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hello, all you wonderful peoplez! you have found my profile which is hidden under the x! enjoy!

Name: I Dunna Know.

Age: I forgot.

Height: What does that matter?

Weight: Getting WAY too curious...

Sex: Male. Now get me a cookie!

Residence: Earth, but I need to get the f--k out of here.

Favorite cartoons: Teen Titans Beavis And Butt-Head
The Boondocks
Family Guy
Xiaolin Showdown
Aqua Teen Hungerforce
Drawn Together
Megas XLR
Spongebob Squarepants
Danny Phantom
Foster's home for imaginary friends
Invader ZIM
Codename: Kids Next Door
The Fairly Oddparents
The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron
Ed, Edd n Eddy
South Park
Star Wars: Clone Wars

Favorite Anime

Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
FullMetal Alchemist
Fooly Cooly
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Monster Rancher
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Eureka 7
Trinity Blood
Tenchi Muyo!
Tenchi Universe
Tenchi in Tokyo
Ruroni Kenshin
Outlaw Star
Zatch Bell

Favorite TV shows

The Andy Milonakis Show
Wild Boyz
The Amanda Show
Drake & Josh
All That
Kenan & Kel
Whose line is it anyway?
Neds Declassified School Survival Guide
The Twilight Zone
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?

Favorite Music Artists

The Killers
3 Doors Down
Alkaline Trio
Green Day
Gorillaz (Biggest Gorillaz nut on the planet!)
Guns N' Roses
Foo Fighters
My Chemical Romance
Motion City Soundtrack

Favorite Songs at the moment:

Rock It - Gorillaz
Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
Dare - Gorillaz
El Manana - Gorillaz
Everything Is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack
Bohemain Rhapshody - Queen
Miss Murder - AFI
The Kill - 30 Seconds To Mars
I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me" - Fall Out Boy
Hold Me Down - Motion City Soundtrack
911 - Gorillaz ft. D12/Terry Hall
Film Music - Gorillaz
Mix 2 - Gorillaz
Dub Dumb - Gorillaz
Woman - Wolfmother
Love Train - Wolfmother
Gorillaz On My Mind - Gorillaz ft. Redman
We Are All On Drugs - Weezer
A Message - Coldplay
Shock To The System - Billy Idol
And finally...
Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol






things i'm intrested in: finding out the supernatural, Practicing my religon (i'm Christian), playing Yu-Gi-Oh, watching movies, watching TV, junk like that.

Here's some Websites to check out that are Freakin' Sweet! As Peter Griffin would say. any movie on the planet. And beyond! any TV show (Hopefully.) And beyond!
www.lyred.comFor lyrics of any song (Hopefully.) And Beyond!
www.wikipedia.comFor Anything. Period.
www.rottentomatoes.comFor upcoming movies And beyond!
www.sonichq.orgFor all your Sonic info And beyond!
www.familyguyfiles.comFor all your Family Guy info And beyond! For videos And beyond!

All the stories i'll write will be about one of these:

