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Author has written 21 stories for Three's Company, Dukes of Hazzard, and Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew.

You've read my fiction, now I'd like to share a non-fiction story.

There's a terrible disease in our world that few have heard about. It is called RETT Syndrome. Imagine someone you know who may have Parkinson's disease, epilepsy or autism. Now imagine one person having to endure the symptoms of all three of these diseases at the same time. This, my friends, is RETT syndrome. This rare disease primarily affects girls. Imagine having what appears to be a healthy baby girl who develops normally...at first. Then slowly, she fails to thrive. Next basic skills she has learned, such as putting her hand to her mouth to feed herself, or the few words she has learned, the ability to crawl...all slowly disappear until, eventually, she becomes a soul trapped in a body that she cannot control, unable to communicate to let others know where she's having pain, or simply to share thoughts.

I have a friend that I have known since childhood who's daughter, Ivy (age 3) is a victim of this disease. Ivy's mother has made it her mission to spread the news of RETT Syndrome far and wide in the hopes that more people will become aware of this disease. Why? Because awareness brings research funding, and research funding could bring a cure. It is said that they are very close to the cure for this disease, but additional research needs to be performed. How can it be performed? Again, by having funds in place to do so.

What can you do? I would like to ask each person reading this to do some things that won't cost you a cent. First, please go on Facebook and look for a page called 'Mighty Ivy'. Like that page and be sure to follow her story! Next, please share that page with your friends using the hashtags #MIGHTYIVY and #ELLENMEETIVY (mom Shelly is trying desperately to bring this to the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, as she feels that will be a huge stepping stone to getting the message of RETT Sydrome out to the masses). Third, please share that with anyone you can think of that may be a platform for bringing more awareness to the disease. Perhaps you know someone who works for a national news publication, a television station, or maybe you even rub elbows with a popular tv or movie star yourself (hey, it happens!) Just your small part to pass the word along, I know, would be much appreciated!

Thank you so much for taking a moment out of your day to contribute your time to this worthy cause. It is appreciated more than you may realize!

And now, on with the 'Dukes' stuff!...


What in the heck was ole' Waylon talking about there on Chapter 1 of 'Consequences'? Well in case you haven’t figured it out already, he was leading you here so you could learn more about my Dukes Choose Your Own Ending Story. Before you click on Chapter 2, I'd like you to take a moment to go over Uncle Jesse’s rules and commentary which are listed below. They’re here not only to make some humble requests, but to help you understand the story a little better:

Uncle Jesse’s Rules and Commentary:

Number 1:Don’t any of you youngin’s go reportin’ this story to fanfiction.net. Those folks frown on these kinds of stories and they would take it off and ban H.G. from the site. She spent five months burnin’ brain cells on this story to provide free entertainment and believe me, she didn’t have none ta 'spare. Besides, I can’t stand for tattlin’. Sure it’s against the fanfic law, but then us Dukes supposedly break the law all the time and ya like us, don’tcha?

Number 2:We needs plenty of feedback on this story. The way I see it, she’s got seventeen endin’s on there so’s I reckon she needs one for each endin’ you git to. That’s right youngin’, she wants 17 reviews from each of ya. Yeah, it might take ya awhile but I guarantee it won’t take ya nowhere near as long as it did for her ta think all this stuff up. (okay, she really don't expect you'ns ta do that much, but if ya do like tha story, drop her a line or two to let her know- she's kinda poutin' about just gettin' a few and I can't stand fer feelin' sorry fer yourself.). And oh yeah, I know this story was wrote way back in '06, but she still likes them reviews. So's if yer late in tha game gittin' here, go ahead and leave her one. Ya gotta remember, she's jist a Georgia mountain gal herself, where the big action in her neck of the woods is seein' the mailman drop off her junk mail. So's if ya were to leave her one of them reviews, it might give her somethin' to git all hyped up about other than the dollar store circular.

Number 3:Well this ain’t a rule ta follow, just a commentary; I want ta personally welcome ya to the Duke family where there’s always room fer one more. Now I want ya ta understand yer relation. You’re my first cousin, once removed, which means yer Luke, Bo, and Daisy’s second cousin. However, bein’ a youngin’ like them, I reckon it seems more proper fer ya to call me Uncle Jesse. So’s yer allowed. So as yer readin’ along, you might see that H.G. has you callin me Uncle but referrin’ to me as yer cousin. ‘Course now that you understand the situation, you’ll know why. You’ll also notice them outta town folks referring to me as your Uncle, we’ll they can’t help it they don’t know no better, what with you callin’ me uncle and all. That’s jist to let you know that H.G. ain’t lost her marbles as you read along.

Number 4: Another thing to remember: This here story takes place around 1980 jist like it did on tha T.V., so’s when we git into some technical stuff and talkin’ about money, it’s gonna be like it was back in ‘80, not 21st century. So don’t you young’ins go laughin’ at what we got. Yeah, you might think that tha' 80's called and it wants it's stuff back, as ya'll like ta say, but we can't give it up if we want the story ta seem somewhat authentic.

Now that Uncle Jesse's had his say, feel free to go back to the story and click on Chapter 2!

In Other News...

