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Hi my names kait and I am an aspiring writer/actress.

Here are a few of my favorite things(I know, like your interested, but hey I have to put something on here!)

Fav female characters.

Katharina (Taming of the shrew.)
Beatrice (Much ado about nothing.)
Vamp Willow.(BTVS.)
Bonnie (vampire diaries.)
Jez Redfern( N7)
Blaise (N3.)
Kait fairchild. (Dark visions.)
Dee (Forbidden Game.)
Aud. (Forbidden game.)
Catherine Earnshaw (Wuthering Heights.)
Cathy Linton (Wuthering heights.)
Scarlett O Hara (Gone with the wind.)
Jo (Little women.)
Amy (Little women.)
Summer (OC.)
Anna (OC.)
True (True calling.)
Lindsey (True calling.)
Pheobe (Charmed.)
Prue (Charmed.)
Callisto( Xena.)
Max (Dark Angel.)
Nikita (La femme Nikita.)
Bella (Beauty and the beast.)
Princess Fiona (Shrek.)
Emma (Sliver squire.)

Fav males
Spike. (BTVS.)
Cole (Charmed.)
Alec (Dark angel.)
Ares (Xena.)
Gaberial (Dark visions.)
Damon (Vampire diaries.)
Ash (NW2)
Quinn (NW5)
Morgread (NW7)
Michael (Forbidden game.)
Michael (La femme Nikita.)
Seth (OC.)
Jack (True calling.)
Harrison (True calling.)
Rhett (Gone with the wind.)
Harenton(Wuthering Heights.)
Laurie (Little women.)
Benedict (Much ado about nothing.)
Petruchio (Taming of the shrew. Although I do want to punch his head off repeatedly- he made me laugh.)
Richard (Sliver squire.)
Raphel Jordan (Honeymoon baby.)
Chandler (When I happen to watch friends.)
Dean (Overboard.)
Shrek (You guessed it- Shrek.)
The beast (Beauty and the beast.)
Ryan Reynold's character in Blade.
Lestat( Interview with the vampire/Queen of the damned- the movies.)

Vampire Diaries-LJ Smith
Dark Visions-LJ smith
Nightworld book 7, Huntress- LJ Smith
NW, book 5, Chosen-LJ again
NW, book 2, daughters of darkness bet you can't guess who by)
Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte
The taming of the shrew-William Shakespeare
Much Ado about Nothing-Shakespeare
Little Women.
The sliver squire-Mary brendon.
Honeymoon Baby- I forget.
True calling.
Dark angel.
Linkin park.
Bon jovi
Alice couper
No doubt
Amy studd
Four star mary
(and many more)

Blade Trinity.
Final destination 1 and 2.
Gone with the wind.
Cruel intentions
The craft.
Girl interrupted.
War of the Roses.
X-men 1 and 2.
Much ado about nothing.
Kiss me Kate
Pretty woman.
Mr and Mrs Smith
The crow 1 and 2.
Interview with the vampire.
Queen of the damned.
Beauty and the Beast (for my inner child.)

When I'm not being a complete book worm or listening to music 24/7, I am either writing and trashing my own work, drinking lots of coffee, doing kickboxing , making people laugh or insulting men. I love fanfiction and love-hate love stories. I also panic when asked to write profiles and bore everyone to death(for anyone taking the time to read this, I am so VERY sorry)

I also have some stories on Fiction.press under the same penname and my profile over there is basically identical to this one(How very creative of me!)

Check out my stories over there if you have time, but if not I promise I won't hold it against you. Oh, also I would like to say everybody who has a story on this site-you have my greatest respect. I could never put anything on here. I can write my own work but I'm terrified of taking popular works of fiction and ruining their very name(which is what I'd do.) I love how most of you manage to get the characters exactly right and create your own plot around them. Not that I'm bitter you can do that and I can't. Nope, not at all. Utterly bitter free. Oh also if I reviewed you and you have another story you want me to check out, just email me and I'll try totake a look. I never get tired of reading. I so need a life. If anybody actually read all this- you get a gold medal. Well, it's only 10 mins of your life gone away.

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