Sonic The Hedgehog


i just can't do it jim! I DON'T HAVE THE POWER!- Ace Ventura
For god's sake jim, I'M A DOCTOR! NOT A POOL MAN!- Ace Ventura
I'm in Psychoville and Finkle is the mayor!- Ace Ventura
That was a close one ladies and gentleman. but, in every contest there must be...a loser. Luh-hoo-see-her!- Ace Ventura
I don't want to go down in the sewer! it smells like poo gas!- Freakazoid!
You have 1 milisecond to explain what's going on! time's up!- Freakazoid!
I got a bowl! Good for me!- Freakazoid!
Now, now, ladies. there's pleanty of me for all of you. and if there isn't, i'll just have them draw me bigger!- Freakazoid!
Don't drop me into Nothingness. i won't be happy there.- Freakazoid!
That was shallow, cheap, and totally based on hormones. works for me.- Freakazoid!
I must see Yugi's egyptian god card!- Seto Kaiba
Titans, GO!- Robin
Don't get mad, get Glad!- Glad people
Hey, have you seen the toilets? they're Ginormous!- Buddy from Elf
I'm singing, in a store, i'm in a store, and i'm singing, i'm in a store, and i'm SINGING!- Buddy from Elf
This is the north pole!
no it's not.
yes it is.
no it's not.
yes it is.
no it's not.
yes it is!
no it's not, WHERE'S THE SNOW!- Buddy and the department store guy usual.- Rouge the bat
Headaches!- Josh
But it's spherical. SPHERICAL!- Josh
This is all because i forgot to feed my pet turtle Sheldon in kindergarden. he went to heaven, and now my life is bad! YOU HAPPY SHELDON! WE'RE EVEN NOW!- Josh
Check it out! the gummi bears are making out!- Drake
for he who are about to die, e--we're about do die?- Roman Soldier
Cupcakes? OH YEAH! To the kitchen!- The cat in the hat
Git-R-Done!- Larry the cable guy
There have always been 'Ghosts' in the machines.- Dr. Lanning on I, Robot
Ha! Boom, Baby!- Kuzko
Faker.- Shadow the hedgehog
That blue hedgehog again. of all places!- Shadow the hedgehog
Heart of the cards, Heart of the cards!- Yugi
Get in my belly!- Fat Bd
I will personally solve everything! and i know just the guys to do it!- The cat in the hat
I'm ready!- Spongebob
Here's your sign!- Bill Engvall
Dr. Evil, you are very toite. yes, toite like a toiger!- Goldmember
i love goooooooooooooold.- Goldmember
Look, everyone! My vinky was a key!- Goldmember
Only a bloody dutchman.- Nigel Powers
Fasha, Fasha, Fasha, Fasha, Fasha, Fasha, Fasha can you hear me?- Goldmember
Can't work...tacos...- Aqualad
Megan!- Drake & Josh
There will be no spoon licking in MY kitchen!- Josh
bubbling. that's a funny word! Bubbling.- Drake
I summon my Dark Magician!- Yugi
Booyah!- Cyborg
Mooyah!- Cyborg
Bye-Bye-Boo!- Puffy Ami Yumi
My weapons!- Robin
You must come robining with us! it is most delightful!- Starfire
Yeah, baby, Yeah!- Austin Powers
Nobody do anything stupid or the shoosting begins!- Goldmember
Austin Powers' Fasha!- Goldmember
Much to learn, you still have.- Yoda
Hey, who are you kids, and what are you doing in my chocolate factory?- Zeke the janitor from Drake & Josh
There was light and cameras! oh, and a little buzzer that hurt my bottom!- Josh
Azerath Metrion Zinthos!- Raven
Son, i'm Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?- Jack sparrow
Ten years, you carrry that pistol, now you waste your shot.- Captain Barbossa
Drink up, me harties, yo ho!- captain Jack Sparrow
it's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!- Yu-Gi-Oh!
Fact or Fiction: are they really that different?- Jonathon Frakes
This garbage ROCKS!- Cosmo
You children are not afraid of me? or my straws?- Mark Chang
Oh, so they're like the Loch Ness Monster and North Dakota?- Carl
Hey, look! TV!- Sheen
You're on the nickel? HA! I'm on the dollar! i'm worth 20 of you!- George Washington
Must...chop...WOOD!- George Washington
It's a man, baby!- Austin Powers
Crush them!- General Grievous
Here comes me!- Randy Quench
Holy smokes! her mouth is on fire!- Randy Quench
Holy...testicale tuesday!- Ace Ventura
You have defied your master, stupid beast!- Eggman
Kumquat! Jerk.- Taxi guy on all that
We need gravy! AND PLEANTY OF IT!- Cyborg
Do you have any idea how long it's take me to get to the tin can's can all the way up to his brain!- Gizmo
Pop-up ads are work of the devil.- Me
You are now watching MADtv...MAD!- MADtv
Look what I can do!- Stewart
Mommy says "a greedy boy will never be cradled in the arms of Jesus.".- Stewart
I...have...THE POWER!- He-Man
I like cereal!- Cheese
I like chocolate milk!- Cheese
Wee! (gasps) Wee! (gasps) Wee! (gasps) Wee! Aah! (gasps) Wee!- Cheese
The hood bandit strikes!- Me
When a problem comes along...wait till tomorrow to fix it!- Me
I have almost had it with you! - Me
I have some kind of had it with you! - Me
Stay Back! You wouldn't like me when I eat sugar!- Mac
Precious sugar! (chews sugar-free gum) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! IT BURNS US! IT BURNS US!-Mac
Believe it!- Naruto
I'm going to destroy a certain someone...- Sasuke
I know Kung Fu. Whoh.- Control Freak
If you get plastic surgery, it ain't no maybe, your ugly ass face will end up on your baby! - Ghost of Johnny Cochran
From Pismo Beach to New York City, ain't no man that don't like big tittie! - Ghost of Johnny Cochran
If you're ridin' around in a pink Mini Cooper, you're gonna end up with a really sore pooper! - Ghost of Johnny Cochran
That's all folks!- Porky Pig
i'll be back.- Terminator

My favorite Sonic the hedgehog couples:

Sonic/Amy 6.5/10: I'm starting to see it from a different angle now. But still...

