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Penname: Mandy the O
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Hello! A little about myself: I'm an aspiring writer who hopes (perhaps foolishly) to be published one day. So far I have one nearly finished novel titled An Eternity of This, which may be found in the Phantom of the Opera section.

I've been a Phan since the age of 14, when I first saw the stage show and I've never looked back! My absolute favorite version of the tale is Susan Kay's wonderful novel, Phantom, which is the inspiration for the collaboration with my brilliant co-author, Musique et Amour. If you have not read it, I strongly suggest doing so before you read ours.

My interests are reading, bubble baths, writing (obviously), getting my hands on any music I can find and being a general nuisance.

If you have an avid interest in PoTO, please stop in and say "hello" at http://, a Phan Forum created by CelticHeart, and co-moderated by her, Erik, and myself.

Penname: Musique et Amour
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Bonjour/Bonsoir, mes amis.

Like the lovely Mandy... I, too, am an avid fan of Phantom of The Opera as was my mother who named me after her favorite character. Raoul!


I happen to be a lot like my fictionalized name-sake, Erik. I'm heavily surrounded by music, including being a teacher of voice and stringed instruments and wrote my first concerto when I was young. One I'm revising since my style in my youth was mediocre at best. I tend to express myself well through music and, at times, poetry. Trying my hand at this fiction thing, both in collaboration, and all by my lonesome.

We both hope that you enjoythese stories as they progress.

Merci and adieu.

Title: Soto no Hito
Category: Phantom of The Opera
Rating: T
Summary: A Kay inclined "what if" story.1855, far before the "famous disaster." Erik has been commissioned to be an architect for a rich Japanese family nearly two years after his escape from Persia.
Note: It's suggested that you have read the Kay novel up to the point where he leaves Persia, the end of the Nadir chapter. You don't have to know the book to understand what's going on, though.

Title: One In The Same
Category: Phantom of The Opera
Rating: M
Summary: Two men from two different backgrounds end up relunctantly bound to each other. One is forced to accept, while the other is needing to find acceptance by any means possible. Situations outside of the two arise only confusing them further -- as well as endangering the lives they truly wish and the people they truly want.
Note: Be warned; This story can be considered erotica. It has het and slash. This story can be found here: http:///viewstory.php?sid=3613

Soto No Hito reviews
Erik has been commissioned to be an architect for a rich family in Japan nearly two years after his escape from Persia. A Kay inclined fic. Don't need to know the book to understand, but it helps.
Phantom of the Opera - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: 42 - Words: 174,726 - Reviews: 367 - Favs: 109 - Follows: 86 - Updated: 11/3/2006 - Published: 4/14/2005 - Erik