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New Page in Process:

"You'll be seeing me on this site...and someday on the bookshelf."

"I guess superhero is crossed off my list of carreer choices."

"It's what you do that makes you a true hero." Kopaka

"there are three types of lies...lies, damn lies and statistics." Mark Twain.

"Big Fat Hairy Deal."-Garfield

"It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." Mew Two

"Dogs aren't Technicians."

"Dogs have owners. Cats have staff."

"Goodbye World Domination..hello shuffleboard." Eggman.

"Darcy...Must you fall for every guy with a frown on his face" -Stormy

"Conquest is only fun when you can toy with the enemy."- Ms Griffin

"Many think drawing is difficult..not so. It's just lines on paper."-Garfield


What is Pheofox?

Hey, My name's Pheofox! the power of a pheonix, the body of a fox! gonna get my friends together, gonna make it rock! What is Pheofox exactly? Pheofox is the main character of a comic book series I began in seventh grade. It was the adventures of Kody Fox, and her friends which are all based on some of the people I used to know. They didn't have any powers (people I know) but I remember them in each bit in the character's personalities. The story of Pheofox is that a girl finds a ring in a comicbook and discovers her favourite superhero locked inside it and tells her she's also a superheroine. It's loosely based on Sailor Moon that I used to watch all the time. But I thought of switching things up with a few guys in it too. I got hooked with doing the comic series that I decided to use it as a pen name.

Cast of Characters:

Kody Fox: a blond girl that loves comic books. She is spirited and well liked, as well as being very compassionate and sweet. She transforms into Pheofox with her fox ring. Pheofox is half phoenix half fox and shoots fire attacks as well as powers of a volcano. She's kinda in love with a mysterious boy from school Will.

Will- a very mysterious boy indeed. he has bleech blond hair and is fond of the Moon Wolf series. He is introduced in the second chapter, as one of Kody's friends and one of the members of the comic book club at school and is sometimes known as "Sage Will". Will transforms into Silver Wolf, though in the beginning he doesn't want his identity to be found out and runs away after battle. I sorta picture him as a little bit like Spock from Star Trek as well as Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.

Sabrina- a short pipsqueak with a mighty temper and big voice. She uses that voice to get everyone's attention since she is the president of the comic book club at school. She is a really big fan of the Sage Centaur comics, and uses the powers of the stars as she becomes the Celestial Centaur. Since one of the astrological signs "Sagittarius" is a centaur, she uses weapons from astrology, like "Aquarius Aqua Rain." She is based on my first best friend.

Mikey- an eccentric. a nerd. a geek. a comic book extraordinaire. All of the above, Michael Wesley Nigel Fraiser is a big otaku, as well as a big baby. He has money, I guess since he's able to by 100 subscriptions of Courage Cat series. He loves to take photos and believes in the unnatural. I guess he's based a bit on my mother's friend's husband..and the part of me that is still obsessed over comics.

Gerri- the talker. the spender. rich, spoiled and snobbish. Gerri isn't really a superhero. just a girl from school who wants nothing to do with her brother (Mikey)'s comicbook absurdity. Although she does like to spill the beans that Mikey had a huge crush on Kody any time of day. I don't really know this girl in real life, but I never want to meet someone like her. Originally, I wanted to call her Lola after "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" but Gerri was already used as her name so, I reused it.

Okay! Nuff said about the characters I thought up...these are the characters I love on screen:

Myfavouriteboy characters r:

NEW Recruit: Baltor/Valtor (Winx Club) _!

Timmy (Winx Club)

Riven (Winx Club)

Kirby (Frazier)

Kisshu/Dren (TMM/MMP)

Brock (Pokemon)

Darien (Sailor Moon)

Cloud (Kingdom Hearts 2: Chain of Memories GBA)

Kopaka Nui Toa of Ice (Bionicle: Mask of Light)

Lewa Nui Toa of Air (Bionicle: Mask of Light)

Pohatu Nui Toa of Stone (Bionicle: Mask of Light)

Toa/Turaga Matau (Bionicle2: Legends of Metru Nui)

Michelangelo (Ninja Turtles)

Leonardo (Ninja Turtles)

Splinter don't ask (Ninja Turtles)

Spock ...I said don't ask! (Star Trek: Original Series)

Myfavourite girl char. r:

Zakuro Fujiwa/Renee Roberts (TMM/MMP)

Techna(Winx Club)

Musa (")

Icy Trix (Winx Club)

Stormy Trix (")

Serena (Sailor Moon)

Lita (Sailor Moon)

Lettuce/Brigitte Verdant (TMM/MMP)

PLEASE READ My Stories..I write a lot so and review a lot. So please do the same?

Hope you like it. I found my last profile a little dreary..

Keep on Writin'



My Stories on the Net..

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Rated: K - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 216 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Published: 4/25/2005
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