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Author has written 3 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Hellboy, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Hiyo People! The comics about to come out and a whole bunch of other stuff so forgive me for not updating. I'm only gonna be updating once in a blue moon so...sorry. -yawn- Enjoy what i do have though and don't hesitate to e-mail me or whatever. I rarely get any e-mail so i'll be overjoyed with whatever you send whether you're chewing my butt or just saying hi. Anyhoo, enjoy reading about my random facts.

Name:Cherry. my nickname.

Age:16 baby! oh yeah! -dances a jig-

Height: (It's now spelled correctly) 4'11" or 5' :-P i'm short.

Gender: if you haven't figured it out by now you're stupid(female)...stupid people need love too.

Things i like: Japan, manga, japanese culture, (for some reason i'm into that stuff. who knows why?) comics of any kind,(i'm a sucker for the whole superhero thang)...uh...oh! i love reading anything written by EdgarRice Burroughs and just about any thing supernatural and doesn't exist. The real world sucks anyway.

Friends:Gabriel, Neko, Alex (i'm her mini-me),Jessie, Britney, Hailey, Alyssa (she goes to my youth group) Meggie/Nutmeg (my webmaster)and a bunch of other random people.

Hobbies:...isn't kind of obvious what my hobby is? O.o I also sing (Right now i'm working on German and French songs. The french is really hard. -yells in the direction of Europe- CURSE YOU PEOPLE FOR MAKING YOUR LANGUAGE SO FLIPPIN HARD!) writing. I'm not in music theory anymore so as soon as Christmas rolls around i'm hoping to reboot and come back as strong as ever. -strikes heroic pose-

NOTE! Things have been really crazy so i'm really rarely gonna update. -cowers in fear- don't hurt me. Anyhoo on the rare and wonderous occasion that i do update don't hesitate to rag on me for whatever screw ups you see. Thank you! (P.S. When i say "rag" it means constructive critisim being the pickiest you can be. "Your stories suck"/"you suck" is not an option. Beware my wrath if you do)

ANOTHER NOTE! My bestest friend and artist for my comic (link comin soon! woot!) is having trouble with her stories. Her story got deleted (Ready? 1...2...3...Awwwww.) so if you want to kill some time, read her stories.

Well thats all i'm going to say 4 now. If you want to know anything else tell me!bye bye!
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