears: Heights
Background: Not much about him, but he's one of Ruby's best friends. He watch out for her like a brother, but much more. He secretly like Ruby very much, but keeps it to himself. He maybe a stubborn car, but deep down he stands up for the little guys. He's also a big fan of racing. He's also a big fan of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, even though after Hudson Honet disappears. Felix was promise to his grandfather; who's also a gret fan of the Hudson Honet, that he'll try to bring the great racer back with the help from Ruby and Kim...

Name: Kim Jaejoong (My sister idea)
Nickname(s): K.J
Gender: Male
Model: Honda Accord lx 2005
Body Color: Navy Blue
Eye Color: Ochre
Known Wearable: Black Earrings (On rearview mirriors)
Age: 26-34
Families: Unknown, but does have an uncle who taught how to dance (Honda Torneo 1999)
Best/Close Friends: Ruby LadyBug and Felix McKing
Good Friends: Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Mater, Ramone, Red and Flo
Friends: Sheriff, Luigi, Guido, Fillmore, Red, Sarge and Lizze
Rivals: ???
Eneimes: Niki Falcon
Love Interest: None
Personalities: Caring, funny (sometimes), smart, hyper, cheery, out going and nice
Talents: Sings, dance, can make his friends laugh and good with kids
Likes: The color blue, art, traveling and humor.
Dislikes: Getting dirty, uncare cars, getting hurt and sadness.
Loves: Dancing, singing, music, Ruby (as a sister), cartoons and snow.
Hates: The dark, summer, those who keep secrets and dust
Fears: Spiders and Clowns
Background: Unknown, but he was born in South Korea (his parents were born Japan then move to South Korea) then move to USA with his uncle. He now lives with Felix and Ruby, hoping to start a new adventures...


Digimon Data Squad (Or Savers): A Golden DigiSoul: It's the same as Digimon season 5, but only with a new character and a new Digimon. A girl named Cleopatra or Cleo for short has encounter a very rare Digimon, Dalmatianmon. They then later on meet Marcus, Agumon and the rest of DATS. Later on, more Digimon appears as well finding out more about Dalmatianmon, who's keeping a few secrets... MarcusxOC or OCxThomas There's a bit Romance later on. ON HOLD

Dragon Booster: Michelle's Adventures: Parmon's younger sister, Michelle, has return to Dragon City to see her friends and family from other street races. She also meets a new hero, new rivals, enemies and finds out about her rare dragon, Leapdra. Also for some reasons, she seems familiar with ancient temple, dragons and crew and she never heard or read anything about them... ArthaXOcXMoordryd Posting a few more chapters (2 or 3 more chapters) then it will be DISCONTINUE.

Saving the World of Sonic next gen: A young woman has transport into another world, meets her own two characters, and meets Sonic and his friends or rivals and help them save the worlds from Dr. Eggman. Base on the game Sonic 2006. (I might rewrite it in the future.) Finished

The Adventures of the Gem Wolf: The Legend of Spyro-New Beginning: A young she-gem wolf, Topaz, is the last kind and has encounter some other creatures as her allies. Now, they meet a special dragon on the way and joins him on his adventures to stop great evil. Finished

The Adventures of the Gem Wolf: TLOS Eternal Night: The adventure continues and Cynder has run away from the Temple and the heroes must go after her. However, another enemy has appeared to bring back the Dark Master and an unseen ally will help Spyro and his friends along the way in their new journey. DISCONTINUE

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Lunch break by Nichira
A short one-shot romance with Lewis and Arthur. It's a normal day and it's lunch break. But Lewis feel an appetite for something else then food when he's sitting with his friend.
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Cars - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 49 - Words: 239,773 - Reviews: 63 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 1/31 - Published: 3/26/2009 - Doc/Fabulous Hudson Hornet
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Transformers - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 14 - Words: 32,505 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 60 - Follows: 10 - Published: 12/15/2014 - [OC, Bumblebee] [Sam W., Mikaela B.] - Complete
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