Tails/Amy 7/10: They're both young, and the age difference isn't by much. And besides, if she ever stopped loving Sonic, Tails would probably be next on her to Shadow.

Knuckles/Amy 8/10: Pretty good.

Shadow/Amy 9.5/10: For some reason, I've always liked this pairing. And I still do!

Sonic/Rouge 9.9/10: I'm one of the odd ones who think this couple could work They have a lot of qualities in common once you think about it.

Tails/Rouge 7.5/10: The only thing keeping this couple from getting a better rating is the huge age difference! Yeah, you've thought about! You know you have! I mean, come on! She's kissed him twice so far! How many times has she kissed Knuckles? NONE! HA!

Knuckles/Rouge 0/10: I hate this couple for some reason. Don't ask why.

Shadow/Rouge 10/10: Dark couple. Me likey.

My favorite Teen Titan couples:

Robin/Starfire 6.5/10: It's okay. I mean, it's on the show for Christ's sake! It's okay in my book.
Robin/Raven 7.5/10: I like this one better than Robin/Starfire only because I think they look better together. They just look so cute!
Cyborg/Jynx 8/10: Okay, Analysis: Evidence on the episode Deception. I love that episode. This pairing is one reason i loved that episode! I won't be writing a fic about it though.
Cyborg/Bumblebee 6/10: This looks really cute, though I can't see the chemistry.
Beast Boy/Starfire 10/10: My Favorite Teen Titans couple! Yes, i'm weird. I've liked this couple ever since I saw the episode Forces of Nature. They have feelings for each other in the show, but in a brother/sister way. I think they can get deeper than that. And besides, They look so cute!
Beast Boy/Raven 5/10: This couple is all right. It's not I don't like it, it's just that, it's so old! It gets boring after a while. But still cool.

My top 5 obessions as of now:

1. Gorillaz - I will not rest until I own all their songs and albums! They're just that good! Plus, how can you not love Gorillaz? If you don't, you either don't listen to music or you don't have a soul.
2. (a certain someone) - I don't feel like telling you about this one.
3. Nintendo Wii - (Zombie mode)
4. Rouge the Bat - (is stared at by a crowd of Shadow fangirls) What can I say? I'm just a guy! And plus, no one gripes when you girls love Shadow!
5. Naruto - Man! I love this show! I can't get enough of it!

my Sonic the hedgehogfan character discriptions:

Name: Cloak the hedgehog
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Color of Skin: Dark Blue
Color of eyes: Violet
Powers: supersonic speed, Dark Breeze (Extremely similar to Sonic Wind)
Love interest: Grace the Hedgehog
Occupation: Mysterious one
Birthplace: unknown
Attire: wears a cloak and a cape which gives him a dark look (Kinda like Raven on Teen Titans)

Name: Billy Bob the Fox
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Color of skin: Light Orange
Color of eyes: Emerald
Powers: Flies with Two Tails (Like Tails does), Extremely Charming, Good Fistfighter
Love interest: Venus the hedgehog
Occupation: Laid back Southern Country boy
Birthplace: a place called the Grass String Ranch
Attire: wears a red cap backwards and wear a pear of button flies with no shirt underneath

Name: Snap the Echidna
Age: 19
Color of Skin: Red-Orange
Color of eyes: Sky Blue
Powers: Powerful fists (Like Knuckles), glides, climbs walls
Love interest: Rouge the bat (Rouge does not like him back)
Occupation: idiot
Birthplace: America (in my stories which take place in mobius, he was born on Angel Island)
Attire: wears Dark green pants and a light blue T-shirt with a star in the middle of it.