If you like 'Choose' stories, then try my Hardy Boys version by clicking here:

I started out as a Hardy Boys fan fiction writer. To read my very first piece of fan fiction ever, which is not listed on this website, visit

About Me: I penned my first piece of fan fiction ever by handwriting it out in a black and white composition book at the age of 14. It was for the Hardy Boys. I was quite proud of the piece and stored it away in a drawer, taking it out and reading it on occasion for the next few years. In the midst of my college years, I was cleaning out drawers, found the composition book, thought that my hobby was quite silly and promptly burned it in my living room fireplace. Yikes, how I wish I had never done that!

When my interest moved online I started out once again with the Hardy Boys in a story entitled 'I Thee Wed' (which you can find online under 'Moonstar and Holleigh Stewart presents'). Readers seemed to enjoy it and built my confidence to go on and write 2 more stores. I was open to constructive criticism but one, repeating comment weighed on me. I was told that I wrote 'too country'. Of course this wouldn't do for Frank and Joe, who are New England boys!

The transition to Dukes somehow occurred directly from that criticism. I thought. "Okay...Joe blond, Bo blond, Frank dark hair and smart, as is Luke. Frank and Joe solve crimes...Bo and Luke do too, come to think about it. Bo and Luke speak with a southern accent and I do too! So now I had a new cast of characters to write for. Now it was just a process of re-familiarizing myself with the show. It had been more than a decade since I had viewed an episode and upon watching again, I was surprised that I had totally forgotten that the General could fly and that everyone called Boss 'Boss'! My how memories fade!

Part of my 'studies' led me to read The Dukes of Hazzard: The Unofficial Companion by David Hofstede, where I learned that Gy Waldron, creator of the Dukes, had used my hometown as part of the inspiration for 'location' of the fictional Duke clan (yes, the book actually names my hometown). So, if you've ever laid eyes on the book, you now know where I'm from. In the midst of those mountains was (and still is) a farm that I spent as much or more time than I did at home while growing up, and occupying that farm was a very 'Jesse' like Uncle. One thing I did laugh about on the 'Knoxville/Simpson' version of Dukes of Hazzard was the comment that Jesse had never been anywhere but 'Hazzard and Korea' because more or less other than Korea, my uncle had never really been much of anywhere else either. He was a respected church deacon, a veteran (serving as a 'Sea Bee' during the Korean War) and an active member/worker in the Forestry Commission. He had his chair that you knew to vacate when he came into the room and my cousins always showed frustration at the fact that I could convince him to do things that they couldn't. When I announced my engagement, my parents had nothing negative to say, but my uncle did, in the nicest way possible, express his concerns about marrying a guy from 'up north' (worrying I would move away!) Sadly, we lost him in August 2013 but the farm is still there, it's still running (today, by my cousins) and I can still go there and visit my aunt. As far as how it looks...things haven't changed a bit since my childhood. A neat thing is that we have a state park on the mountain that their property faces, and at that park is an awesome scenic lookout that faces the farm. There has been many times I've attended the park just to photograph the farm with a zoom lens.

Because of my familiarity with the area, I enjoy incorporating local towns, landmarks, places, slangs, phrases and pronunciations into my Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fiction...If you see a specific place mentioned and you don't remember it being in the show, chances are it's actually somewhere around here. Some examples are Carter's Lake (Mentioned in Deadline and setting for scenes in Three Days, Two of Three ) Jack's River (Setting for scenes in Deadline), Jasper (Mentioned in A Chance of Snow) Calhoun (Mentioned in It's All Relative) Cleveland (Mentioned in 'The Mysterious Goldie Matthews')Acworth and Allatoona Lake (Settings for scenes in 'A Family for Luke') and Amicalola Falls (Mentioned in 'The Hunt'). I do this because I have read books in the past that uses actual locations and when I pass those locations in real life, it helps me to 'see' the characters in those places and gives me a clearer picture of the events that take place. It is for this reason that I, too, incorporate actual places. So, if you want to 'see' what I see and can't visit yourself, look them up under Google images!

One of my earliest television-watching memories was watching Denver Pyle/Uncle Jesse playing 'Mad Jack' on Grizzly Adams. I still remember the character and his mule 'Number 7' and Mad Jack actually makes an appearance in my Dukes story 'The Hunt'. If you're a 'youngin', as Uncle Jesse would say, who happened to have read that particular story, you probably didn't make the connection. So there ya go. If you want to see the character, it's on youtube...Just put in 'Grizzly Adams Mad Jack' or something of that nature and you should find clips.

When I'm not busy reading or writing fan fiction I'm working for the mouse...Mickey Mouse...for Walt Disney World in Florida! Specifically I work in the guest services department. I'm officially a 'backstage cast member' which doesn't require much direct guest contact, still, I do hit the phone a couple of hours a month in an effort to 'stay fresh' on direct guest assistance. So if you ever decide to call good old 1407WDISNEY to add tickets, change your resort or find out what time the fireworks are at the Magic Kingdom tonight and you get someone on the phone with a cute southern accent, chances are you could just be talking to me!

If I could meet any actor in the world and just sit and talk to him/her, I'd choose between Scottish actors Robert Carlyle or Dougray Scott, Drew Barrymore...or perhaps Peter Dinklage...Game of Thrones is a guilty pleasure!

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