Name: Edge the serphog
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Color of Skin: Tan
Color of Eyes: Crimson
Powers: expert swordsman, Half Hedgehog, Half Serpent, only poisonous when biting and attacking.
Love interest: none
Occupation: Teenage swordsman
Birthplace: unknown
Attire: sheath which keeps his sword on his back, shoes

Name: Razor The hedgehog
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Color of skin: Brown
Color of eyes: Brown
Powers: he wields the Shadow Sword and the Shadow Shield giving him the power to control Darkness, really evil
Love interest: Eve the hedgehog
Occupation: Evil

Name: Axel the Bat
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Color of skin: Dark purple with brown fur on the top of his head under his bandana
Color of eyes: Blue
Love interest: In Days Of Our Lives, he used to date Alyssa, but is now single.
Attire: He wears a gray jacket over his black T-shirt with a skull on it, red bandana on his head, spike bracelet on his arm, jeans, running shoes.

Name: Xzi the Arkanian
Gender: Male
Color of skin: Sky Blue
Color of eyes: Light Green
Love Interest: None. Only guy left on Planet Arka though.
Attire: Sneakers, Sky Blue jeans.

Name: Martin The Hedgehog
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Color of skin: Teal
Color of eyes: Brown
Love Interest: None.
Attire: Dark blue pants, blue sneakers, and a dark blue jacket zipped up to the neck all the time.
Inspiration of character: Martin is loosely based off Chris Martin from Coldplay.

My Teen Titan fan character descriptions:

Name: Alloy Cold (Superhero name: Steel)
Age: About Robin's age
Gender: Male
Color of eyes: Gray
Powers: Controls all metal. He controls it kinda like how Terra controls the earth. He can also transform his whole body into an unbreakable steel alloy.
Attire: He has three bangs coming out of his hair and he wears a gray shirt and blue jeans.

Status on stories:

15 Wishes: I'm going to announce that I'm going to stop making Teen Titans stories. Now that the show is cancelled, I can't feel the writing magic for Teen Titans that I used to feel while they used to keep showing new episodes. However, I will try and finish this one. I'm sorry.

A Day In The Life Of Gorillaz: I'm going to try and do my best to complete this story. I don't know when I'll update though.

Beauty And The Beast Boy: I probably won't update this one. I kinda messed up after Chapter 5 I think. I shouldn't have stretched longer than I did. I think I should have stopped there at Chapter 5. So, I'm sorry, just can't come up with a creative ending after what I've done. Sorry.

Black Jewel: I am going to finish this one shortly. I'm currently finishing the process of the final two chapters as we speak. So, expect an ending shortly.

Cold Steel: Probably not. Nope. I won't update. Can't really finish the storyline.

Days Of Our Lives: I am typing the next chapter, but I'm not sure when I can post it.

I Got Drunk While Sleepwalking: Yeah, I'll finish it. I got the fifth chapter under process.

Know Your Stars: biggest story. I'm sorry, I was going to continue. I tried the Jinx chapter, but I just ran out of things to put down. I guess the random joke steam locomotive of this story has finally come to a screeching halt. Sorry. I do appreciate the 405 reviews though.

Nice And Creamy: I'll update soon!

Planetary Desire: See above!

Sonic's Unanswered Questions: Expect a new chapter shortly.

Stars: Oneshot. Don't plan on continuing.

The Teen Titans Random Skit Show: Really excited at the time, but like Know Your Stars, I've ran out of ideas. This one however, died waaaaaaaaay too quickly.

Things You've Never Really Thought Of: See above.

Upcoming stories:

Name: El Manana
Genre: Drama/Tragedy
Category: Game - Sonic the Hedgehog
Summary: A short dramatic story demonstrating how life can be changed by the slightest mistake... Oneshot. Songfic. El Manana by Gorillaz.

Name: Shadowed Emotions
Genre: Romance/Humor
Category: Game - Sonic The Hedgehog
Summary: After a brutal, unknown force destroys Rouge's home, she has to find a place to stay. The only place Shadow's home. Shadouge.

Name: Days Of Our Lives: Senior Year
Genre: Humor/Romance
Category: Game - Sonic the Hedgehog
Summary: Sequel to Days Of Our Lives. 3 years after the beginning of Days Of Our Lives. Sonic and the rest of the gang are in the senior year of High School. There will be hilarity, there will be tragedy, and there will be sexual intercorse! R&R!

Yay! My profile has over 1500 hits! Kinda pathetic, I know...but still! I'm happy! Thank all you people who took time to read my profile! You guys rule! And I also want to thank my reviewers. You rule just as hard! C ya later!

Look at my stories!

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RATING MAY GO UP. Metal Sonic offers Rouge infinite jewels and riches as long as she gives him 5 of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Espio and Shadow have them. How does she get them? She seduces them, of course! Please R&R!
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